Poems of Intimacy


Dattatreya, the guru of all nature


1. Canal Lock Gate

It is hard to see through
our wounds tending to meet each other.

Love waits
for waters each side to level,
the deep gate to open
for the passing through deliciously.


fish tao

2. Labyrinth Walk

Being received into your labyrinth,
our nature, eros rose
wells outward lotus rings of light.

White dew thickens as we enter the garden:
sap stem vibrates OMMMM

we are
bees to honey.



3. Tree of Life

I am a lover
stumbling over threshold
crumbling tortoise shell
to dust, feet tremble!

Receiving my self,
plant her, let her grow
gold and silver fruit
along my branches to the sun.

On paths of space
standing still, embrace
awakening Suns of Light.

Receive your Tree
being received.

ananga ranga 6


4. (1976) House of God – the first Tablets of Sinai

In the ceiling of a house of god
apertures through stone to sky.
hold my eye to light
sans sound or speech.

Over the stone floor, an animal pads.
The beast’s shining trail of smudgy light
bears witness:
mystic co-relation scribed:  lovers’ knot.

With the sacred script
the animal aura communes;

“Gaze upon those apertures through roof to light,
to talk to God.

They are God’s hieroglyphs
cut through stone.

“The language
of the Light of God

outside your speech
descends to meet you.”

Is not our temple a shell
for seeing through?

Does body’s wall a prison make?


Ground plan - detail


 5. Leaves …

In medieval tapestry
a saint is preaching
to plump lions with worried dark eyes
to blink the sleep from themselves.

daffodil glyph - Version 2


Labyrinth & Cross

Spear tip
probes sun’s golden heart
through silver body
summer singing.

If I have ears to hear,
hear Thee
as stars brought close to eyes,
oak tree.

Shape shifter - Eagle King 3 - Version 2


6.  The Falconer

Hooded falcon
released from the glove
is a sign of one in the great Work
who lives in the world.

We are tamed by our body bonds,
relation ships and knitting patterns.
This has to be.
But when the hood comes off

we fly and seize the prey

and bring it back to the garden
of the glove.

The glove of the Falconer
veils love.

Poems from ‘Homer Rows’
June 2005





sweet savour Rosicrucean Emblem 6


Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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