Ursa Major Solstice

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red horse & rainbow 2008


At my cher ami’s house, I enjoy reading the paper, and in the Daily Mail was an article by Ken the Corrie star, who happens to be a Druid – about 12.12.12 last week, and how everything is going to start getting a little better from now on.   That in itself is a polar flip-flop!  Ramesh and his students used to discuss the Flip-Flop of the Understanding – the backfiring and re-start:  the inversion.

cosmic consciousness

cosmic consciousness

All alchemical experience suffers some psychological inversion – the crossing over of left and right brain to see and interpret;  the ventricles of the heart;  the rocking of the boat.  Hold too tight to one side, at your peril.   The psyche must be sweet and supple to duck the swinging boom.   Illumination – then dark night of the soul.   Then Light again.   Day and night …

A polar bear
jumps in the air and
lands the other way round.

Ursa Major - "I'm sitting on top of the Word" - clapton/cream

Ursa Major – “I’m sitting on top of the Word” – clapton/cream


I went in my cher ami’s garden yesterday.     It is all bubbled over with wet brown leaves and little things growing.  The Buddha whose photo among the flowers and ivy has glorified my Sacred India Tarot posts, sits forlorn and grey next to the white dead litter of the nasturtiums – all fallen by frost, from the bamboo which is left quite bare.  We salvaged the garden a couple years ago, from jungle and a decade of rubbish tip.  We cleared all that away, by hand and reached the ground.  It is a green oasis in the woods near Henly’s Corner, and a redbreast robin dances.

red horse dream 1986


My magnetic treasure for Today is a compass. It continues to educate me and show me my direction.  No direction is sure without the necessary pain of life to prove it and keep it shining in every sinew, bone and feeling.   That little miracle shining in its fluid, points always to the north and soothes my feathers to be a seal.  Value what “Mr V” left me, and what I work with, to this day.  The current which passes between souls is far more significant than the charade of their transgressions.

The Compass in its circular frame is a little steering wheel, left and right, subconscious and self conscious, with the centre remaining steady:  the Tree.   Navigation by the stars.

So descend with it through my House, the memory of the stars;  the vast Night within the passing day-cloth:  the starling’s breast.


Second birth - breaking through the caul of life into the Laws of Creation: an old Kabbalist engraving

Second birth – breaking through the caul of life into the Laws of Creation: an old Kabbalist engraving

A Kabbalist meditation last Monday – I go out into the night.   There is a village nearby.  Some houses are built on rock and others on sand.  There is a body of water not far off, for the place is a shallow valley, with stands of trees.   It is night, so I don’t see much, except the lamp light, and the mystery of the unlit fields as I cross them to the higher place.  The higher place is a scarp overlooking the scene, and its old pathways.  Look up:  the sky of stars again.   Look toward my distant house:  one light in it, a star.   I know that star, even among other stars scattered around it.   I know my lode star, my Compass in the night.  Merry Yuletide!

Arunachala Self enquiry

Arunachala Self enquiry

I wake this morning with deep peace, the stretch of the sea.  It is said that we glide along the tipping point of an alignment of immense galactic vortices as a wheel of time completes, and a new-born spiral curve arises like a swan.  I had guests last night.  They said we are receiving more magnetic influences from galactic centre (dark, because unknown)  than from our native Sun, at the moment.  This is due to the alignment resonance, which just begins to educate us.  In Kabbalah it suggests we are getting more from Daat, than from Tifareth on the Tree.   It is powerful stuff.

That is why humanity finds itself so hard to deal with.  In this space of time, we learn to align, but during this process there is alienation, dis-ease, social and family breakdown,  and the obsession with astral demons and with petty regulations.   The immune shield of earth and human is confused and compromised. There is ecological fracture and climate change.  There are gun psychoses, and civil wars.

The vast turgid current IS the Light – even a black hole is nothing but the light, the birth of a star from an old collapse –  but its impact on our imagination is at first turbulent and dark.  The shadows are our projection in front of Daat.   It is said that the Maggidim, the Companions of the Light, are closer nowadays to our physical plane than they have ever been – it is all in the way they nudge and touch us inwardly.  The Companions of the Light never tell us what to do;  they reveal principles, the way things work, so we decide for ourselves.  As we calm down about it,  life flows on, as the tension drops away.   Most things we fear are manufactured by muscular tension.

The disturbances of humanity and climate during these decades are inevitable;  they are pains of growth at tipping point.   It takes dedication to keep remembering Tifareth – the native Heart consciousness right here – as well as Daat, the unknown cognition, the Union of all things.

With Dubi on a cornish beach - ja 2008

The other night, I saw in a brief vision as I crested a hill, a landscape with a boil of smoky black clouds, with the light churning through them, as the morning broke.  It grew lighter, rising up, an immense dynamism.  In everything, through Him, with Him, in Him  is the light;  and “He” is Gaia, She, and all our children.   I was walking in Taunton (my teenage years) towards school, Bishop Fox’s, with my cher ami’s white dog Dubi;   like The Fool, Key Zero – the Alchemist of the Tarot.

This post is written in a hurry, as there are things to do today, besides sit and listen.   I shall probably add to it.



xmas card text - Version 2


Wishing you merry Christmas, a warm Yule log, and many beautiful dawns in 2013 and in all the years to come.   With Love … and Gayatri Mantra.   A fellow Capricorn just came to the door;  and he is singing it!

om bhur bhuvaha swaha
tat savitur varenyam
bhargho devasya dhimahi
dhiho yonaha prachodayat

“Let us meditate on the divine light that represents God, and may our thoughts be inspired by that divine light.”

Maha Maya time

Paul sat there singing it, while I swirled my skirts and danced.  He is wearing this …

with this on the other side:

Maya time reverse

… and in my kitchen there is this:

sphere compass crystal lamp

sphere compass crystal lamp


and this is my Xmas card of little drops of Time like rain …

PaulDrops of Time on water

… from Paul.

For elevenses, we went in my room, lit a candle, opened the Tree of Life, celebrated our beloved dead ones, who are very much alive;  chuckled, and sat still.   The world obligingly ended.  The room filled with a feeling presence so white and quiet, the mind couldn’t move.  She stood still and received …

O happy Day.




11. rose

Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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  2. Thank you, Jane, for the opportunity to accompany you on so many inspiring inner and outer journeys – This felt like a great and refreshing privilege. I treasure it!

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