21 music pages by St-Germain 4a

A few andantes & adagios from the collection of his violin music. The style is purely of his musical period; but in it we can hear the Master’s thought – the inner plane through earthly instruments.

2 thoughts on “21 music pages by St-Germain 4a

  1. Hello,
    I’ve found your wonderful wordpress blog searching a music of the Master. I am a musician by myself and writing a book – a type of an Alchemy Fairy Tale. The prioblem is: I can not find any complete music – Sonata or other works by the Master. So, if you have anyone full set of his works, would you be so kind share it with me?
    Thank you.
    May stars shine upon your ways just because you publish such a rare information.

  2. Yes I will email you a complete violin sonata to begin with – some time in the next few days, as I am a bit busy – and then some more. I have copies of most of what he wrote when he was in London. I shall also continue to feature his music in my next posts on Master R. It is indeed rare and precious. Best wishes for your book!

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