Second Birth


Children are wide awake at four, five, six years old to intellectual and spiritual and sexual atmosphere, and ask deep questions. After we go to school many of us lose that awakeness.


Sacred India Tarot 8 of Arrows - Bheeshma surrenders to Krishna

Sacred India Tarot 8 of Arrows

In India, Bhagavad Gita is the Song of God – a sacred space in the field of war – a blend of the sacrament and the battle, which is human; the Songs of God. The god Krishna comes right down into the battlefield, and gives the Teaching to Arjuna.

Something like this must have happened to Ali, the founder of Sufism.

When God told Ibrahim to slay his son, Ibrahim gave up his earthly (and obscuring) attachment to his son, who was then reborn to him consciously. Giving Isaac to God, he received his son.

Comment: This is the Second Birth in all the mystical traditions and in relationships as they evolve. The same “Mystery” is in Yeshua’s willing death, entombment and resurrection.   The seed dies into the ground to grow a tree. Water comes to the boil and gives up being water as it transmutes to a gas: to air.   When we humans awaken, when we pass that boil point, we are suddenly in connection with the whole of humanity;  we never were not.   The human consciousness is at present in this ferment just below the boil, with molecules popping into and out of air. In the subatomic world, particles collide and mutually annihilate, releasing a new particle or photon – the energy quanta of that death-rebirth: the conversation flows.

quantum subparticle interaction back and forth in spacetime 1988

quantum subparticle interaction back and forth in spacetime 1988

In the Heisenberg principle, position and motion of a particle cannot be simultaneously observed: the one cancels the other.   This is because a particle isn’t a point, but a wave. The human understanding dies – gives up its sense of doership – when it receives God:  it passes the boil-point.  Sufi poems are all written at and around the boil-point – or just past it.

I dreamed of flying, it felt like a preview of the ascent just past it: the awakening into a different register – a higher and simpler frequency.   The quantum leap is orbital – the electron waves around an atom are levels – space for space to move both inward and outward, and find expression.

scientist studies a particle

scientist studies a particle 1988

The true meaning of hierarchy is – orbital levels of consciousness:  higher or denser frequencies.  We do not attain to them personally:  they are reoccupied by the soul’s ascending or descending frequency which matches them, and this goes on all day in the mindstuff as in societies;  the process as in the subatomic world, is fluid.

On this principle is conceived the Messiah of each historical phase (be it a day or a lifetime), who holds the axis of the age. The Messiah holds the situational balance, from within.   Few recognise him or her, because “it takes a buddha to see a buddha.”  The Messiah might be working in a garage.

Freedom. Freedom follows this choice, which is made for us. Freedom turns towards it and follows it voluntarily, and opens the phoenix wings.   An old Greek word: Metanoia means to turn. It means to turn and face the music. It is the decision in any difficult and painful moment, to remember and turn to God.

Shepherdess 1988

Shepherdess 1988

There is a Kabbalistic tradition that just before we are born, an angel stops our eyes, ears and mouth: the angel removes our memory of who and what we are. We rediscover our full dimension in the toil of embodiment through babyhood, childhood, adulthood, space and time, relationships and the work and stress and fatigue and beauty of earth-plane. Mostly we do not yet wake from this dream, and more or less stay “dead” – lost in the drama. The second birth occurs when the biological birth reaches its full potential; it is then RIPE and ready to fall from the branch. At this point the biological birth “dies” into the living birth of the Spirit.

When we are born again, when we wake with the Spirit, our cosmic memory awakes:  we discover we always KNEW. This is not the linear, analytical mind, but Greater Mind, which is Being.

Hermes to his son Tat, 1987

Hermes to his son Tat, 1987

On the theme of maturity which is RIPENESS: I once read an old definition of “virgin” meaning “she who is ripe”. Jesus’s mother was in a ripe condition, for the Son of Man to be born to her – a birth of divine consciousness, which is earthed.   So much tragic nonsense and superstition and distorted belief has been written and dogmatized and preached about the simple and unfathomable Mystery.

In the ancient world, it was common for great Teachers to be born to “virgin” mothers – those who were physically and psychologically ripe to mother such a child;  conceived in the normal way.   The core Mystery transcends the religious one.   During the pregnancy, the mother-to-be received “annunciations” and signs that her child was unusual, and sometimes so did the father.

Miracle is a natural state of sacrament:  the points which are waves join up together.


violet crystal and snowdrop 1988

violet crystal and snowdrop 1988


over the flame

The theme of embodiment is universal. The Spirit descends into the density of our earth body; and it is our task to let the Spirit descend completely, and to ignite and to raise our soul into itSelf, through our limbs and our understanding and our dance around the fire. It ascends into the descending: the marriage of earth with heaven: inter-penetration.

Some mystics make the mistake of disembodying and giving up life. But the Light must be carried deep into the well, deep into the root, the pain of life, for the tree of life to blossom and bear fruit – collectively and individually.

In olden days, no man was allowed to study Kabbalah until he was at least 40, had raised a family and worked and demonstrated he can manage his life. He had to be mature – a whole human. He had to be ripe.

drinking glass on sea bed

When humanity is in a really desperate condition, invisible wise ones incarnate, are born, and get to work – like yeast in the bread. They are everywhere nowadays. The genuine ones are quiet, because they are tuned into the collective conscious ocean of which we all are pools.

So there is this tremendous spiritual ferment; the suffering, slaughter and corruption on the surface; and profound peace wherever the spirit Reality is touched and spoken.

Some of them woke in prison, in solitary confinement – like Aurobindo and Mandela.

I keep seeing the Triad.   A and C converge at B – the third point – where they ignite a spark: the separate A and C disappear; their child “B” is born as energy, dialogue, insight: the transcending Power which knows the way.   Surrender to God: then tension is gone.


Empathy triangles 12 June

Empathy triangles 2 12 June_0001


Adam and Eve needed the knowledge of life, of embodiment and of resistance.   In the garden of Eden, they were an idea in the bliss of God. Driven out of Eden, they descended – and still are descending – into Earth and Form, to realise and embody their full potential, which is Beauty. We say: for God to behold God in relationship. The Sufis say we emerge from and return into God.

In our history over the millenia, Adam and Eve are enacted again and again individually, always anew: their crisis embodies our evolution.


Adam & Eve 2008


As they descend, to work with their hands and feet, and suffer the human capacity for self deception and distortion in its entirety through thousands of generations, the seed in the ground which is the Spirit rises again and grows like bread: the Ascension. Whenever a human realises this in full and becomes a Buddha, that whole span of millennia – and many before and after it – extends One Moment: a single and all-encompassing sounding and seeing of the infinite variety.

Ripeness is maturity, full fruit and flower.

The Ascension is invisible except when we are quiet and reflect. Then we hear it. We hear its slow deep “schumann” pulse below our quicker human-tense one.   And we try to align our energy field and intentions and embodiment, to this long, slow wavelength; we try not to forget it. It is the truth.

Most human beings live in profound forgetfulness, dissociated from their origin, and tearing around in traffic jams.

My daughter processes in a long wavelength, a rebirth.   Entering a new phase in her evolution, she is a person who makes things happen for others.  The gift in her is waking up.


I talk sometimes  about meanings. The languages of Yin (receptive, intuitive) and Yang (active, logical) begin to join and find their coalescence.

English language is filled with inner “cabals” and playful resonances – such as the meaning of coalescence with convalescence, audially.  The subtle wit of Sanskrit and Hebrew roots is mirrored like trees around a pond: I smile.

Without meanings, we are dead. The meanings connect us mutely to our spiritual prehistory, and as we rediscover them, we are reborn into the whole: the meanings vibrate beyond – yet still within my small city of ideas.

The meanings are our survival: our heart: our loving connectivity:  Gaia in the solar system among the stars.

Conventions (as in parenting) decay and atrophy.   As the conventional meanings die, the deeper one is born. Always …  the deeper meaning parents the child.







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