Mystery of Master R: Part 5 – Musical Moments


3 Master R


sketch of 1st violin, orchestra of age of enlightenment

sketch of 1st violin, orchestra of age of enlightenment

My posts with Master R are loosely interconnected;  often repetitive, as with musical themes.  Time stops, or circles its moving Sun in a spiral.


From my Journal, July 2003

What is our vessel?  the dew?  Is it like the camel to the needle’s eye?  To trust the Kingdom of Heaven is conscious choice.

The Dew is always here
and it never stops falling
a very fine mixture of everything in the universe now

do not break the Law by adulterating or mixing levels.
the manna is a subtle and ordinary nourishment …


Grail Tree of Life, Table Round

Grail Tree of Life, Table Round of the Companions of the Light

All is One.  The Holy One is not heavy handed, it falls with the lightest touch,  but where we are blind and deaf we run into heavy hands.    Aziluth – the World of Emanation – contains everything – we are given heavy or light touches as appropriate.  The Dove is the vessel.  Makom – the First Heaven – is The Place.


GALLERY  of Violin Sonata no.7 – click to view

(September 2013 – there are now some sites where Saint-Germain’s music is played and heard: contains a lot of information, a video and some recordings to download.  The Phoenix Ensemble in Germany (English translation  of this site supplied)  recorded all the sonatas on CD, and performed them in concert.)


Ten years ago – 29 July 2003 – Master of the Violin

There is a quantity of music by Comte de Saint Germain at the British Museum library.  Alan brought back seven violin sonatas with figured bass clef,  and he can get the BM people to search and copy the rest. Only a generation ago, I would have had to copy it all out myself by hand – as I’ve been doing till recently!   I trimmed the 37 A3 pages into A4 ringbinder size while listening to Berlioz’s exquisite Petite Messe Solemnelle;   the poignancy of a Great Soul incarnates “at least once every century”  (an extraordinary number of times, including early deaths) into human fragility… into the rose and thorns.

Then I started to play the music, much to Alan’s interest;  found a pair of minuets which sparkle gracefully.   My Maestro wrote all those notes, and I am now hearing and playing the sounds in his head.   Music is the direct speech.   Alan and I wondered whether anyone else has bothered to play them since.

The maestro wrote in the baroque form of the day, with figured bass/continuo to indicate the harmonies.  I play it on the piano, but it his might adapt interestingly to modern instrumentation

The maestro wrote in the baroque form of the day, with figured bass/continuo to indicate the harmonies.


I awoke into “500 years” mode.  I feel like 500 years is nothing – I dip into the fragile flower of incarnations through the scythe of earth’s rotations – the V sign of the Child.  I am at the moment simultaneously my own bodytime, and this other time and space, by which I dip down and up, to incarnate where educative.  In about 500 years from now, a Golden Age will be,  is opening.  This is in my veins.   Never forget this.

On my bike to tarot class, with Master R’s diamond melodies singing in my ears – I began to see or imagine him playing the violin –  to draw him thus,  like the Musicians in Rehearsal.   Something in the connection with Troy Leonard (who psyched the ‘overview’ in my life), however tenuous, energises His presence here, and the relationship.

FR violin 03 copy


Peter, violin sketch

This outline comes to mind – my father in about 1965. My love affair since childhood, with the man’s way of moving his arm and cultivating that sound across the strings.

“… so this, thy body, is the instrument whereon may be played the Song of Life.  For on this harp of ten thousand strings, the wind of the Spirit moveth ever, and sounds night and day, the harmonies of that Eternal Song.”

Master R, transcript on Malkuth, 1947


(2003) Wisdom of Alan Jacobs:

“Maya – our world – is restricted vision.   Whatever we perceive through our organs of cognition limits it, to name and form,  it is a narrow waveband.  In a tree it is the living process inside that tree which you don’t see, and which is connected to the whole universe, dependent on the Sun’s rays,  connected to the Absolute as a star in the milky way … (as through our lungs, organs and littlest branching vessels, the prana.)

The meaning of Exodus:   Escape from Egypt is liberation from bondage to an old tradition.  Crossing the Red Sea (passover, parting the waters) is when a distinction is understood between the Self and the nonSelf  (pure Consciousness and the mindbody).  The Children of Israel fail to become the Holy People when they worship the golden calf of materialism;  Moses gave them a literal teaching, with the esoteric hidden within it for the few.   Real faith is in the Unknown, the Invisible, the Divine, and not in life, which is under the law of pre-ordination.  Real faith unexpectedly changes conditions in unforeseen ways.   Faith awakens from sleep or is born again from spiritual death.”

At dinner, Alan’s cousin’s husband said America and Russia are both formed by robber barons.  The difference is that the American barons made America whereas the Russian ones bought Russia.  Alan said something very witty, but wouldn’t write it down, only tied a knot in his hanky, and has forgotten it.

Alan at chess with his grandson Jacob

Alan at chess with his grandson Jacob


Journal – 2 August 2003

Elder Brother, please give me the courage to stand up and be counted,  be truthful, and not condone distortion.  Please,  when such situation arises,  lend me your eagle wings,  for I do not consider I have adequately crossed this fiery step.   Or have I?   Let truth speak through my face where it is weak;  for the main obstacle is the imaginary “i-having-to“,  which meant gigantic efforts to squeak like a mouse.  Did you see that funny squirrel early this morning, perched on top of a fence-post outside and chattering and barking like a fox?  The wonderful thing about having someone like you,  rather than an embodied teacher parked in space and time,  is that to contact you is voluntary attunement,  for you are everywhere else as well.   Of course,  each to what is quintessentially right for her or him.

I would love it if a French reader can translate this for me:

Curieux scrutateur de la Nature entière,
J’ai connu du grand tout le principe et la fin.
J’ai vu l’or en puissance au fond de sa rivière
J’ai saisi sa matière et surpris son levain.

J’expliquai par quel art l’âme aux flancs d’une mère
Fait sa maison, l’emporte, et comment un pépin
Mis contre un grain de blé, sous l’humide poussière;
L’un plante et l’autre cep,  sont le pain et le vin.

Rien n’était, Dieu voulant, rien devint quelque chose,
J’en doutais, je cherchai sur quoi l’univers pose.
Rien gardait l’équilibre et servait de soutien.

Enfin avec le poids de l’éloge et du blâme
Je pesai l’éternel;  il appela mon âme:
Je mourrai, j’adorai, je ne savais plus rien.  


Is not the grape in this, Your violet light?


I intend to copy a few of Master R’s illustrations in his TRINOSOFIA for this series, together with some of the text.  I have an English translation with poor black and white reproductions. Here is a link to the facsimile of… where you can see his paintings or copies of them in colour, and read (in French) the inner journey in full.   It can be downloaded or printed out, for a fee.

Violin for cover


Excerpt from poem “Violin Redux” by Charlie Morris

“My head falls to the left
and seeks the warmth
of my own shoulder
the splendid weight is cradled there
and the person whose shoulder I share
knows me
better than anyone.”




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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3 thoughts on “Mystery of Master R: Part 5 – Musical Moments

  1. Undoubtedly one of the most inspired , original thinkers of our time . I recognised Alan immediately . On playing the minuets I was transported to a place of indescribable pathos and beauty . I omitted the A-flat at first – big mistake ! The drawings are superb !

  2. Ultimately just holding in hands these printed scores, reading them and hearing whithin my own mind, listening to the sounds of the Master’s music whithin – it is a very special feeling.

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