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avocado 1973

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8 November  – my post-election thoughts, the other side of the pond 

Well I hope we do.  Presidency is the world’s dirty job.

Paul rang in the afternoon when I was immersed in my Reckless Fruit,  and told me the Obama tide came in safely.  As it sank in, I literally jumped for joy.  Light workers shouldn’t be partisan to politics or emotional about them.  But it is a relief.  The turnout and the issue that carried it was cosmopolitan and ethical;  mega-wealthy white Americans – as well as rural white farmers – are becoming a minority. The Republican ideal needs to rethink, because it slips behind the tide and the times.   It is too polarized.   It is not enough to skid from far right to conciliatory centre with the platitudes, promises, babies and banners.  It is not enough to make the money and aggressive advertising talk, at a time of destiny.

There is a seismic shift in the historical tipping point this year, and in what goes forward.  The conservative belief system is still a big block – almost 50% – on anything getting done;  but something broke through.  It has the precedent to continue, and to gain advantage.   The collegiate swing votes carried the wave much further than predicted.


Gaia under earth

Weeks ago, I had a hunch the result would be tidal, and that certain posters would peel away and blow in the wind.  Jonathon, an astrologer-accountant – looking at the charts of both men relative to the American chart of 1776 – said he felt Obama is more aligned with the popular spirit than the other one is, even though he’s not a particular fan, himself.  It is interesting how this turned out.

Romney is a Piscean – a fast fish.  Obama is a cool cat – Leo.  Both have a strong Aquarius – Obama’s at the ascendant (axis of action) and Romney’s at the Midheaven (axis of will) – and are linked through this and other aspects to the destiny of America.  Effectively, Barack Obama’s chart suggests, “I’ve done this job before” and Mitt Romney’s says, “God wants me to do this job.  I shall get you a job!  I’m in business, I’ll get you all a job!”

This year in the hourglass had in place already, a man with capacity for the moment – whether or not he is able to fulfill the brief, from the Founding Fathers.



The American Constition was drafted by the Masonic fraternity.  It has no room for division or intra-party resentment. Republican and Democrat both argue well, but should work together.  The climate and fiscal emergency could assist just that.

Drawing of Masonic board copied from
“The Way of the Craftsman” by Kirk MacNulty 1988


“Colgate” Romney is a boardroom barracuda billionaire – (as in Susan Howatch’s The High Flier!)  He made his piles not in industry but in the murky monetary field.  I think he is a “nice family man”, but easily pushed and pulled.  I never heard him actually say anything.  It was all “I shall” and air and promises, like his cyber-funding.  He didn’t seem to understand much about politics or the international scene, and he looked frightened. But he made his losing speech gracefully, and his prayers.  He is bitterly surprised, as it was his (and his father’s) third try and now it is finished; and his backers are  “disgusted” and shocked.  The Dream is shocked and very angry; it snarls as it wakes up.  The two men – the fish and the lion – don’t like each other, but bare their perfect teeth and say it was a good, dirty old fight, they will work together now for America.

It is pure theatre –  to see the tall Obama family walk out again onto America’s platform, onto the world.  If the other had worked out, the pitting again of well-meaning  religious fervour against other religious fervours, couldn’t bear thinking of.  Blinkered religion mixed with statesmanship is a lethal cocktail.  It possesses decent men and turns them into sleepwalkers.

2012 is a more significant election than the 2008 one which put Obama in.  That was euphoria:  this one is – battered by government, the economy and by Sandy – we trust you sir, finish the job, get the stuff through.  

The photo in the wake of Sandy, spoke deeper than emotive reaction.  it showed a man’s fate, who is well worn down in the peoples’ trouble.

Grief, Sandy, Obama 2012

It went deeper than personalities and public figures.  The undertow is literally – the audacity of hope.   It touches and encourages me, you, and countless others, to come out of the woodwork and pull together for the world.  The Grand Cross last summer of Pluto, Moon, Mars, Uranus, is drawn through the collective psyche: crossroad patterns of tension, diplomacy and release … a step at a time.


Hades, awakening and old China.  I drew this in 1988 for a gifted friend  who suffered from tendonitis, and the fracturing fallout of a 20-year Freudian analysis.  She used to paint her sleeping subconscious groping from the deep … and still does.


They talk of the New Year fiscal cliff – like coming to the edge of a continental shelf, where the land drops away into the ocean.  This is crossroads. The US national character is Cancerian, and watery.  The national debt crescendos, for as long as it “doesn’t go away”;  for as long as the mega-rich clutch their tax cuts, and other abuses on the supply scale.   The storm-prone Atlantic seaboard is now a  sea-monster – The Depression – as China gains ascendancy.

repubs and demos ... star spangled stripes

repubs and demos … star spangled stripes

Fireman’s lift multi racial

Thousands, perhaps millions of American families are victims of the global recession, the result of generations of greed.  What is being done for them?  As the election carnival passes on, how many are still sitting on the streets of New York in the biting weather, without power?  What obstructs the salvage?

Commentators – the media level – agree that Obama as a president hasn’t achieved anything much, and he could have slipped out of history, un-great and un-remembered.

The deeper Watchers observe that Obama holds the ship steady, with enormous odds falling around him – literally, in the storm.  Presidency is a dirty job.  Having read his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, I think he is a man of destiny, put there for the job and knowing it since he was a nipper.  It is providential, that his opponents’ calibre tended to favour him;  for again and again they queered their own pitch. The real man of destiny is un-glamorous, a hero who falls again and again: a worker who keeps going. The authority of hope keeps calm and carries on.  He is  president-elect of the Tipping Point.


Still life with Tiru key

It is intriguing to observe this Kabbalistically – and to reflect rather soberly on the revolution and rioting that might have broken out across America, if “Mittens Colgate” with his rather unbalanced agenda had won.

Personally I smiled – on my way up to Waitrose – with every Equatorial person I saw. Their brother’s success and stature, greater than before, is not a novelty now.  It is sustained, not as a reaction to the Bush era, but on its own merits.

“Colgate” achieved a lot of popular support and huge financial backing –
this seems strange to me, but remember the power of the Dream’s antagonism to  cosmopolitan growth, fluidity and … ecology as conscience.

Perhaps the Watchers’ message through this election is: The Dream is Over. “Americans” are no safer from the elements than anyone else, and their economy is forced by the fiscal cliff to spread the wealth more evenly, to keep the debt steady.  The bubble burst.  Another storm battered the east coast front, they call her Athena.  The big Republican New Jersey governor goes to work, with mop and bucket.  That is the place – the elemental turbulence – where repubs and demos may conceivably cooperate.   Yes they can!

Governor Christie and Obama

Well, I am waiting for the Fraternity to shine through my herd of sheep with Their view;  but it hasn’t quite happened yet.

I was right – my previous post – about the ash tree die-back here.  The disease is “out of control”, but forestry “experts” say it is not wise to cut them all down.  Some of them will resist the fungus, according to soil and local conditions, to carry the healthy seed.  My next posts will start to work with symbols and the devas of the ash: the nordic Yggdrasil, or world tree:  awareness that our immune-shield as planet Earth is compromised (we are not separate);  ways to understand and transform the autopoeisis for the future – ways to begin.

Destiny, a track of Destiny, is generally believed to be a high-profile success story.  This is NOT the case.  Destiny is in doing the job – the way of service.  A man of destiny serves history, and is intuitively aware of it.  Like the prophets, he has no need to tell lies.

There is a fine line of discernment, between accepting and doing the job, embattled as it is, and the butt of global criticism – and believing God chose “me” to do it.   Me me me!

But history will probably look back and see a man in the White House, who upheld  respect, and was not afraid to declare his failures and limitations, and who carried through what he set out to do.


Jaques Loussier play bach trio, 1968

Let black soul blue thread 
beat black and blue 
soul cellar bruise 
corn field song seller. 

Jesus tell God’s spell 
to my people; big time 
pedlars sold the soul.

They sold him into white house 
to carry their dirty pails 
and in the White House now 
the black man rules.

O barrack-Alabama, yes we can … 

The black man in white house 
is everyone’s reality TV hero, man, 
the world today a pair o’pans 
of refried corn and history 
to tipping point. 

Honour this man; from our mothers 
he can get respect. Get real. 
My people torn out, each root 
around the fire, let me try 
to mend your daisy chain 
and hear you brother, give you space and see 
the pain, to feel 
the bruise and sing the blues …

From The Reckess Fruit Book 2, chapter 9


Spliff 1973

One thing impressed me, in “Dreams From My Father“.  Early in his political career, the young Barack developed an ability and keen interest to hear the other persons’ whole story – not just his own.  In the Gurdhieff work, this is called “external considering”, and is crucial to maturity.  The same was applied in an integrative way, to the wounds and lesions in his African ancestry – the tragedy in Africa being the destruction in many places, of the elder oral memory, or spiritual base, by colonial conquest.

This suggests, the same capacity to listen to, and hear himself.

Mr Obama’s interest in “the other’s story” is a key to his grass-roots support.  His mind-type considers a situation multi-dimensionally – from different angles, cohesively.  I feel this is unusual in a high-profile worldly office.   It is more often found in those behind the scenes, or in the military high command.  I believe it takes time, for such a gift to make an impression on the singular ways of inertia.

Additionally, his respect for the founding fathers of America;  their spiritual core values.   At the inauguration in 2009, he took the mantle on his shoulders like a well-cut coat, and gained visible stature and grey hairs:  the gravitas.

Whether he succeeds or fails in presidency, the job is in his hands.


Hands in touch across the seas




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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