priestess with lynx 2002


Words are the trivia of modern dead language as commerce, without number or resonance. The Word in poetry or in sacrament is hieroglyphic and alive.

The Word!

long eared lynx 2003

It is in and of the spine of my soul.  In a Red Book footnote, I misread “the Anointed is supposed to return, but no longer in the flesh but in the spine.”  Actually spirit, but I saw at first spine, because of the small print.

This is food for thought: be not of the flesh but in the spine!   Here is the listening organ.

Then listen! For in the nerve threads, the coloured underground cables of my spine, flows Akasha, information.   Isn’t that what Akasha the etheric element is?   Akasha stores the divine memory of all that is and was and is to be.   This is the domain of the High Priestess.


Tarot Key 2 - Builders of the Adytum deck

Tarot Key 2 – Builders of the Adytum deck – her planet is the Moon


I associate her also with  “Earth-Receptive” in the I Ching – as in the Gene Keys (see link below.)  Gene key 2 is my Yesod – my “sphere of attraction”.

It is good to reflect at length and organically here; where the powers of attraction and what is drawn into this field are determined.

The High Priestess sits quiet and still, but is a blossoming fountain of the Tree of Poemegranates, red-orange in the cool veil between pillars of Solomon. From her  lap flows a leaping white river.   Her womb is concealed by the Torah scroll she holds over it. The scroll unrolls a little, like a sea wave crest.   In it is written all that was, is, and is to be: JHVH in the cross of Light she wears.

wave break, cornwall 2011 274


Tarot is an anagram of TORAH, the wisdom and the Law.  In Tarot, each of the 22 Keys carries the Hebrew letter/number which is one ahead of it.  This is because Tarot begins with Key 0, The Fool, whose letter is ALEPH, letter 1 in the alphabet.

Through the picture-writing, each flower contains the seed of the flower:  the script to be.

2 swan & camel 1987

The Priestess is Key 2, but her letter is GIMEL (3) whose symbol is the camel. The camel carries water across the Empty Quarter between the wells, and transports messages among humankind.

The mystery of Two contains this natural 3, the Letter of fertility.  It births a playful child, the One.

Return to the One. Be here and now. Unity.


Letters gimel daleth heh

Letter GIMEL - wheatsheaf with man

Letter GIMEL – wheatsheaf with man


The Priestess and the I Ching Two illumine each other in my Tree-of-life foundation.   Her planet is the Moon, she receives and reflects the Sun.   The Yin right through the hexagram is a well, receiving the One.


I Ching Earth-receptive 2 & Gimel






Priestess of black Isis 2 lynx - detail

Gene Keys Golden Path Program

Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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