The Mystery of Master R – Part 4: a Jewel

Here is an unexpected and unplanned post today, touching on Master R in the series.

master R oval


map of the interior cube of space, whose outer faces and corner edges add up to the 22 Tarot Keys.  The Emperor's path (vision) is the background north-east corner edge.

map of the interior cube of space, whose outer faces and corner edges add up to the 22 Tarot Keys. The Emperor’s path (vision) is the background north-east corner edge.


So!  The Emperor, north east corner edge of the Cube of Space, heralds and opens up the hidden interior diagonals.  His path on the Tree of Life joins Hokhmah Wisdom to Tifareth, the beauty of the Self as consciousness.  The life force, Hokhmah, unites with the creative power to generate images – Tifareth;  and the Tarot Key for this is 4 – the Emperor.

Ez haim - tree of life

The imaging through ALL the senses, not just visual, is generated by the Ruach, the life-breath in Tifareth.

Interior temple

Interior temple

It is the conscious, vital energy of my tide of life.  The principle in the root of the breath, produces mental images.  Why not make observing this, my hobby?  Why not watch the waves?

Maths and musical notes are images.  Imaging is the transfer of  a correspondence of any kind.  Some souls have an old faculty to materialise an image with no development in time and creation:  it is as if ready-made.   Mediums do it via psychic ectoplasm – a condensation – but few of them understand the process.

Jesus by galilee

The miracle of the Loaves and the Fishes with Jeshua – he is at a distance, his back to the crowd, here –  fed a multitude.  Peter walked on the Galilean Sea towards his faith in the Master, like a toddling child.

Permanent precious stones or tokens are produced  – like this one I have here ;  I witnessed it come forth from a medium.   I showed it later to an alchemy teacher, who told me that one day it will de-materialize, it will be re-absorbed; but it hasn’t yet.

1 stone on wood


It was given to me in 2004 with a message from the medium, about skin-tissue repair/collagen and advice to attend to my love-life.  (Done, I guess.)

It nests between the lovers in a yabyum statuette in my room.  It is transparent, an almost eggish shape, cut in irregular pentagons:  it has a faint yellowy orange tinge, it catches and throws back light, like a drop of water, and I love it.   Of all the weird wacky bright sharp stones and crystals, huge and small, which the medium produced on that peculiar day in early 2004, this one is the best.  It was offered to me when all the showy ones had been given out, like I was the last, and must pick up what is left.   I love it.  The stone of the Philosophers, takes into itself all feelings and shines like a drop of dew.

yab yum

yab yum


Who cut and carved my stone?   For sure, the medium didn’t put it in his mouth.   It came out.  It was regurgitated with all the other stones and jewels, after his mouth was un-taped.  There was no spittle, as he heaved and brought them forth.   They dropped out into a towel on his lap – bright sharp gems, many of them rather glossy.


Someone’s thought, somewhere cut and carved this little pebble, for it to pass through the subtle planes – which are transparencies – and find its home with me – my one token from that seminar in Montreal.   Master R teased me with alternative versions of Saint-Germain (his alter ego), but the fact remains:  he is a jeweller, a Master of materialization through the planes, from subtle to gross and back, time with space, as in sub particle physics;  the  dense:  the diffusion:  solve et coagula:  the Heisenberg principle of position or motion:  the cool adept –  O cool traveller.

A faceted pebble receives and reflects back Light, quiet and still.

It is a wonderful lesson for me, to see the material and its dematerialization back and forth.  I understood that nothing in our physical world and state of affairs has more permanence than a cloud.   The Master – the adept – travels between the planes.

I love my stone because it hasn’t an atom of pretentiousness.  It is irregular, and cannot be set or exploited.  It is not even regarded as valuable.  It is a drop of the sea.  It is I AM.



Arcanum 4 - The emperor

Arcanum 4 – The emperor





Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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4 thoughts on “The Mystery of Master R – Part 4: a Jewel

  1. To Hiya Jeff. Your carvings into life … for periods of time I guess it is too full to manifest, but it does as life goes on. I suddenly got a feel – from your Like on this post – of that little stone of mine as a story, an open question frisking along. The feeling with Master R springs into its own secret life, way beyond new-age and occult academies. Something I can’t explain, but you understand. Thank you! Peace, J.

  2. Heya’ Lady, That little stone of yours, really had an impact on me. I was wrestling around with permanence, thinking I prefer stone, the harder the better, for it’s permanence. A friend gave me a stone that was in an old ring she had found, it had scars and abrasions all over it, it was a stone, just like the stone, here in your post, but aquamarine. I could not believe what I saw, when I saw your post and the stone, It’s the only stone I have, had cut like that. What are the chances on the day that I get that stone and am struggling with permanence/ impermanence, that I come over and find what you have posted here. Sometimes the “coincidences scare the crap out of me “. It happens almost every time I visit your blog, and was happening with such frequency that, it can feel like a joke is played on you, you look around for that hidden camera, this, can’t be really, happening, can it ? To full to manifest, yes I guess that is sometime how it feels like, pluggin’ a 110v plug into a 220v outlet, sometimes I feel to much, to express it, I picked up the stones, because they can handle that energy transfer, but sometimes, it is to much, and a stone I might have put months into, crumbles back in to the unknown.
    I must always remember and hold close to my heart your Statement about the cloud, it something I know but, often forget. Peace, Jeff

    • Thank you for this, Jeff, on a grand-cross morning when the inner miracle dawns again in me. Sometimes life turns into a very hard stone indeed, and then I let it go, or it lets go of me, and it melts into a jewel beyond compare, and IS. My little stone here in pictures is any adventure through a relationship or a task of life. You woke up the full meaning of this, for me. I had forgotten it. Things cloud over, then the sun comes out. Thus the miracle. Hope you are well.

      Coincidence is “with the incident” and is the real and natural state of life when we wake up and look. There is an old song – “If you don’t fight with life, Life takes you up, puts you on its shoulder” … for Life, read the little stone. Peace, l’chaim and blessings – Jane

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