Stump the Guru – Santa Robert Xmas, part 2

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To continue a sort of big Xmas card:   transcripts from the late Robert Adams (21 January 1928 – to 5 March 1997) whom I visited in Arizona, in 1996.   He is much loved.

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“It’s so simple.  Lift your head up to heaven, and you’ll be in heaven.  Hang your head down to hell, and you’ll be in hell.  The world has absolutely nothing to do with it, nor do people.  You have the freedom to be known as Brahman.  And you have the freedom to be known as the person who has problems.  The choice is yours.  The choice is always yours. 

“How do you feel about yourself right now?  Do you really like yourself, appreciate yourself?  It makes no difference what position you’re in, or what you are doing in life.  You can’t say you like yourself, if you have a good job and make a lot of money and are the healthiest person on earth.  These things have absolutely nothing to do with it, for you are not the body!  You are not who you think you are!

“Let go all the thoughts about yourself, good or bad.  Right now, let go of everything – everything that has ever bothered or hurt you – drop it.  Lift yourself up to the highest!  where there is no pain, no lack, no limitation.  This is the land of the Buddha, the end of samsara.  In the land of the Buddha, there is only peace and quietness and joy.  You have crossed the ocean of samsara, and are truly free right now.  Your burdens have been expunged, you no longer have to carry your Karma around with you – Samsara, Karma, is all finished for you.

“Feel this.  Feel your freedom;  the freedom from being confined – feel free from this.  You are consciousness, pure awareness, and you encompass the whole Universe.  How beautiful it is!  All fear has left you.  You are seeing the whole world as a dream.  It can never hurt you again.  It has no power.

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“The only reason you’ve been hurt previously, is due to the fact you have thought of this world as being real, and you have reacted to it.  But now you’re beginning to see that this world is MAYA.  It is a dream, and you are the dreamer.  When you are asleep, you are total peace.

“You have a dream about a war;  you’re in the war, you get wounded, your leg has to be amputated, you go through all kinds of experiences;  and then you wake up, and you feel refreshed, you had a long beautiful sleep, but you were dreaming about the war, about the experiences.  This is how it is right now for you.  The whole world, the whole Universe that you behold, is YOUR dream, and you are taking it for real!  This is where suffering ensues. You take this world for real, and you react to it, but you are reacting to a dream;  and as long as you keep reacting to this world, you will never awaken. 

“Catch yourself thinking.  Ask yourself, Who thinks?  Be truthful to yourself.  Say ‘I think.’  But then realise that you’re not the I !  So ‘I thinks’, and you have absolutely nothing to do with it.  Then where does this ‘I’ come from?   ‘If I have absolutely nothing to do with it,’ you say to yourself, ‘why is the I there?  Why does it present itself to me?’

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“By that very question, the ‘I’ will be dissolved.  It will find absolute freedom.  You have to learn to keep enquiring within yourself.  Nobody outside of you can help you – all the answers are within you.  YOU are the answer!  Feel how wonderful this is!  All the answers that you are looking for, are within your Self. 

“What have you been searching for?  Whatever your needs are, they’re all within your Self – you’ve got everything you need within your Self.  Dive deep within your Self – don’t be afraid to let go.  Nothing will ever hurt you again. 

“As you are sitting here this way, all of this stuff that has been holding you back from your highest good, is melting away – feel this happening !  All those things that held on to you so long, in the form of disease, lack, limitation or unhappiness of any kind, or ignorance, feel it all dissolving right now.  Feel it happening. 

You are the divine One.  You are the One which has always been
and that which will always be.  You are awareness, total joy and peace.

“You do not have to try to make it happen;  it’s already happening.  There is nothing you have to do.  Just: 

Be still and know that I am God.  Be still and know that I am God.

“Say this to your Self, not your ego, not the personal I, but to I AM, which is really you, which is God.”

Be still and know that I AM God.  Be still and know that I AM God.

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“It is now time to play ‘Stump the Guru.’

“No stumpers today?  Well I’ll have to ask you if you have any questions?”

Student – “Yes, I have something … a disciple went to the Master and asked him, ‘do you and I live in the same world?’ and the Master said, ‘yes we do, but there is a difference, and that is, you think you live in the world, and I know the world lives in me.’  That seems to be the whole deal in a nutshell.”

Robert – “Yes, in a nut shell.  The whole world is in a nut shell.  Anyone else like to say something?  Ask a question?  Any stumpers over there?”

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Student – “Robert, please describe what is compassion, where does it come from, does it in reality exist?” 

Robert – “A being who has transcended the small self, becomes the epitomy of compassion automatically.  Compassion really means when you leave everything alone and you love it.  You have a joy in your heart for everything you see, the good, the bad and the ugly.  It means you’re not judgemental, you are free, and you let everything else be free.  True compassion is as if in a dream you come over and help a person because you realise he doesn’t know he’s dreaming.  You have a great compassion for everything that is happening – for all humanity – for the suffering that is going on.  Even though you understand it’s a dream, you do not become arrogant and cynical and say, Oh this is this way and that is like that and will happen this way and I’ll fix this and take care of that and do that.

“You keep silent.  In this silence is compassion, great love, for everything that exists.  The ground upon which you stand is holy ground.  The whole universe is God.  Everything is God, and compassion for all things: animals, insects and every kind of vegetation.

“This is a virtue of consciousness.  As you work on yourself and develop yourself, compassion comes by itself.  You have compassion for those who abuse you, for those who cause problems in the world, for you know they are asleep. Living the mortal dream, they cannot help what they do.  Compassion will come of its own accord.”

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Student: – “What is infinity?  Is a jnani and infinity the same, or equal?” 

Robert: – “Everything is infinity.  Everything is infinite. The Jnani is infinite, infinite like the sky.  Emptiness is infinite, total, boundless space.  The substratum beyond space is infinite.  The glue that holds the planets together in their orbit is infinity.  Everything beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond thoughts, is infinity.  Infinity is just another word for Consciousness.  When you speak of a jnani, there’s no such thing as more or less.  A jnani encompasses everything.  So we cannot say that infinity is different.  Infinity is the jnani, the same as pure awareness.  It is all infinity, there is no separation.  It’s all the same.  It is all one.  It’s only when the mind starts to think, that it is broken up into segments and duality.  Go beyond the words.

“… Think of going out into the sun.  The closer you get to the sun, the more the heat. The closer you are to a jnani, the more the reality, the truth in yourself. 

“The jnani is like a force of power, electrical charge, always emanating peace.  If you feel this, then accept it.  When a jnani has transcended the whole world, all the power of the Universe is in the jnani.  It is all One and all pervading.  

“But a manifestation of consciousness became the jnani, just as the sun shines, and each ray from the sun is different.  So it is with the jnani.  Awaken to this truth – you are that.  There is no difference between you and me – you see a difference – I don’t!

“Infinity does not act.  If you would imagine a power that takes up all space and time, there’s no space anywhere, for the power takes up all space.  You can’t say there’s space and something else, for there’s no place for anything else.  Again, you can’t say that the jnani is infinity.  There’s only infinity.  It doesn’t end!”

19.  Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas !




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