Mysteries of Master R – 16: Transform Dark tones into Light


An interlude between the Trinosofia chapter 9 (previous post) and chapter 10 … Go into the cave.  Find the jewel!

My labours can bear lovely fruit.  What a joyous and at moments hilarious soul clearing and convergence at a point in time; a beautiful Piece from the sky dropped into place, The sky goes on doing that, whatever the dream on the ground!

Happiness flowed back into my life.   The kernel  is the Liberation which – repeatedly challenged – seems to project my profound alchemic purpose in this lifetime.  It touches beyond my view.  To be a watcher, a bystander, is fascinating, because I know at last the other part of the story – L’s friendship with T at the end of his life.  Did a renewed gesture of grace glow within that?  Without going into my own narrative detail here … what private matter awakens in your map of life?

Catch the connection, the dew, the gem;  edge of the robe of the Holy One; the joy of living; the place where the Shadow transforms. When that happened like the sun coming out, I knew that in the past, my heart’s desire was for us to be family.  After L died, I had a dream, and in that reality he came to me, and we were. It  prevailed through the Karmic wandering off-course, like a rock with the coverings washed away.

dew on leaf

The blind lead the blind, but the sense of hearing detects great Wisdom as toilsome processes in the soul touch base and are released. There is a beautiful, breath-taking visit of the Enigma.  It is like the virgin holding the Holy Child in her lap.   Yes, the Enigma.  The Enigma is freedom.  One of my Trinosofia drawings is called Enigma.  It is a great low arch built of brick like a bridge, convex or concave; and under it in the darkness, a kind of conversation starts to glow and activate.


Go into the cave, find the jewel, the gem, and bring it out into the world.  Go deep, as deep as you can; and bring it to life!  The ripple coalesces with an earth movement through innumerable persons’ soul process around the world.  Though yours!  That is the all-connecting timbre;  the awakening reality of living in the Master’s Eye;  the enabler.  It stops me in my tracks.

All day yesterday putting the new Trinosofia Nine post together.  That is a journey into the cave.  The initiate in red (Mars) brings out the cadaver, but the Light of the Lake will dissolve the cadaver into the jewel; the Photon.  Through the dead, the atoms move and the Unexpected happens.  It is an utterly different coming to life, from what was thought about in the surface plan.  This principle holds for the deeper and wider collective.


My daughter discovered a new industry called Heliogen which seems to have just launched itself publicly.  It hives solar energy with hexagonal mirrors, like a lighthouse.  There is also a new eyesore gadget gravity tower with cranes lifting and dropping concrete blocks – a child’s toy –  it is called an “Energy Vault”. We will in the next few years be living in a world of aggressively competing green and solar industries!  The human sleek suit, tie and footprint is utilised to make a change; to work like ants on what has been spoiled.  It combines crackpot inventor with a  new style of informality with the customer, to promote dialogue, transparent access and nice-guy leadership.

The lightening of my heart today is because of alchemy, because of going into the cave with Le Comte, with a widening of my open arms and heart.  I told a friend who visited yesterday and saw the drawings on my kitchen table, that it is Phoenix.  He rang later and said he was moved by them.

Ah – the virgin holds the Holy Child, astonished; I drew her for a charity Xmas card – the original lay there on the table, with Trinosofia drawings 8, 9 and 10 … the whole picture. and I was struck just now this moment with the wonder of the Holy Child in my arms. Whenever the miracle chimes in life, the dark organ-notes transmute. The wonder of it was – when still ashes – the weight of the cadaver in the cave.   How extraordinary life is.


An I Ching Oracle from a different time touches today.  

A little more with the Rabbi Ching.  This contemplation stripped of my own details, is offered for your reflection also.  Conduct of the tao?

It is Heaven over Lake “Treading”, changing to Heaven over Heaven, “the Creative”.

This old Advaita sketch of “the Tiger’s jaws” inverts the I Ching image, but you may imagine yourself walking behind the tiger.  The oracle says:

“Treading on tiger’s tail; but the tiger does not bite the man, because it is light hearted and in good humour. The weak follows the strong and is scared. One handles wild intractable people, with decorum. There is no envy in the elevations of heaven and the lake. The discussion is of the hierarchy of inner worth – respecting the grades – and this is somewhere in the mutual soul history and its castes.

“A Yin line changing to Yang in 3rd place – Don’t be reckless. If I have one eye and am lame, I can see and tread a bit, but not enough. To plunge ahead is only the way of a warrior battling for his Prince. Is that necessary? Understand the situation’s polarities first. Get to know them. Give it time.

“The whole fruit yin yang has to be given time, because the Creative it changes to, is so powerful: a massive tiger indeed.  I feel cautious and frightened of saying too much. “Treading” 10 is before “T’ai” – Peace 11. In the internal trigrams of “Treading”, Wind and Lake combine. The yielding Yin turns to Water Abysmal, deep inside. She enters with fear and trembling; it is crucial to the Conduct of character and creation. Joyousness moves in the same direction as the Creative. “Respect” suggests an apprentice. I am easily bitten by the tiger here. It awakens a Simon Forman glamour misgiving.

“Treading” changes to the full Yang Creative: and the Creative can go any which way, according to the Conduct preceding it. Six big dragons. As one Heaven Day follows another, it creates Time and Space and Duration. Cast out all which is inferior or degrading. The ideal is tireless.  It suggests the Interior and Supernal guidance following itself.

My three relationship situations through different times are inter-woven, in terms of dynamic. The base line is the philosophy, deeper than playtime, to transform the dark tones into light.  Observing alchemical quanta, the way is not analytical (which wastes time).  The way is of worship.  What is worship?   It is when the small self stands aside for the miracle, the unknown Wholeness to fill the jug;  to keep silent.  These details don’t make sense to an outsider but are important for me to grasp with clarity as I love and am committed to the process of Being.

The 10th Gene Key (I Ching “Treading”) is called “Ease of Being”.  It moves from the Self-Obsession Shadow through the discovered gift of Naturalness to “Being”.   The beauty is under all the rocks and weathers.  Be still!   The pure underground river of your life flows out from a limestone cave and into the world.

River emerges: Malham, Yorkshire


And touching on a dream in my journal six years ago:

In connection with a healing adventure with some companions, I wore my long white Arab nightdress – we went out along the street to another house.  I forgot to put my shoes on, so my feet were clean and bare – even in February.   Purity.  A younger woman held my left hand.   When I woke, I thought of this:  the hand and ripe body touched, of an older mature woman, me.   I am this older mature woman place/space, and I must occupy and be her!  I have no other choice in all the world.

This and no other, of all the spaces in the world is mine and where I have to be, like it or not, and wake up!   Move into this space and be its conscious choice, just as an electron state moves into an orbital particle.  In fact, WE DO NOT LIVE INSIDE OURSELVES!   We live sort of around ourselves, around the surface body, smearing it with crèmes and clothes and frightened of its interior, touching the blank with clumsy caution, and making up vast lifestyles which entertain & admit the displacement volume but do not enter it.  It is blind, blank, neglected – festooned with models, glamour, athletic workout and fantasy.

But what of the miraculous, Earth’s organs of Life inside; liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, womb, blood, endocrines?  The vibrant meridian paths, the nadis?  They are designed with the constellations in sacred geometry; the glory of their colour and movement eternally hidden from the physical eye.  Alchemy is in the dark. As soon as any piece of it is taken out of the body, it collapses and is dead.

Except for birth itself … the child!

I was in white and barefoot.   This means my Body of Light.  Quite rightly, I never subscribed to the teaching that one must somehow hop into a projected shell.  In this local bloodstream waterfall, I live and travel to every accessible dimension.   This is a significant subconscious recognition, or shift.

Here, Saint-Germain speaks on the subject of …

is the instrument
whereon may be played the Song of Life.

Nay, it is more than this,
for on this harp of ten thousand strings
the wind of the Spirit moves ever,
and sounds night and day
the melodies and harmonies
of that Eternal Song.

Yet few there be with ears to hear.
For that hearing is too often dulled
by the noisy clamour of the world’s illusion.

Yet he who has eyes to see,
and mind to remember,
may see that the heart of meaning
has to do with Hearing.

Variation on  a decoration in this chapter of the Trinosofia book.  The Hebrew letters Resh, Qoph, Kaph, represent the head, the back of the head and the hand.

How few there are
who listen
for the still small music
of the Eternal Song!


From Master R’s Teaching on Malkuth (1947) in The Book of Tokens








Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Hashaq: A Tree of the Tao

Firstly: A Reminder –

“The Time of the Sixth Sun” collecting together many elders and sages of the global human community was first launched in April 2019 and again on 6 November by Theo van Dort, Nikki Luna and Uquala, for two weeks. A wonderful and unique heart-opener about positive environmental initiatives and new technologies around the world – spiritual, community and scientific. Profoundly recommended!  For more information and to keep in touch, visit

The full package is now available to buy until 6 December 2019


In this beautiful award-winning film by Bibi, now on Vimeo
the ocean breathes through her silent dance with the Tree of life,
combining the ancient movements of Tao and Kabbalah

Bibi is my dear friend and soul sister;  a grandmother, a visionary gardener of her life.  She is an inspired teacher of Qi Gong and practitioner of Tai Chi.  Our friendship  began just 30 years ago in Warren Kenton’s contemplative group the Kabbalah society.  We have embraced Ramana Maharshi’s kettle, our problematic menfolk, Gene Keys and the Goddess’s divine sitcom slapstick on planet earth.

Bibi (Barbara Brown) is co-author of Qi Gong: The Chinese Art of Working with Energy (Harper-Collins 2001).  She wrote two superb novels: Looking for Doris (The Tenth Bull 2008) and Han returns to Earth (Bodytao Imprint 2013).


Above is my impression of the ninth-century tao sage Han-Shan.

In his time he inscribed his wisdom in the trees, stones and waters of Cold Mountain:

The final glimpse of me was when I disappeared through a crack in the rock, avoiding the official Lu-Ch’iu Yin who was sending food, incense and clothes to my two companions Big Stick and Pick-Up.  I left behind poetry written on bamboo, rocks and the walls of people’s houses.  I left behind memories of my wild hair, birch bark hat, patchwork robe, big wooden clogs and gnarled staff …“.

Bibi’s book “Han returns to Earth” developed over a period during which a wise voice counselled her from within, with poetic precision over the field.  Descending to visit her new book, Han-shan is the author’s companion of the Light. With compassion and humour, he observes from outside time the relationship tensions of 21st century human beings in North London –  an unobtrusive alchemical catalyst.

For a while, you could  ask Han a question on his blog,  I did, a few years ago. The reply was most helpful.  For now, if you want to know more about him and about Bibi’s work including Hashaq and the three books, go to her website


This is my painting for the cover of Bibi’s earlier book Looking for Doris:

…  for her creative mentor Doris Lessing:

Doris Lessing


In this post I planned a series of trees, rocks and rivers to accompany Bibi’s beautiful presentation of Hashaq.  But our old friend Han dropped in, and changed everything. I do hope you will visit him, as well as enjoying Bibi’s silent dance by the sea.

It is profoundly restful to replant the fluid spine and breathe the salt.

Mother-waters!  The goddess rises everywhere on earth.

Woman awakening in the night (2015) – detail







Poem No.268 from Cold Mountain by Han-Shan:

Ever since I ‘left home’
bit by bit I’ve acquired an interest in nourishing life.

I’ve stretched and drawn back, making my four limbs whole;
with diligence listened, making my six senses complete.

My coarse woollen robe is with me winter and spring;
unpolished rice sustains me morning and night.

Today, earnest and eager, I practice,
hoping to run into the Buddha.

Translation by Robert G Herricks
“The Poetry of Han-shan –
a complete annotated translation of Cold Mountain”
(c) 1990, State University of New York



Parvati waters Trees – Seven of Lotuses in The Sacred India Tarot Deck, copyright Yogi Impressions 2011


My feeling just now is like Hashaq: silence. Indeed today Mercury stands still. The connection is full and warm.  It is like milk, it seems to stretch the perineum, a slight earthy ache of rootedness, of reluctance to do anything.   Nothing in all human knowledge and spirituality is fixed in rock. Nothing is the final or definitive version.   Time of attending may be a minute or an hour, it is all the same, it flows.  It is blessed.  It is the thanksgiving.  The angel’s Tantra lowers warm wings into Aquariel.  The silence of angel’s feathers!  The sensitive dermis inside seems to fill and to stretch.  Woman’s work is to stretch and to let it come through. Human fences of time’s duration and enclosure are irrelevant.  Be still and know I am God.  I am You. I am what I utterly do not know. Not knowing is now.




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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The Dogfight and the Swan

It’s a long time since I wrote or copied to here!  Welcome back, those of you who stayed around.    Aquariel is an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.   This blog is sister to my main one, and its original intention was to walk with matters of ecology and autopoiesis. My journal this morning touches on the ecology of the psyche which can help to restore the natural balance.  So alongside extinction-rebellion activists, here goes!

The billions of cells in the body and DNA; each has the fervent belief that he or she is the Master-key:  each expendable with the tides.  Yet each in term holds the miracle of the All Clear, the whole universe; and each has this opportunity to live and go deep and influence the lake, if she so pleases.

It is time for me to brush up my understanding of the DNA in the gene keys.  I tried to talk about it and synarchy last night at dinner, and my hostess said she couldn’t see how patterns of consciousness can be related to our DNA and my host said is there any link between psychology/spirit/emotions to the physical?  He can’t see it.  Perhaps he was doing a ‘challenge’ to draw me out.  Afterwards he said I spoke up well.  Towards the end when it was my bedtime and time to go, POOR OLD BREXIT raised its bleeding head, and Catherine said in her book-group no one is allowed now to use the B word because there are disputes even in that little circle; anyway they began to talk about it and loosely mentioned “civil war”.  So I went home.  It was too late to start on turning the thought-form around.  I felt slightly blighted.   However I saw clearly that thinking about Britex and contributing to the tangled web is not the way.  The way is: the English are unhappy.  I contain this deep painful lacerating unhappiness.  The English are having an illness, like the flu, a war of antibodies; a keep-out disease.  The country doubts itself and? … it will recover.  Recognising this is how to face the distress, lean into and be in contact with it day by day;  not with the useless analytical mind with its stethoscopes and searches for conditioned meaning – areas to poke, to blame or shame; and not with comfort zones.   Comfort zones are opinions and denials.

Our country is ill and in pain.  The pain is in the collective plexus.  Some of us are directly impacted by it; others are not. Go about our business.  I am a cell in the English pain-body which is doubting its status among nations and thus ignoring environmental messages.  Many demons run amuck and many white corpuscles rush around with their engulfing shields; huge coagulations and suppurations around the self-dwelt wound.  The wound is in my awareness and being present.

The normal reaction is to try to do something by thinking about it and therefore inflaming it further.  The uncertainty is the painful and warring factor.  The mind desires handles of certainty to grip.  Those become aggressive because they are uncertain. The Devil manufactures Certainty! – (as I was shown at Strumble Head in south Wales, over the rocks.)

The Hermetic “certain and most true” is far beyond the box and encircles it.   Let go of the coffin-carriers.  Temporal certainties are frozen slides across the film.  Aggression is prompted by fear.  To which do I turn my head and heart and hand – to the dog-fight or the swan?   I see both.


This is fascinating; objective; compassionate as the accompanying angel;  presence now. The notion grows to respect this collective in its difficulty;  its dissonance holds the seed of realisation and cooperation. Difficulty at the beginning (I Ching 3rd hexagram).  The country suffers the fruit of what it neglected in the passing generations. Each country with Pluto and Saturn at the plough in Capricorn, suffers its own kind.  The discontent is actually unconditional.  Germany with its good stable Frau at the helm suffers the same street hooligans and neo-nazis.  The fact is that the baby complains and suffers and is horrible even if everything in the government is relatively alright.  The pain and the protest is across all the boundaries indifferently, and in England the government now reflects this reality.

That is a sort of badge to wear with honour, for reality is being faced;  the chrysalis is cracked.  Do not die with despair like Leonard Cohen who could see just not quite far enough through the shadows.  See the way through, the way ahead, the stirring of the Butterfly.  Someone last night mentioned a butterfly which entered twice a crucial moment; the room opened.

The materialistic intellect turns down all the lights and only a heaving alienated metallic mass is visible.  I was asked to give an example of what I mean by working with one’s DNA in gene keys, and I chose my Evolution 62. It is called the Language of Light. Its  Shadow is the Intellect, the Gift is Precision and the free Siddhi is Impeccability; however this doesn’t answer the question and it is as impossible to as it would be for them to supply in a few sentences their entire Doctorate study, their whole life’s work, training and technical language.  I tried to explain turning to face one’s Shadow, discover the revealed gift, illumine it further and realise its specific enlightenment, and to say this is based on the 64 DNA codons, 64 I Ching hexagrams and astrology – who among them knows or cares anything about those?

So … my sadness is as usual the fact of dancing round the room the opposite way to everyone else.  My hostess put it in a nutshell: “Jane sees things in a different way.”   The idea the dinner party DID agree on, was that knowledge is beyond the box.   The DNA spiral helix and coding for instance is not for an instant, static.  Its basic curve alone might be determined.  The curve is a question mark.

For me this quantum field is enthroned with the I Ching Circle of 64 keys: a working orbital mode or mandala across the thread.   It is found to work in life.

I Ching 64 hexagrams/gene keys in the zodiac circle

The emerging thought is to cultivate WEARING MY LIGHTHOUSE WITH PRIDE.  Talk of it. Practice.  Be a teacher with it, here and there.  Let it come out.  Bungling gradually unfolds clarity.  Start to challenge.

I am in presence now with the extraordinary subtle upward waterfall of the DNA spiral helix of patterns which humans arrange in coded numbers.  The silvery singing uprising is within me and through all my branches.  I have this in common with every single organism in the world. It is my predilection to pick out a few of the energy-particles in pattern, name them as a system of numbers, identify them with my daily lifetime and “work with them.” I find this tunes me in, and my Shadow transforms.   The Gene Keys is a revelation, a kind of scripture.  It got written down through one man by a community of ancient wisdoms in cooperation.  The essence of the revelation is the Synarchy of the creative act; this now is at work to manifest experimentally in economic and community blueprint efforts, meeting the inevitable human arguments of status.   Semi-awakened and gifted humans are  difficult to work with, because we think we know it all.

family peaches – photo by Sarah Poland

The Revelation is as invincible as the belief in doom and gloom, but it has more penetration.  Doom and gloom transforms nothing:  Revelation upsets everything.  The subtle upward waterfall is Reality.  The subtle upward waterfall may be seized for an individual artist to exhibit, or it may expand and widen concentrically into the world scene to touch and ignite others.

Recently I saw the film “Wings of Desire” which deeply impressed me.  It is set in the 1970s, an angel’s compassionate observation among the humans both sides of the Berlin wall.

Deeply, compresent, is the Angelic entity with the human condition.  It has a special delight in being given sentience;  it is my Lover.   It walks with me, it fills my limbs, it loves the food and drink and the things which grow in the Tree of Life and the wet autumnal ground and these fingers at rest or making music on little black keys.  Since seeing “the Wings of Desire”, this solid aspect of the Magid clarifies to me.  You fill my body now with magnetic joy!

Magnets have great joy in attracting metals and in drawing patterns of iron-filings on the table placed above them.  The magnetic has great joy in the gentle force of the spinal attractor-field.  All the Beauty curves towards it like the grass when a zephyr breathes through a field of long hay

Angels are – in the quantum field – the patterns of cosmic law connecting galactic sunflowers and their black wholes to planetary consciousness, field-flowers, mice, relationships and other phenomena.  Angels are portrayed as winged beings, because their capacity is to be everywhere and in the smallest most intimate space: to be clothed in the ordinary.

The angel’s cosmic joy of being has a tonal severity relative to human perception – like those two solemn men in Berlin, in black and white.  When the angel is welcomed into the three ground-chakras Jupiter, Mars and Earth, the infusion includes now the private playful colour spectrum of being human, of dandling babies and welcoming lovers and going to the pub and enjoying the weather and grieving with the collective pain.  The Angel is privately and in utter fullness my lover, occupying me completely and with generosity.  In the film “Wings of Desire” the woman tells the angel, “With you I am even more alone now, to rest with myself.”  This is the sublime paradox of angelic intimacy.  The Angel desired the human self.  Human self is most deeply at peace in union with solitude.  The solitude is additional paradox, because it connects with other human solitudes in relationship and work, accessing occasionally the Core. The solitude is CONTACT.  The angel in his overcoat and the woman in her scarlet dress turned to each other at the bar over their one big glass of wine to sip, and no one could see them.  No one could see them, but the movie-goer!   Such is the private relationship.

In each other’s dark open eyes is the beautiful naked flaw of humanity, humankind; its trouble and its redemption.

At the dinner, I met a woman who is learning to talk to horses.  They are sensitive to human mindsets.  We talk to them by entertaining them with our facial expressions, yawn, move our feet. When I meet a horse, I breathe towards its beautiful great nostrils; we exchange our breath and it stays with me, curious.   They don’t necessarily want conventional pats and face-rubs, any more than a baby wants to be joggled when it is uncomfortable.  They like silent conversation and to swish tails and to taste one another.  Racehorses, thoroughbreds have a deep desire to be cuddled and caressed in the human psyche. They want to be held and comforted softly, tenderly, like children, for they are used and groomed for human competition.  The woman is learning about the therapy which helps them, holding a stiff joint or fetlock and touching it so it loosens and is soft – a-aah.

When I was eleven and a pony came to stay on our farm, I was so excited the first night I couldn’t sleep.  Before dawn I went out and crossed the silent yard and climbed over the gate into the big dark field, and I called her, and there was a light mist.  And at first I couldn’t see her, then she came from the far corner, trotting towards me whom she’d only met once;  my magic and my longing.  I gave her an apple or carrot; I didn’t have to chase or halter her.  I jumped onto her bareback with no string, and we rode around the dark field under the stars.  It was the miracle.  It was Heaven.

circa 1960, a drawing I sent to my grandmother

The dinner last night was cooked by Mohammed who lost his daughter to cancer at 22, and lost her mother too, at 30.  We enjoyed Persian lamb minced with walnuts and pomegranate molasses.  He shone and sparkled through his long beard and deep dew of sorrow and hugged us with lingering warmth, like the horses needing comfort.  He used to teach engineering, and he came the day before, to fix Aladdin’s wonderful new antique lamp in the porch to shine at night.  He has an allotment in Finsbury Park.  He built its landscape creatively out of discarded natural materials and planted there a flower which is not native to England; it took root and spread and is a glory.  His phone is full of beautiful pictures of his flowers.

So you see, it was special!   O angel.


O Angel, 1987


Yesterday I listened to Jaap van Etten (a Dutch ecology-scientist living and listening in Sedona) – and jotted down:

“Mother Earth has the answer to everything … coming from beyond our mental perspective.  The universe doesn’t have a frame within which to work. The natural world is silence, it is not in the sci-fi box.  We are habitually plugged into The Matrix of guilt and fear.  These belief structures have no innocence! – they are the belief that what we have done cannot be undone.  The fear holds the whole thinking community in its spell.  In the lower three chakras we have NOT been trained to deal with the world around us, and the frontal lobes of the brain only confirm what I am fearful about. 

“So, I’m going to re-train my system.  Never give up!  So I have a 40-year habit pattern to break?  Well, go for it!

“I can flip for instance my fear of public speaking into a positive communication.  I can harness the adrenalin into its functionality.  The problem to overcome is the chronic in-grown fear habit and its slow system breakdown.  Individual responsibility towards this raises up the collective.

“I teach metaphysical ecology – outside the box of religion, school and science.

“Every atom comes from and is Mother Earth.  How could I change anything without this system harmony?  All is connected.  Become aware. I am quantum entangled with tree, bird, horse, I, particle. 

“Think of the generations that are coming!  Doesn’t it feel like falling off a precipice to give permission to THAT?  What I feel inside is legitimate.

“As part of the whole, I raise everything.   I am no longer a competitive species.

(Like yeast in bread, fermenting grape in wine.  Like the ants, the bees, the starlings.)

Starling & murmuration – Image from allaboutbirds

“Most of us still follow competitive lizard behaviours.  The opposite to the dominant lizard is loss of fear.  Believe in yourself, your health, your gifts are needed; for this you incarnated.

Portrait of a pleased man 1987

“How can I possibly navigate something which is Out There?   The heart receives information before any other organ. The belly gets sometimes confused. Choose timeless quantum entanglement through DNA for reconnection.”

Jaap van Etten



Ganapat Muni gives mantra




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Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Golden Sol Thread

Revising some older writings of ten years ago, I came across this, as it speaks to me today:

Tarot square around 8

4    5   6
7    8   9
10 11 12



“In quietness and confidence shall be my strength.”  Invariably obey what the Inner Voice suggests.  As my personal drama slowly erodes, the power of life begins to shine through, like a giant gem long obscured by river silt. This is the true meaning of the rock which moves!


I noticed … how the teaching and design is expressed through the centre Key, which influences the Keys encircling it. Key 8 in the centre awakes at once the interior peace which both eclipses and illumines her cohorts – they are just pictures.   The idea of a shield or enclosure disappeared.   The need to use words is replaced:   just look.

All occult and eastern teaching is aimed at:  quietening the mind.   That’s all.  In His strength is my peace– a Bible quote. Strength is Key 8, as visually and verbally suggested.  The quality of strength – as the Hanged Man has entered the picture – is without stress.   This quality is contrary to worldly angst and political way of thought: a revolution. Effort drops naturally into place.  Sitting down rather grumpy, and feeling the truth flow through me, frees me at once from my anxious vanities.  The truth is infinite, in every direction. It is a prize, yet inescapable! to be this function.  Writing doesn’t tumble through my mind.   It comes slow, phrase by phrase, for my Companions of the Light and I adjusted the dictating speed.   And I hear ISSA, and like Mary in the house of Martha, I no longer worry about how I’m going to get things done today!

The point at which the Worlds move through each other, is peace.

My real understanding is ahead of me.   It receives enough from the picture, which I don’t know yet how to spell.   And I need not spell, for it informs me anyway.   Now I am the pre-literate child.   Maybe, as children, we know far more intuitively than we will when school cages the lion cub in alphabets and sums.  When we learn to read, that dimensional and un-booked memory is lost.


Yesterday – a conversation with George, a fellow poet. We worked right through ‘the Lens’ together.  I agreed with nearly all his suggestions for trimming lines and revealing the meaning more clearly.   Best of all, he – a linear mind – understood all the important bits.  The dimensional imagery is clear to him.   It “quickens” him eagerly.

This is what my poems and works are for – to interact and self-improve with others, and indeed to receive mutual strength of perception:  dialogue.  This function transcends the publishers coffin.   He reminded me that Coleridge and Wordsworth constantly improved each other’s.  My works are not set in the printing press.  They will always have small flaws. They have reached the point at which – like the limestone cave image, stalagmite to stalactite – a place of meeting happens.   This gentle interchange is STRENGTH.  From it flows a path of miracles.

The point at which the Worlds move through each other is peace.  It is my synthesized child perception.  It has no history, nor sense that day by day I shall improve.  It just happens and is.   I have toiled over all my manuscripts simply so they are available to meetings of the soul, and can go on being perfected.   The Stone of Life is in a constant asymmetry of perfecting.  How can my vessel be otherwise?  And how can my physical chamber be other than a semi polished rock?

The small flaw is as the child is in the grownup world.  I don’t want to tout an Inner Child – this seems to me rather naff.   The small flaw is my reality as an alchemist.   The synthesized child perception is the result of turning what I learned as a grownup back into the Yorkshire harebells – how I imagine my pre-school liberty.  At this point of meeting, the Philosopher’s Stone glows, the river flows, I grow, I grow wide.

I cannot do other than acknowledge this point.

With this clarity, the point – the fluid precious Stone which gleams like a star – has nothing to do with egg-on-face, narcissus or vanity, though these problems often veil it for a bit.   It just is.   As I realised long ago, Self-enquiry tends to dissolve mental construction.   Self-enquiry is a black hole into Star-hood – star-being, star-born. The unpublished literature of heaven, is full of Willie Maddisons and Richard Jeffreys …!

The point yet – as I write of it and from it daily – engages me continually in the task of words.  The human world is words at the moment.   I am human-embodied.  My writing leads me to the point, like a sentence to full stop.

The point where I am, IS.   My job is to tend the root.  Ta-Root. Tarot’s provenance into the neighbourhood is handled by the Elohim.

Instead of credo in unum deum, I could say thou art I am, or that thou art.  TAT TWAM ASI.  Thou art God.  This honours Hebraic and Vedic traditions, and has no box.

The law of the Sun is a photon-lattice whose appearance is stars – galactic stars.   The photon-lattice is a web.   This web penetrates the entirety of life, as interconnected filaments. ISSA as Jesus, walked on it as water.   Self-knowledge in the web makes a little pressure in it, which influences the photon paths around it.  I mean now, the inner photons of the astral airs which envelope and swirl around us.  We are not solid beings.   We are atomic receptivities, with inter-stellar space around each particle of blood, bone and flesh.   Self-knowledge in the web is a spider.   I spun my beautiful careful infinite web around and around, and here I sit, and sometimes a fly comes called George.   But I don’t eat my flies.   They fly from my web and they too are spiders and spin.   Look at the myriad mandala webs, each one a star!  This is how we are.  When they talk of the 36 LAMED VAV righteous ones encircling planet Earth with a golden net to defeat the dark brethren, they actually refer to these conscious strands – mostly unconscious – within each one, ourselves, under-earth.

Every single struggler carries the thread of gold.  The thread of gold is all of us.   Even in the shell shocked who are now feral thieves, murderers, religious fanatics and robbers of  wealth.   In them it is buried.  In them it is coffin sunk, but it is there.   Now, the golden thread is, in the Astral Light – the imagination of human nature – a coagulant.   It coalesces and essentially is projected as the Masters or Magidim:   the media of God.   For God this golden thread is.   Such ideas stretch my soul.   They are apparently few in number, but their compass is unlimited.

Detachment, objectivity and compassion, are traits which I highly prize.  Children do not yet develop these.  Thus, I am a synthesized child:   thus, is my aim.   In the everyday sense, I work at my detachment and objectivity, jettisoning the emotional tsunamis which have served their purpose.   Detachment and objectivity open a deeper delight and intimacy with life.

Thus, the white woman tames the red lion’s mouth and waving tail.

Annika and Aslan

The colour of this Key is gold – the secret of the works – and golden threads appear today as they do from time to time in my laboratory:  the seams and veins of the Sun within the rock – the Stone.   Taoist sages confronted with the immensity in their humble muddy lives, shrug and say “who knows?” – or nothing at all.  They go on crossing the Great River.   This moment in the world is unalterably transcending.

The moment comes independently of any surface condition or mood.

Simple inner silence with the beloved is itself orgasmic in a highly subtle way, the unending and unebbing power of the Sun.

I was shown a picture of the surface of the Sun – a detail of about 60,000 square miles.   It consists of billions of filaments of fire power, like waving hair, each “tube” is an entire landscape across, each one connected to every single other through the root.   Thus, we are.  Thus, we are the Sun’s action: and thus, the embrace of the beloved, and the sexual know how.  It is unending and unebbing, here this moment.    Tiny planet Mercury is a dot.

So much for the scienticks’ big bang which starts and stops a sentence!   Just one sentence in the Book of Books.   One sentence is what I and I and I travel along each lifetime, existentially equipped.

The intuition of the Sun’s threads advises me that there is more in human-earth’s apparent disasters than meets the eye.  Unimaginable resources are there to tap, and are in operation.  What we see is the collapse of a house of phantoms into Reality.  Cosmic law from time to time enters spring-clean mode and raises the dust.   Consciousness IS THE Sun.  Evil is the forgetting of life.

How close these words are:  forget and forgive.  One of those rather stunning paradoxes of relative pressure.  Forget and beget come from the same root, as do forgive and forget.  As evil is live in the mirror, it suggests that a principle was forgotten and became distorted and turned to lies.   This force competes with the power of the Sun, but only to a limited extent.   The way to meet Old Knickers is to laugh at him and turn his pentacle round:  then his bat wings fall off and the Archangel appears.  We all know how very difficult it is to laugh at ourselves in full spate, or at torturers.   Evil – in my perception as far as it goes – is a chosen obscuration of the light. This version overwhelms and destroys and fantastically wastes time and energy:  but there is no thing which is not God. The metanoia realises.


The Great Invocation says “and may it seal the door where evil dwells.”  For door, read literally, mouth.  For the chosen form of speech to persuade, may manifest as evil.   To seal the door, suggests disabling the mouth which would harm, from speech, or from being listened to.

This week’s tarot Square and realisation is coloured by the Hanged Man who signifies Completion of the Great Work.  It is headed by the Emperor, in whom as Aries, the Sun is exalted.  He has the reasoning power.   The Hanging Man has the profundity of the submission.  Note:  both have their legs crossed in the same way.   Both form the symbol of Fire, and in Key 12 the fire inverts, turns blue and becomes the dew, with a silvery aureole.

Now this detail of the fire which flows and the water that burns, is itself the Whole – through the diagonal of 4,8,12.  What beauty.

(November 2010)


Fragment from poem “The Lens”:

Drawn up into a
dark cave whose glory drop by drop
the rain through aeons carved,
as stalagmite to stalactite
my soul evolves
from floor to point of meeting.

Let us draw time,
draw together this space.
My flame drinks wick; in watered rock
my mirrored twin appears – 
mineral kingdom interpolates
vesica pisces, droplet rock
to drop deposit.

Not by earthly measure large, this chamber – 
by a candle illumined: a single drop, a sea.
In limestone cave the work through ages dark
as organs of our inner body, gleams.

Hollowing this Gothic sphere, I am
the ages’ hourglass – 
an instant yes, awakens sight:
the hallowing fire.

Credo in deum, tat tvam asi …

(From The Master’s Eye – 1992 – 2009)




Asphodel, by Paul & Pam Markham

Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Rites of Fire, Water, Wood in Spring

Profile, dancer’s masque


In Persia there is an ancient Zoroastrian rite – outlawed by the current regime – to jump over the fire with the early days of spring.  Letting go our worries into the flames, the firebird phoenix rises from the ashes.   We enjoy the feast with neighbours and family.  In Iran and Kurdistan and all over the world the elder secret fire is  stirred.



Before the fire party, I took my camera over Hampstead Heath.  The fire is in the wood: the life is in the waters.

Spring spikes sky pond

Oak flows


The White Bull


triad fire nests


THE PAINTBOX: all of this has colour and swishes of the loaded brush. The fire mystery is within my dryadic photo odyssey through the heath and Sandy-heath and ponds:  the sexual flow and texture of oak and spiky root and arboreal nakedness and light:  the trees piercing the pond are shivered by ripples of a passing pair of ducks.   The Rite of spring!


Loaded brush stroke

A Song by ‘Argent’ (1970s):

We will light a giant burning fire tonight
We will build it and dance in the smoke
Every branch we’ll tie somebody’s worry to it
We will burn it and dance in the smoke

I recall it was too tall
To see the flames grow high
But on tiptoe
The flames would grow
And burn into the sky!

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Horned Creature Janus

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fire dance 1

triad salamanders

flesh and flame in the wood


WHAT IS CULTURE? … something about Siva and the Rishis’ wives in elder India.

The Rishis’ ashram had become a dry old stick of the intellect.   Vagrant lord Siva came as Agni (sacred fire deity) out of the forest and impregnated the Rishis’ wives through their hair follicles, as they warmed themselves around the blaze.   I have always loved this story.

Last night I saw fire, ashes, crackling sticks of the nest, and the flaming, dancing Bird.  In the fire I knew there is Zoroaster … the edge, the archetypal cleavage of the darkness and the light:  Azda, Ahriman – vaguely recalled concepts which I drew thirty years ago.

Sunflower & Ahriman, 1986 – the dark and the light support each other

The reality however, of the flame and the love and the family and the dancing, jumping and singing around and in the fire … and later, the soft and ancient glow of knowledge through my body … is ORIGINAL, and cancels book-learning like the sea in my face:  Gnosis.

Fire is fire, the heart and hearth and art of the fire: Thou ART i AM.

It is like the fire in Plato’s cave … the inner fire, and its passage to the Sun outside, as night falls on apple blossom in the garden.

I saw that the old and worshiped treasures of human culture, which developed into religions and spiritual paths and occult Mysteries are this thing that families do around the fire, around the heart, long before anything got written about it.  Then the children grow inside the women.  There is no need for Schools.   Here, the consecrate seed begins.


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Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Sufi Thread & Koestler’s Paradox

Here is a long and wandering Sunday post, in two parts.  The first part is a twirl of Sufi lambswool, followed by two of Alan Jacobs’ poems.  In the second part I dig up some ideas on language, from Arthur Koestler’s Act of Creation, which have inspired me.


Body tree Tao

Body tree Tao


25 May 2014   – Thoughts on Sufi 

In the sacred battle, Imam Ali raised his sword to slay his enemy. At that moment the enemy spat in his face. Seeing his own anger, Ali sheathed his sword. It was against the law to kill when moved by the blind emotion of rage. Ali said, “My real enemy is the anger itself, and this I must meet with clarity: a path of love.”

And we have to receive the truth of this, as it is. No sword can slay it.

And so, consciousness within the emotion was stirred, and an ancient spiritual path bore fruit – Sufism.

Sufism is to Islam what Kabbalah is to orthodox Judaism, and Rosicrucean Alchemy is to the Christian faith – the concealed Revelation.   In the middle ages, Sufi masters and Jewish sages studied together and pooled their wisdom. It was a highly creative period in history. The disciplines of sacred geometry, alchemy and astrology were cross-fertilized, and inform us to this day.

Islamic geometry after Keith Critchlow

Islamic geometry after Keith Critchlow

In the 14th century, Christendom – then in full temporal power – began to persecute the Jews and Moslems, and to set them against each other.   Yet the three religions – Star, Cross and Crescent – share the root of Abraham … cross crescent

… and before Abraham was, I AM.

Orthodox religion is based on faith and the commandments.   It holds a society and its family systems together, on an organized ethical foundation. The religious concept is exteriorized into temples, churches and a priesthood “out there”. The follower seeks that guidance, protection and safe identity – a house of God. Each dominant religion fell into the crisis of worldly power, corruption and intolerance.   This is inevitable, with the everyday mind’s tendency to divide and rule, and to mount a crusade.   What is more powerful, or more possessive, than an idea?   What are the bloodiest wars fought over?

The esoteric or hidden way arises through direct revelation of essence.   It comes from “within”, and historically, the religious establishments fear and mistrust it. It lives at the margin of society. It prays and is creative for humanity, for it transcends the individual. This spiritual path encounters the same kind of crisis as the religious one – mental inflation. The personal ego may at any moment get hold of a spiritual voltage, get supercharged, and distort and exploit the truth for power and influence over other souls. There are enormous temptations and misunderstandings. The mystic fights a holy war with this tendency!

The psychological paradox is real, in each individual life.   What do I project “out there” and what do I receive “in here”? Why am I me, and not you, yet each of us throughout history, is the centre of all things, for ever, including dying? – most people run for dear life from this question!

No human being, however materialist or atheist, can escape or explain the quantum – the mystery – of his/her existence.   Most minds are more comfortable with putting the existential focus “out there”, into politics, management or belief (conventionally) – but a few are aware of it “from within” (which sets them apart).   Each of us navigates that interplay (“out there” versus “from within”) to a certain extent, because we all are human, and influence each other.   From paradox, life is born.

From the battlefield a way of light is born.   (See Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2).

What is paradox?   The word para means “beyond” or “to one side of”, and the word doxa means “the soul” or “the capacity to understand”.   We experience paradox in each collision of opposites, and the way is extraordinarily life-giving. Day/night. Grief/laughter.   Male/female. Sharp/soft.   Light/shadow. Death/birth. Summer/winter. There is no painting of humanity without God’s dark brush-strokes. There is no shadow without the light.   (See Koestler on The Logic of Laughter, PART 2 of this post).

What is paradox? Paradox is polarity.   Paradox is the battlefield of the inner life with the outer climate. Creation is also destruction. The acorn dies to become an oak. The egg dies to become an embryo, the seed to become a plant, the scholar dies to be born a sage.   The paradox is a catalyst. Human growth happens when a person cannot “explain” reality, but enters and surrenders to it.   What is surrender? A way of dancing.

Islamic patterns, after Critchlow

Islamic patterns, after Critchlow

The spiritual path seeks peace, because it is born from conflict.   A person on a spiritual path may discover it through the pain of life, for it opens into honesty and love. Realisation comes, with the acceptance that conflict and love are one and the same polarity.

The essence of conflict is peace.   There is no conflict in the coming in and the going out of the tide: there is an unbroken circling movement, like the breath.   (J.Krishnamurti).

Conflict suggests the opposing extremes to each side. And we experience conflict – stress – when our nature is loaded to excess.

The essence of conflict is the moving, fluid centre which is “balance”.

Yet we are creatures of conflict. Our atoms are those of the aeons of Earth through the conflict of fire and ice, eruption and downpour, moisture and the lightning flash, ocean and rock, and the fishes of Nature who eat each other, red in tooth and claw.   It is an enormous human challenge to be aware of the seeds of conflict within ourselves, and to awaken, through them.

Conflict is not “bad”. Conflict is the unbroken circling of Nature, of life through death.


The angels of God – or Source – are cosmic phenomena.   They may be subatomic conduits, intergalactic or in miniature. They are expressions of qualities in the universe.   They are functions, and they have no choice but to serve what they are. They cannot alter, for they are timeless.   Human beings have the in-born capacity to turn, to change and to grow, which is time.   This is because we have all seven chakras and are therefore earthed; we do time on earth.   The angels only have the upper four, and the animal kingdom only has the lower four. Only the human has the full spectrum.   (search Angels in

The angels are the same as the gods in the Hindu and Buddhist pantheon.   They use our hands and feet and gravity when we are willing.   They are pictured as winged beings. They are an interconnected cosmic intelligence, with special functions.   They join up the stars. The entire cosmos is Greater Mind.

solomon's seal tetrahedrons How to draw a five point star pentacle

A Kabbalist's view of universals

A Kabbalist’s view of universals

It is told that among the angels of God, Satan disagreed. Satan’s element is the glorious fiery one. He was Lucifer, the light bearer. When he too was ordained to defer to the human element, ADAMH, the clay, he rebelled; for fire is far superior and more subtle than wet old earth.

(NB: in Hebrew, ADM spells clay, and the H is HEH, the life-breath God/JHVH breathed into the clay.)

So Satan became the tempter of Providence. The Adam Eve seed of humanity rested in a timeless garden, in the upper worlds. Satan beguiled them with the fruit of knowledge, and they entered the dimension of time and space: the division of NOW into past and future: the labour and toil of the generative cycle, towards return to the Great Circle.   The descent is into Knowledge and full Consciousness.   At first they feel blind and driven. They were driven into sexual conflict and limitations.   They were desperate to reproduce, for they knew they would die.

Adam and Eve were of the Upper World which is paradise – a region of the mind which Kabbalists call Olam Yetzirah, the World of Formation.   To a large extent, we continue to live inside the formative world of our mind and the power of fixed ideas, and are not sufficiently earthed in our bodies.   That is why we as a species are at odds with our environment and with nature, and why we fall ill.   So the spiritual path – especially in the west – insists on developing our Earth centres along with the metaphysical focus, to receive in full, the word of God.

Our world is assymetrical – a movement towards completion. Nature is based on the ellipse rather than the perfect circle. The nucleus is weighted to one side of the ellipse or egg, and so there is cell division, birth, and the unbroken movement towards equilibrium.   In every part of nature and the animal kingdom and the human soul, there is the strife towards completion:  the heart’s systole, diastole, the tide:  this is Life.

gravatar rose egg

The Sufi path puts theory and theology into practice. The aim is to not only hear the Word, but embody it. There is a movement from the centre, like a flame.   It oscillates, it trembles a little to each side.   It has a pulse, a rhythm.   It grows like the spiral of branches around the stem of a tree. It becomes a dance. The gravitational core is this movement from stillness: stillness is soft and all-encompassing. It is moved from side to side; and fore and aft; and in every direction, like the rays of the Sun.   This is the sacred fire.

The path of love, through dance, song and the poet, stretches out to each side, embracing the unknown future, unconditionally.   It is a path of ecstasy.

solstice dervish

solstice dervish

The fluent centre reaches out, like branches from the tree in the breeze, embracing the future. Reality is present. The present contains the paradox of past and future, in a circle where they are One – the timeless present.

The future cannot be “seen” unless our “NOW” is so wide that we perceive the encircling landscape – past, present, future – from above.   This happens when the consciousness is raised to a higher and deeper level, like the bird of fire, the Phoenix.

The Masters in the sufi and other esoteric traditions, sustain this strata of human consciousness, and we as seers may access it, when our focus is raised to that plane.   It is a shared plane – an orbital (hierarchic) level, like the electron’s relation by number, to the nucleus.

We deal with what we carry from the past – our memory and the issues laid down, to re-enact. How do we integrate and let go the past?   By embracing the future in an unlimited way.   The marrying of my sense of past with my feeling of “future” is an eternal child – the present, the Now.   From this – like a wave travelling concentrically – our past transforms.   Our idea of the past transforms.

Our past is nourished on what we feed it, from the future: and thus it transforms.

Our past is a feature of the present. It is like looking down into a pool, the depth of the water. Our memory is a well, whence the stories we believe in, are told.   It is here and now, and being re-told.

The Wandering Fool by a well, 1988

The Wandering Fool by a well, 1988


The Sufi dance movement is like the Tao in ancient Chinese philosophy.   The Great Circle holds a moving point – the balance of Yin and Yang.   The same point is within the Sri Chakra Yantra lattice, in the Indian tradition, and in all mandalas, yantras and yogas.

67 The Sri Chakra Yantra

The Sufi dance movement oscillates into a kind of T’ai Chi (which centres the dantien, in the belly.)   In life, as we reach the limit in one situation, another is opened: as one breath ends, the next one is received.   “I open where I close” (J.K.Rowling). And so it is, from side to side.   So God is praised, like the way a blade of grass is stirred by the wind.

Tao Cycle, seasons

Tao Cycle, seasons


The Sufi shares with other hidden paths, the stem of unity, an open secret.   All religious and spiritual revelations converge to the simple source.   In the apex of a pyramid, the peak of a mountain, nothing divides the sky.   But down the sides, down the ridges, rivers and valleys, the Word gets divided into culturally separate entities who – unable to see the peak – consider themselves apart, and quarrel.   The power of the source revelation, fuels – alas – war and ignorance.

A tapestry or eastern carpet is woven on a loom.   Horizontally are sewn the colours, the patterns and the stories – the lambswool threads are dipped in strong dyes.   This is life.   But the core of the thread itself is white lambswool with no dye, vertical through the loom’s warp and weft.   This is the pure Sufi consciousness, through the colour spectrum.

The Sufis in the old days, were called “wool wearers”. They are persecuted by fundamentalists, who say they betray the faith.

turning dervish

turning dervish

There are denominations and sects within Sufism, but they follow Imam Ali in principle. Some call him God. Worshippers idealise an individual who stands before God.  But worship is a signal – five times daily, to unroll a sacred mat and let nothing but Heaven stand between.



I think Imam Ali the War Leader identified his anger and recognised its divinity, because it can be worked with. It is a seed of life.   I think he recognised the primal conflict in human nature, and embraced it – not by opposing it, but by accepting the movement of polar opposites. The dark with the light:  the Satanic with Allah.   (In Kabbalah, we call Satan the Tester – he has an essential role.) The climatic forces.

Whenever there is true paradox, and a meeting of opposites, there is ecstasy, a natural state.   It is like clapping hands, or like wave-currents in the sea which run together and break into white spray.   It is a condition in the mind which throws all questions open and no answers enclose them. It is the union and dissolving of past and future concepts in the Now.   It is the absence of separation.   Sages break out laughing when “it happens again”.   It is the natural way of life, the Buddha laughs, the tension breaks, and it opens to beyond the stars.   Who knows what will happen next?

Sufism is born timelessly within conflict, stress, opposition, war. Sufism was reborn with Ali’s vision, Mohammed’s right hand man.  A religious empire became established, but so within it grew the immortal Thread which ultimately collapses empires.

From the setting of things apart, to combat each other, Sufism breaks out into God’s laughter.   It draws the combatants together, and journeys into the human interior.  Sufism (the way I see it) re-members the transcendent Self, the awakening of consciousness in a moment of tribal or religious enmity.

lord siva on his tao

lord siva on his tao

Sufi Dervishes wore long moustaches.   In the olden days, a man when making a major promise or commitment, would pull out a hair of his moustache.


On Conflict and Paradox

These various threads need to be pulled together, to view Sufism’s root perception of conflict and paradox.

There is Self-enquiry. We become aware of naked feelings of anxiety and trauma, hearing and giving them room, instead of spinning off into who’s to blame or who did what, or I can’t help it.

What does the Sufi way offer?   The Sufi way – divested of whoever it wears – becomes conscious (perhaps in a great interior storm) and is in movement with it.   The Sufi way is a path of love.   It is non-resistant.   So I love you BECAUSE of what you said or did which annoyed me, because it is perfect to your unique being.   I love you for that; otherwise it is not love, it is a fantasy.

The path of love however, expands transpersonal. It is more like the unlimited flow and love of life as is: the force of creation.   It is universal like the force of gravity.   Irrepressibly, it moves to dance and sing and flower.   The pairs of opposites are lovers.   The hardships in the past, are marvels.   The shadows are a glory. Suffering is also laughter, and lightness of heart.   The poet cannot help drumming the strings.

The way of love opens to each side, a moving fluid centre.

Embracing future, Reality is present.

The Present includes the paradox of past and future.

Why does religious belief divide believers from non-believers?

Do we care? Or do we exploit?

What is the political block in human development?



A Note on the Firebird

The Phoenix lives and moves on inner meanings. When a refugee called Tariq arrived in UK, he lost his environment, ecology, social setting, friendly contacts, power connections, and his dominant male and spiritual role in general.

The body of the Phoenix, deprived of the meaningful texture to Tariq’s life, couldn’t exist. The body itself was burned and died.  He suffered a depression and took to his bed.

When Tariq learned – with great difficulty – to accept his position, and to let his wife do a nurse’s training and go out to work, new meanings entered his life and his Understanding. The body of the Firebird filled with life again, and lifted its wings.

These symbols cannot exist in isolation. They are interactive with all aspects of changing life, and the world. That is what gives them life. The humanities start to flow together, when Tariq connects in a fresh way with his environment and his family.   He adapts: his family thread is interwoven with the social warp and weft: and through this, with humanity at large.  His daughters go to university and achieve responsible positions in society.  He respects his wife in a new way as his equal, because she held the family together through the worst years. He becomes a skilled carpenter. He regains his centre of gravity, while grieving the culture he left behind.   He lives with his losses: his family values, grafted onto the new reality, thrive.

The Phoenix is self-created.   Tariq’s conditioned concept of the human family was altered.   This is survival.  I am moved by his story, and admire his courage.

Yazidi 2



 A Philosophical Poem:

Unseen Weaver, by Alan Jacobs

Here stands a loom of Time in duration,
born of Infinity, in consummation
with Life, ever void of time.
The sun and moon a shuttle upward climb,
weaving to and fro as night and day,
a splendid pageant, a colour play.

Strung on warp and weft of cosmic unity
the back of the vast, embroidered tapestry
derives from the formless One.
The face in every colour, radiates the Sun.
The tones reflect from archetypal light
unabsorbed … an unequalled sight.

Only what’s allowed by unseen hand
appears as moving panorama, a horizontal band,
a magic painting of the world.
Through it, each vertical thread is whirled
as Light without duality
unique, unparalleled, the Self Reality.

Coated by golden fleece and white angelic wool,
and dyed in deepest vat of destiny’s darkened pool …
does the holy cloth that’s woven with love
quarrel with his Weaver who beholds from above?

Rather, wrapped in warming cloak at rainbow’s end,
eternal pilgrim adores his Mighty Friend.

Alan Jacobs, April 1993

V4_1270 YES


Acrostic Poem

Analogy and metaphor are interwoven,
Criss crossing poet’s weft and warp.
Rigid tight are guiding strings, form and symmetry;
Over, around it broods the standpoint – truth.

Supreme silence invokes devotion.
There is time for speech and rhetoric
In verse framing the subtle play of thought
Catching threads into One tapestried splendour.

Perhaps you find this Work over ambitious
Or at best, a well intentioned foolish error.
Endeavour to follow the hero’s way –
Men, timid as mice and fearing failure, achieve no thing.

So the weaver tries his skill to make some useful cloth.

Alan Jacobs, early 1990s

beginning a sufi dance




Arthur Koestler on Humour and Creative Paradox
(from “The Act of Creation” 1964)

 Koestler begins by examining the paradox of humour and its relation to the paradox of creativity.

“L” (fig.1) is idea.   “M” (fig 2) is frame of reference.

1 Koestler diagram on humour paradox

In figure 2 two frames of reference intersect: M1 and M2.

2 Koestler diagram on humour paradox

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… and so on.

“If (Koestler) “you strive hard enough to get to India, you are bound to get to some America or other. … For instance, the technician who set out to find a way to synchronise the rate of fire of a machine-gun with the revolutions of an air-screw, discovered an excellent way of imitating the lowing of a cow.”

(Einstein) “It seems to me that what you call full consciousness is a limit case which can never be fully accomplished. This seems to me connected with the fact called the narrowness of consciousness.”

(Lichtenberg) – “It (not ‘I’) thinks.”   Cancel Descartes “Cogito, ergo sum” !


On Language and Dance (1988, inspired by Koestler’s The Act of Creation)

The rhythm in the written language, its voice, determines its content and imagery. The melody should follow the feeling – not the other way round.

Language is an orchestra, not a solitary pipe on a Greek hillside.

When sensation comes to say – it should river the rhythm into its way of speaking. This often happens subconsciously. If language were all the same colour, however seductive, it would only be able to tell one story.

Polyphonic language – carrying many thematic levels – is not a matter of words, but of letting the rhythm break up into its various encounters and surprises of itself. Else I get bored with the same tune. I get bored with the same palette.

I like scientific language, which uses tools. And I like Koestler, who writes very well indeed. His phrasing falls into the mode of the imagery which comes up into it – sometimes staccato and rich like a jester. Then long, rich phrases, for mythology.   … …

Now, a metre can become so sugar sweet that it is a defense against the diversity of the orchestra. It becomes encysted. When my mind can prattle so easily and make all kinds of puns from my map, beware. Because that leads to self pity – a drone which the truth cannot get through.

Language can be like a rough, rough rock – and must, to throw rocks – so long as what comes out is seen. Language should not be too slick and Watteau’d. If it is grief, then break its heart. If it is sex, then pulse it. If it is a sea journey, then let the long (wine-dark) waves run into it.

So to write is like making music.

Before you play, you get a feel of the “dance”.   It moves inside you, it begins to oscillate. And so when the thoughts come, their initial pattern in word or sound is not that important. Get a feel of the dance or flavour of the fish which pushes it up, which ripples the deltas of awareness. Let that thing there, whatever it is, show you what its real speech is. Stand away from the surface propositions, the easy atomic concepts; throw them away. They have their uses, but not all of the time.

cornwall 2011 175


26 May 2014 – To Twine all this Together …

Language is society. Language is family. Language is relationship. Language is dance and song.   Language is receptivity.

Language is meaning.

Without language – interior, social or cultural – we are lost. Without language, we cannot connect.

Language is the worshipper’s pulse. It is the Sufi singer-dancer’s language with Allah/Ali, and the Taoist’s movement with the Chi.

Without language, without connection, I am refugee at the gate of an alien and apparently hostile language pattern.

I reach a crossroads.   I turn within the crossroads, to receive all directions.

Humour collides two frames of reference, the solemn and the droll, collapsing into mirth … and connecting through laughter – “the mind stops”.. (See Koestler’s fig.2)

Creativity is the collision of two frames of reference, the formal and the “out of bounds” which awakes the psyche in amazement, demolishing and healing a linear block.

Linear language constrains and dies.   Creative language releases and lets live.   As the creative energy ascends into the air, through release, the well is cleared for unimagined insights that lay in the deep.   Nature abhors a vacuum. Osmosis draws up moisture from the root, to the sun.   And the leaves come out.

This is language.

The rising Phoenix archetype is language – the language of interior connection and the capacity to recreate Life.   In Tariq’s resurrection, he allowed himself to die, and to be reborn. His wife Tazeen was able to give him that space, by taking responsibility for the family’s adaptation to its new home. She was a strong woman, and she took her opportunity. This allowed her husband to redevelop his role in the family.

Nobody achieves anything in isolation – not Tariq, and not Tazeen.   The strength of their relationship, and their love for their daughters, brought them through all the obstacles which their previous language could no longer surmount.

2 Tree tao




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.
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Conscious Consumerism


stairs at Gagnac by ben duckworth 2


(I began to write last year, of what I call “The Aquarian Economy“.

This thoughtful article in creativesolblog through “Thoth” – (fascinating wordpress sites for a good long visit, see the link above) – expresses the idea precisely. Let’s use this awareness as much as we can, and help to generate the pattern.  You will want to click again where it says, “Read Full Article”.)


stairs by ben duckworth


Creative Sol Vibrations is a brand of self help writings and products aiming to raise awareness, and to uplift consciousness:  a community. They are a network of writers who tackle subjects such as healing, spirituality, health, recipes, symbolism, and more.


eigg 29 mary crossing a burn





On Gaia as our Self


horses by the sea, ja 07

horses by the sea, ja 07


In 2006, Peter Chatalos published his work on Autopoiesis (copyright (c) John Wiley 2006)  – a holistic view of the planet body’s immune shield. Our human immune system and environment are not separate, but integrated with the biosphere’s self-defense.  When we chronically forget this, the planet appears to “turn against her Self”.

Peter and my conversation today, based on an earlier draft of his article Gaia Living with Aids, may shed some light on the “Ash tree die-back” crisis in this country, and on other environmental emergencies.  The Ash die-back and the withdrawal of many species and bio-diversities into latency, suggests Nature’s retreat from being our plaything.

What about our worldview?  Who are we?

Peter’s article mentions Autopoiesis.  While it is helpful to explore the theory of Autopoiesis, we need to look within ourselves to grow up and to apply the principle at grass roots level.  Mostly we dream in a narcissistic infancy.  The human race is emotionally, barely eight years old.

Conscious action speaks volumes more than belief – the kind of action which confronts and exposes our unconscious lagunas.   No holistic view is complete, unless we begin here where it hurts – at home:  the I, the “i”:  honesty.  Physician heal thyself!  One thing leads to another.

Snowy Lullaby, Gensaugh

Snowy Lullaby, Gensaugh


What is Autopoiesis?

Peter told me that Earth’s holistic capacity for self-renewing, self-restoring, self-creation, is an example of Autopoiesis.  We as  human beings begin slowly, yet urgently, to realise our embeddedness within nature, and the consequences of our actions.  The increase in ourselves, of autoimmune disorders, echoes the same disorder in the planet eco-systems, due to our unconscious and blind exploitation.    We as humanity came to think of ourselves as “disconnected” – yet the health of each part is integral to the whole system.  Excess and disconnectedness damage our environmental health, and its capacity to self-renew.

A healthy and creative dynamic is defined as  Homeostasis.  Diversity or complexity. Stability or resilience.  Vigour or scope for growth.  The absence of disease.  Balance between system components.'” 

I quickly see the analogy with our computing tools.  The computer copies our working and associative mind, and by inference, our physical endocrine intelligence.   How can it be otherwise?   A healthy firewall works with unpredictable and flexible elegance.  Anti-viral updates are refreshed and re-created constantly.   This is because “easy passwords” and fixed patterns are simple for any mischievous malware to hack.  Viral parasites as created in mind and body, thrive on rigid habits and reactions, whose  cyberspace profiles are easy to identify and decode.

Conversely, a healthy matrix is a moving target – changeable, alert and fluid.  Our gift as human beings, is our adaptability.

We are not alone. The same principle works across the board, through nature’s mineral, animal and vegetable kingdoms, through our psyche, and the body’s immune system.  As any shepherd knows, sheep are susceptible to maggots and footrot.  He keeps his flock attended to, and on the move.  As farmers know, crop rotation revitalizes the land.

Moss with the sheep. Glensaugh

Moss with the sheep. Glensaugh


Imbalance and Dis-ease

Peter agreed that Autopoiesis is a mind-like process.  Lovelock’s GAIA theory shows that Earth’s ecosystems adapt and respond mutually over time:  each part is inter-dependent within the whole.  An organism’s immune system does not merely act in terms of its “antibodies”, as the reductionist view would have it.

For instance, Earth’s ozone external shield does not bar the sun’s radiation. It filters it, so that what we receive is regulated to our biotic needs.   Due to imbalanced human consumption and activity, the ozone hole appeared.   This led to an increase in skin cancers through the interface of environment and human health.

As I see it, some cancers may occur due to an imbalance of our physical and etheric sheaths – a mismatch of frequencies, such as the sun’s intensity without an adequate atmospheric filter.  Our physical organism around the core, is dense, like the bark of a tree, or Earth’s crust.  We have also the more diffuse emotional, magnetic and mental bodies which constitute our aura, or psychic field.  The whole is like an egg.   The input through our auric shields, triggers a compensatory cellular activity in the physical location.  This goes on all the time, but when it becomes excessive, the activity may turn “rogue”, and begin to cannibalize the host – as it is not self-sustaining.

I just found some notes taken during a psychology class in 2003, on the etheric/physical body interface:  “The etheric body is the astral mould or template to which materiality adheres.  It is only visible under certain conditions.  The etheric body prevails through an entire incarnation.  The physical body does not – it is a standing wave, constantly being replaced.  Cancer is a disease of the etheric body.  A leak in the etheric or subtle body causes inappropriate types of cell to keep on being manufactured, in compensatory excess.”

Disease is a symptom of excess and of the unconscious, and is underlined by genetic trend.  Many cancers are brooded by unresolved hurts and issues in life.  Additionally, cancer seems to increase due to conditioning and propaganda.  The fear matrix which  built up around it in our society, and the warlike remedy, keep the drug companies healthy, wealthy and …?    So cancer is in resonance also with the economy, and our problems there.

A “preventive” medicine – attitude – may attend to our physical tempo, respect the way she changes from day to day, and allow her to feel ill – (as I do, right now.  Go slow.  I have a cold, and my lower back went ‘crick’, and feels like a broken fence.  I shall have to lie down all day to write this.  This is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but not my enemy !)

Unfortunately, the stress and insecurity which is now the social norm, in employment, consumption and communications, prohibits rest, prohibits sensitivity, and forces us to work like monkeys overtime.  We suffer within an unregulated economy.   But it is never too late to listen and to remember to breathe and stretch our toes … if for a few minutes at a time.   It is never too late to sense the map of our nadis or meridians, how it hums through us.   The meridians are psyche-physiological paths – they are antennae also to the collective subconscious.   The body is a field.  Awareness is the fluid key.   Open ourselves beyond the box.  This is autopoiesis?

gravatar rose egg


A Teacher once said surprisingly, “Does this make the Sun, giver of life, our enemy? …   The thing your scientists have spoken of as skin cancer, caused by over exposure to the sun’s rays, is a separatist fallacy.  All dimensions are interpenetrating.  All universes are moving closer. So what they mistakenly feel is some grand error on someone’s part, the so-called hole in the ozone layer, is a fallacy. 

“There is indeed more proximity vibrationally.  But it merely means, that when you stand next to One clothed in immaculate white from head to toe, should there be any blemish upon your own clothing, it is likely to show.   Behold if you will, without fear, the Sun.   Go to the inmost point of your pineal centre, and see there the sun, and allow your fears to melt as snow and merge with that great inner, glowing, endless being.”

This Teacher implied Earth’s self awareness, the core magma which is itself the Sun.


Carboniferous - 1988

Carboniferous – 1989


Peter said, “Sometimes, humanity can be so narcissistic!”

Our inability to appreciate nature for its own complexity and beauty, signals a deeply seated narcissism whereby we see the natural world only as resources.  At best, other species are considered irrelevant.‘ (Du Nann, Winter & Koger, 2004).

There are increasing signs of global eco-system sickness, as in climate change and loss of bio-diversity.   With a stepped up global trade in commodities and even populations, come many new diseases and infections, due to transport and transplantation.    One might speak of human imprudence;  the human self-interest in consumption, industrialisation and warfare, devastates the wildlife and the environment’s own self-restorative capacity.

‘We are like the cells in the body of the vast living organism that is planet Earth.  An organism cannot continue to function healthily, if one group of cells decides to dominate and cannibalize the other energy systems of the body.’ 

“Yet, eco-systems have autopoietic properties, and humans are part of these eco-systems.  So why do ‘symptoms of sickness’ exist? Why isn’t humanity participating in the autopoietic, health promoting processes of the planet?”




The Autoimmune Matrix …

While we, willfully unconscious of our part within the planetary field, continue to ravage it, we behave like an autoimmune disease.  The Earth is an extension of humanity’s body.  Humanity is an element of the planet’s autopoietic capacity.

D.W.Kidner explains: ‘If the normality of our day to day lives depends on exploiting and degrading the natural order, then psychological health will embody an intrinsic ecological pathology;  and human life is defined as a form of parasitism.’  


Boat, sea, 2007

Boat, sea, 2007


… and Peter uses the term ‘Ecological Autism’

Autism in this context, is a dissociation – the psyche’s lack of integration with the planetary eco-Mind.  Considering itself apart and separate from Nature’s autopoietic process, creates an artificial barrier:  a limited, unrealised notion of the self:  an inability to connect.


We have to deal also with the enormous inertia-momentum of our history – the ravagings of war, torture and robber-barons;  the reverberating Karmic fallout through the centuries.   Putting the brakes on, for a while the juggernaut skids even faster against them.




Peter describes how:

A self realised individual’s sense of identity expands to include the biosphere and all its inhabitants.  The connection to nature spontaneously deepens when a person’s self interest shifts from being egocentric, to biocentric.  The Ecological Self integrates with Nature’s psyche.


Cosmos: flowing water, stones

Cosmos: flowing water, stones

 Gregory Bateson in Steps to an Ecology of Mind understands ‘minds’ as processes – rather than things – at many levels of being.  They are not limited to association with brains or consciousness.  ‘Mind’ includes all examples of systemic process, wherever an interaction between the parts triggered by difference, requires energy and circular chains of determination.  This canvas includes the life cycles of bacteria, individual cells and organs;  it includes social groups, societies and eco-systems.   Any given mind is a cellular function in a larger, more far reaching Mind.

‘In this way, all the phenomena in the world possess subjective inner natures.  These inner natures of the world’s organic and inorganic phenomena make up the world subconscious.’ (Stephen Aizenstat).




I see a question here of Use and Ab-use.  Also – in some forms of the Work – the esoteric perception of “Elementals”:  invisible organisms of nightmare or of expanded perception.   Castaneda called them, in a certain category, “the Allies.”  They are inorganic beings, largely of a low-vibration consciousness.  But they can and do form associations with organic beings:  a parallel universe.

Boats as Lovers

Boats as Lovers


The Earth can speak through us and awaken our human sanity.  Repressing the “conscious Earth” within us, damages our environment and leads to madness.

Human experience exists in a field of psychic transformations:  an ontological connectedness, the whole moving always in relationship to its parts.



Where minds interact, they mutually create.  Only the “autistic” perceive themselves as separate from others and from the more-than-human world.  Ignoring Nature’s signs and flow of information, is ecological autism.

In a child’s first three to four years he or she experiences a symbolic unity with the mother. If this is impaired genetically, or by conditioning, it can lead to developmental difficulties.  If we are engrossed in our own sensations with no sense of what they can relate to, we do not have that concept of relatedness, and are therefore autistic.


Daffodil - 1986, earthquake-kreutzer-ravine series

Daffodil – 1986, earthquake-kreutzer-ravine series.  Harold Rubens, Fred and Aaron Barschak, Alexander Pollock, C.Gardner …  Damehole Point, near Stoke, north Devon coast


A realised individual awakens to a shared Earth-body  Our relationship is that of a leaf to a tree.  We are participants in this planetary system.   As the focal seat of Self shifts, the notions of inside and outside merge.  The world becomes a lover:  the pain and despair of environmental degradation also, is acute.   Systemic autism alienates from Nature and can engender compulsive behaviours, such as an addiction to technology.


These drawings (below) are by the late Douglas Harding, in his colossal thesis The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth.  He goes on to explore the “extended” Earth-body of humankind.  Looking from above, he observes our process with and as our global environment, as “The Creeper” – a living organism whose tentacular hands, tastebuds and interior organs are ocean, field, flower, desert, climate, termite, mountain and orchard, all interdependent, all connected to our alimentary system.

douglas creeper 2

douglas creeper 1

To claim our planet-Conscious birthright, Douglas demonstrated:  point to where I believe I have a head, a separate shape:  and look carefully, what do I actually see? – “on present evidence only.  Keep on pointing to here, keep looking.  Do I see a head here – a confined space, dark, small, sticky?  Am I looking out of a meatball with two holes in it?”   Or am I – where my shoulders fade out – an open, edgeless space for the World to fill?  a window with no frame?   Is not my Eye single, my body filled with light?  …  Keep on Seeing:  keep practicing.

look for your self!

look for your self!


Peter continues:

Since the Earth is an extension of our body, we focus on connecting to ‘active’ nature, with the deep ecological emphasis of ‘Other’ as our ‘Self’.  Exploitation would less likely occur, because others are perceived as self, with equal value and worth.  However, people sometimes harm themselves.


2 Aslan and Annika

Aslan and Annika


We Need to Connect Ethically …

‘We can be ethical only in relation to something we can see, feel, understand, love, or otherwise have faith in.’  (A. Leopold)

“Language is as much a part of our functioning as our sense of touch, and as precious.  Metaphors are how the whole fabric of mental interconnections holds together.  Metaphor is right at the core of being alive;  the language of nature.  Metaphors engage the head, heart and hand.”

“The idea of a mechanical world can hardly engender empathy.  On the other hand, perceiving planet Earth as our body allows our response-ability to extend personal immunity to disease, and to develop ecological empathy.”

“‘When people consciously understand that they are part of, and intricately connected to, the natural world, they will be able to expand their boundaries of empathy to include all.’ (C.Feral)”

15 bull bird

Earth, Air:  Bull and Bird, South Africa, 1993


What can be more powerful than an idea?  Like gravity, its local force appears minimal and weak;  its summation holds the Universe together and is our connectivity.  Contemplation through picture language, when focused, generates thought forms.  It is in our power to act physically, behaviourally, and with our everyday intelligence, to influence the astral and mental planes, even as within the atom:   in quantum theory, electrons of specific number-type move up into orbit, to occupy specific frequency-levels of “Jacobs Ladder”.


Peter speaks of Gaia’s Acquired Immune Deficiency

The disconnection acts like ‘the virus’ in an autoimmune disease, turning defender into adversary.  The planet is immunosuppressed;  humanity’s lack of ecological embeddedness and cultural autism is a factor.   So Gaia lives with an acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and as we are part of Gaia, we are living with this chronic condition too.

The fully realised psyche does not need to separate human illnesses from environmental degradation.  Increased pollution, species extinction and asthma in humans are symptoms of an ailing biosphere:  a chronic condition.  The system is under pressure.  It can continue to function for a while, until it rapidly collapses – an unbalanced economy.   A system diseased by parasitic human behaviour is not sustainable.

To fully participate, from a biocentric position, humanity needs to serve or be instrumental to the system as a whole … beyond the disconnected self-interest.

So where is human Consciousness?  On television?  Or here, closer than my breath?


Early forms of life emerging from the waters, contain in their code, our human-ness today.  The Conscious whole is far beyond our horizon.  In our evolutionary DNA-serpent, is codified the entire spectrum of what our human-ness is to be, as Consciousness – a future encircling shape – the unknown quantum, here and now.

“This is a wake-up call.   Those who are open to an environmental reciprocity have a positive vision of the future.  It is yet necessary to be aware of the despair of environmental degradation. 

The planet’s eco-systems work together to protect life.  Humans with this insight can consciously alter their actions and habits.  There is no time like NOW to heal, protect and fully participate in the planet’s autopoietic processes.


Loch Saugh, Kincardine

Loch Saugh, Kincardine



For healing to be possible, the extended empathy must break through humanity’s ecological autism and reconnect with nature’s Mind.

“Seeing the Earth as a living being, helps us to identify with her wellbeing.”

Peter Chatalos and Jane Adams, 2013


Sheep on Finella, Glensaugh

Sheep on Finella, Glensaugh


This body, Arjuna, is called the Field.
He who knows this, is called the Knower of the Field.

Know that I AM the Knower in all the fields of my creation;
and that the wisdom which sees the field and the Knower of the Field, is true wisdom.

… …

His hands and feet are everywhere,
he has heads and mouths everywhere; he sees all, he hears all.
He is in all, and he is.

The Light of consciousness comes to him through infinite powers of perception,
and yet he is above all these powers.
He is beyond all, and yet he supports all.
He is beyond the world of matter, and yet he has joy in the world.

He is invisible, he cannot be seen.
He is far and he is near.
He moves and he moves not, he is within all and he is outside all.

He is ONE in all, but it seems as if he were many.
He supports all things;  from him comes destruction
and from him comes creation.

He is the Light of all lights, which shines beyond all darkness.
It is vision, the end of vision, to be reached by vision,
dwelling in the heart of all.

I have told you briefly, what is the Field,
what is wisdom, and what is the End of human vision.
When men and women know this, they step into my Being.

from Bhagavad Gita chapter 13 Juan Mascaro translation



Further Reading:

“Vital Signs: Psychological Responses to Ecological Crises” by Mary-Jane Rust and Nick Totten 2012 published by Karnac


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Yggdrasil – an Invocation


Oak and Snow

From the Beatles’ generation, today I am 64 years young!  And the snow has come.  This beautiful oak stands in the field by my mother’s house in Somerset.

What is Yggdrasil, the World Tree?   A couple months back, when I first planned this post, Paul and I talked of it on the phone, and here are my initial jottings:

From Denmark (Norseland) and from across Europe came the disease which begins to afflict our ash trees.  I believe it may be partly due to indiscriminate shipping of different strains among soils which are not their nativity.  Cross fertilization is a law of Nature’s strength, as with pollen, but practiced in excess, it can lead to a local weakening of the natural immune system.  The balance of the nitrates and minerals in the ground is affected.

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Oak and beech: the old and the young

Oak and beech: the old and the young


The ash is a symbolic tree.  The syllable prefixes Asherah, Ashtoreth, Astarte.

Ancient Canaanite texts and figurines suggest that Asherah was a hidden consort to JHVH – Yahweh.   In the Old Testament, the Book of Kings houses the Goddess in the temple of Yahweh, but otherwise all mention of her became edited out.

Here is the gist of some research by Stavrakopoulos and J.Edward Wright:  several Hebrew inscriptions mention JHVH and his Asherah.  “Based on these remaining traces … we can reconstruct Asherah’s role in the religions of the Southern Levant.  Asherah, an important deity in the Ancient Near East, was known for her might and nurturing qualities. She was also known by several other names, including Astarte and Istar. But in English translations Ashereh was translated as ‘sacred tree.'”

Read more:


The figure is androgenous.  She stands as the nurturing and birth giving feminine:  she stands as a votive wooden column, a phallic Tree god, the perishable human body, penitence, the purifying power of Ash, the cremation, the innate Fire in the tree.  In the masons’ Craft, she is even the Rough ASHlar – material to work on, to achieve perfection.   Master R has said, “Humanity is a Great Work as yet incomplete … Short sighted intellects cannot see the Plan and interpret the unfinished work as failure; but from beginning to end of a cycle, all is in whirling motion, and the source of all is the Primal Will-to-Good. God’s clock strikes every minute, as we said long ago, and  … it is still true that man’s clock scarce strikes perfect hours.

Master R sketch 03

And on revolution:  “The revolution is internal, before it shows any outer signs, and its pitiful counterfeits are not to be confused with it.  Nothing which exalts class consciousness is truly revolutionary, because the root of that lie, is the delusion of separateness.  You will never see the brotherhood of man in actual operation while you exclude any human being from it.”

And:  “The Great Work directs itself always toward the building of the Temple of Adonai.  In its early stages, there are needs which do not continue throughout the building process.  Yet men mistake the scaffolding for the building itself, and thus pay idolatrous reverence to old rules which have no longer any useful purpose.  Watch therefore, O ye who would rule as the Lord rules, lest you usurp the rights of the Lord!”


generations: spring

generations: spring

When the Goddess is compromised or diseased, She may cut Herself back, to renew Her power.   She is unaltered, but She retreats from our sight and pleasure.

Observing the consequence of our adulteration of Earth’s mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, and depletion of the biosphere’s natural immunity, we may yet cultivate in our  Consciousness, the Yggdrasil, the World Tree.   As co-creators of a tangible Universe, all form is the result and blend of thought:  the mortar and pestle, the fragrant oil release.

42 tree trunk

I feel we live in a tide which is drawn back:  a Yin retreat from our ignorant ravagings.  It is our wake up call.  Yet everything breathes in and out.  The seamless indrawn and exhaling tide returns tomorrow or in a hundred years, in forms we industriously speculate, but cannot conceive.  The Greater, Longer Thought transcends and encircles what we think we are.   We are but a form of bio-catalyst within the Consciousness as a whole.  We act out in miniature, a galactic quiver in the Solar System.   It accelerates things from the bed.  For us it is a question mark, not a conclusion.

7 Silverbirch & beech


A note from last year, among the jottings:  “I have a situation here, which shapes itself in a delicate and unconventional way.  Wait by the pool for the knot to loosen.  Go dancing?  Become objective.  This is bliss: an absence of opera.   Discriminate the nectar.”





At the risk of repeating earlier posts, I return to AUTOPOEISIS.  The immune-shield shared by Earth, her biosphere, her magnetic field and her inhabitants, is an interwoven composite, like a nest of babuschka dolls.

babuschka and tao


Human thought-forms have to some extent invaded and abraded the thought which Nature gave us.  We are forgetful, to say the least.   Yet disciplined thought is cosmic Consciousness.  Every single one of us has the capacity of our humanity as a whole, for a second, a moment or an hour, to affect the collective pattern.   Why not?  Are we, as instruments of life, that ineffectual?  Why wait for governments, societies and supermarkets to do it?   They are our lowest common denominator – the fate of most well meaning politicians.   Start here, with the elixir.   Begin here, from the inmost cave to irrigate the ground.  Gravity holds every atom of the Universe together, but a single graviton is an apparent non-entity.  We begin by loving our Self.   The Kingdom of the subtle body is largely unexplored.   Yet all it takes is recognition.

27 ramana embryo


Commercial acceleration and exchange of the vital principle over many different lands, weakens or compromises the local “immune-system base”.   Yet in the long term – Aquarius – it enriches our world immeasurably.  Deeper trends cross-fertilize through an extended cycle, and fructify.   In the short term, we suffer from vulnerability and a weakened immunity to disease and suspicion.   Our symptoms reflect our attitude.

What attitude?  The attitude, based on fear, is our belief in being separate, and therefore at risk.   It is but a writing on the wall;  there are innumerable ways to discover so.  Paradoxically, a strong immune shield ceases to believe in an imaginary enemy which divides us; while becoming sensitive to Nature’s actual boundaries:  what blends and mixes, and what doesn’t.   I suppose it comes back to the mortar and pestle again – the old alchemists, who grind, shift and mix.  After a while they see the stars in the ravens wing.

wood yantra

wood yantra

In the top of a baby’s head is a growing space for the bones.   It is called a Fontanel, or fountain.   Earth’s ozone shield, eroded like holes in a sock, is also a Fontanel, or tender place.   The additional cosmic rays it admits include those which are beautiful beyond our present chrysalis, and which many consider dangerous.   A similar event a little more than 2000 years ago, may have catalyzed the awakening of the Buddha:  the Tathagatha, the Timeless One.   During that historical period, other great Sages blossomed, including Yeshua son of Miriam.  Their conversation encircled the Earth.  The egg is warmed, and hatches the chick.  It is an open question!




Now, Yggdrasil.

I understand the Tree Yggdrasil to be the holy Ash in Norseland, a sacred place of meeting:  root and shoot where earth and sky together are channeled.

The following extract is from Wikipedia:

Norns” (1832) from Die Helden und Götter des Nordens, oder das Buch der Sagen.

In the second stanza of the Poetic Edda poem Völuspá, the völva (a shamanic seeress) reciting the poem to the god Odin says that she remembers far back to “early times”, being raised by jötnar, recalls nine worlds and “nine wood-ogresses” (Old Norse nío ídiðiur), and when Yggdrasil was a seed (“glorious tree of good measure, under the ground”).[2] In stanza 19, the völva says:

An ash I know there stands,
Yggdrasill is its name,
a tall tree, showered
with shining loam.
From there come the dews
that drop in the valleys.
It stands for ever green over
Urðr’s well.[3]

In stanza 20, the völva says that from the lake under the tree come three “maidens deep in knowledge” named UrðrVerðandi, and Skuld. The maidens “incised the slip of wood,” “laid down laws” and “chose lives” for the children of mankind and the destinies (ørlǫg) of men.[4] In stanza 27, the völva details that she is aware that “Heimdallr‘s hearing is couched beneath the bright-nurtured holy tree.”[5] In stanza 45, Yggdrasil receives a final mention in the poem. The völva describes, as a part of the onset of Ragnarök, that Heimdallr blows Gjallarhorn, that Odin speaks with Mímir‘s head, and then:

Yggdrasill shivers,
the ash, as it stands.
The old tree groans,
and the giant slips free.[6]

This theme, linking hands around our Yggdrasil, will be “Aquariel’s” journey this year, which just begins.  There is much to discover.


sun and snow


Finally, here is an old man of the woods and sky

old tao sage




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Black Sheep, White Goat – What is True?

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Black Swans: Detail

Black Swans: Detail

Following my moment “for-GIVE-ness” on Christmas Day, both my blogs feel a bit frisky – needing to run in tandem.  “What is True?” was written a couple of days ago, in response to John who writes thoughtfully about love.

I shall get to work with autopoeisis, Yggdrasil and the Tree in the early New Year for “Aquariel”.  Speaking of interrelated psychic, emotional, spiritual and physical immune-systems however, the following ideas are in the picture – it begins at home.

It is customary to moan about humanity.   This in my view doesn’t get us ANYWHERE.   It’s like bullocks putting their heads together for a good moo.  We have to reach deep into ourselves for what is Real, and to act.    This is rare.   The majority of humans don’t have the training, the perspective or the insight – and nor does mind’s habit-base, especially when tired.   So of course our heads fumble, shuffle and snort along the fence.

In Devon


I reached it on Xmas day.   I touched the human place – or rather, it touched me.  Subconscious opened, and delivered.  Now I watch her move up into my more mundane strata and fall into various shapes and sizes;  how will she make me act, or draw back from reaction;  what dominoes will she push? – Watch this space.

As to being truthful in love:  this is rarely available in the way I would like it.  Consider the pressure of My Truth against His Truth or Your Truth.   Which is more true than any of the others?    It is better on the whole to keep quiet, and to let truth act, without blethering about it.   A gesture speaks more than words;  a kindness, a change of air.   We are humankind. Countless times I broke down, in my effort to tell the truth as I see it, and still I do, and still I try … but more feebly.

What “lets the truth act”?   It is the transcendent “cosmic” wisdom.   Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes months, sometimes many years.   When the Truth appears in a relationship, it is beyond my belief, beyond my careful verbal construction.  It is vital, from the heart, from the core, from the bone-marrow;  it moves me to the right thing – it takes two to Tango.   If I want Truth, I must discover my deep belief in lies, and expose it on my mountain top.   If I want Truth I must reach deeper than my programmed platform .  I must reach towards the Vision.   The Vision is rarely available to the huff and puff of speech.



If I want truth, “i” must stand aside, and not in its way.   Learn to respect the truth in the one whom I was trying to convert to my view.   It may surprise me.  I am not the only follower of truth.

If I want truth, I find it in his eyes, his mouth and the way it beats in his chest.   I enjoy his humanity:  I feel what it is like to be him, “to be YOU”.   There is a spontaneous pleasure and freedom, to stand in his shoes and wonder what it is like to have his legs, his thoughts and worries – the mystery of being him and his problems, as well as being myself.  I chuckle with his comedy.  This isn’t co-dependency, it is the opposite.   It is the living IMAGINATION through which our full human conscience thrives.    Being fully human is to live in paradox.   I come from in between, and I include both sides – it opens the window to every side.    When Jesus said “love one another”, he meant this.   Jesus was and is this.

4  Cube 3 copy

When I am aware how “his this” is, a perspective on Earth opens which is different to the prevailing belief.   It is as if I toiled along between hedges and houses, they all had my usual picture on them;   then I voluntarily change my level, and I see the whole landscape fore and aft and all around.  I see right through the walls of my belief or the collective belief system.   I am raised up into my Dimension which is truth.   This is why the Dalai Lama and all the Maestri smile genuinely, whatever happens down among the narrow houses and hedges.  The Dalai Lama’s people suffered diaspora, they were invaded, raped and displaced;  his unconditional, and hard-won wellbeing, is the head and heart held high;  walk tall.   Talk peace with the conquerors.   This is bravery, power.

It is transpersonal and remains firmly rooted in everyday life.   Once glimpsed, it is never forgotten.   A daily FOCUS is necessary, to practice the instrument.   This may be meditation or prayer or a garden or any work in a tradition of integrity.   My daily meditation hears what is said, and “writes”.    A Master once said to a disciple, “We come not to the charm of your personality but to your clarity of mind – your third eye.”

Annika and Aslan sketch

Paul Foster Case said “Change the pattern, and you change the result.  Make it accurate, profound, courageous, positive. Then you tame the lion, and he becomes your servant.”

When I see truth, I don’t need to persuade my partner or anyone else of it.   He or she is truth right now, and opens to that realisation in their own time.   This is what the sages mean when they perceive and say, “You are already realised.”   They see life and humankind as a branch of flowering buds, some destined earlier, some later.   The tree is bound to flower and bear fruit.   This includes compassion with the hurts, the limitations and sorrows of the tight bud, the dark path.   All of these are integral to the way it ultimately blossoms from the wood;   and the sages weep with us.

Meanwhile in the daily biff and baff, I try to be honest.   But tact is essential.   I get to know my cher ami slowly.   We’ve been going together for nearly seven years.  We love each other, and about twice a year we get utterly furious with each other, and split up for two to five weeks.   Then we get back together, refreshed from the whirliwash:  it is a rhythmic cycle by now.  So I mustn’t worry.

In relationship I am inarticulate.  There is no sense in hitting an old soldier’s wounds with a sledgehammer.   I was sledge-hammered by a Hungarian when I was young, so I know.   It is best not to even touch the wounds until I am sure.   And who is?

Let it crack you open

That one who sledge hammered me, is the one I touched base with in the magic of Christmas day.  Had he been more skilful, just one gentle tap would have done the trick.   Deep down, there is a little dawning.   I do not have to do it.   It is doing itself.   We are all connected through gravity.   Shifts of consciousness show the way.   Shifts of consciousness are tiny ones – an acute angle, a point –  but on the galactic protractor, they are vast arcs between the stars.   This is where it starts.   HERE.   Nowhere else.   HERE is every where, and now here:  the tiny woodland flower.

The sledgehammer is what we are to each other, when we believe we are right.


The still, small voice 

If you look HERE 
you’ll find. 

If you play with your sword 
you won’t;  but I’m HERE 
our bridge. 

You may not hear 
what touches you 

but HERE, my songs 
in your tree are lovebirds.

Poems of Eclipse 1999

109 peacock copy

I wanted to find out more about “Aquariel”, the title for this blog – “an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life” –  with Gaia and the quantum leap.  Yesterday I googled it online, and dropped at once onto a website (see below), describing Archangel Aquariel.

“From an Earthlings Anonymous post by Gaele Arnott.”  The website is

“The color blue-green of peacock is part of the new color system which has been downloading into our consciousness over the past few years. Since 1998 I have been seeing colors so different that there really is no description in our language to describe these colors.

This blue-green color of the sea is protected by the Archangel Aquariel, who sits behind Archangel Gabriel as a CEO for Clarity.

”Archangel Aquariel also protects the ‘new’ 8th Chakra of the thymus. This chakra plays an important role in connecting the heart to the throat chakra. It is important that we consciously think about how we can boost the immune system. The thymus chakra also connects through the medulla at the base of the skull to assist in connecting to the Higher realms.

”The energy of Archangel Aquariel brings us balance between earth and sea. 
He talks with the Dolphins, then shares with us this knowledge of spiritual evolution. 
The Dolphins connect with Peacock and gift to us the ability to know ourselves in truth, so that we have the self-confidence to walk our path as we choose.

”Peacock as an animal totem allows access to the Karmic connections between the soul and physical connection. It carries the energy of the Phoenix which allows us to rise from past differences and challenges.
The peacock with its loud raucous call doesn’t let us forget who we are and from where we came. It’s call has the sound of laughter letting us know that we need not take life too seriously – that it is after all only a game we came to play.

”Whatever the lessons, challenges and games under the totem of this color blue-green of the peacock we are reminded that we are constantly guided and protected by Archangel Aquariel.”

Gaele Arnott

This makes sense – particularly as concerns connecting the thymus to the way we speak and express what we are: the alignment with our planetary body’s health.  Thymus is just above the heart chakra.  It is awake in children, pregnant women and alchemists.

Peacocks in the rose garden - detail from "Black Swans"

Peacocks in the rose garden – detail from “Black Swans”

He stands behind Gabriel, the beautiful face of God.  He is greenish blue, the colour of Scorpio in Tarot.  His creatures are the peacock and the dolphins’ school.  His rulership, the new “octave” chakra, links heart and throat through the thymus.  I write of speech and silence in this post – “What is True?”  Through this “octave” centre, we voluntarily enhance our immune system.  This has a knock-on effect through relationships, ecology and ideas.

Didn’t Jesus say something about what comes out of us, never mind what goes in?  Where is that thought?  It has something to do with: never mind what the priest prattles.  How YOU say what you have to say, is important.  It is in Tibetan Tonglen also:  the compassion to breathe in my friend’s dark, and breathe it out as light – a steady transformation.

Black sheep, white goat!  A photo of "Rose" on

Black sheep, white goat! A photo of “Rose” on   She is the queen of their herd.


Here, “Aquariel” aims to travel – planetary and personal autopoeisis, as an individuation.  Clearly, the way we express ourselves is crucial for health, strength and boundaries.  If we permit the negative sneak, our shield – our magendovid – is weakened.

Being where we are, to be positive about things requires consistent creative intelligence and maintenance.  Every single small individual willing to practice this, is gold dust.  Who else will?  Not the governments or local authorities – how can they?   They don’t know, and they do their british best.  Yes Dave, give it your best shot!   Good on yer …

The prime minister in the Daily Mail

Flooded Britain – the prime minister in the Daily Mail




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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