Move to the other side of the Hermit’s Face

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The Hermit:  key nine of hermetic Tarot

The Hermit: key nine of my hermetic Tarot

This morning has a deep gentle calm on the open sea.

The other day it occurred to me, to step round the Hermit’s Ba bird, and gaze up into his face, his dark eyes, his lamp with the Seal of Solomon.  This is the light of stars, and also the inner light of man.

It is as any other face, a little wider than expected but … to face him thus, seems to cross the bridge between brains right and left – the walnut.   The Hermit is consciousness, and I approaching from his left, am subconscious.  As I step round to look up into his face, I align with his intuitive side.  There is a taste of bread and honey.

I stepped round his Ba and his staff into the cave which he is:  his own in-turned, heartward contemplation.  I look at that.

It is like glimpsing the Furnace of the Universe.  The galactic wheels, cauldrons, stars and fires throughout the Universe, turn.   Within my spine I slowly turn, like the neck of a swan:  axis mundi.

“Daily practice of the thought that the personal life is directly guided by a higher intelligence, daily remembrance of the truth that nobody can do anything of himself, daily endeavour to approach all conditions and circumstances from this point of view – these are the fundamentals of the training which makes us true possessors of the power of the Hermit’s path of wisdom” …  and its contentment.

Paul Foster Case

Human life evolves by the play of contrasts.

Goddess with swan - A childhood drawing, circa 1956 - probably copied from Leonardo

Goddess with swan – A childhood drawing, circa 1956 – probably copied from Leonardo


“From intellectual recognition of the true nature of the central Self, to perfect identification with the cosmic memory … the cosmic process is meditation – the meditation of Kaivalya, ALONE”

Paul Foster Case

Sacred India Tarot 6 disks, buddha's enlightenment copy

The Life Power that All is One …  is alone.  I feel this flow through my veins, as well as the resistant personal stuff.   Where would flow be, without the dark bits to move along? … wave and particle.  In my picture of the Buddha’s enlightenment, that wave flows across it, with its bits of grit and song.   We feel its direction through us like the Dust in His Dark Materials.  We feel the soft seamless glide, guide and shift whenever we slow down and hear.   Whereabouts do I select to identify?  Or is it by blind habit?  The dial is given me to tune and turn.

Nowadays circles with dots in the middle have gone out of fashion, and it is by digital finger-tap up or down – little columns – that we adjust the wavelength.   Use whatever illustrates the principle best.   The dial is satisfying, employing the ancient delicate skill of thumb and forefinger.   Digi-technology begins to atrophy this.   Finger is gone – it is all thumb, like a growing ape, with much wider guidelines, a kindergarten primer.  Even the wheel is going slow – with more people sitting at home to travel and rove.   We have buttons on our brows.   We browse.


The Perfect Law has Beauty for its foundation.  Eliphas Levi:  “black magic is organized madness.”  True magic is in the Will – an intense, expectant receptivity.

The Hermit Squares the Circle.  This means the divine circle, the sphere of cosmos, submits to its expression on the little ground – four compass directions + up, down, and becomes a map, a terrain.  A Mandala sits in a room, and its opposite numbers breathe together through the open Cup at centre.

A recent group work, with all the participants facing each other.  Each represents a Path, a Sefira, a Zodiac and a holy animal

A recent group work, with all the participants facing each other. Each represents a Path, a Sefira, a Zodiac and a holy animal.  See Mandala – a Demonstrated Democracy


I know in my own mind, that primitive magic and modern science-theory are bedfellows. The passionate tension to prove or enforce a phenomenon, feels identical.  For instance, in straight psychology, the effort of mind to square a circle literally, is no different from attempting to command the laws of nature.  I used to fiddle around to prove things, and get overwrought;  I no longer try.  A heart seeking honesty arrives openly.

An unobstructed channel manifests the Heavenly Order.

Hamsa Great Swan

Hamsa Great Swan




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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