“Aquariel”, created on 4 November 2012, companions my primary blog, janeadamsart, and will take me where it will, along the paths of landscape, art, poetry, Kabbalah and the Rose Cross symbol…  but more occasionally.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I lam enjoying your writing, your thoughts and poetry, sketches and paintings. Your spiritual insights, the weave of symbols and symbolism through your blog, visual, verbal. ( Aquariel today). Thank you, and well done! Years of experience, living, feeling working and travelling within certainly have given you much material. Beyond all that, there is a finesse?, an elegance, ease?, in your blogs mmm rich, elegant wisdom? Even your childhood sketches channel it. Lots to explore. Thanks.

  2. I absolutely love your tarot cards, especially the black and white ones! They so resonate with me. I was wondering if you ever completed the full major arcana? They are so beautiful.

  3. I feel so blessed to have been attracted here! Even the other commenters are connected. The journey into Tiphareth is one of surrender and adventure. The Hero sometimes encounters The Hermit … so glad I found your cave! You must wear more than one hat. Keep your lamp shining.
    Love, Magister Anna Maria.

    • Thank you! Connection is what it is all about … all of us. I have not been active in my blogs this year, partly due to my father’s recent death (he had a wonderful send-off) but I hope to resume it later this spring. With love, J

  4. Very sorry to hear about your father, I’m sure he was very proud of you! After looking at your art, I bought the Sacred India Tarot deck. I have “Tarot of the Spirit” mediumed by Pamela Eakins and illustrated by her mother, Joyce Eakins. But I received an inner nudge to ponder your full Tarot expression, mainly because you are both attuned. I’ll follow your blogs later in the Spring. Be well.

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