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The download concerning Exodus, in the later part of this rather long post, came while I was preparing the four Chakras posts on my primary blog.

Other themes include Chakra material – still going strong – and Vishnu the Chakra Lord:  the 4-dvd set of Crossing the Event Horizon by Nassim Haramein:  Johannes Kepler:  sacred geometry: the Buddha nature, and Crossing the Red Sea.

I recommend Zev ben Shimon Halevi’s “Kabbalah and Exodus”, published by for a more scholarly approach.

The subheadings in this post are:  “1.Vishnu”, “2.Crossing the Event Horizon”, “3.Tetrahedrons and Kepler’s Harmonice Mundi”, “4.The Pillar of Fire and of Cloud”, “5.Technology” and “6.The Red Sea Crossing and Covenant”.


1. Vishnu

I had a brief vision/dream of Vishnu.  It said “Vishnu and the Tree of Knowledge” I think, but it also meant “Vishnu and the wise Serpent” – and the Creator-god Brahma was being dreamed out of his navel CHAKRA.

Who is the dreamer, and who is the dreamed?

Now, Vishnu is the deity Presence around Badrinath near Ganges, where they pray to the source.  In some Yogas, the burden of the ancestors is here transmuted.   The gods of the Trimurti contain one another’s functions in a fluid cyclic event:  the polar electricity in the mountain watershed.

Vishnu at rest

Vishnu at rest


In BRAHMAN the Source as YOD, are Heh-Vav-Heh, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva.

BRAHMAN is One, and in him the cosmic trinity – timurti, triple image – breed their innumerable divine derivations and aspects.  Each god when at rest, is BRAHMAN the beginningless Self.

I have worked a lot with Siva – now Vishnu comes on the scene.  What will happen?

Vishnu is the prototype of Krishna and of Buddha.   Vishnu is Sustainer of the Dharma, or Laws of Creation.   In the Sacred India Tarot, Vishnu is the Magician, and he is the progenitor of Creator-Brahma, card 4.   There is a wavy snake all up his spine, to a quintuple cobra hood.  In my post The Chakras Part 3 – the Star in the Field, I reflect on Vishnu, Lord of the Chakras … and on J.Krishnamurti’s “process”.   He was initially, a vessel for this Archetype.

And?   I travel again, the foothills.   With Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, the great blade of the Himalaya comes. Each wild mountain peak outlines a voice of Vishnu, Siva, Brahma or the Blessed Goddess.


Old map of gangotri and the Badrinath watershed, with Nanda Devi sanctuary bottom right hand corner.  Kedarnath is not shown, but I guess it is further to the west, down the Gangotri river.

Old map of Gangotri (top left) and the Badrinath watershed, drained by the Alaknanda River, with Nanda Devi’s sanctum bottom right hand corner. Kedarnath is not shown, but I guess it is further to the west, down the Gangotri river.


Here is a page from “Nanda Devi” by Eric Shipton:

“From earliest Vedic records, the geography of the mountainous regions sheltering the Ganges was well known.  When men still worshipped the elements, a region which saw the birth of great rivers and greater storms was naturally regarded with awe … hill and valley, peak and waterfall, came to be associated with particular gods and embellished by stories of their lives. … Brahma, Siva and Vishnu assumed the form of mountains.  When Brahma desired to create the earth, he began by assuming the visible form of Vishnu, the whole universe being covered with water on which floated that god, resting on a bed supported by a serpent.  From his navel sprang a lotus from which issued Brahma;  from his ears issued two Daityas … (the Dravidian and the Aryan root races) … who attacked Brahma;  and Vishnu and Brahma fought with them for five thousand years until Vishnu finally killed them and from their marrows made the world. 

“Vishnu then assumed the form of a tortoise and raised the earth out of the water and asked Brahma to create all that the world was of earth, sky and heaven;  divided the earth into nine parts and created wind and sound and time;  past, present and future;  work, desire and anger … Siva was created as the third of the great trinity, Brahma creator, Vishnu preserver and Siva destroyer.

“… When the earth asked ‘Why do you come in the form of mountains and not in your own form?’, Vishnu answered: ‘The pleasure that exists in mountains is greater than that of animate beings, for they feel no cold, nor pain, nor anger, nor fear, nor pleasure.  We three gods as mountains will reside in earth for the benefit of mankind.’

“Thus Himalchal, the Snow Mountains, were invested with sanctity, but the holy of holies is Mount Kailas in Tibet, and the sources of the Ganges and the mountains which surround it, and here are the ancient temples of Badrinath, Kedarnath and Gangotri.  They are all reached by roads having a common origin at Hardwar (Rishikesh), another holy city which marks the place where the Ganges debouches from the hills onto the plains.  The three temples are within a circle of twenty miles radius, but between each rises a twenty thousand foot ridge of snow and ice;  and to pass from one to the other, pilgrims must retrace their steps for more than 100 miles, so to outflank that great barrier. 

“Kedarnath was particularly associated with the worship of Siva … 

Old photo of Gaumakh the Cow's mouth - infant Ganges river emerges from Gangotri glacier ice

Old photo of Gaumakh the Cow’s mouth – infant Ganges river emerges from Gangotri glacier ice

“Close to Kedarnath on the north, but reached by a different road, is Gaumakh, the Cow’s Mouth … the snout of the Gangotri glacier, 15 very rough miles above the Temple, and (although visited only by a very few) the sacred source – or rather the most sacred, for there are others – of Mother Ganges.  Apparently when the world was young and man was in a state of innocence, the Ganges rose at Benares, so that it was an easy matter for believers to visit it.  As earth increased in years and wickedness, the source retreated successively to Hardwar, Barahat and now to Gaumakh, whither the long and arduous pilgrimage may atone in some measure for the sins of a more vicious age.”

from Nanda Devi by Eric Shipton, 1934

Old map of Badrinath and Nanda Devi mountain sanctuary

Old map of Badrinath and Nanda Devi mountain sanctuary


Arcana 6 Lovers - Version 3

Lovely to get this authentic feeling of VISHNU, the Sustainer of the Dharma.   The naval chakra is the seat of creative imagination/sexual reservoir.   Vishnu the god is coloured deep, dark blue by his worshippers, like his avatar, Krishna.   Snake shimmies up the tree – the Snake with woman, Eve, is behind her back.  Snakes twine the staff of Aesclepius – the winged healing polarities.

Vishnu appears as my 1987 drawing called “Music making Touch” in janeadamsart – in Beginning Something.    Umbilicus connects the New Life to the old maternal one, while still in dream form and “underwater”.   When the chord is cut, the New Life wakes up and takes responsibility, breathing AIR – breathing out first a cry, then SPEECH.

So that has something to do with the cutting of the Granthis at naval, heart and third-eye chakras – cutting the ties that bind, and which prevented speech.   The ties are coils of fantasy.  When they are cut, the New Life moves, walks, speaks – like baby Buddha:  the potential to raise humanity another notch.

Sacred India Tarot, birth of Buddha - copyright Yogi Impressions books, 2011

Sacred India Tarot, birth of Buddha – copyright Yogi Impressions books, 2011

I dreamt I wrote to my old Karmic nemesis and got a long letter back at once, which he read aloud to me over the phone.  It wasn’t his voice, and it wasn’t his style, though it was typed.   It was totally and releasingly UNLIKE him.  His manner was conciliatory and conversational. He pointed out my need to spell out everything rather fully, ha ha.   At the end, he said he’d better stop, or he will start to want to kiss JA, heaven forbid.
2.” Crossing the Event Horizon”  …
N.Haramein demonstrates solar system spiral momentum - photo from TV

N.Haramein demonstrates solar system spiral momentum – photo from TV

From Journal – 12 April 2013

I finished watching that exhausting fellow Nassim Haramein and his Event Horizon, and gave the four cds back to Actaeon.

The material – the root tetrahedron, and the insights concerning time, space and galactic black vortices –  is wonderful.  Nassim watches his own process of discovery, joins up the dots, verifies and takes it into the Tree of Life, Four Worlds, Tetragrammaton … but not Jacob’s Ladder or the Cube of Space.  Those are further mountains in the same landscape.

He concludes that this ancient technology from the Pyramids, may revolutionize and enormously advance our own, and our communications with those outside Earth.  However, he does not mention the profound psychological shift which it really entails:  the kindness, kindred – the human natural state, when fully awake with these platonic forms.  This and this alone, is real, evolutionary science.   Other scientific attitudes and platitudes are concerned with MeHumanRaceFirst – i.e. exploiting the cosmic environment to our own local needs.  They are in the playpen.

I took lots more photos off the TV and prettied them up on the Mac.   I hope the guy has not gone glamour glitz by now.   I did not enjoy watching or listening to him – he is rather intense, and I don’t like lectures –  but I do relish his tetrahedral discoveries.  He is having a hard time with the establishment which calls him a charlatan.

Here are some of the images I caught.  I strongly recommend this video sequence if you are interested.  It is called “Crossing the Event Horizon” and the film was made in 2008.  (For more information, search also The Resonance Project.)   It highlights the cosmic fractal proportion – a kind of Golden Mean, verifiable in all phenomena:  a unified field theory.


tetrad tetragrammaton



3. Tetrahedrons and Kepler’s Harmonice Mundi

The Tetrahedrons are beautiful.  They re-imprint the cosmic verity in my soul.

Now it is time to stop being lazy, and to draw new ones – understand what he’s done, from within –  take them into my bloodstream and help clear my psychological loops of life’s “A-Maze”.

One fine day, towards the end of the 15th century, the young Johannes Kepler – astronomer and student of Pythagoras – while teaching a secondary-school math class, had his eureka moment.  He drew on the blackboard, a triangle with a circle around its points;  and suddenly he SAW.  He received his entire life’s work to come.  The class was abandoned to games of flip-the-rubber as its tutor voyaged into cosmic rapture.  The ancient Circle or Sphere – (as he later qualified) symbolises for us, a timeless constant.  It embraces every fluctuation or wobble.  The Circle as the feminine, or ovary, receives and nurtures the masculine seed or YOD:  the male triad form.

Kepler's tetrahedron

The platonic tetrahedron – his first breakthrough – would later be inserted (by Kepler) between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.  These planets stand for Gevurah and Hesed in the Soul triad of the Tree.   Between the three-dimensioned orbits of each pair of planets, envisioned as a sphere, Kepler inserted one of the five Platonic Solids, and created his solar system Chalice – the sizes and proportions an almost perfect fit.

I cannot find online, any mention of Saturn’s orbital volume, square mileage or “cube” – the actual area of Saturn’s orbit around the Sun.  Interestingly, Kepler – regarding the Solar System not as a disk but as an egg shape – inserted the platonic Cube between the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter.

Saturn is the boundary within which Kepler worked.  It ruled his birth-sign Capricorn.  I think Saturn’s orbital diameter through the Sun averages almost two billion miles:  its period is 29 and a half years.  We cannot conceive his mathematical reconciliation of orbital velocities, periods and ellipses, along with the snake-like motion through the galaxy,  of the Solar System itself.  Kepler knew that in our terms the measurement is never exact.  But his approximations were enough to draw forth the resonance:  and for this the Solar System’s elliptic orbits (rather than perfect circles) worked in his favour.   Similarly, we re-construct the miraculous Sri Chakra Yantra template with a little tweaking and pulling of strings.

In his later work, the Harmonice Mundi, Kepler’s soul Law strove to correct flaws.  He flew in imagination the depth, breadth and height of the Solar System in an epic search for the ultimate Key.  The wider view revealed to him, within musical ratios of Period (squared) to Distance (cubed) between any pair of planetary orbits, precise intervals in the scale, the Song of God.  And the heavens opened up to his inner ear ! and he still waits to be truly heard.

Kepler rose and almond flower

“My solar system is a Great Rose. 
Her planetary waves stand out from centre. 
A silver drinking chalice evolved to one of gold. 
Petals of polyphony, musical chords, dance through interwoven orbits or waves, 
integrating the binary ellipse with the divine Sphere. 

“There is no need for martyrdom, or to crucify my Rose. 
I ask you only to hear, and in that hearing moment live: 
for the ear opens softly shells of the Rose, 
the life of my Sol from the Sea.

“The sea is hearing:  from petalled shells 
planets and angels form pictures. 
Enter the heart of silence, depth of the sea, the maker of stars, marrow of earth 
which for ever is timeless, and not ‘history’.”

JA  1992


Doodle 1.  I don't know where I am going with this.    I don't know how it generates an octohedron also.   Better to start with simple outlines.

Doodle 1. I don’t know where I am going with this. I don’t know how it generates an octohedron also. Better to start with simple outlines.  23.4.13


doodle 2 - tetrahedron octohedron sequence - copied from Jiva Carter.  This is more like it ...

doodle 2 – tetrahedron octohedron sequence – copied from Jiva Carter. This is more like it … 24.4.13


doodle 3 - generation of octohedrans through Cube.

doodle 3 – generation of tetrahedrons & octohedrans through Cube  24.4.13

There, that is a start.  I learn quite a lot by trying to copy this freehand.   A pair of tetrahedrons (a 3 becoming 4) form a cube.  The six sides and 8 corner points of the cube generate the Octohedron with its 8 faces.  When my inner eye starts to breed and brood these forms, and try to understand them, my mood distils and becomes sattvic.  They are the harmonies of the soul.

parent tetrahedrons (Yod, Heh) and their child (Vav), the cube of space.  (Second Heh) generates a new Family and its proliferating forms, from the centre point again.

Tetragrammaton – parent tetrahedrons (Yod, Heh) and their child (Vav), the cube of space. (Second Heh) generates a new Family and its proliferating forms, from the centre point again.

At the same time, I hear within – from the Himalaya range as from Mount Sinai:   Brahman … Brahma, Vishnu Siva – the Triangle or trinity within the One – YOD HEH VAV HEH.

And I hear “Nanda Devi”: her high mountain sanctuary – Shekhinah, veil or bride.   The mantras are awake.

Nanda Devi from Rishi Ganga gorge

Nanda Devi from Rishi Ganga gorge



4. The Pillar of Fire and of Cloud

Now a word concerning Technology.   We have an utterly primitive totem-pole attitude to this.  As Nassim Haramein demonstrates, genuine Technology has always been in the hands of hidden adepts.  Thus, the Arc of the Covenant was and is a living force field.  The unified field theory is no theory but a tetrahedral form:  Tetragrammaton – the consonants of the Name.

When the burning bush spoke, Moses had a speech defect.  He could not pronounce consonants easily.  Hashem gave him therefore another Name to teach to Israel:  consisting only of vowels, he would have no trouble in speaking it.  The Name shining through J H V H without impediment, is A H I H … Ahieh Asher Ahieh, I am that I am.

Sacred science does not only describe nature.  It charges it, reciprocally.  Stones for the pyramids and for Stonehenge were transported by a concerted “wave” technique – a rhythmic prana “cushion”, capable to influence their relative weight.   The Staff of Life – whose symbol comes down to us as the winged Caduceus – embodied the ida and pingala nadis which entwine the spine.  Such was Moses’ initiation with the serpent power, the rod, and the water from the rock.

Over the Great Magnetic Tabernacle which the children of Israel carried through the Red Sea, there shone a vortex of fire and of cloud.  It is written as a pillar.  It parted the Red Sea by spiral torque motion around itself/gravity, exposing for a moment of passage, the sea-bed sands.  It travelled over the Sinai desert, as the tribes matured through two generations, and led them.

The Tabernacle was a little galactic whirlpool – like our solar system in its path around the Milky Way.  Adapted to earth’s magnetic field, it curved gravity, space and time around the holy of holies – a core or nucleus.

The Tabernacle was an energy condenser of the Tetragrammaton – the primordial cycles of J H V H.   In this form, they were accelerated:  thus the atmospheric disturbances, plagues and quickening of human potential.

In the 21st century CE, the Hadron collider copies the principle in a primitive way.   It enormously speeds up and smashes atoms.   But the Tabernacle carried the fusion, not the fission.   It tinctured humanity’s cosmic psyche.  It rested, or it generated atmospheric unrest and Wisdom.  In the Old Testament it is written of in code as an angry Lord.  Indeed it was frightening when misunderstood, and it was revered.  Moses alone could handle the mosaic.   Nature – the Shekhinah – back-lashes when she is mishandled.

Solomon’s Temple of Wisdom built strong outer shields – equivalent to the leaden walls which contain a core reactor’s radiation.   In this element, the Staff of Life is a system of voltages, stepped down to make them accessible.


Tarot key 7 - The Chariot, showing sigils & insignia.  Enclosure:  stepping down the voltage of the Magician

Tarot key 7 – The Chariot, showing sigils & insignia. A symbol of Enclosure: this Key is a transformer.  It steps down the higher voltage of the Magician, key 1.  Note wheels of Ezekiel, with eyes, and the winged caduceus.  The Chariot moves in four directions simultaneously, and is at the same time still.


5. Technology

The higher technology is handled by esoteric schools and enlightened priests.   So far, down through history, the priesthoods initially inherited the Knowledge – its pure transmission –  then succumbed to power, corruption, ignorance and child abuse.   Nowadays, the priestly authority is questioned generally, and is self-examined;  which is some advance.

The technology is “invisible”.  It can be discovered through Self enquiry.  Everything, dark or light, which flowers and prevails within ourselves today and every day, has its seed in the present Kalpa – what the scientists call the big bang.   The Kalpa is one of an innumerable series, whose compass “only a Buddha can see, as revealed by another Buddha.

The Kalpa series – the in and out breaths of the Source – is not linear.  It is more like a dandelion clock:  the pulse of all presences, all times.  The seed is unbroken.  When an electro-magnetic field in particles and sub particles is broken apart, the bomb explodes with a tiny fraction of a lightning flash discharge, or distant supernova, or … consciousness Itself.   Consciousness is the unbroken dandelion seed in everything;  and no amount of tearing apart can isolate it.

images copy

The seed of hope

In the Godcosm are macrocosm and microcosm enfolded.

Technology in the hands and hearts of builders of the adytum, the school of the soul, the rosicrucean manifesto, raises the level of conscience and of cosmic participation.   It takes years, decades, generations, lifetimes.  It moves quietly through a ground of enormous resistance.  Its presence is a lubricant.  It shifts the gears of surface history just sufficiently, at crisis points.   An effective School travels light, without undue property, bureacracy or baggage.  It is not recognised in the public domain.   INTEGRITY’s organisation is minimal, and transparent.  A healthy body works hard, but the functions do not labour.   Each member of such a School is an oak inside the acorn: a nut inside a shell inside a nut: an ever expanding Tetrahedron series within the Circle-inscribed-Triangle J H V (H).  The individual as a conventional cult, dissolves into Individuation.

Whitecoat technology crows and coos at the toys in its crib.  Sophisticated electronic and cyberspace advances, games with DNA, war and genetic engineering – can copy basic automatic mechanisms of Mind.  The tools are indeed brilliant and helpful, but they do not generate health or true creativity.   For every dis-ease suppressed, another one pops up.  In the art world, it has become so easy to generate images, that we atrophy the use of our hands, and of the time and space of our being:  the organic way we truly see and grow.

A very few scientists (so called) access the dimension which is Conscious:  the inner tuition that every grain of the cosmos is a product of thought.  They approach, by acknowledging that in quantum theory, the investigating persona influences the result or feedback parameter.   Scientific method and verification is limited to the human creature’s perspective.   Without the conscience of our true cosmic role, we are indeed starved of its abundance, driven from the Garden, enslaved to economic perversions, and battling with a despoiled environment.  True Science – conscience –  begins when the pineal faculty – known as the third eye – opens.  The third eye opens wherever competition as a driven factor, is outgrown.   We are not fishes eating smaller fishes. We are “fishers of men” – of our humanity:  the crucial learning curve just now !

“We come not to the charm of your personality, but to the focus of your mind.”

The third eye opens where the Buddha nature – the All One – is revealed in its inescapable diversity.   The third eye opens with compassion, participation in the electro magnetic field as a whole.   The third eye is tight closed wherever the academics acclaim yet another theory or adaptation “to benefit the public”.

Buddha Chenrezig

Buddha Chenrezig

The third eye is a cosmic citizen.  It may open at any moment in any one of us:  but do we notice what we see? – (cf Sherlock Holmes !)  Practically speaking, the long training to notice what we see,  cannot be side-stepped.   The third eye of  “spiritual consumers” – the seekers after tablespoons of bliss, or to cancel their problems  – does not open.   For them, it is a mirage which opens, and keeps them thirsty.

Sacred India Tarot Durga detail - Rahu asura



6. The Red Sea Crossing and Covenant

In Exodus, the Angel of Death passed over each door where the third eye within was potentially open:  these “I”s of Israel and their offspring were chosen Keepers of the Covenant.   They carried the Covenant from Egypt, where it had begun to decay – to be forgotten and abused.   Pharaoh let them go, because of the plagues the Covenant brought down:   then sent his soldiers after them when he realised they – led by his adopted son Moses –  had removed the Covenant itself.

But the Covenant and its dirigibility bore a powerful magnetic field or rotation – centrifugal and centripetal.  It moved as a vortex of fire and of cloud.  The Children of Israel walked along the seabed as within the eye of a storm, or spiralling water funnel.

Nowadays, this crossing is depicted in a linear way:



The Red Sea closed around their passing and drowned the pursuing soldiers. To that dynasty was left an empty shell and its ossifying altars.   The Covenant was carried to the Mountain, over a 40 year initiatory period:  two generations.

We are pondering not a toy, but the ineffable – the vast beyond mind’s local grasp.  The Cosmic Law awakens wonder:  tenderness among ourselves:  respect.   We bow before the Ruach when awakened, as grass to the wind.

The children of Israel under Moses, were delivered from slavery.  They slipped out under the bar.   They slipped the Covenant out, under the bar, and “spirited” it away.   Moses had the Knowledge.  He went up Sinai to meet J H V H, and returned twice with the signs and sigils of the Torah   On his second descent, they were engraved as letters, through stone.

Tarot is another transmitter of Tora – the Law.

Tarot Arcanum 10 - The Wheel

Tarot Arcanum 10 – The Wheel or ROTA


bota cube sigil


BOTA Key 16

BOTA Key 16

Slavery is still our economic trap today.  This is due
to mishandling nature’s wealth and wisdom, so the
portions we have isolated for ourselves, are poverties.

On the Tree of Life, the triad-of-feeling, Yesod Hod Netzach circuit, where we plot and dream our lives, is our default state of slavery, or mortgage.   Hod-Netzach is the threshold of awakening – the Red Sea – which we cross, on our way to Sinai:  Tifareth.

On the Tree’s Queen Scale colouring, this crossing path is scarlet.   It carries the 17th letter PEH, which means the mouth and utterance: the House of God speaks.   PEH’s Tarot Key is 16, the Tower struck down by Lightning.   Awakening for many of us, is a lightning flash – a shattering incident – a revelation – a breaking of the chrysalis for the butterfly.

This Key’s vibration is scarlet – the speech of Mars.

Here is a paragraph from A Kabbalist Meditates on Time (17 July 2012):  “The Grand Cross in today’s heavens, is a potentially violent configuration in many views or frames;  yet in its essence is the intersection of T S Eliot’s “occupation for the Saint”.   It is for us, a portrait of time and of awakening.   In Exodus, the Children of Moses crossed the Red Sea from bondage to Mount Sinai, the promised land.   On the Tree of Life, this story is:  Yesod, the bondage or self-image.  Then Temperance, the probational path of honesty to Tifareth, the promised land.  

Key 14, Temperance, is coloured deep blue – in the Tree’s centre pillar. Across  Temperance, is Hod to Netzach, Key 16  – the path of Awakening (the Tarot’s Tower.)  

In the Tree’s Queen scale colours, this path is coloured red:  the path of Mars:  the Red Sea !”

Netzach Hod sketch, 22 april 13.  The crossing paths of Temperance (blue) and the Tower (red).  Yesod is the violet pool around the feet.  The path becomes indigo, as it flows into Malkuth.

Netzach Hod sketch, 22 april 13. The crossing paths (vertical and horizontal) of Temperance (blue) and the Tower (red). Yesod (personality) is the violet pool around the feet. The vertical path turns indigo, as it flows down into Malkuth.  Note: the rainbow and the Archangel’s robe of white light.   Copy from BOTA Key 14


BOTA The Star, Key 17

BOTA The Star, Key 17

Key 16 the Tower is followed by Key, 17, the Star woman.  Here, the speech is scarlet and contained:  Thoth’s bird in the background tree.   The shell fell away … from the truth within.

On the Tree, the vertical path through the threshold, the path linking Yesod to Tifareth, is called “Probation” or Temperance (see above sketch).   It tests our honesty, each step of the way.  It leads us into knowledge and conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel within.   The guide and guardian of Self realisation is Archangel Michael or MAHAEL of the Sun.  In a later post, we might look at how the Archangelic names are breathed, to embody them.



The symbolism of Exodus is dramatic, but ineffective if I just project it on my cinema screen.  So how should I walk with Exodus?   By attending to its content here and now;  my fear, my emotive slavery, my conditioned attitude to the world, my way of handling nature;  and where I am honest and where I tell lies.

Sacred India Tarot Buddha 10 of Disks - Version 2


How does the Covenant of Life live and grow and lead the way, in my heart?  How does the seed which my parents’ convergence sowed, develop?

Be objective!  Watch the flow of water, and of light.  Watch the space.


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Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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