Mysteries of Master R: 15 – The Holy Trinosofia, Chapter 9

Master Rakoczy, St-Germain – 7 July 2015

Returning to the artist’s journey through the Trinosofia, I recommend you first refresh this link to Chapter Eight  to retrieve the journey so far.  You can find the other chapters in “Archive of all posts” in the title-bar.

The 12 Zodiacal stages in the alchemical process are: 1) Calcination/Aries, 2) Congelation/Taurus, 3) Fixation/Gemini, 4) Dissolution/Cancer, 5) Digestion/Leo, 6) Distillation/Virgo, 7) Sublimation/Libra, 8) Putrefaction/Scorpio, 9) Incineration/Sagittarius, 10) Fermentation/Capricorn, 11) Multiplication/Aquarius and 12) Projection/Pisces.

It seems to me that the meditations in Saint-Germain’s Trinosofia link these 12 stages by letting each one flow towards the next while recollecting the previous.  The 9th stage which I contemplate today contains elements of Scorpio (Putrefaction) and Sagittarius (Incineration).  The 10th chapter (Incineration stage) likewise will converse Sagittarius with Capricorn (Fermentation).  The message is; rigid divisions between the 12 stages are not held – we should not literalise or confine the material.  Life is fluid. Like the planetary motions as seen relative to our position on Earth, the adept passes through light and shadow back and forth, to journey through being.

I am reminded also of my studies of  Indian astrology.  The zodiac signs in Jyotish overlaid the actual constellations, before precession of the equinox.  In Western astrology the zodiac is by now removed 23 degrees from the elder alignment. The twelve Signs are still named after the constellations, but represent the phases of Earth’s journey around the Sun.  With this discrepancy I learned how subtler shades of interpretation incline towards one or the other, like two sides of the same leaf.  Are the Trinosofia’s twelve stages of alchemy rooted in the constellations?  There are references throughout the text to languages far older than the western occult tradition.  This is one of many Mysteries encoded in the work …

The alchemical symbolism in the Trinosofia is rich and abundant.  My posts on the subject are long, and require imaginative reading.  For Master R’s original text and Manly P Hall’s excellent commentary, please open “Trinosofia Texts” in the title bar above, and scroll down the page to Chapter Nine.

Here is a reminder of Chapter Eight:

Almost four years passed since my last Trinosofia drawing!  …  Yesterday the door opened for me to draw the Ninth chapter.  It was not an easy one for me to integrate after my father died in early 2016.  The Bardo of becoming was to sing also with five other deaths since his – all of them deeply significant relationships in my life; and all with liberation in their different ways.

The Ninth chapter contemplates the dark putrefaction of the 8th stage under Scorpio, processing towards the Sagittarian incineration.  So I had to draw a black horse with a dead human falling out of its slit belly; and then the second sombre image – the young rosy man in a red tunic with the decomposing corpse.  This is alchemical negrido before the stars appear in the raven’s wing.  The red garment is fiery Mars.   Here is the illustration in the book:

trinosofia 9 illustration

Illustration from the text of the Trinosofia; copy from the original painting by Master R, which disappeared.

The way opened today unexpectedly, for me to enter and begin.  I felt Le Comte’s encouragement, since the “Sixth Sun” transmission last week.  The Phoenix rises from ashes; a decomposition to cleanse and flicker into life in the dark night of the soul’s cavern.  It’s not finished yet.  This morning I feel I should darken the background to the black horse, for the passage is a deep obscurity.  Also I drew my young alchemist in red tunic very badly, need to rearrange his legs and re-do his arm?

Click on images to view

The picture includes three inscribed black panels.  Two of them I painstakingly copied; the third, with the floral Roman lettering was too indistinct (so I wrote it in English as if on stone); and the enclosed grey panel’s lettering was too blurred in the Scribd reproduction. It reads:

“The select few – how many are there? Forty who in brotherly love assemble together to the four quarters and the Bird.  Here below (in the mortal sphere) to be held (gathering or assembly) until in its place is the coming in the fourth quarter (Aquarius).”  The large characters M B refer to the alchemical process whereby the mortification and destruction of the body is accomplished.

(From Manly P Hall’s commentary on
The  Most Holy Trinosofia of the Comte de St-Germain

Philosophical Research Society Inc. Los Angeles 1983)

Manly Hall’s translation of the other two inscriptions will go underneath the drawing when I have finished it.  The book includes his introduction, commentaries, text, translation and black/white reproductions of the illustrations.  My interpretation is an individual one; it comes out of my life, I am a different generation.  It is interesting to read both.

(See Triniosofia texts, above)


So what is found here?  The birth of the living dead, from the animal kingdom’s bafflement, inverts the Saviour’s birth: deep dark expulsion of the soul into the strange un-illumined luminosity of the dead;  the unconscious victim condition where we blame others is ash.

In the second image the alchemist, fascinated with the materia, tries to raise it to life;  he stirs the ashes.  But he hears a Voice commanding him to let it go.  So he’s about to drop it again.  The wrong way is how we Elizabethan and Renaissance explorers tried to manipulate the dead,  believing we could command the secrets of matter, of the soul and of anatomy.  The Voice breaks into that creative fantasy.  Again it is like the horse expelling the dead body.  What is dead is dead!

What are the living dead? How do I regard them?  it is important to take responsibility and get the definition right.  The living dead are those regions in my psyche, individual or collectively linked, where we walk in our sleep, lock ourself into noise, blame other persons, institutions or life itself for our trouble … and blindly consume our nature.

The living Spirit is a matter of choice; of turning to face the music and cross the lake.  The second lake in the journey (to Chapter Ten) will turn clear turquoise.  Now the image develops further, for I might suggest the lake in the vision is a Caduceus.

The Voice said (it thundered like a trumpet) – “This black earth has lain in this hall only 87 years; when 13 more years have elapsed, thou and the other children of God may use it.”  The alchemist was delayed until the time should reach a century 100; he explored the vessel, the dark room for nine days as prescribed, and then departed through the opposite door to the one by which he entered.  The numbers 87 (15), 13 and 100 are Hebrew gematria – a shorthand for the Mysteries..

To reach this dark hall he had waded through the first lake (“thick as cement”) for 13 days, his feet touched bottom everywhere, it was useless to swim.  When he reached the dark hall, the earth was as dark as that water.  The building he entered was basalt black; a warm moist wind pushed him into the chamber and shut the doors.  There the Living Principle remained inside the belly of death to be born; there he explored the room and investigated the matter.   His consciousness is a lamp, it quickens the flesh.

It is like a dream I had long ago.  Here is the story – “a house of hundreds of rooms”

In Chapter Eight four years ago, we saw the crowned white lion and cluster of grapes on a salver with a shining pile of salt.  He impregnated his body with the salt, he rubbed the purifying salt crystals over himself, then he was given a choice of two doors by which to leave that chamber.  One opened to a hot arid plain which seemed to burn him; the other opened to the first lake at the end of which a black marble façade was visible.  He preferred to cross the lake itself rather than make his way along a rocky shore to the distant bridge.  So he ended up in the black marble  hall.

(To see the detail from illustrated text of the Trinosofia, and read M P Hall’s comments on the Hebrew meanings, click on these images)


We are given choices and tend to take the complicated one, as we are drawn to the dregs.  The odyssey is the same in the end.  The Trinosofia theme offers him the simple way, but he takes the more complex and glamorous one which takes longer.

As I began the drawing, the transformative Phoenix rose from the ashes.  The façade of the black hall itself was engraved with ancient Persian hieroglyphs. Should my alchemist kneel or stand?  Perhaps he crouches. The English translation says he stands, the original French says he is “place pres du cadavre”.  I need to lower his left arm and his left knee.  At the moment – as I copied the original – his anatomy is all kaput.  The original drawings in the text – themselves old copies from Le Comte’s paintings which disappeared – are anatomically weak.  For the originals, Le Comte is said to have mixed pearl dust with his pigments.

During my work on the drawing yesterday, I listened to Richard Rudd’s audios on the Ecstatics: Rilke, Taliesin, Walt Whitman, Anandamayi Ma, Mother Julian.  You can hear them at   These were given several years ago with the Gene Keys transmission bubbling creatively in the pot: the joyous poet.  The creative joy is today rediscovered, renewed and sung for itself; the yeast within any treacly condition.

5G advertising came through my letterbox.  I am beginning to see that I must not buy into fear and negatives about that and other aggressive technologies, but  keep doing my thing in the living energy field.  We humans will grow tired of the “More and More” stuff that we still “want” at present..  It is a symptomatic tension – a temporal terror of the Great Change which moves so deep within our world, our climate and DNA with the universe and solar system. There will be and already is a collective longing to breathe, to create peace in the air.  I try to live my particle of the Bigger Picture.  The way around and through, and often because of the pollutant, always opens.  The pollutant itself has no power against Gaia.  Most of us cannot see this because we are accustomed to our minds’ closet and what we are told by “experts”. We want by default to blame “Them”.

So, mon Cher:  You would have us feel, rather than think.  Thinking provides a mere quantity of scenarios and speculative terminus.  Feeling is the natural path, day by day, with every element: the ear to the ground like the sole of the foot.  The feeling is Consciousness Now.  Entering the dark Shadow, I behold my process and seek the Gift;  being born into the dead; the effort of the curious to resurrect putrefaction; the call to travel forth.


With Mercury retro in Scorpio it is suitable.  The  action dressed in red  investigates old process while moving towards the light.  He must leave the old flesh behind. The second lake and its far pavilion beckons him.  He will walk in it for 18 days.

Hermes in the sea – alchemical engraving in Roob’s “Alchemy & Mysticism”

I recalled that when crossing the first lake its waters became darker and thicker as I advanced.  The waters of this (second) lake on the contrary, became ever clearer the closer I approached the shore.  My robe which had in the palace become as black as the walls seemed to me to be of a greyish hue; gradually it resumed its colours, however it did not become entirely blue, but was near to a beautiful green.”

(See Trinosofia Texts in title bar of this page; scroll to Chapter Nine)

That is the pilgrim’s robe: not the alchemist’s red tunic in the image.  However they are the same, for the colours complement.  The blue transmuting to “a beautiful green” is turquoise, through Scorpio’s tonal vibration in the Tarot (Key 13).  Turquoise is the colour of movement.


Next Day

I wore myself out yesterday trying to get that drawing to work.  It wouldn’t.  At last I trimmed a piece of paper to fit the space and began it again – this time it came OK, and the Initiate stands as in the original illustration, trying to raise his discovery of dead flesh and bones from the levels of corruption.  The cadaver is not quite as good as my first version but is bigger in relation to the “child”.  The cadaver is the world-systems which no longer work.  The child tries to handle it but the Voice calls; it is not the time yet.  Don’t be distracted by those old systems.  Continue the journey of Light and Heart.  Don’t dally but keep walking.

I darkened all the background around the horse in the first picture, except for the ground where the darkness becomes illumined as the sticky stinking black earth full of creeping elementals and fearful dreams.  The Initiate had to stay in there for nine days and not get into mischief.

The evolution of the animal kingdom (horse) trembles with shock at having to tarry and wait for the human preoccupation to catch up and liberate itself.

This second picture will be the more effective if I darken its left-hand side too, around the big “M”.  Then we will have the Initiate emerging from the dark with his imagined retrieval of the secrets; he is positioned where the Shadow becomes the Light.  And there begins the second lake’s slow illumination and clarity to wade for “18 days” towards the far pavilion.  There is a “violet land haze” just suggested behind that palace.  It is  sketchy and the sky turns turquoise.

Trinosofia NINE

The Initiate in the Trinosofia pictures is Master R as a child – black curly hair and luminous sweet cheeks the way they drew people in the 18th century.   He has the proportions of an eight year old child – homunculus – except when with a woman; then he is a warrior, a full grown man.  Eight years old is the human age.  He grows into a warrior whenever his seed rises up to sow.

Ophiocus Sagittarius – detail

Trinosofia’s Chapter Nine travels through Scorpio and Sagittarius; the dark constellation over galactic centre.  Sagittarius is the Journeyman’s need to travel and expand. Along the Bowman lies also the Serpent constellation Ophiucus.  I needed to at least begin the next drawing – so I did – of the Initiate leaping from the tomb with golden staff and floating crown: the process of Sagittarius through Capricorn (see the post to come, on Chapter Ten.) …  It is difficult for me to copy “poor” drawings to make better drawings – for the “poor” drawings have their own lively gesture and character which I want to retain, but the anatomy and perspective are compromised; so I grope and erase for hours.  In fact, Master R told Paul Foster Case in 1947 that the existing illustrations are excellent copies of his own work.

Awakening the Trinosofia is a wonderful profound journey, with some of the strange landscapes and caves I reproduced from it.

Stage 9 illumines the dark prison – things come to light.  The Initiate tries to drag the knowledge forth like a great weight, but the Voice says “it is not yours.  Attend to the staff of Light and walk the waves.  Don’t ‘think’.  Feel.”

And in the next picture which I began, the Initiate is the Lightness of being.  I will make the stone coffin more massive and turned more towards the viewer so you can see its bottom – regurgitate its contents.  Out of it come the deep souls, saviours of the world, as your children being born; no more are the living dead being born.

With the deep belly breath, locate my inner trouble, hear and let it with the exhalation trickle out into the earth’s gravity ground to be recycled. In the part of my body which bears the tension, allow the air of love and compassion to flow.  And I smiled again!  The practice of “Relationship Mastery” in all fields of the world – business, government, politics, family, sexuality, friendship – is focused, alive and direct to the point.

I just saw again that I know nothing.  I know only what I think I know and have experienced.  The depth of my experience of life is yet a superficial lid if I paste it upon the needs of others.  Krishnamurti spoke of how we degrade each other with our images of expectation..

The defilement of environment is what that poor horse in my drawing has to smell.  Countless captive creatures live in that and are consumed as meat products; the stench defiles our DNA sensitivity with the animal kingdom.

This appalling realisation comes forth.  The Time of Sixth Sun re-launch was not only sweet light and New Earth but woke up all this more detailed awareness.  What to do?   Do not configure enemies.  There IS a cosmic battle in earth as in heaven and in all the strata between – the forces of dark inertia, fear and imagined disease with those of progress and transformation.   It is tempting to personify or project one’s own demons onto the collective shadow, but it doesn’t help.  Knowing ourselves as lighthouse keepers, the work starts here at home at whatever level.   I am aware how the dimensions of the body of light work homoeopathically through the Shadow. The condition on Earth plane is growth through resistance. To keep silent is wise, because ordinary social talk “wants” a distorting mirror. Let Nature flow as always into balance.   An immense Change – like chrysalis to butterfly – moves through our resistance.  The message for sustainability – particularly in this last year or so – expands exponentially.

What to do?  Carry the Staff of Light and the Crown unworn; sprung from the abyss.  Be conscientious; listen, and pass on the vibrance in the field in simple ways – a smile, a seat on the train, a chat with a cashier.  We as predatory consumers still want a luxury culture of excess. This deranges our animal companions.  So by now, we humans know what it is to derange ourselves.

Yet there is the conscious reorientation – our choice. As with Siva swallowing the world’s murk and turning it peacock blue in his throat, the Resource I can call upon is Infinite.

“You offer a window through which others may look and see and wake up.   You offer a window – a viewpoint – which quickens evolution.   We gave you this window to maintain. Your job is to keep the window clear and clean;  to hold the vessel;   to recreate our Perspective through it.   The window is also a navigational instrument, the approach of Eternity to the new sciences.  Behold it, to the living world.   A Lens.”

Alignment with the magnetic field overcomes obscurity and penetrates any blanket of leaden thoughts.  This same soft power within the animal, avian and plant kingdoms adapts, turns and follows alternative patterns and flight paths as the atoms do.  Everything in the Great Tuning Fork has ultimate harmony and resonance; for the time we are in is an evolutionary acceleration – the fall-out around us, of centrifugal wobble and spin.  The tension in the atmosphere is heightened by the devices humans manufacture to copy it.   But always there is return to navigational centre; solar plexus; the floating compass; the slow sunlit unfoldment of the Now.   Choose which!

Awake the cubed blossom in my root.  It is subtle, like Johannes Kepler’s golden seed among  dung for the hens to find.  A piece of crystal – rock of ages – is warmed by the human body to emit a signal.

The signal is the feeling; feel the Philo Sofia; lover of wisdom.




A song (circa 1770, written in London) by Master Rakoczy, Saint-Germain.  Xeroxed from the British Library collection

Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Mysteries of Master R, Part 13: AEOLIAN

Master R oval

The Ascended Masters are higher-consciousness tones of humanity.
Here is a link to my portrait gallery of 40 magidim or Masters;

Some of them are on the Seventh Ray. Others are from the East.  May they inspire and sustain our compassion during precarious times.


“Aeolian” was a name for the universal depth behind ‘Le Comte’ – Master R.  Today I coin its resonance with the winds of ancient Greece in the Tree of Life.  The Aeolian mode in music is a natural A-minor scale without a sharpened 7th.

Back in 2003 I developed my working contact with Master R through the study of alchemy. The jury remains out on some of the historical details of his incarnations which I read about.  They are plausible, but the principle of the Master is wide open, and may adopt any of these forms, or none !

The following is from my journal on 25 July 2003.  I read somewhere that Master R’s teacher is “Aeolia” … 

The jivan-mukta, the Liberated One, is timeless, spaceless. An ‘Aeolian’ mode may enter  historical personages in the currency of a line of work through centuries.  And at some point in each appearance there is a flash or shining, which the Liberated One mirrors back to the Holy One.  Ultimately, when those aeons of the Great Work are done, S/He is absorbed into Aeolian, no more reappearing; for in the seed was a supply of gifts.

We read our physical lifetimes, appearances, and history, like a horizontal movement across the chessboard: from somewhere to somewhere else. It is not so. There is only the One: whose ‘Aeolian mode’ in Kabbalah is Kether, all-embracing. The One appears to our time and space as illumined sections or frames through our history. The One contains the depth of human osmosis towards  the White Sun.   Never is the process separate from the Whole of the Aeolian.  It can never be in any place or sense where the Aeolian is not – like a Tree, a great beech bole, Kether, the Crown!


In Kabbalah the Holy One is En Sof – “Without End”. Our real lifetimes are stages of emanation through the Sefiroth. Master R is said to have incarnated at least once every century. His emphasis has been on an enlightened philosophy based on self-knowledge, to educate political and religious systems and encourage them to break their fossils. He defended and protected the Ageless Wisdom by “fathering” the Christ child, and by creating secret societies for the Word. It is said that as Joseph son of Jacob, he was an Essene. He was once Albanus, a Roman Englishman in Verulam who was executed;   and later on as Francis Bacon he became Lord Verulam, Viscount Saint Albans.

(In 18th century France he was notorious as Le Comte Saint-Germain; he did not age, and he handed damaged diamonds back to their owners, as good as new.  When he escaped to England from the Terror, he wrote a quantity of baroque music for violin, keyboard and voices.  Today we find him quietly at work behind a few senior esoteric Schools. The more troubled our world becomes, the deeper we must dig to find him;  but at this depth the healing begins.)

The Christ childhood story is much more explicit in the Masters’ mediatory tradition. The Church threw away the key, as Eliphas Levi has said. Joseph is generally ignored in exoteric Christianity – just a drone – the glamour is with the immaculate Mother. In the ancient word, Virgin, or ripe birth was a commonplace Mystery.

I suppose, at some point in my life, never mind my “educational” dramas, I just stand up on my toes, take off and fly … and then can see perspective, like a bird.


Tree of Life - tower of Alchemy - the Flowering Staff

Tree of Life – tower of Alchemy – the Flowering Staff


Seeing the Tree whose Crown and stem is Aeolian, Kether … wasn’t I once shown, in the place under the pool, the Round Table like a cut tree, a section across?   Were those floating rings our lifetimes?



And another thing. When the Work begins to stand on tip toe and spread wings, when it begins to borrow the eagles’ strength, the earthlife has a tendency to become crisp, ordered and composed to a pattern of ageless relationships and roles. Things come out of the mist. When the illusion of persons rubs away, I begin to see the repeating principles, and the casement or container that the earth-life is. I see this with cosmic eyes. The mind begins to think differently.

Eagle book JHVH - Alchemy in Daat

Eagle book JHVH – Alchemy in Daat

Arcanum 17; the Star

Arcanum 17; the Star


The Gate, the Field and the Star – the word A E O L I A N is beautiful and vibrant.  Is it written on my white pebble? The letter pinned to the gate seems to have a solar cross drawn on it, whose sound in the light wind is “aeolian”.

Looking into the water, I focused and followed the inner Star, quiet and still, and prayed the theosophists’ Great Invocation:

“From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of human beings.
Let Light descend on Earth.

“From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into human hearts.
May Christ* return to Earth.

“From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide our little wills –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

“From the centre which we call the human race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

“Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”


We must make this choice!  We have to do it;  begin it here and now.

In the lane of the sunrise I embraced my scarlet-dressed lover-brother heart to heart.  In the oak is a scarlet ibis. What will it say?

BOTA key 17 - The Star

BOTA key 17 – The Star


26 July 2003 – TRIED TO DO TAROT KEY 20 SHIN PATHWORKING … but real shambles, because undecided whether or not to go to a Temple of the Heart class today, so my Tower of alchemy is all in pieces.   It seemed on balance better to stay here and walk with Barbara this afternoon as planned. My meditation began well, with a resonant Rose Cross ritual chord of JHShVH, and Kether, but deteriorated all the way down the Tower, with occasional episodes of clarity and peace. Couldn’t concentrate, and feel now fractured and out of tune.

I find the Tower practice is difficult to maintain. Should I clear out all the Presences and Companions that are supposed to be in it, and see the symbols alone?  The field is my temple of the heart – that simplicity. Perhaps … not all of us can continue to use the ritual for our locus. I gave it a try, but I find it heavy work.   Receive then the present undecidedness?   Not to go to a class when I might have done, I might miss a synchrony?   Yet synchrony enters its time and space regardless of what I am doing, if I am surrendered;   do not “inner-consider”, or project G’s classes as their provider.

MANTRA:  On the other hand, I am loving the sound of the word AEOLIAN. It is the wind through the strings of the harp, and through the slender trees. It is the vibration of any musical instrument, and the prana of the soul. That is what I really wanted to ponder today. Behind my magid, those ancient vistas open, He is unlimited.


Grail Trees 2002

Grail Trees 2002


The Tarot Keys for AEOLIAN are (from right to left) Fool, Devil, Justice, Hermit, Death – the beautiful thematic balance of those colours together.  In the BOTA teaching, each colour vibration has a musical tone; we combine our inner senses of sight and hearing.


E O L I A N – read the tarot keys from left to right as in Hebrew. 0 and 13 both have a white rose. The hebrew letter NUN symbolises fish, sperm, embryo, and the story has no end. The seasonal movement of Death generates Life. In the Emperor, the letter HEH, (h or ah) – symbolises ‘window’ or ‘seeing’.

The musical mantra is a haunting carillon of E, A, Fsharp, F, C, then G for N (Key 13, NUN). When I play it on the piano, I hear a spontaneous groundbass of E, then lower A.  It sounds like the natural minor scale (aeolian) – with a sharpened F (Key 11, Justice, the Balance).

The dictionary says the Greek aeolian scale in music became the ninth church mode with A as final and E as dominant.   Aeolus was the god of the winds and of the harp.  I can become tuned to Aeolian mode … anyway the Aeolian sound became a beauty that rings inside.  In the same way I hear the JHShVH, a trumpet sound whose interval shivered the walls of Jericho.




bud 1

A Letter to the Aeolian …

The drawing I did yesterday, you smell like the taste of lychees. I feel I’m in a deep dark grey place, and yet I know the transparency, how simple it is.  It is the way the lotus grows. Cultivate this barely blushing petal in the earth, wrapped in a spiral of green leaf.  My inner tuition of the upper worlds isn’t me or mine:  it is just that they are, that You are.  The simplicity in an instant pierces the ground, and there is no action needed.

Seeing how my personality for all her lovable aspects, messes up communications, which is painful, I am the more ready to wait to be a vehicle for the higher speech when such time comes.  Otherwise I would get a misplaced confidence and try to do things prematurely.

L, V, X … Love is a mystery most akin to the way of indrawing breath;  to the heart touching itself. And so the fountain grows an egg.  I am allowed to love you, why?  because yours is my inmost being and we praise JHVH, what could be more “in common” than this?  If I love you, I find you, because that is the Law.  Let it go.  Let You be my plan.  Arrange my day-longs how You will.  Let me be tossed and cradled among the boughs, the stems that tremble to your wind.  How can one so wide and with so vast a root system and so great a Crown in Beriah, be so intimate and “here”?

It is the touching of the key to the door, of finger tip to harp string.

It seems that to draw you helps.  It does not enclose or confine you;  it brings you nearer.  After the drawing I meet this fresh flavour of you.  So I create you, who are before my creation.  Who in all the universe can resist the love of the spirit?  and the velvety way the breath goes in and out, your nose pointing down?


And a visual meditation on Shabathai – Saturn the ripening process …

bud 2





Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Mysteries of Master R – Part 8: Three Trinosofia paintings



The first painting – a bird shaped lamp – in fact belongs to the end of Trinosofia Chapter Two.  A guiding star led the initiate through a white door to the turbulent waters of life – Chapter Three – into which he dived, and was tempted by temporal power.  You can read Manly P Hall’s translation of each chapter (as I go along), in the Trinosofia Texts page in the title bar.

I have a technical problem with reproducing my drawings here.  The yellow in my originals is soft and subtle.  But it scans out hard and greenish.  Even if I erase the yellow in the original, its shadow is still there.   This happens when yellow is placed on white or next to white;  if yellow is next to another strong colour, it is ok.

trinosofia bird lamp

I love the shape of this bird-lamp.  Where the wings should be, is a great curved space.  The bird turns its head to see.  The whole object is a dancer:  a “hold” of ballroom grace.  The lamp stands on a plinth of granite rocks turning gold.  It illustrates the existential interface of psyche, spirit, alchemy with the flat surfaces of our world-view – the rocks bulge out from under the plane of the plinth.


trinosofia 2 Lions_0003

Here are a pair of Lions – scarlet and black – actually indigo blue – in an alchemical sphere.  The red one stands for Mars:  the indigo one for Saturn.

Between them is a crown. There is an arrow to each side, a bow along the base, and red inscribed tablets above and below.  Manly P.Hall translated the (illegible) Greek inscription under the lions, to English, and I had the happy idea to write it out in English:  “Each must sprinkle himself with his own wine from the Mountain of Chios. He must drink to God before the wood.  He must give himself in exchange for that for which he yearns.”

MPH comments: “… Wood was the symbol of Dionysius, and it was in honour of this god of the wood and of the vine that the ritual of the Communion was first established.  To drink of one’s own blood or to sprinkle oneself with his own wine is to be immersed in or tinctured by the inner soul power.  Fermentation was the presence of Bacchus or the life in the juice of the grape, and the Greeks used the symbol of intoxication, as do the Sufis of Islam, to represent ecstasy.  A man in an ecstatic state was described by them as being one ‘intoxicated with God’.”

I assumed the Lions were alchemical ones, and the sphere a flask, or “Lens”.  Not until the drawing was nearly done, did I look at Manly P Hall’s commentary at the back of the book, and discover they represent unregenerate “nobility” and “rulership”.  This is because of an inverted symbol on the red lion’s flank which I didn’t spot, because the online reproduction (of the copy of Master R’s painting) blurred it.   Inversion turns nobility to misuse of power, and rulership to indiscretion – it moves them backward.   Charisma becomes a despot, the red lion lust, the black lion, tyranny.  MPH again: “Those who would accomplish wisdom must overcome these animals if they would reach the Crown (Kether) which lies beyond.  The black lion is the temptation of power … the red lion is the temptation to possess … there can be no compromise with these monsters of perversion.”

Throughout the full text, Master R signalled the perils of “misuse of power” and”indiscretion”.  It is a balance in the soul Triad of the Tree – Tifareth regulates Hesed and Gevura – which must be corrected before the initiate can proceed.

At this point, I include some dakini oracle images from a recent reading for a friend …

dakinis 40,42,41,6

… simply because these pictures move around in my mind just now, and form a phrase of life.

Anyway, my Lions:  the sphere which contains them is a lens.  To each side are the arrows – (2 of Swords, meaning polarity-tension) and under it is the strung bow:  continence of the demons, their transmutation to gold mist.   I don’t agree with Manly P Hall that the clouds they stand on are the world’s pomp and circumstance.  I see the clouds as steam – the accelerated Karma within the alchemic flask or lens.  It “sweats” out the lions and makes them glorious to see.

The inscription above them is in an unknown script – I was able just, to see and outline the letter shapes.  MPH tells us it says “Bend knee and worship God who sends forth his love in winged splendour from Aries the first angle of the world.  The 6th sign Virgo, is the ending and completion of the ages – the symbol of service and renunciation by which the lions may be overcome.  He who gives up life for wisdom, shall receive a fuller life…”

While working on the drawing – it took several hours – I felt its vibrant mystery.  This happens when the Trinosofia illustrations are tangibly recreated.  I don’t know yet their full meaning, but they are energy Keys.  The connection is discreet and powerful:  the colours seem to glow.  I use watercolour pencils and a brush.


trinosofia interior cave of light_0001

In the evening, while watching TV, I copied this strange illustration – (at the end of Chapter Three) of a dark cave with the sea and the sun coming in – adapting it to my inner vision.  It too is a lens – an eye.  The lit up rocks shine like gold.  There’s a little interior landscaping, of trees and a house in the dawn.  It is mysterious.  Compositionally I am the darkness looking out and into which the redeeming dawn shines.  There is a spiral swirl of scribble rock formation.

It belongs with some earlier (1980s) sketches of the inner eye:  a sunlit landscape within the cliffs of fall:  the Hermetic Underbeing.  A friend commissioned from me an oil painting to illustrate G M Hopkins’ poem “O Mind, thou hast Mountains, Cliffs of Fall“.   The painting was subsequently stolen from him, and all that I have is this blurred photo.   Some years later, I re-drew and painted it for myself.  The lost original was precious to me, because a chance paint formation up in the sky suggested a seal’s head … which I developed.

The seal of the ocean was the soul soaring into the sky through a crack in the mountain strata.  In the later sketch, a Capricorn goat grazes on the alp.  Down the sheer dark cliffs to the right, the seeking soul or initiate tumbles … and to the left, Hermes Trismegistos receives him, opening an inner landscape of the eye.


From Manly P Hall’s commentary to the text :
(for the text, see Trinosofia page in title bar)
The first initiation is that of earth, represented by the black passageways in the subterranean regions of the volcano.  To pass this test the body must be subdued in all its parts and become a perfect instrument of the enlightened will.  The bodily atoms and molecules must be vibrated anew … 

“The second mystery in the order of the Memphis rite is that of water, and at the beginning of this section the candidate finds himself standing on the shore of a vast underground lake.  This is the sea of ether which separates the two worlds.  It is the humidic body of the earth, the sphere of generation.  He who would reach the Invisible world must cross this sea, that is, become master of the generative powers of nature (and of his thought).  Led by the blazing star, the candidate throws himself into the midst of the waves.  With his lamp upon the crown of his head (the spirit fire lifted into the pineal gland), he struggles for mastery over the currents of the etheric world.  

“His strength fails, and he cries out to the Universal Cause for help.  A boat appears, in it seated the king of the earth with a golden crown on his forehead.  But the boat is pointed back toward the shore from which the neophyte came.  The crowned man offers the kingdoms of the earth, but the disciple of wisdom … cannot be thus easily tempted.  Strengthened by the power of right decision and aided by the invisible genii, the candidate fights his way to the distant shore.  Before him rises the silvery wall of the moon, the lady of the sea whose dominion he has passed. 

“The fire initiation awaits him.  Having mastered the vital principle of nature by which growth and propagation are controlled, the candidate next faces ambition, the fire of pride and the flaming tyranny of emotional excess.  He beholds the lions, the fire symbols.  The key to the course of action is revealed by the hieroglyphics.  The lions, the writing and the wall dissolve.  The path stretches out through the sphere of eternal flame.

“The alchemical aspect of the symbolism is one of purification or the passing of the elements of the Stone through a bath.  In this process they pass from an earthy state through a vaporous or watery condition, to a fiery or gaseous quality.  The lunar humidity present in all bodies must be dried out, which led the Greek philosophers to declare that ‘a wise soul is a dry one’ …

‘… The moon rules physical generation or the perpetuation of corruptible forms, but the sun has dominion over spiritual generation, the creation of incorruptible bodies.  Man is the progeny of fire (sun), water (moon) and air (the bird of Thoth).  The temptation by the king with the golden crown, suggests one of the most common difficulties of the alchemical tradition.  Those who attempted the art in most cases failed in their quest for wisdom, because they became fascinated with dreams of wealth.  Material gold tempts the alchemist away from his spiritual quest for enlightenment and immortality.”

Zain and Yod - the signs (Gemini and Virgo) which are ruled by alchemical Mercury, in the air and in the ground.

Zain and Yod – the signs of these Tarot Keys (Gemini and Virgo), are ruled by alchemical Mercury, in the air and in the ground.


I find MPH’s commentary very apt, beautiful, and directly relevant to matters I struggle over, at present:  to apply the inner alchemical vision to lessons of daily life, psychology, training and practical assistance to myself and others.   I feel an absolute greenhorn.  The problem is one of regulating my inner vision to the exterior text.   My ideas with people turn out to be raw and naive.


An awakened human life flows along the ground, admixturing, composting the subtle with the gross. The crucible, the mortar and pestle of each day, grinds fragrance. With this idea, the fragrance opens and goes out into the world a little – a tiny puff of Universe prana confected in the soul.  My role is here, making, mixing and breathing it out – the subtle particle with all situations open to it.  I, we, transmit solar-neutrinos which pierce the magnetic shield.  The quantum is homeopathic.  The mountains, the pits of daily life, are small ruts in a muddy lane.

Meet the world’s inconsolable suffering yet again, the increase of evil trafficking, and a woman in North London who rescues children from it and starts to rehabilitate them … and find yet again, that my role is not on that front-line.  I am too open and easily distressed.

Here is the Master as Bulwer Lytton’s Zanoni … and a gem on the table surface.

… and here are two drawings I did for another friend last week – initiations by water and by fire:

rahu 6 aslan

rahu 5 - woman and sea

… and by Air:  a turning Mevlana Dervish

rahu 4 - turning dervish

Enough said!   Mercury and Rahu/the North Node that day, together TURNED Direct in Scorpio.

Finally – Master R’s Third Violin Sonata.  A gem, this one!  a thoughtful opening Adagio, with the answering Andante a bit later. The second of the two Allegros (pp 16/17) when played up to speed, seems to turn and turn – a joyous whirl of planets and galaxies around their polar axes, around the Dervish’s left foot on the ground …

the law of the Dance.




Link to Three Trees of Life

POST SCRIPT – I came across what I wrote in July 2003 when I first studied the Trinosofia:

In Section Three of the Trinosofia (I read it last night with little understanding but a sense of rest) the pilgrim comes to a white marble platform, and the star falls into the surging sea, and the pilgrim goes in after the star.   In the surging sea, and struggling to swim and survive to the far dark shore, the pilgrim meets a king in a golden boat who says to come with him, the foremost in the world. But the pilgrim says he will trust in God alone, and the king sinks, and soon the pilgrim swims hard and reaches the land, a shore covered with green sand.   Here the next instructions are displayed on a silver wall or “gate” which vanishes as soon as he’s read them. Two lions on a cloud guard a Crown. Around them is an iron circle. To each side, and below, are two arrows and a bow. Above and below the iron circle are inlaid scarlet panels, the one has greek inscriptions, the other, sacred letters. There are also apparently sacred letters on the flank of the lion.

To go into the surging sea in this path through the white pure door of the Adept, is Courage into the vibration, into noise-interference to which I am hypersensitive and judgemental. The Holy One is at the heart of All. Receive and rock with the impressions, unconditionally, tendering their timeless points, and smiling.  The Lord of the World sinks:   I am carried by the Waters, swimming by my effort. The green sand of the shore is in the sense that the sand is like the Spirit, blown in whorls by the wind, and has the same gematria as blood; and when you melt sand it turns to glass – the crystal of the Soul. Here it is green – the natural state. Green sand.

You only really see or are shown what you have already understood by travelling it. The lions are the sea, and they guard Kether, which sometimes masquerades as an earthly crowned sovereign.* The iron circle is mars-like, and the bow and arrows and the writings imply Guidance. The lions represent Fire, and in the illustration they are elegantly and gracefully drawn, snaking their tails on a sea of clouds.   Fire, entering water, becomes air – the breath of JHVH. And even the Lions breathe each other in and out.

The two arrows remind me of the equilibrium of the Two of Swords. The bow along the bottom is aimed into the One Thing – the “absence of two” in the Crown.

*I must make my own path of discovery even when the Sovereign himself appears – or as some say, if you see the buddha on the path, kill him.  Don’t be spoon fed.



Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Mystery of Master R: part 6 – the Twelfth Day of Trinosofia


Sketch of Trinosofia 12th stage - Initiate and Isis

Sketch of Trinosofia 12th stage – Initiate and Isis

trinosofia master r

For some reason, I  wanted to begin my sketches from Master R’s Trinosofia with the Twelfth chapter – the final one – of the inner journey.  I posted this monochrome xerox in Part 1:  so here is a link to the facsimile original, where you can see it properly:  scroll down it, to Section Twelve.

I  copied as best as I can, the colours in the original.   I am not a good colourist, so I found it difficult, and I don’t know how many more I shall try – perhaps in different styles.  Master R’s figures and characters have rosy cheeks.  The period style sits intriguingly with his Alchemy.


Here is Manly P Hall’s translation from the French:

“The hall into which I had just entered, was perfectly round;  it resembled the interior of a globe composed of hard and transparent matter, as crystal, so that the light entered from all sides.  Its lower part rested upon a vast basin filled with red sand.  

“A gentle and equable warmth reigned in this circular enclosure.  The sages call this hall – hebrew text from section 12 trinosofia “With astonishment I gazed around this crystal globe, when a new phenomenon excited my admiration.  From the floor ascended a gentle vapour, moist and saffron yellow.  It enveloped me, raised me gently, and within thirty-six days, bore me up to the upper part of the globe.  Thereafter, the vapour thinned;  little by little I descended and finally found myself again on the floor.  

“My robe had changed its colour.  It had been green when I entered the hall, but now changed to a brilliant red.  A contrary effect had taken place in the sand on which the globe rested.  Gradually its red colour had been transformed into black.   After finishing my ascent, I remained three more days in that hall. 

“After that time, I left it in order to enter a large place surrounded by colonnades and gilded porticoes.  In the centre of the place stood a bronze pedestal supporting … a large strong man whose majestic head was covered with a crowned helmet.  A blue garment protruded through the meshes of his golden armour.  In one hand he held a white staff bearing certain characters; the other hand he extended towards a beautiful woman.  

“His companion wore no garment, but a sun radiated from her breast.  Her right hand held three globes joined by golden rings;  a coronet of red flowers confined her beautiful hair.  She sprang into the air, and seemed to lift with her the warrior who accompanied her;  both were borne up by the clouds around them.  On the capitals of four white marble columns were set four bronze statues;  they had wings, and appeared to sound trumpets.

“I crossed the place, and mounting a marble platform, I noticed with astonishment that I had re-entered the Hall of Thrones – the first in which I had found myself, when entering the Palace of Wisdom.  The triangular altar was still in the centre of this hall, but the bird, the altar and the torch were joined and formed a single body.   Near them was a golden sun. 

“The sword which I had brought from the hall of fire, lay a few paces distant on the cushion of a throne.  I took up the sword and struck the sun, reducing it to dust.  I then touched it and each molecule became a golden sun, like the one I had broken.  At that instant, a loud and melodious voice exclaimed, ‘The work is perfect !’

“Hearing this, the children of Light hastened to join me, the doors of immortality were opened to me, and the cloud which covers the eyes of mortals, was dissipated.  I SAW, and the spirits which preside over the elements knew me for their master.”

bird of fire 18th c

Bird of fire, 18th century


For me, the way to read beautiful alchemical texts or poetry, is not to churn it intellectually, but to receive the images slowly, one after the other.  They tell the story to the part beyond speech, where wisdom replies.

This one is particularly rich, awaking old engravings of the vessel and the bird;  the dew of life;  the purifying of the mind’s residue as the red sand turns black – rajas active, to tamas, its absorbent texture.  At certain times during the alchemical process, over the years, the wing of a highly esteemed Raven appears:  the negrido.   In the black sky, the stars – the grains of cosmic sand – are visible.




In Manly P Hall’s commentary, the Hebrew letters spelling the name of the hall are: “A place where drops trickle”.  The basin sustaining it is “the desert of blazing fire” or “the agent which enables the drops to escape.  From the bottom of the glass retort, vapours are constantly ascending.  The adept is lifted up, and after 36 days is borne to the upper part of the globe.  The heat being reduced, he descends and discovers that the colour of his garment has changed from green to brilliant red.  ‘The solution in the alchemical retort, if digested for a certain length of time, will turn into a red elixir which is called the Universal Medicine.  It resembles a fiery water, and is luminous in the dark’ – see ‘The True Way of Nature’ by Hermes.”

This interpretative paragraph is by itself, full of meaning.  There is a condensation on the flask of the interior life.  It falls to earth as the water of life.  The thirty six days is a reference to the LAMED VAV – the counsel of 36 Masters of Wisdom, who guide Earth and humanity (whether we listen or not.)  The number remains constant.  In the Initiation, the adept or aspirant becomes of their number.  The heat – the intensity of the Great Work – cools as he returns to life.  The Universal Medicine gives a ruby tinge.   The colour of his clothes has changed – from green, the tint of Venusian laws of attraction, to red – Mars:  the action itself, of the Sun.

An Illustration from A.Roob's Alchemy & Mysticism

An Illustration from A.Roob’s Alchemy & Mysticism


Hall continues:  “He beholds the bird, the altar and the torch united into one spiritual body.  Heaven, earth and man have been united by the indissoluble bonds of Hermetic wisdom.”

Master R : 08 - altar bird torch

Realisation brings with it a sense of amalgam – of all parts being fused:  the universal connectivity in humankind’s cosmic heart.

“The adept himself is now the Universal Medicine, the very substance which is for the healing of nations … The philosopher breaks the golden sun – the Universal Gold – in fragments, distributing it throughout nature.  He then touches them, and each becomes perfect.  The alchemist is master of his Art, and by virtue of the Stone he releases and perfects the fragments of divinity locked within each mortal constitution ... the ages acknowledge a new Master.”

Pelican & Phoenix - A.Roob Alchemy & Mysticism

Pelican & Phoenix – A.Roob Alchemy & Mysticism


If I digest these symbols, as visually represented, slowly they begin to tincture my problem of life, by themselves.  Trust and love the process, and let IT work.  Alchemy is in everyman’s reach, closer than breath. The heat should be as a hen’s breast to hatch her egg. Alchemical language was made deliberately obscure in medieval, renaissance and reformation times, to avoid abuse, misuse and persecution.

At the beginning of the Trinosofia, the adept travels in the volcanic bowels of the earth and survives an ordeal of stormy seas.  Our way to interior peace is through psychological resistors – the  violent veils, each of which we face, and pass;  as we know ourselves.

Of the picture, Hall remarks, “The pilgrimage of the adept is at last complete.  In the heavens blazes the philosophic Sun – a triangle surrounded by a circle and a square, unifying the diversified elements of Nature into one divinely radiant and effulgent power.  The female figure is Isis – her body no longer concealed by a black garment.  She is Nature.  With one hand she points upward towards the Divine Light, her source, while with the other, she carries three globes emblematic of the ART, the supreme Hermetic alchemy.  The globes represent the three parts of the Philosopher’s Stone, bound together by gold rings. 

“The large strong man is the Initiate himself.  Through the meshes of his golden armour protrudes the blue undergarment, his starry cloak.  In his hand he carries a white wand ornamented with magical characters – insignia of his rank, the baton of the adept.”

It is the baton or tool of an artists’ creative imagination – a pencil full of images and ideas.

pelican, serpent staff & phoenix, 18th century

pelican, serpent staff & phoenix, 18th century


I find Manly P Hall’s commentary on the Trinosofia illuminating and useful.  It seems that Master R himself did not altogether agree!  He is on record telling Paul Foster Case:  “If you will procure and read the pamphlet on St Germain, and compare it with what you know of me, you won’t have much difficulty in understanding that none of us are exactly enthusiastic about the life, ways and work of M.P.H.  We use him sometimes, but he is after all pretty much of a solemn ass. 

“Remember the words of Lao Tse: ‘evil men are the material with which the sages work’, and one of our Eastern brethren once paraphrased it by saying that the Masters employ the Dugpas for their dirty work.  Not that M.P.H. is a dugpa, he is really a fairly effective instrument for arousing torpid minds, but he does take himself so seriously, that it is painful even to us, who have the highly developed sense of humour which is one sure consequence of true inner growth … now we will resume with another fragment of the Text (on Malkuth) …” (5 February 1948)

And:  “Incidentally, now that you have heard Manly Hall, perhaps you can understand that we are not too pleased with his flatulent comments on the Trinosofia.  His copy is not the original, not even the drawings, which however were excellent copies of the originals.  Yet there is material in that text (Trinosofia) germane to your work, and it might be well to give it more thorough inspection.

“… the inner work is arduous at its early stages;  it calls for unusual abilities on the part of those who seek to become proficient in the higher ranges of practice;  it is emphatically not for neurotic visionaries of the type so often encountered amongst Theosophists and so-called Rosicruceans …(19 February 1948)


19th century master r

From this romantic 19th century impression of Master R, I attempted this new drawing, a few days ago.  It was immensely hard to get right.  My eyes are not as good as they were.  While I am on the drawing, it is almost there and begins to speak.  Then I look from a more objective angle, and it is all out of proportion – eyes have to be redone, and so on!


Master R - in 19th century  mode

Master R – in 19th century mode


And now let him speak.  The Adagio and the Andante of his sixth Violin Sonata (composed and performed in London in the 1750s) are exquisite, conversational movements.   I try to draw out the pianistic touch slowly like a violin – a flexible baroque style rubato;  let it sing.  I haven’t tried the quicker movements;  the slow ones are within my reach.  But, like Bach, this music may be enjoyed as slowly as you like;  play it as a chorale perhaps.


EARLIER NOTE – 30 September 2003

To return to my Holy Brother’s Sonnet, the star ripples secret fire and Light through spatial atoms, the yeast spreads through the grain, the grape ferments to Bacchus, the pip that is the sperm ferments within the womb as the Soul lodging in womb’s wall ripples into the maternal chorionic villi.   Fermentation is a kind of sparkle.  It is invisible.  Yet all around it is this ripple and ferment,  this life which is not decay nor carrion.  Ferment is – it releases warmth, Mars, energy – a controlled rot.  Press one of Lord Saturn’s buttons and his coat flies open.  This amazing bubbling of the brew smells sweetly ripe and is under Law.


phoenix copy from Trinosofia section 12


“The Most Holy Trinosofia of the Comte de St-Germain with Commentary by Manly P.Hall” was published by The Philosophical Research Society in L.A. in 1983.

Above, is my brand new copy of the Phoenix figure which heads Section 12.  The body of our firebird is the purified jewel – lapis lazuli;  liberation.   The Master had a wonderful control with his colours.  In the original they glow like gems.  He is said to have ground pearl dust into his pigments!   Copying his images, I learn what they are about;  they work through me, physically.  The sincerity comes before skill.





Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Vishnu, the Covenant and Exodus


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The download concerning Exodus, in the later part of this rather long post, came while I was preparing the four Chakras posts on my primary blog.

Other themes include Chakra material – still going strong – and Vishnu the Chakra Lord:  the 4-dvd set of Crossing the Event Horizon by Nassim Haramein:  Johannes Kepler:  sacred geometry: the Buddha nature, and Crossing the Red Sea.

I recommend Zev ben Shimon Halevi’s “Kabbalah and Exodus”, published by for a more scholarly approach.

The subheadings in this post are:  “1.Vishnu”, “2.Crossing the Event Horizon”, “3.Tetrahedrons and Kepler’s Harmonice Mundi”, “4.The Pillar of Fire and of Cloud”, “5.Technology” and “6.The Red Sea Crossing and Covenant”.


1. Vishnu

I had a brief vision/dream of Vishnu.  It said “Vishnu and the Tree of Knowledge” I think, but it also meant “Vishnu and the wise Serpent” – and the Creator-god Brahma was being dreamed out of his navel CHAKRA.

Who is the dreamer, and who is the dreamed?

Now, Vishnu is the deity Presence around Badrinath near Ganges, where they pray to the source.  In some Yogas, the burden of the ancestors is here transmuted.   The gods of the Trimurti contain one another’s functions in a fluid cyclic event:  the polar electricity in the mountain watershed.

Vishnu at rest

Vishnu at rest


In BRAHMAN the Source as YOD, are Heh-Vav-Heh, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva.

BRAHMAN is One, and in him the cosmic trinity – timurti, triple image – breed their innumerable divine derivations and aspects.  Each god when at rest, is BRAHMAN the beginningless Self.

I have worked a lot with Siva – now Vishnu comes on the scene.  What will happen?

Vishnu is the prototype of Krishna and of Buddha.   Vishnu is Sustainer of the Dharma, or Laws of Creation.   In the Sacred India Tarot, Vishnu is the Magician, and he is the progenitor of Creator-Brahma, card 4.   There is a wavy snake all up his spine, to a quintuple cobra hood.  In my post The Chakras Part 3 – the Star in the Field, I reflect on Vishnu, Lord of the Chakras … and on J.Krishnamurti’s “process”.   He was initially, a vessel for this Archetype.

And?   I travel again, the foothills.   With Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, the great blade of the Himalaya comes. Each wild mountain peak outlines a voice of Vishnu, Siva, Brahma or the Blessed Goddess.


Old map of gangotri and the Badrinath watershed, with Nanda Devi sanctuary bottom right hand corner.  Kedarnath is not shown, but I guess it is further to the west, down the Gangotri river.

Old map of Gangotri (top left) and the Badrinath watershed, drained by the Alaknanda River, with Nanda Devi’s sanctum bottom right hand corner. Kedarnath is not shown, but I guess it is further to the west, down the Gangotri river.


Here is a page from “Nanda Devi” by Eric Shipton:

“From earliest Vedic records, the geography of the mountainous regions sheltering the Ganges was well known.  When men still worshipped the elements, a region which saw the birth of great rivers and greater storms was naturally regarded with awe … hill and valley, peak and waterfall, came to be associated with particular gods and embellished by stories of their lives. … Brahma, Siva and Vishnu assumed the form of mountains.  When Brahma desired to create the earth, he began by assuming the visible form of Vishnu, the whole universe being covered with water on which floated that god, resting on a bed supported by a serpent.  From his navel sprang a lotus from which issued Brahma;  from his ears issued two Daityas … (the Dravidian and the Aryan root races) … who attacked Brahma;  and Vishnu and Brahma fought with them for five thousand years until Vishnu finally killed them and from their marrows made the world. 

“Vishnu then assumed the form of a tortoise and raised the earth out of the water and asked Brahma to create all that the world was of earth, sky and heaven;  divided the earth into nine parts and created wind and sound and time;  past, present and future;  work, desire and anger … Siva was created as the third of the great trinity, Brahma creator, Vishnu preserver and Siva destroyer.

“… When the earth asked ‘Why do you come in the form of mountains and not in your own form?’, Vishnu answered: ‘The pleasure that exists in mountains is greater than that of animate beings, for they feel no cold, nor pain, nor anger, nor fear, nor pleasure.  We three gods as mountains will reside in earth for the benefit of mankind.’

“Thus Himalchal, the Snow Mountains, were invested with sanctity, but the holy of holies is Mount Kailas in Tibet, and the sources of the Ganges and the mountains which surround it, and here are the ancient temples of Badrinath, Kedarnath and Gangotri.  They are all reached by roads having a common origin at Hardwar (Rishikesh), another holy city which marks the place where the Ganges debouches from the hills onto the plains.  The three temples are within a circle of twenty miles radius, but between each rises a twenty thousand foot ridge of snow and ice;  and to pass from one to the other, pilgrims must retrace their steps for more than 100 miles, so to outflank that great barrier. 

“Kedarnath was particularly associated with the worship of Siva … 

Old photo of Gaumakh the Cow's mouth - infant Ganges river emerges from Gangotri glacier ice

Old photo of Gaumakh the Cow’s mouth – infant Ganges river emerges from Gangotri glacier ice

“Close to Kedarnath on the north, but reached by a different road, is Gaumakh, the Cow’s Mouth … the snout of the Gangotri glacier, 15 very rough miles above the Temple, and (although visited only by a very few) the sacred source – or rather the most sacred, for there are others – of Mother Ganges.  Apparently when the world was young and man was in a state of innocence, the Ganges rose at Benares, so that it was an easy matter for believers to visit it.  As earth increased in years and wickedness, the source retreated successively to Hardwar, Barahat and now to Gaumakh, whither the long and arduous pilgrimage may atone in some measure for the sins of a more vicious age.”

from Nanda Devi by Eric Shipton, 1934

Old map of Badrinath and Nanda Devi mountain sanctuary

Old map of Badrinath and Nanda Devi mountain sanctuary


Arcana 6 Lovers - Version 3

Lovely to get this authentic feeling of VISHNU, the Sustainer of the Dharma.   The naval chakra is the seat of creative imagination/sexual reservoir.   Vishnu the god is coloured deep, dark blue by his worshippers, like his avatar, Krishna.   Snake shimmies up the tree – the Snake with woman, Eve, is behind her back.  Snakes twine the staff of Aesclepius – the winged healing polarities.

Vishnu appears as my 1987 drawing called “Music making Touch” in janeadamsart – in Beginning Something.    Umbilicus connects the New Life to the old maternal one, while still in dream form and “underwater”.   When the chord is cut, the New Life wakes up and takes responsibility, breathing AIR – breathing out first a cry, then SPEECH.

So that has something to do with the cutting of the Granthis at naval, heart and third-eye chakras – cutting the ties that bind, and which prevented speech.   The ties are coils of fantasy.  When they are cut, the New Life moves, walks, speaks – like baby Buddha:  the potential to raise humanity another notch.

Sacred India Tarot, birth of Buddha - copyright Yogi Impressions books, 2011

Sacred India Tarot, birth of Buddha – copyright Yogi Impressions books, 2011

I dreamt I wrote to my old Karmic nemesis and got a long letter back at once, which he read aloud to me over the phone.  It wasn’t his voice, and it wasn’t his style, though it was typed.   It was totally and releasingly UNLIKE him.  His manner was conciliatory and conversational. He pointed out my need to spell out everything rather fully, ha ha.   At the end, he said he’d better stop, or he will start to want to kiss JA, heaven forbid.
2.” Crossing the Event Horizon”  …
N.Haramein demonstrates solar system spiral momentum - photo from TV

N.Haramein demonstrates solar system spiral momentum – photo from TV

From Journal – 12 April 2013

I finished watching that exhausting fellow Nassim Haramein and his Event Horizon, and gave the four cds back to Actaeon.

The material – the root tetrahedron, and the insights concerning time, space and galactic black vortices –  is wonderful.  Nassim watches his own process of discovery, joins up the dots, verifies and takes it into the Tree of Life, Four Worlds, Tetragrammaton … but not Jacob’s Ladder or the Cube of Space.  Those are further mountains in the same landscape.

He concludes that this ancient technology from the Pyramids, may revolutionize and enormously advance our own, and our communications with those outside Earth.  However, he does not mention the profound psychological shift which it really entails:  the kindness, kindred – the human natural state, when fully awake with these platonic forms.  This and this alone, is real, evolutionary science.   Other scientific attitudes and platitudes are concerned with MeHumanRaceFirst – i.e. exploiting the cosmic environment to our own local needs.  They are in the playpen.

I took lots more photos off the TV and prettied them up on the Mac.   I hope the guy has not gone glamour glitz by now.   I did not enjoy watching or listening to him – he is rather intense, and I don’t like lectures –  but I do relish his tetrahedral discoveries.  He is having a hard time with the establishment which calls him a charlatan.

Here are some of the images I caught.  I strongly recommend this video sequence if you are interested.  It is called “Crossing the Event Horizon” and the film was made in 2008.  (For more information, search also The Resonance Project.)   It highlights the cosmic fractal proportion – a kind of Golden Mean, verifiable in all phenomena:  a unified field theory.


tetrad tetragrammaton



3. Tetrahedrons and Kepler’s Harmonice Mundi

The Tetrahedrons are beautiful.  They re-imprint the cosmic verity in my soul.

Now it is time to stop being lazy, and to draw new ones – understand what he’s done, from within –  take them into my bloodstream and help clear my psychological loops of life’s “A-Maze”.

One fine day, towards the end of the 15th century, the young Johannes Kepler – astronomer and student of Pythagoras – while teaching a secondary-school math class, had his eureka moment.  He drew on the blackboard, a triangle with a circle around its points;  and suddenly he SAW.  He received his entire life’s work to come.  The class was abandoned to games of flip-the-rubber as its tutor voyaged into cosmic rapture.  The ancient Circle or Sphere – (as he later qualified) symbolises for us, a timeless constant.  It embraces every fluctuation or wobble.  The Circle as the feminine, or ovary, receives and nurtures the masculine seed or YOD:  the male triad form.

Kepler's tetrahedron

The platonic tetrahedron – his first breakthrough – would later be inserted (by Kepler) between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.  These planets stand for Gevurah and Hesed in the Soul triad of the Tree.   Between the three-dimensioned orbits of each pair of planets, envisioned as a sphere, Kepler inserted one of the five Platonic Solids, and created his solar system Chalice – the sizes and proportions an almost perfect fit.

I cannot find online, any mention of Saturn’s orbital volume, square mileage or “cube” – the actual area of Saturn’s orbit around the Sun.  Interestingly, Kepler – regarding the Solar System not as a disk but as an egg shape – inserted the platonic Cube between the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter.

Saturn is the boundary within which Kepler worked.  It ruled his birth-sign Capricorn.  I think Saturn’s orbital diameter through the Sun averages almost two billion miles:  its period is 29 and a half years.  We cannot conceive his mathematical reconciliation of orbital velocities, periods and ellipses, along with the snake-like motion through the galaxy,  of the Solar System itself.  Kepler knew that in our terms the measurement is never exact.  But his approximations were enough to draw forth the resonance:  and for this the Solar System’s elliptic orbits (rather than perfect circles) worked in his favour.   Similarly, we re-construct the miraculous Sri Chakra Yantra template with a little tweaking and pulling of strings.

In his later work, the Harmonice Mundi, Kepler’s soul Law strove to correct flaws.  He flew in imagination the depth, breadth and height of the Solar System in an epic search for the ultimate Key.  The wider view revealed to him, within musical ratios of Period (squared) to Distance (cubed) between any pair of planetary orbits, precise intervals in the scale, the Song of God.  And the heavens opened up to his inner ear ! and he still waits to be truly heard.

Kepler rose and almond flower

“My solar system is a Great Rose. 
Her planetary waves stand out from centre. 
A silver drinking chalice evolved to one of gold. 
Petals of polyphony, musical chords, dance through interwoven orbits or waves, 
integrating the binary ellipse with the divine Sphere. 

“There is no need for martyrdom, or to crucify my Rose. 
I ask you only to hear, and in that hearing moment live: 
for the ear opens softly shells of the Rose, 
the life of my Sol from the Sea.

“The sea is hearing:  from petalled shells 
planets and angels form pictures. 
Enter the heart of silence, depth of the sea, the maker of stars, marrow of earth 
which for ever is timeless, and not ‘history’.”

JA  1992


Doodle 1.  I don't know where I am going with this.    I don't know how it generates an octohedron also.   Better to start with simple outlines.

Doodle 1. I don’t know where I am going with this. I don’t know how it generates an octohedron also. Better to start with simple outlines.  23.4.13


doodle 2 - tetrahedron octohedron sequence - copied from Jiva Carter.  This is more like it ...

doodle 2 – tetrahedron octohedron sequence – copied from Jiva Carter. This is more like it … 24.4.13


doodle 3 - generation of octohedrans through Cube.

doodle 3 – generation of tetrahedrons & octohedrans through Cube  24.4.13

There, that is a start.  I learn quite a lot by trying to copy this freehand.   A pair of tetrahedrons (a 3 becoming 4) form a cube.  The six sides and 8 corner points of the cube generate the Octohedron with its 8 faces.  When my inner eye starts to breed and brood these forms, and try to understand them, my mood distils and becomes sattvic.  They are the harmonies of the soul.

parent tetrahedrons (Yod, Heh) and their child (Vav), the cube of space.  (Second Heh) generates a new Family and its proliferating forms, from the centre point again.

Tetragrammaton – parent tetrahedrons (Yod, Heh) and their child (Vav), the cube of space. (Second Heh) generates a new Family and its proliferating forms, from the centre point again.

At the same time, I hear within – from the Himalaya range as from Mount Sinai:   Brahman … Brahma, Vishnu Siva – the Triangle or trinity within the One – YOD HEH VAV HEH.

And I hear “Nanda Devi”: her high mountain sanctuary – Shekhinah, veil or bride.   The mantras are awake.

Nanda Devi from Rishi Ganga gorge

Nanda Devi from Rishi Ganga gorge



4. The Pillar of Fire and of Cloud

Now a word concerning Technology.   We have an utterly primitive totem-pole attitude to this.  As Nassim Haramein demonstrates, genuine Technology has always been in the hands of hidden adepts.  Thus, the Arc of the Covenant was and is a living force field.  The unified field theory is no theory but a tetrahedral form:  Tetragrammaton – the consonants of the Name.

When the burning bush spoke, Moses had a speech defect.  He could not pronounce consonants easily.  Hashem gave him therefore another Name to teach to Israel:  consisting only of vowels, he would have no trouble in speaking it.  The Name shining through J H V H without impediment, is A H I H … Ahieh Asher Ahieh, I am that I am.

Sacred science does not only describe nature.  It charges it, reciprocally.  Stones for the pyramids and for Stonehenge were transported by a concerted “wave” technique – a rhythmic prana “cushion”, capable to influence their relative weight.   The Staff of Life – whose symbol comes down to us as the winged Caduceus – embodied the ida and pingala nadis which entwine the spine.  Such was Moses’ initiation with the serpent power, the rod, and the water from the rock.

Over the Great Magnetic Tabernacle which the children of Israel carried through the Red Sea, there shone a vortex of fire and of cloud.  It is written as a pillar.  It parted the Red Sea by spiral torque motion around itself/gravity, exposing for a moment of passage, the sea-bed sands.  It travelled over the Sinai desert, as the tribes matured through two generations, and led them.

The Tabernacle was a little galactic whirlpool – like our solar system in its path around the Milky Way.  Adapted to earth’s magnetic field, it curved gravity, space and time around the holy of holies – a core or nucleus.

The Tabernacle was an energy condenser of the Tetragrammaton – the primordial cycles of J H V H.   In this form, they were accelerated:  thus the atmospheric disturbances, plagues and quickening of human potential.

In the 21st century CE, the Hadron collider copies the principle in a primitive way.   It enormously speeds up and smashes atoms.   But the Tabernacle carried the fusion, not the fission.   It tinctured humanity’s cosmic psyche.  It rested, or it generated atmospheric unrest and Wisdom.  In the Old Testament it is written of in code as an angry Lord.  Indeed it was frightening when misunderstood, and it was revered.  Moses alone could handle the mosaic.   Nature – the Shekhinah – back-lashes when she is mishandled.

Solomon’s Temple of Wisdom built strong outer shields – equivalent to the leaden walls which contain a core reactor’s radiation.   In this element, the Staff of Life is a system of voltages, stepped down to make them accessible.


Tarot key 7 - The Chariot, showing sigils & insignia.  Enclosure:  stepping down the voltage of the Magician

Tarot key 7 – The Chariot, showing sigils & insignia. A symbol of Enclosure: this Key is a transformer.  It steps down the higher voltage of the Magician, key 1.  Note wheels of Ezekiel, with eyes, and the winged caduceus.  The Chariot moves in four directions simultaneously, and is at the same time still.


5. Technology

The higher technology is handled by esoteric schools and enlightened priests.   So far, down through history, the priesthoods initially inherited the Knowledge – its pure transmission –  then succumbed to power, corruption, ignorance and child abuse.   Nowadays, the priestly authority is questioned generally, and is self-examined;  which is some advance.

The technology is “invisible”.  It can be discovered through Self enquiry.  Everything, dark or light, which flowers and prevails within ourselves today and every day, has its seed in the present Kalpa – what the scientists call the big bang.   The Kalpa is one of an innumerable series, whose compass “only a Buddha can see, as revealed by another Buddha.

The Kalpa series – the in and out breaths of the Source – is not linear.  It is more like a dandelion clock:  the pulse of all presences, all times.  The seed is unbroken.  When an electro-magnetic field in particles and sub particles is broken apart, the bomb explodes with a tiny fraction of a lightning flash discharge, or distant supernova, or … consciousness Itself.   Consciousness is the unbroken dandelion seed in everything;  and no amount of tearing apart can isolate it.

images copy

The seed of hope

In the Godcosm are macrocosm and microcosm enfolded.

Technology in the hands and hearts of builders of the adytum, the school of the soul, the rosicrucean manifesto, raises the level of conscience and of cosmic participation.   It takes years, decades, generations, lifetimes.  It moves quietly through a ground of enormous resistance.  Its presence is a lubricant.  It shifts the gears of surface history just sufficiently, at crisis points.   An effective School travels light, without undue property, bureacracy or baggage.  It is not recognised in the public domain.   INTEGRITY’s organisation is minimal, and transparent.  A healthy body works hard, but the functions do not labour.   Each member of such a School is an oak inside the acorn: a nut inside a shell inside a nut: an ever expanding Tetrahedron series within the Circle-inscribed-Triangle J H V (H).  The individual as a conventional cult, dissolves into Individuation.

Whitecoat technology crows and coos at the toys in its crib.  Sophisticated electronic and cyberspace advances, games with DNA, war and genetic engineering – can copy basic automatic mechanisms of Mind.  The tools are indeed brilliant and helpful, but they do not generate health or true creativity.   For every dis-ease suppressed, another one pops up.  In the art world, it has become so easy to generate images, that we atrophy the use of our hands, and of the time and space of our being:  the organic way we truly see and grow.

A very few scientists (so called) access the dimension which is Conscious:  the inner tuition that every grain of the cosmos is a product of thought.  They approach, by acknowledging that in quantum theory, the investigating persona influences the result or feedback parameter.   Scientific method and verification is limited to the human creature’s perspective.   Without the conscience of our true cosmic role, we are indeed starved of its abundance, driven from the Garden, enslaved to economic perversions, and battling with a despoiled environment.  True Science – conscience –  begins when the pineal faculty – known as the third eye – opens.  The third eye opens wherever competition as a driven factor, is outgrown.   We are not fishes eating smaller fishes. We are “fishers of men” – of our humanity:  the crucial learning curve just now !

“We come not to the charm of your personality, but to the focus of your mind.”

The third eye opens where the Buddha nature – the All One – is revealed in its inescapable diversity.   The third eye opens with compassion, participation in the electro magnetic field as a whole.   The third eye is tight closed wherever the academics acclaim yet another theory or adaptation “to benefit the public”.

Buddha Chenrezig

Buddha Chenrezig

The third eye is a cosmic citizen.  It may open at any moment in any one of us:  but do we notice what we see? – (cf Sherlock Holmes !)  Practically speaking, the long training to notice what we see,  cannot be side-stepped.   The third eye of  “spiritual consumers” – the seekers after tablespoons of bliss, or to cancel their problems  – does not open.   For them, it is a mirage which opens, and keeps them thirsty.

Sacred India Tarot Durga detail - Rahu asura



6. The Red Sea Crossing and Covenant

In Exodus, the Angel of Death passed over each door where the third eye within was potentially open:  these “I”s of Israel and their offspring were chosen Keepers of the Covenant.   They carried the Covenant from Egypt, where it had begun to decay – to be forgotten and abused.   Pharaoh let them go, because of the plagues the Covenant brought down:   then sent his soldiers after them when he realised they – led by his adopted son Moses –  had removed the Covenant itself.

But the Covenant and its dirigibility bore a powerful magnetic field or rotation – centrifugal and centripetal.  It moved as a vortex of fire and of cloud.  The Children of Israel walked along the seabed as within the eye of a storm, or spiralling water funnel.

Nowadays, this crossing is depicted in a linear way:



The Red Sea closed around their passing and drowned the pursuing soldiers. To that dynasty was left an empty shell and its ossifying altars.   The Covenant was carried to the Mountain, over a 40 year initiatory period:  two generations.

We are pondering not a toy, but the ineffable – the vast beyond mind’s local grasp.  The Cosmic Law awakens wonder:  tenderness among ourselves:  respect.   We bow before the Ruach when awakened, as grass to the wind.

The children of Israel under Moses, were delivered from slavery.  They slipped out under the bar.   They slipped the Covenant out, under the bar, and “spirited” it away.   Moses had the Knowledge.  He went up Sinai to meet J H V H, and returned twice with the signs and sigils of the Torah   On his second descent, they were engraved as letters, through stone.

Tarot is another transmitter of Tora – the Law.

Tarot Arcanum 10 - The Wheel

Tarot Arcanum 10 – The Wheel or ROTA


bota cube sigil


BOTA Key 16

BOTA Key 16

Slavery is still our economic trap today.  This is due
to mishandling nature’s wealth and wisdom, so the
portions we have isolated for ourselves, are poverties.

On the Tree of Life, the triad-of-feeling, Yesod Hod Netzach circuit, where we plot and dream our lives, is our default state of slavery, or mortgage.   Hod-Netzach is the threshold of awakening – the Red Sea – which we cross, on our way to Sinai:  Tifareth.

On the Tree’s Queen Scale colouring, this crossing path is scarlet.   It carries the 17th letter PEH, which means the mouth and utterance: the House of God speaks.   PEH’s Tarot Key is 16, the Tower struck down by Lightning.   Awakening for many of us, is a lightning flash – a shattering incident – a revelation – a breaking of the chrysalis for the butterfly.

This Key’s vibration is scarlet – the speech of Mars.

Here is a paragraph from A Kabbalist Meditates on Time (17 July 2012):  “The Grand Cross in today’s heavens, is a potentially violent configuration in many views or frames;  yet in its essence is the intersection of T S Eliot’s “occupation for the Saint”.   It is for us, a portrait of time and of awakening.   In Exodus, the Children of Moses crossed the Red Sea from bondage to Mount Sinai, the promised land.   On the Tree of Life, this story is:  Yesod, the bondage or self-image.  Then Temperance, the probational path of honesty to Tifareth, the promised land.  

Key 14, Temperance, is coloured deep blue – in the Tree’s centre pillar. Across  Temperance, is Hod to Netzach, Key 16  – the path of Awakening (the Tarot’s Tower.)  

In the Tree’s Queen scale colours, this path is coloured red:  the path of Mars:  the Red Sea !”

Netzach Hod sketch, 22 april 13.  The crossing paths of Temperance (blue) and the Tower (red).  Yesod is the violet pool around the feet.  The path becomes indigo, as it flows into Malkuth.

Netzach Hod sketch, 22 april 13. The crossing paths (vertical and horizontal) of Temperance (blue) and the Tower (red). Yesod (personality) is the violet pool around the feet. The vertical path turns indigo, as it flows down into Malkuth.  Note: the rainbow and the Archangel’s robe of white light.   Copy from BOTA Key 14


BOTA The Star, Key 17

BOTA The Star, Key 17

Key 16 the Tower is followed by Key, 17, the Star woman.  Here, the speech is scarlet and contained:  Thoth’s bird in the background tree.   The shell fell away … from the truth within.

On the Tree, the vertical path through the threshold, the path linking Yesod to Tifareth, is called “Probation” or Temperance (see above sketch).   It tests our honesty, each step of the way.  It leads us into knowledge and conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel within.   The guide and guardian of Self realisation is Archangel Michael or MAHAEL of the Sun.  In a later post, we might look at how the Archangelic names are breathed, to embody them.



The symbolism of Exodus is dramatic, but ineffective if I just project it on my cinema screen.  So how should I walk with Exodus?   By attending to its content here and now;  my fear, my emotive slavery, my conditioned attitude to the world, my way of handling nature;  and where I am honest and where I tell lies.

Sacred India Tarot Buddha 10 of Disks - Version 2


How does the Covenant of Life live and grow and lead the way, in my heart?  How does the seed which my parents’ convergence sowed, develop?

Be objective!  Watch the flow of water, and of light.  Watch the space.


Home 2





Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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This piece for the spring equinox, on Solomon, complements my previous post about the Priestess, and the ongoing “Parvati themes” in janeadamsart.


Photo by British Everest expedition 1922

Photo by British Everest expedition 1922 … 16,000 feet

Head Lama, Rongbuk Monastery, 1922

Head Lama, Rongbuk Monastery, 1922


“Harbour the culture through chaos.  Conserve the culture through chaotic conditions.   The capacity to do so, is oasis.”  

I see Tibet behind Mount Everest, and also the shy bend of the River Torridge in North Devon, its swift mainstream, its quiet circling backwaters which observe.   I put a photo of it at the end of Parvati Waters Trees.

Solomon’s wisdom is in the mountains and sages of each place of time, as in the lilies of the field.  Before I discovered this aspect pattern in my birth chart, I had intuitively adopted the Seal of Solomon as my guiding Star and logos.

ja birth chart

My mandala:  something inherited:  a dedicated way.  My birth was painfully delayed (for my mother) until the moment when the Ascendent “earthed” a hexagonal concordance with the Nodes, Uranus opposite Venus, and the Part of Fortune.   Subjectively I was aware from earliest childhood, of beauty, and the microcosmic fact of Macrocosm.  The harmonic for me, is inescapable, and converges many old apprenticeships and skills.  It is transpersonal.  I view it objectively, and try to serve it well.


So:  capacity to conserve a culture, creates oasis.

The medieval monks in Europe conserved the culture through chaotic conditions – war, pillage, waste.  They kept their prayer and their libraries going.  These too got pillaged, but always resurfaced and carried on, maybe a century later.   In Tibet, the Rongbuk monastery is back in business.  What the monasteries truly have, is eternal and indestructible.  The Eternal Life rebirths, in the covers of a book or a body-mind.

modern rongbuk monastery,

modern rongbuk monastery, …  that, above the cloud, is the summit!


Perhaps I am an old illuminator of the manuscripts, sitting in a chilly stone library, like I so often sit in my chilly kitchen, tinkering along in the inward warmth, and rise stiff and cold.   Perhaps I receive the same cherishing that I gave to the old manuscripts and their lettering and their wisdom.   Perhaps I am tonsured, and even the Librarian:  the keys are in my belt, with my rosary.  The damp smell of old stone and vellum.   Scraping scratch of feathered pens.   Cold feet, always:  often, cold hands.  The Glory. Where am I?   Norway? France? North Germany?

kolbe rosary detail

kolbe rosary detail

In my soul rests a romantic residue of the monastic life, the gothic arch, the songs of prayer, male harmonies, brothers.  Were those happy lifetimes?  Fulfilled?  I know by hearsay that in monastic communities every individual petty misery is magnified.  I came into this birth with the warning:  “don’t be so selfish”.

Well, I suppose my feet are in sandals, and my robe is brown, and I love the Mountains which are the books of wisdom, eternally.  The Mountains erode the pages and stand as they are.  I know historyI know that the Knowledge returns from the flames of petty pyres and reoccupies the libraries, as fresh as a daisy.


On DNA racial analysis – human groups:  lineage, Levite, the colours in the stitches of Africa …. Solomon sent ships down the Red Sea – sailors went on land – mixture of genes …  beautiful Ethiopians?   Many are of Jewish origin.  Solomon’s bride is dark and comely – as was Parvati, Siva’s bride.

My friend Sarah who looks so English and sensible, researched and discovered her ancient African gene ancestry:  her privilege to find and be this body, today’s result (in progress) of countless converging lines of history – a hinterland.


Young bedouin - bin Ghabaisha, from photo by Thesiger

Young bedouin – bin Ghabaisha, from photo by Thesiger.  War and …

DNA is a physical web or template.  It sustains itself unceasingly, and does not change.   There is an interplay of physical and Karmic webs with the strands of the Spirit.  Slowly the soul merges with the Infantile in the womb – she may come from far away;  the earth root is tribal.  The soul has the flexibility of good and evil and selection.

Sarah notices distinct facial types of kindred spirit, as among musicians and singers:  their carriage or enthusiasm, their shared eccentricity.

(In “Prayer to the Moon” – ( look for “Animist Blog Carnival: The Shape of Time & Other Things”) – I found a 1980s video of Carl Sagan demonstrating the extraordinary flexibility and precision of DNA models, “light years” inside the depths of the cell … )

I enjoyed trying to play some Bach yesterday, piano – Allemandes and Sarabandes from the French and English suites … spell them out slowly.  They are very beautiful.

Arcanum 9 hermit ... and peace

Arcanum 9 hermit … and peace


Solomon Re-Membered

GEMATRIA is the “spelling”, letter by letter, of the Hebrew Alephbeis.   Each letter is a living spirit, a gesture, a hieroglyph of Hashem the holy One, for someone like myself, who can’t read Hebrew !  They each have numbers, which add up, expand and correspond universally.  Gematria, the science of numbers, is a gymnasium, extraordinarily profound.  It may tempt the monkey mind, a torrent of clever associations – a tasty Law of Correspondences.

But gematria, to live and build with, needs to be held for a long time on the tongue, and relished.

Hebrew for The Stars

The word Ha-KVKaBIM the Stars, is 103, the number of EBeN Ha-ADaM, Stone of Adam,

and of BoNAIM, the builders, masons (Essene word),

and of GNaN, to hedge about, protect, shield,

and of HVA Ha ELoHIM “He is God” ,

and of MaGeDVN, rendezvous, place of Armageddon or meeting,

and of MaGeNI, my shield.

These all have the mutual linking number 103, and are holy breaths.   The stars are the dust of Adam Qadmon.  They are strung together as desert sands, to build Sanctuary, and to fence the holy ground of God.  At  “armaggedon“,  place of meeting, rendezvous, they are my shield.

(Note that a similar word, Magid, means “inner teacher, enlightened spiritual guide.)

The miracle-bearing seed of the Royal House of David, is brought to Bethlehem the House of Bread.   The yeast is pounded down to rise:  meditation pounds it down.

“We must come to the Meggeden, and place of rendezvous.”   We must come to a holy place of meeting, with the Companions of the Light.   What is meditation but a repeated thought?  How simple it is.   Any thought, repeated enough, will solidify and manifest.   Sustained reflection on “what is true?” produces what appear to be miracles, and helps difficult relationships to unravel and deliver, in any plane of being, or history.

“Rendez-vous” means “Render yourself.”   This same root is Surrender:  to the indwelling Shekhinah, the Daughter of the Seven –  indeed the Daughter of Jerusalem who is dark and comely.   He makes an appointment with Her.  He seeks Her out, and to her faithful lover, Shekhinah unveils.” (Paul Foster Case)

It is the Song of Songs!

So I get to work.

The Occult doctrine is:  The Stone of Adam is the union of the Father Hokhmah with Tifareth the Son – a great Star surrounded by seven smaller stars.

Arcanum 17, Star

Arcanum 17, Star


The Bonaim, builders, share the secret doctrine, as did the Essenes.  The Builders of the Adytum disagree with Essenic celibacy, but concur with the Rosicrucean Manifesto that “our building, although one hundred thousand people had very nearly seen it, shall forever remain untouched, undestroyed and hidden in the wicked world.”


Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case


The pure teaching and practice of the Ageless Wisdom is not designed to be popular or to attract large numbers.  It is targeted.  It is the Adytum or Sanctuary in the third eye.  Paul Foster Case wrote, “In an unenlightened man it is in the same condition as the Temple at the time of David.  The materials are gathered, but cannot be erected into a temple by David, the warrior and man of blood.  They must wait for Solomon, whose name (Shalom) signifies “peaceful”.”

Then the Psalmist – his entire emotional spectrum in the Songs –  was the Shield for Solomon’s Song and Seal within.  Magendovid means “Shield of David” – for the Star itself is Solomon’s Seal.  David is “the Beloved”.  In modern Israel, the Temple – except in some communities, and in vistas far transcending politics – is relatively dormant.  The magendovid became a secular flag.  But the Covenant is in the air we breathe.

“Solomon comes down to us largely as allegoryHis name is the rising Sun:  SOL OM ON – Latin, Sanskrit, Egytian.  Each syllable and the triad which combines them, symbolises Tifareth.”

 (Paul Foster Case)

Solomon's Cube, Emblem 6

Solomon’s Cube, Emblem 6

The Covenant, the Shekhinah, is placed in a Cubical room.  This is the flower at the heart of the Cube of Space, extending toutes directions:  JHVH and the weathercock.  Here and now, it awakens.   When the i-habit drops into the deep, the Covenant arises;  words or phrases trickle through the silence one by one.   This is the goal of spiritual exercise:  to grasp the Staff of peace.   The Staff is the Key to all history, and is common to each soul who finds it again.  The Staff is the collective cosmic Knowledge – Daat on the Tree of Life –  when Solomon’s Seal with the Cube it forms, AWAKES.   Where else can it awake, but here?

BOTA cube, star, weathercock

BOTA cube, star, weathercock

Before the Cube of Solomon awakes, tools to build the Temple lie on the ground waiting for instruction.  Their fascinating flat shapes in theory were and are seized and discussed by the learned of all cultures …  like the story of the Elephant and the Blind Orthodox Scholars … like  fragments of a mirror to put in a museum.

elephant story

But inside the invisible Elephant, a sage and student stroll towards sunrise … the interior light and conversation common to All:  the heart.

solis luna conjunctio

Isis gathered the scattered pieces of Osiris, to conceive from him their child Horus.  When the Seal of Solomon is re-membered, in a twinkling it catches fire and VOLUME, a burning bush in the heart:  eternal Life.  Then I know I am a little lens placed near the ground, for the Cosmic prayer of Natural State unceasing.   I am a raindrop.  I am given the moment shared, which hides the scholarly centuries.

Before it strikes, I don’t know what or where it is.  When it strikes, it is unsought, innocent and entire.  Sacred geometry enkindles it.   The magendovid protects and kindles my desire to let it pass on through my transparency.  When this movement sings in the temple of the soul, I am stepped beyond the petty reasonings, petitions or words of the world.  Here is source, like the language in the church roof in The Knight.   I, the smudgy creature on the floor, pick up the correlation and scribe it.  Scribing, as in monastic lifetimes, holds my attention here in sanctuary.

Nothing in all the world is as repetitive as the Ageless Wisdom in the blood:  the pulse.  The drum of the rain.

So many temple cloths and churches get torn down, to disclose again the Adored ADONAI, KABOD the Glory.

Whatever may happen for secular Israel, the beauty of its hidden communities flowering over rock, salt and sky, extends far and near, like sturdy ground-climbers, and will survive and prevail as the human core:  peace.  At the root of all Israel’s thought is SOLOMON, Shalom, the peace:  keep the peace, even through concrete walls.   In this broad picture, the secular combat is a house of cards – a delusion.  It rose and fell many times in the old and new testaments.

“The truth is:  war will not work.  The peace is not with the politicians, but in the heart of the people.  The peace is in the young of both sides, who are tired of the war.”   

I feel and smell the sweet wind, the milk and honey.   The delusion and mutual enemies are a curtain to go right through, to collapse:  it is but a second in the pause of God.   We Judaeans, Levites, Arabians, Kurds, Chaldeans and Yemenites are a people of Allah, a city of JHVH, and as the everyday mindset, mostly we forget this;  and when we forget, we suffer and are tense with an enemy around us, or busy/superstitious with our golden calves.

An ancient habitation of my soul has roots in the silver sand no wind removes – the tablets of the Mountain.  Back in 1971, travelling a tiny corner of the Sahara, I saw the Book of the Ages:  no human fancy, chemistry or invention is other than the strata of those rocks and dunes, and the faces and histories the wind draws.  I saw where ‘I’ begin, between grains of sand numberless as those of Ganges in the Buddha nature.

I would not have this understanding, had not my soul been Jewish, many, many times …  as well as being a scribe in Christendom, strange yet integral descendent of Judah:  the Word is love.   As a keeper of the Book, keep practicing.   Hold the flame, keep it burning.   It gathers its own.   ‘Gathertegen’ was my imaginary childhood city of God, where all the best toyshops were.   It is in the gentlest of the breath, the rising falling tide…  the immense horizon of the view.

When Moses came down the Mountain … when Yeshua went up the hill to pray …   In Moses the Holy One struck a match aflame and spoke:  “I AM THAT I AM – go and tell them that.”  In Yeshua the YOD is Father, his source:  for give.


Each morning when I write, I go up the hill to pray, not remembering why, until I am here.  The spark is Netzach, the friction of life.   In a motor, this generates the engine.   Netzach is Nature, the Tree of Life’s power base.   The friction of lightning and rain in Earth’s aeons, generated life.  The friction of male and female re-kindles the soul, a lamp in the womb for the soul.

Hebrew for shema israel


A very old man sings this, his movement of ancient joy and sorrow down the generations, eternally young.  It rocks his cradle and tefillin.  He told me that after his son was born, he ran naked into the salty sea to release his tribute to Shekhinah.

Egyptian AmunRa brought forth the cosmos from his penis, self pleasuring, God to behold God.   Which of the Schools dare to tell us, that God’s condition is joy?  Genesis is joy?  The tsim-tsum is joy?   Erotic, cosmic joy?   It is too intimate to be “believed in” !   (Messiaen’s music, sometimes:  Turangalila 4th mvt, and Turangalila 5th mvt, Joie du Sang des Etoiles.  Just try dancing out the cobwebs to this! /and see the Picasso drawing on the second one./ And if possible, get hold of Andre Previn’s 1978 recording of Turangalila.)

Every atom of the universe is joy.   This is our seed, our being.   Look at the vast numbers of ways this is misconstrued, abused, misinterpreted – such drab fantasies about virgins in paradise.

The propaganda develops when the fact of joy is forgotten:  when local intellect usurps and obscures the fact, it gradually fashions a sitting duck for its own invention – the self-destruct.

Yet everything both light and dark, is a version of God unto God.  What dogma closes and confines?  What opens, heals and liberates?

Arcana 6 Lovers - Version 2

Arcana 15 devil


If I lived the devil backwards, I see the point again.   This is what Arcanum 15 reveals and teaches:  dissolving the cramped effigy on his throne, into 6, the Lovers at Tifareth who give each other space and time.


Star Cross & Crescent

Star Cross & Crescent

Star, Cross and Crescent … let there be peace.

Peace and let there be peace to all beings, is a dry formula only, rattling on the sand, until stirred with the Water of Life – Yeshua turned away from the rabble and drew in the sand –  a reality of joy, a reality of Sangha.   This Sanskrit word for “Companions” is the same as the French for blood – Sang-Real:  the Grail, the bloodline, the carrier of the Sun:  SOL.

The Holy Grail is not a Cup or category.  The Holy Grail is a transmission, the bloodline, the Family of God, the JHVH.  It has no end;  and we see within, our Self.


Rudra Immerses

The myths of Siva-Rudra’s linga, thrust into the Water of Life, were sustained by yoga.  The moments of human ecstasy, eros and Light are brief in the daisy chain. The stems of the daisy chain are interwoven.  So we find out how to concentrate that continuity, the seed in the vessel.  Oak in the acorn.  The deep human learning curve is to forsake a “selfish” sexuality, to convert erotic feeling by metanoia, to the common good.   Tantra and alchemy have the practice, and it is the language all mystics use.   Some versions are celibate, but this is not mandatory.

ida craddock sketch

ida craddock sketch

The mandate is a  spiritualized, subtle, sustainable sexuality:  a Sivaic perpetuity before the peak as it were.   Through this medium, transmission flows.   It is similar to the radiation from rocks and flowers, human to human, star to star.   Ida Craddock taught it to Victorians, and was hounded to her death by outraged male chimney-pots and the church.  They were scared of having their black holes in petticoats taken away from them.  The Pulpit thundered.

Sexual honesty is a human Achilles heel:  the preference is fantasy, guilt, romance, fast in-and-out, and domination.   Sexual-spiritual Odyssey is likely to explore any one, or some of these completely, towards the light.


sunmoon seal of solomon


Then I remembered and found this bit of Solomons Song …
verses by Alan Jacobs and JA, June 1995

“For dark am I, and ardent,
singed and seared by scorching sun
to taste the vine.”

“Our house has beams of cedar,
our bed is green, your eyes are doves in flight.”

“As an apple among the wood,
do you stand out from youth,
I bask beneath your shade
and your fresh fruits are sweet as truth.”

“O that your left hand rest over my head,
your right hand in my heart!
Daughters of Jerusalem
awaken not Love, till He wills …
Hear His voice! how bounding over hills
my lover leaps
like stag or young gazelle,
gazing in through our lattice.”

“Scent of green fig,
oh dove, hidden in rocky clefts,
let me see and touch your face –
catch the little foxes that maraud the vine.”

“How fair you are, my darksome dear,
your eyes behind your veil are doves,
your raven locks are flocks of goats
descending Gilead in silken droves.”

“Your teeth are a herd of sheep just shorn,
come up from Jordan’s streams:
each with lambs is blessed, not one unborn,
your lips are scarlet thread that gleams.”

“Your cheeks are pairs of pomegranate
in a veil of wind swept fields,
your neck is King David’s tower of granite
hung with a thousand warriors’ shields.”

“Your two breasts as pair of soft young roes,
feed among lovely lilies white
till break of dawn with the rose
as shadows flee the light.
I will rise and reach the mountains of myrhh
and hills of golden frankincense.”

“Your lips sip sweet as honey comb,
the milk beneath my tongue,
your fragrant robe as fresh as foam,
a love-locked garden rose, my bride so young.”

“Sealed spring, a crystal fountain
cinnamon scent of orchard spice
streams down the sacred mountain,
aloes, henna, nard and saffron rice.”


“I sleep, but heart and soul awaken
to my lover at the door: his voice to my plight
calls:  open my sister, beloved, by me be taken,
my head is wet with dew, my locks with drops of night.”

“My lover thrust through the door’s latch his hand,
my bowels were moved for him, so dear.
I rose to my beloved, to see him stand,
my fingers dripped sweet scent of myrrh.”

“I opened;  but how? he had turned and gone! 
What did he say? the soul within me failed. 
All night I sought him, till the dawn 
calling his name, grief struck, impaled.”


“The watchmen found me, lost in the city
as they were going about;  they beat and bruised me.
Keepers of walls, they had no pity –
tore away my cloak, defiled and used me.”

“I charge you O daughters, if you find
him, tell
 him I am sick and faint with love.”

“As cedar of Lebanon, tall his frame,
 my bridegroom, beloved his name.”


“Where did he go?
to his rose garden fled. 

I am his;  the beloved is mine. 
He browses in the lily bed.”

“In my nut garden standing still,
the golden Sun sinks into a silver Sea.”

“My love, like a wild stag
or young gazelle,

abounds on mountains of spices:
all is well.”

A.J. 1995

Arcana 6 lovers - Version 1




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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New Sciences: 17th Century Dawn of Aquarius


Point from in between - the centre is the corner edge of the cube of space

Point from in between – the centre is the corner edge of the cube of space

Here is a poem of turning point – circa 1600 AD – where Johannes Kepler’s intuition of gravity gave birth to Newtonian sciences:  the scientific method was a child of the Renaissance.  Some Kabbalists say this was the dawn of the Aquarian Age – through the Piscean Age’s declining ecclesiastic extravagance.

If each precessional Age passes its first quarter through the Karmic shadow of the receding one, our present time is truly a threshold.  An Aquarian response-ability (global and individual) must awaken from  penumbra, urgently.  Symbolically at this point, a pope grows old and infirm, and resigns.   It is an opportunity for real growth – poorer in material resources, richer in spiritual verities.

Kepler, who lived, worked, travelled and corresponded through the discordant violence of the Thirty Years War, was Pythagorean by nature.

There was far more to Isaac Newton than people knew.  He was an alchemist and seer. Most of his knowledge of the universal motions was discarded, in favour of a mechanistic clockwork science … which quantum physics later demolished.

Seeing only the surfaces is what keeps us asleep.   Those who – like Kepler and Newton – contemplate the space between trees and houses, between planetary orbits, musical notes and tones, between falling apple and the ground:  those who see from in between … their vision helps us to wake up, and keep awake.


Johannes Kepler with planet platonic intervals - 1992

Johannes Kepler with planet platonic intervals – 1992


Light years have super-charged to breaking point
the chrysalid for butterfly,
and cracked the fledgeling’s shell.

Within the vault of art,
light years capture boundless stars
for intimacy.

At first, they flew as birds,
inscribed within Divinity.
Later on, they died – chunks of orbiting rock
whose wings had flown away !

Measurement begins, but ends.
When the coffin smashed, the pelican of alchemy fled
to the strong child within her breast.

Lunation Cycle 1991

Lunation Cycle 1991


On a watershed
straddling sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, stood
an astygmatic mystic named Johannes
to whose inner ear the heavens opened Harmonies.
Born in Germany’s black forest
under skies calamitous with dissonant drifts of Mars
in F-sharp Libra to attune,
this man played cupid to Pythagoras
with New Sciences.
Through his eczematic eyes
and ecstatic frenzied math, the spheres
entering one another, cross fertilise.

Then Isaac
Newton entered the frame
to wind the clock.


Spirals, lifetimes, Jacobs Ladder 1992

Spirals, lifetimes, Jacobs Ladder 1992


In Gothic art, the Masters’ eye
approximates our intimacy.
My nature incomplete,
receives and loves the universe.

Her urge to inscribe the hidden Whole Circle,
comes to the waters, kisses the lips
and forms ellipse.


Binah 1990

Binah 1990

Divine mechanics are not mechanical – as Isaac knew.
The clock wound up, unwinds;
and all things uncoiling spiral, move.

Like albumen across the egg
our planets around the Sun’s gold yolk
– as He around a greater Wheel is thrown –
have formed ellipses, swept through equal arcs
with equal periods of the solar broom:
space as time.   Time as space ...

gravatar rose egg

With driven pulse,
Johannes like the Little Prince
and riding his mother’s witch stick
stood in the Sun’s fiery heart
to find this out.

This, Isaac knew,
standing on the shoulders of Johannes
to get the view.

Keplerpage 6  hourglass


Keplerpage 7 broom


In musical theory,
strings on a keyboard tuned to logical linear mode
un-neighbour one another.

In musicians’ art, our piano keys, triple strung,
are tuned by ear to the octave fore and aft,
and orbiting middle C.

In all philosophy, the triad’s centre string
evokes the Resonance above, below.
This also, Isaac knew.

Isaac’s clever followers
washed away his strong child at play
when they let the water out and blocked the well:
(the bottom of their bowling bucket broke.)

grace, 1956

grace, 1956


The living Mystery in bodies whom Divinity inscribes,
embraces vast journeys of stars.

Within the unseen mover of things,
elliptic ovoid rings encircle the Sun
and time’s amber waves flow
across a Tree of Life:

“take, eat, this is my body.”

The Solar Egg curves above, below,
throughout our plane – a nest of spheres
whose harmony unseen, is heard.

Heaven’s children are not truly seen, but heard –
when they laughed,
when scientific quantum tripped
and stumbled over

druid stones
around the rose garden.

From The Masters’ Eye, 2004/5/9

Kepler's planetary Chalice


Kepler's Platonic solids on the Tree of Life

Kepler’s Platonic solids on the Tree of Life


And another poem – a true story of Kepler’s nemesis:

The Astronomer TYCHO de BRAHE

At table,
the fat Emperor of Egg O’Baldy twirls
handlebar moustache, rubs shining salve
on gold and silver nose
sliced by duelling impetuous youths,
and rules the salad with a rod of iron.

The glutton tyrant
held in his balls the vital measurements of Mars.
At the end he couldn’t even
piss them;  so he died.

From  The Masters’ Eye, 2004/5/9

Three Graces, after botticelli 1957

Three Graces, after botticelli 1957





Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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