Discoveries with Tarot and a Garden (4) – A Valley and a Train


zodiac with ophiocus

“From Journal 24 May 2011:  A Valley with a Train – (with quotes from Paul Foster Case and the Pattern on the Trestle Board)

AVE:  Work on the personality is perennial.   Transformation in the knots and edges is slow.   Wholeness of truth is assured, and there is no hurry.

At the grade of lesser adept, we integrate Tifareth.   A greater adept is at Gevurah, Exempt adept is at Hesed, Master of the Temple at Binah, Magus at Hokhmah, and Ipsissimus at Kether.

tree of life for group work

tree of life for group work

In Paul Foster Case’s words, “‘Passing’ from Gevurah to Binah, one makes and keeps an adjustment of consciousness which permits him to receive the full impact of the influx from NShMH, as the influx pours outward and downward from Binah” – a wonderful depiction of the Chariot on this path.

… “One who listens to a radio overcomes the limitations of space and time and becomes virtually present in the room where the programme originates.”


Know the oak – seated where its branches flower – and look up into the Crown.

bota key 7 The Chariot

The sphinxes that draw the chariot represent the light and shadow of the Great Magical Agent.  “The field of his mastery is speech, the power attributed to the letter CHETh. This includes all verbal expressions of thought …   He uses words as building stones, the vibratory values of various combinations of sounds, and the ideas which correspond to those sounds. By directing the subtle forces of sound, combined with thought, he builds himself a body which resists every hostile force. Filled with understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation.  

“He makes no plans, is never anxious, and has little curiosity concerning the future. He sees the immediate and sometimes the distant future as a present reality.”



Yesterday I walked from Chesham to Kings Langley, along the great Herfordshire Way – one of the noble paths of England.   I pick up the Hertfordshire Way after some miles, just east of Flaunden.   It was windy and all the way I smiled to hear the deep song in the trees, with the birds;   the absence of any city sound or square – the wide spread of fields, woods and green wheat.   Another volcano erupted in Iceland – on the day (21st May) the world was predicted yet again to end, by some chap in New York.


The wind in the trees is the subtle force of sound – as stated above. There were many wild roses, and two poppies, and buttercups   It was my holiday away from London, but both Mrs Tiggy and D rang me.   Mrs Tiggy has had a chat with C, and one of her beloved cats got run over, and lost his tail.   D wrote Can I pop over to see him after my walk, please.  I began to worry as usual, if he’s upset with something – the Zombies etc.- and was a bit cross that my time out was no longer open ended.  I had planned to walk all the way to Brickets Wood station north of Watford; but when I reached Kings Langley after four hours, I was suddenly tired and aching, and the wind turned cold with specks of rain: I would not have enjoyed going further. There stood a station and a fast train to Euston; I was at Alum Way by 7.15 and home by 8.30, so it all worked perfectly.

Young wheat

Young wheat

The interdependence is quite hard to keep steady and in its proper field. I curve to D very readily, and imagine nervous scenarios.   Do I allow too much dependency?    My duty and my own dependency is quite transfigured with the fresh pleasure of seeing him: though his voice on the phone is often an irritation.  He now thanks God for the black wrought-iron spiked gate the Zombies installed, to barricade their front entrance from his and the Sisters’.   It sets off his plants and hanging baskets handsomely. The tall green garden gate I made, with its rounded points, retaliates hilariously.


Listening to the sound in the trees – the Hierophant – are the mice and men of small daily plans and how they actually work out. That in itself is beauty.   Gevurah in relation to Tifareth, is the string’s fine tuning: the composition of a Master painting – Rafaello’s geometry.   Gevurah is the appreciation of beauty. I recognise the manifestation of the undeviating Justice in every circumstance of my life. In all things great and small, I see the Beauty of the divine manifestation. Justice is ultimately “juste” – the tuning of a key, the vital equilibrium of its triple string.

What is beautiful?   the fact that at a given point during my long walk, I wore out, and was translated at a right-angle across my path, onto a train and into the next lease of energy – for I lay down to bed quite late, and slept well.   Never force my body through the breaking point – not any more.

A trainee receives insights from the “higher garden”, packing them systematically into the lower. The insights are Reality.   In this context, I am every grade and gradient of the path: for Ipsissimus is eternal, here and now, descending to “lower” grades – incarnations – to solve specific problems of algebra, bio-geometry or calculus. The ascent is an illusion of life and time.   Kether is with me always.

Paul Foster Case discusses the grades in his The True and Invisible Rosicrucean Order, and in other works.

“If he has something to do which demands physical exercise and dexterity, he centres his consciousness deliberately in GVPh (Malkuth). If his work is concerned with the forces of the astral plane, he moves his centre to the Vital Soul, Yesod. For an intellectual problem he shifts focus to the field of Hod, and for an activity of desire, to Netzach.”

This is another statement of how the Magus embodies, by identifying with the various densities, and how I detect those incremental forces. For me to sleep, the bodies must be aligned, and they seldom are.   Out on a walk, when fatigue drops away, it is because the Spirit is aligned with my hips and feet.   When the alignment is not, my feet hit the ground, I feel tired and clumsy – a long way for children to walk.   These conditions alternate.   It is extraordinary to incarnate, but mostly overlooked, because the physical states are overwhelming .   Hindsight shows the pattern:   a tired walker, a valley with a train.

Arcanum 18

Key 18 is the journey.   Look at the wind of the Adept in my wild rosebush.   A Master of the Temple – all those levels of embodiment – is the force of heaven, always.

rose in saucer

It is lovely to be on the receiving end, and to know I am known – even if briefly.   Each spark of knowledge is vast like a star. They brood within my wood.

Something – the archetypes of Key 18 arising? – makes me sleepy now.


nureyev & fonteyn





Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Alchemical Ethics – Part One


Ethics in philosophy denote the essence or highest expression of our being.

The ethical plane dawns when the mind is quiet. Ethics are fluid monuments in human consciousness, as the ageless wisdom forms – the ideal platonic forms.

nilakunta magendovid


I am reminded that no one can agree on ethics except the sages among those mountains. What is good? What is beautiful? What is true? What is a noble way to conduct a relationship and to listen to others?

Gene Keys Golden Path Program

link to gene keys website

In the gene keys teaching of shadow, gift and siddhi for instance, we are invited to observe our shadow deeply – which releases the gift –  and to hold the siddhi and gift around our loved ones. The siddhi is a standing distillation in human nature. It is a great effort to see through my dirty shop window into the room inside. Contemplation of sacred platonic geometry – I believe and feel – nourishes my thought to flower ethically, in a way which is true to nature. I feel sometimes the stillness of these qualities of higher humanity;  to be honest to the moment and what it embraces. Honour the trust in life.

Lilyrose 1 copy

The platonic forms are resonances, melodic notes.

For me, my closest friendships are alchemical processes, and sometimes the astrological synastry – the combined charts – forms a pattern, an ideal form to recall during rough waters.   In my birthchart, the angles of Ascendent, Venus, Uranus and the Karmic nodes formed a Star of David/Seal of Solomon.  In the combined synastry of myself with two of my companions, that same Star forms – almost.  It is work in process.

I find this dimension fascinating.  Some of the aspects in the two synastry charts are not exact, but they lead to the guiding principle.  I drew just the principle features. Also of interest is D and C’s “planetary exchange” through Aries and Taurus:  they are interwoven in an elemental way.  Behind the cloud patterns of our relationships on earth, these elegant correspondences show we are all connected:  a rich Karmic tapestry for the great Work.

In the old days, before I discovered my Star of Solomon aspect-pattern with the Nodes, it was already my guiding star. I love it.  I rest with it, through storms of life. It turns out to be very durable. It seems to make the relationship fruitful, fresh and willing, with a capacity for light and shadow, for challenge, adaptation and change. The ascending triangle is masculine: the descending triangle is feminine; they interpenetrate. The hexagonal geometry of the compass directions, and of solar rays, creates a Cube of Space.

Diagram, cube, weathercock

Solomon's Cube Emblem 6 copy

I want to be true to my ethical foundation, and to let it guide.  The presence of a hidden treasure – which loves to be known – tempers and sustains the bumpy life expression.

Ethics are frequencies pitched on the string.

The ethic is not based on opinion or viewpoint which collapses. Ethic is being true to act in the best interest of the moment which embraces life. There is a responsibility for it not to cause hurt. Pages packed with moral statements are meaningless – my moral defense collapses. My moral defense is irrelevant, conditioned and a waste of time. True ethic is intuitive, intuitional – be true to what I am and what this moment is.

It is silent:  it acts.

Krishnamurti is here – he jettisons the mind’s toilsome wiles.

When we connect to embrace an ideal, to enrich the work of the world, and the human family, there is meaning.  It exists to serve.  When it goes no further than ‘the me and the me’, it tends to go dull or break up.   But when the need rises to rest together, the talk stops.  I feel in touch with what we do and its peculiarity, which suits the time and place. It seems to be a requirement which defeats the mind. It is orchestrated.  It doesn’t take much energy or space, and it doesn’t make baggage: it is carried as light.   I think we all encounter paradox.

My view of ethics honours the astrological resonances, for these are strands of great and subtle beauty that lie along human beings awaiting recognition. Aligning with our higher self, all is well. It doesn’t subtract from relationships, but enhances them. There is a radical Sufi potential: to do the beautiful.

Ethics are much written about, but they are a state of contemplation.   There are citadels of spiritual exercises, duties, meditations, yogas and reminders; but if the path of peace opens with a hint of elder Eden in nature through fire and ice, tooth and claw, all that learning is pointless. It is yet necessary, to graze in this field of trial and error;  to develop a spiritual muscle to withstand complexity, and prevail.

group mandala 2015

Here is a human mandala.  They met the Shadow of the Star, Cross and Crescent in Tifareth and sang and prayed for peace. Each of the 22 participants represented a path of the Tree, an animal of Ezekiel and a card from the Secret Dakini Oracle.  Over the last couple of weeks, Uranus and Pluto formed the seventh and last of a series of locked “squares” (a right angle) in Aries and Capricorn.  As these giant archetypes of change and transformation draw slowly apart – for Uranus begins to detach and move ahead of Pluto –  we may hope that some of the political and local tensions over the last three years, may ease.   Aries is the sign of birth:  Capricorn carries old institutions.  The cardinal collision is between rigid patriarchal systems and the Age of Aquarius:  a new community.  We can reflect on multiple levels of this.

During the Uranus-Pluto square I had a bad fall while helping to manage D’s young black German Shepherd.  I hurt my back and caught a virus –  tugged open in all directions with the planetary stress that day.  It is all recovered now;  a clearing-out initiation,  to embrace the  Nefesh – the animal kingdom.

The human/wild creature symbiosis in all its beauty sent a shock through my system.  She is called Maya.  She is an affectionate and powerful creature, very bright – she came to D just three weeks ago.  We play with her on the floor and hug her, and teach her, and out of doors in the green places she runs free …  and runs …  and runs for the ball, like a panther.   Wolves and sheepdogs are tireless.  She is pure gleaming black, a black fox.  What a spirit!   These pictures were taken on the second day with her – we tied a long washing-line to a tree.  Two days later she was off the lead.  It is amazing how she centres her freedom to her human pack-leader, how saucy she is, and how she loves.


Yesterday I read the 55th gene key, and some of its related material.  If you visit the website in the gene keys link above, and click on ‘gene keys book’, you can read the whole of Richard Rudd’s chapter on the 55th gene key – the Dragonfly’s Dream.  It describes the pressure of the transformative mutation we are in, and the conversion of the Shadow of Victimization into the Gift and Siddhi of Freedom.  Our Shadow manifests the tension leaving the world, like smoke. Yes, it is dark and obscuring and it is all we can see at present; but those who cannot resonate with what is to come, will tend not to return, as the new gene pool develops. As the age of selfishness dies, our sexuality will transmute and populations will fall dramatically. “The coming epoch will see the sublimation of human sexuality and desire into unconditional love.”

I feel the dawn of this – a conscious effort to love with sobriety, and unconditionally: a matter of choosing to. The beacon of my higher nature feels Dharmic. It is a practice room.

In the human global context, “as our fairy tales tell us, the third time is the charm and always brings redemption.” The human revolution happens in evolutionary terms in an eyeblink, but we who are in it subjectively, feel that it spins itself out over the life time, painfully slow, and seemingly more and more dense, and it is hard to remember the field where all the shining seeds are. It is hard to overcome the doubt. The field where the shining seeds are, is in the sphurana – the heart vibration – here and now.

Tarots: 10, with 8 to the right, and 18 to the left.

tarots march 2015

Under 10 are the Tree glyph and 9 and 20, the hebrew SHIN.

The Sun-wheel (10), Moon (18) and Mercury (9) are the work of alchemy. Key 20 is the Ascension.

On the Tree of Life, Keys 18 and 20 (with the central 32nd path, TAV) converge to Malkuth, Earth.  In this painting, Malkuth has the alchemical glyphs for the alchemical elements.

Kabbalah 1989 79 tree of life - Version 3


“His practice enables him to demonstrate that his personality is a field for the operation of the Sun. Step by step, it gently and gradually alters his mind and body until he reaches the stage of illumination wherein he perceives directly the truth that he is living the eternal life of the One Power which brings all things into manifestation, and sustains and governs everything in the universe. … He does not believe this. He knows it, and he knows it whether his contemporaries understand him or not.”

Paul Foster Case


The long range alchemical vision in gene Key 55, is Earth as a garden, a reclaimed wilderness interacting with human self consciousness – Key One, the Magus. Human and wild nature will rediscover their right proportion.

What is ethical?  When the laws of proportion, the Golden System, the fibenacci series, the ratio of 5 to 8 … enrich and hallow the inner gestational life, we start to act with intelligence.  It acts.  Here are alchemical triplicities:

Mercury Sun Moon

Wisdom, Desire, Inertia

Sattva, Rajas, Tamas,

Mercury, Sulphur, Salt

Akasha, Tejas/Agni, Apas, Vayu, Prithvi

Spirit of Fire: flow of Water: breath of Air: touch of Earth

Tree of Life-Gunas copy

“The eternal flesh is hidden in the old earthly man, and it is in the old man as the fire in iron, or as the gold in the dark stone. This is the noble Lapis Philosophorum which the Magi find, which tinctures nature and generates a new son in the old. He who finds that, esteems it more highly than this outward world.

The Stone – EHBN: “He who has it and knows it, if he seeks he may find all things whatsoever are in heaven and in earth. It is the Stone which is rejected of the builders, and is the chief corner stone: upon whatsoever it falls, it grinds to powder and kindles a flame therein. All universities seek it but find it not by their seeking; sometimes it is found by one who seeks it rightly.

“In this Stone there lies hidden whatsoever God and the eternity, also heaven, the stars and elements contain and are able to do: There never was from eternity anything better or more precious than this, and it is offered by God and bestowed upon man; everyone may have it that desires it; it is in a simple form, and has the power of the whole Deity in it.”

Jacob Boehme

Note that “all universities seek it”.

The finding is actually a making or confection. The perfect elements of the Stone exist herein, but must be discovered and brought into union : AB BN. It has to be mined each time afresh. It doesn’t sit there gathering dust. It is alive.


There is a certain sharpness of the mind on receiving the eternal verity – this I seek when I write or contemplate; most often it doesn’t quite get there, but the search is towards the attunement or flavour or “aaah.” Key Six the Lovers is symbolized by a blade, the sword or ZAIN that receives and differentiates the First Matter. The flavour of the Stone is sharp and pure; it is velvety soft and crumbly as talcum powder. The Stone is in the beauty of life –  cultiver son jardin. The ethics are pulled about by clever brains, but I think their essence  is “rejoice”. They do not form static propositions. They are higher in the human sky, they are higher and deeper in the ground than argument. Put my trust in the ethical principle and feel the right action arise. The ethics are entities, regions of consciousness, ideal forms, and they deliver from beyond what we write down in our books.   They do not correspond to time. They are the ancient of days, and as new as a flowing stream. Silence receives and embraces them. A human is an ethic: as we sow, we reap.

Rest within the ethics, the unbroken cosmic principles.

annapurna book cover - Version 4

An impression of astral and mental planes, of Yetzirah formation and Beriah creation: “il y a d-autres Annapurna dans la vie d’hommes.”





Second Birth


Children are wide awake at four, five, six years old to intellectual and spiritual and sexual atmosphere, and ask deep questions. After we go to school many of us lose that awakeness.


Sacred India Tarot 8 of Arrows - Bheeshma surrenders to Krishna

Sacred India Tarot 8 of Arrows

In India, Bhagavad Gita is the Song of God – a sacred space in the field of war – a blend of the sacrament and the battle, which is human; the Songs of God. The god Krishna comes right down into the battlefield, and gives the Teaching to Arjuna.

Something like this must have happened to Ali, the founder of Sufism.

When God told Ibrahim to slay his son, Ibrahim gave up his earthly (and obscuring) attachment to his son, who was then reborn to him consciously. Giving Isaac to God, he received his son.

Comment: This is the Second Birth in all the mystical traditions and in relationships as they evolve. The same “Mystery” is in Yeshua’s willing death, entombment and resurrection.   The seed dies into the ground to grow a tree. Water comes to the boil and gives up being water as it transmutes to a gas: to air.   When we humans awaken, when we pass that boil point, we are suddenly in connection with the whole of humanity;  we never were not.   The human consciousness is at present in this ferment just below the boil, with molecules popping into and out of air. In the subatomic world, particles collide and mutually annihilate, releasing a new particle or photon – the energy quanta of that death-rebirth: the conversation flows.

quantum subparticle interaction back and forth in spacetime 1988

quantum subparticle interaction back and forth in spacetime 1988

In the Heisenberg principle, position and motion of a particle cannot be simultaneously observed: the one cancels the other.   This is because a particle isn’t a point, but a wave. The human understanding dies – gives up its sense of doership – when it receives God:  it passes the boil-point.  Sufi poems are all written at and around the boil-point – or just past it.

I dreamed of flying, it felt like a preview of the ascent just past it: the awakening into a different register – a higher and simpler frequency.   The quantum leap is orbital – the electron waves around an atom are levels – space for space to move both inward and outward, and find expression.

scientist studies a particle

scientist studies a particle 1988

The true meaning of hierarchy is – orbital levels of consciousness:  higher or denser frequencies.  We do not attain to them personally:  they are reoccupied by the soul’s ascending or descending frequency which matches them, and this goes on all day in the mindstuff as in societies;  the process as in the subatomic world, is fluid.

On this principle is conceived the Messiah of each historical phase (be it a day or a lifetime), who holds the axis of the age. The Messiah holds the situational balance, from within.   Few recognise him or her, because “it takes a buddha to see a buddha.”  The Messiah might be working in a garage.

Freedom. Freedom follows this choice, which is made for us. Freedom turns towards it and follows it voluntarily, and opens the phoenix wings.   An old Greek word: Metanoia means to turn. It means to turn and face the music. It is the decision in any difficult and painful moment, to remember and turn to God.

Shepherdess 1988

Shepherdess 1988

There is a Kabbalistic tradition that just before we are born, an angel stops our eyes, ears and mouth: the angel removes our memory of who and what we are. We rediscover our full dimension in the toil of embodiment through babyhood, childhood, adulthood, space and time, relationships and the work and stress and fatigue and beauty of earth-plane. Mostly we do not yet wake from this dream, and more or less stay “dead” – lost in the drama. The second birth occurs when the biological birth reaches its full potential; it is then RIPE and ready to fall from the branch. At this point the biological birth “dies” into the living birth of the Spirit.

When we are born again, when we wake with the Spirit, our cosmic memory awakes:  we discover we always KNEW. This is not the linear, analytical mind, but Greater Mind, which is Being.

Hermes to his son Tat, 1987

Hermes to his son Tat, 1987

On the theme of maturity which is RIPENESS: I once read an old definition of “virgin” meaning “she who is ripe”. Jesus’s mother was in a ripe condition, for the Son of Man to be born to her – a birth of divine consciousness, which is earthed.   So much tragic nonsense and superstition and distorted belief has been written and dogmatized and preached about the simple and unfathomable Mystery.

In the ancient world, it was common for great Teachers to be born to “virgin” mothers – those who were physically and psychologically ripe to mother such a child;  conceived in the normal way.   The core Mystery transcends the religious one.   During the pregnancy, the mother-to-be received “annunciations” and signs that her child was unusual, and sometimes so did the father.

Miracle is a natural state of sacrament:  the points which are waves join up together.


violet crystal and snowdrop 1988

violet crystal and snowdrop 1988


over the flame

The theme of embodiment is universal. The Spirit descends into the density of our earth body; and it is our task to let the Spirit descend completely, and to ignite and to raise our soul into itSelf, through our limbs and our understanding and our dance around the fire. It ascends into the descending: the marriage of earth with heaven: inter-penetration.

Some mystics make the mistake of disembodying and giving up life. But the Light must be carried deep into the well, deep into the root, the pain of life, for the tree of life to blossom and bear fruit – collectively and individually.

In olden days, no man was allowed to study Kabbalah until he was at least 40, had raised a family and worked and demonstrated he can manage his life. He had to be mature – a whole human. He had to be ripe.

drinking glass on sea bed

When humanity is in a really desperate condition, invisible wise ones incarnate, are born, and get to work – like yeast in the bread. They are everywhere nowadays. The genuine ones are quiet, because they are tuned into the collective conscious ocean of which we all are pools.

So there is this tremendous spiritual ferment; the suffering, slaughter and corruption on the surface; and profound peace wherever the spirit Reality is touched and spoken.

Some of them woke in prison, in solitary confinement – like Aurobindo and Mandela.

I keep seeing the Triad.   A and C converge at B – the third point – where they ignite a spark: the separate A and C disappear; their child “B” is born as energy, dialogue, insight: the transcending Power which knows the way.   Surrender to God: then tension is gone.


Empathy triangles 12 June

Empathy triangles 2 12 June_0001


Adam and Eve needed the knowledge of life, of embodiment and of resistance.   In the garden of Eden, they were an idea in the bliss of God. Driven out of Eden, they descended – and still are descending – into Earth and Form, to realise and embody their full potential, which is Beauty. We say: for God to behold God in relationship. The Sufis say we emerge from and return into God.

In our history over the millenia, Adam and Eve are enacted again and again individually, always anew: their crisis embodies our evolution.


Adam & Eve 2008


As they descend, to work with their hands and feet, and suffer the human capacity for self deception and distortion in its entirety through thousands of generations, the seed in the ground which is the Spirit rises again and grows like bread: the Ascension. Whenever a human realises this in full and becomes a Buddha, that whole span of millennia – and many before and after it – extends One Moment: a single and all-encompassing sounding and seeing of the infinite variety.

Ripeness is maturity, full fruit and flower.

The Ascension is invisible except when we are quiet and reflect. Then we hear it. We hear its slow deep “schumann” pulse below our quicker human-tense one.   And we try to align our energy field and intentions and embodiment, to this long, slow wavelength; we try not to forget it. It is the truth.

Most human beings live in profound forgetfulness, dissociated from their origin, and tearing around in traffic jams.

My daughter processes in a long wavelength, a rebirth.   Entering a new phase in her evolution, she is a person who makes things happen for others.  The gift in her is waking up.


I talk sometimes  about meanings. The languages of Yin (receptive, intuitive) and Yang (active, logical) begin to join and find their coalescence.

English language is filled with inner “cabals” and playful resonances – such as the meaning of coalescence with convalescence, audially.  The subtle wit of Sanskrit and Hebrew roots is mirrored like trees around a pond: I smile.

Without meanings, we are dead. The meanings connect us mutely to our spiritual prehistory, and as we rediscover them, we are reborn into the whole: the meanings vibrate beyond – yet still within my small city of ideas.

The meanings are our survival: our heart: our loving connectivity:  Gaia in the solar system among the stars.

Conventions (as in parenting) decay and atrophy.   As the conventional meanings die, the deeper one is born. Always …  the deeper meaning parents the child.







My adventure invites fellow travellers. I am a poet, an artist and a seer. I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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Sufi Thread & Koestler’s Paradox

Here is a long and wandering Sunday post, in two parts.  The first part is a twirl of Sufi lambswool, followed by two of Alan Jacobs’ poems.  In the second part I dig up some ideas on language, from Arthur Koestler’s Act of Creation, which have inspired me.


Body tree Tao

Body tree Tao


25 May 2014   – Thoughts on Sufi 

In the sacred battle, Imam Ali raised his sword to slay his enemy. At that moment the enemy spat in his face. Seeing his own anger, Ali sheathed his sword. It was against the law to kill when moved by the blind emotion of rage. Ali said, “My real enemy is the anger itself, and this I must meet with clarity: a path of love.”

And we have to receive the truth of this, as it is. No sword can slay it.

And so, consciousness within the emotion was stirred, and an ancient spiritual path bore fruit – Sufism.

Sufism is to Islam what Kabbalah is to orthodox Judaism, and Rosicrucean Alchemy is to the Christian faith – the concealed Revelation.   In the middle ages, Sufi masters and Jewish sages studied together and pooled their wisdom. It was a highly creative period in history. The disciplines of sacred geometry, alchemy and astrology were cross-fertilized, and inform us to this day.

Islamic geometry after Keith Critchlow

Islamic geometry after Keith Critchlow

In the 14th century, Christendom – then in full temporal power – began to persecute the Jews and Moslems, and to set them against each other.   Yet the three religions – Star, Cross and Crescent – share the root of Abraham … cross crescent

… and before Abraham was, I AM.

Orthodox religion is based on faith and the commandments.   It holds a society and its family systems together, on an organized ethical foundation. The religious concept is exteriorized into temples, churches and a priesthood “out there”. The follower seeks that guidance, protection and safe identity – a house of God. Each dominant religion fell into the crisis of worldly power, corruption and intolerance.   This is inevitable, with the everyday mind’s tendency to divide and rule, and to mount a crusade.   What is more powerful, or more possessive, than an idea?   What are the bloodiest wars fought over?

The esoteric or hidden way arises through direct revelation of essence.   It comes from “within”, and historically, the religious establishments fear and mistrust it. It lives at the margin of society. It prays and is creative for humanity, for it transcends the individual. This spiritual path encounters the same kind of crisis as the religious one – mental inflation. The personal ego may at any moment get hold of a spiritual voltage, get supercharged, and distort and exploit the truth for power and influence over other souls. There are enormous temptations and misunderstandings. The mystic fights a holy war with this tendency!

The psychological paradox is real, in each individual life.   What do I project “out there” and what do I receive “in here”? Why am I me, and not you, yet each of us throughout history, is the centre of all things, for ever, including dying? – most people run for dear life from this question!

No human being, however materialist or atheist, can escape or explain the quantum – the mystery – of his/her existence.   Most minds are more comfortable with putting the existential focus “out there”, into politics, management or belief (conventionally) – but a few are aware of it “from within” (which sets them apart).   Each of us navigates that interplay (“out there” versus “from within”) to a certain extent, because we all are human, and influence each other.   From paradox, life is born.

From the battlefield a way of light is born.   (See Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2).

What is paradox?   The word para means “beyond” or “to one side of”, and the word doxa means “the soul” or “the capacity to understand”.   We experience paradox in each collision of opposites, and the way is extraordinarily life-giving. Day/night. Grief/laughter.   Male/female. Sharp/soft.   Light/shadow. Death/birth. Summer/winter. There is no painting of humanity without God’s dark brush-strokes. There is no shadow without the light.   (See Koestler on The Logic of Laughter, PART 2 of this post).

What is paradox? Paradox is polarity.   Paradox is the battlefield of the inner life with the outer climate. Creation is also destruction. The acorn dies to become an oak. The egg dies to become an embryo, the seed to become a plant, the scholar dies to be born a sage.   The paradox is a catalyst. Human growth happens when a person cannot “explain” reality, but enters and surrenders to it.   What is surrender? A way of dancing.

Islamic patterns, after Critchlow

Islamic patterns, after Critchlow

The spiritual path seeks peace, because it is born from conflict.   A person on a spiritual path may discover it through the pain of life, for it opens into honesty and love. Realisation comes, with the acceptance that conflict and love are one and the same polarity.

The essence of conflict is peace.   There is no conflict in the coming in and the going out of the tide: there is an unbroken circling movement, like the breath.   (J.Krishnamurti).

Conflict suggests the opposing extremes to each side. And we experience conflict – stress – when our nature is loaded to excess.

The essence of conflict is the moving, fluid centre which is “balance”.

Yet we are creatures of conflict. Our atoms are those of the aeons of Earth through the conflict of fire and ice, eruption and downpour, moisture and the lightning flash, ocean and rock, and the fishes of Nature who eat each other, red in tooth and claw.   It is an enormous human challenge to be aware of the seeds of conflict within ourselves, and to awaken, through them.

Conflict is not “bad”. Conflict is the unbroken circling of Nature, of life through death.


The angels of God – or Source – are cosmic phenomena.   They may be subatomic conduits, intergalactic or in miniature. They are expressions of qualities in the universe.   They are functions, and they have no choice but to serve what they are. They cannot alter, for they are timeless.   Human beings have the in-born capacity to turn, to change and to grow, which is time.   This is because we have all seven chakras and are therefore earthed; we do time on earth.   The angels only have the upper four, and the animal kingdom only has the lower four. Only the human has the full spectrum.   (search Angels in

The angels are the same as the gods in the Hindu and Buddhist pantheon.   They use our hands and feet and gravity when we are willing.   They are pictured as winged beings. They are an interconnected cosmic intelligence, with special functions.   They join up the stars. The entire cosmos is Greater Mind.

solomon's seal tetrahedrons How to draw a five point star pentacle

A Kabbalist's view of universals

A Kabbalist’s view of universals

It is told that among the angels of God, Satan disagreed. Satan’s element is the glorious fiery one. He was Lucifer, the light bearer. When he too was ordained to defer to the human element, ADAMH, the clay, he rebelled; for fire is far superior and more subtle than wet old earth.

(NB: in Hebrew, ADM spells clay, and the H is HEH, the life-breath God/JHVH breathed into the clay.)

So Satan became the tempter of Providence. The Adam Eve seed of humanity rested in a timeless garden, in the upper worlds. Satan beguiled them with the fruit of knowledge, and they entered the dimension of time and space: the division of NOW into past and future: the labour and toil of the generative cycle, towards return to the Great Circle.   The descent is into Knowledge and full Consciousness.   At first they feel blind and driven. They were driven into sexual conflict and limitations.   They were desperate to reproduce, for they knew they would die.

Adam and Eve were of the Upper World which is paradise – a region of the mind which Kabbalists call Olam Yetzirah, the World of Formation.   To a large extent, we continue to live inside the formative world of our mind and the power of fixed ideas, and are not sufficiently earthed in our bodies.   That is why we as a species are at odds with our environment and with nature, and why we fall ill.   So the spiritual path – especially in the west – insists on developing our Earth centres along with the metaphysical focus, to receive in full, the word of God.

Our world is assymetrical – a movement towards completion. Nature is based on the ellipse rather than the perfect circle. The nucleus is weighted to one side of the ellipse or egg, and so there is cell division, birth, and the unbroken movement towards equilibrium.   In every part of nature and the animal kingdom and the human soul, there is the strife towards completion:  the heart’s systole, diastole, the tide:  this is Life.

gravatar rose egg

The Sufi path puts theory and theology into practice. The aim is to not only hear the Word, but embody it. There is a movement from the centre, like a flame.   It oscillates, it trembles a little to each side.   It has a pulse, a rhythm.   It grows like the spiral of branches around the stem of a tree. It becomes a dance. The gravitational core is this movement from stillness: stillness is soft and all-encompassing. It is moved from side to side; and fore and aft; and in every direction, like the rays of the Sun.   This is the sacred fire.

The path of love, through dance, song and the poet, stretches out to each side, embracing the unknown future, unconditionally.   It is a path of ecstasy.

solstice dervish

solstice dervish

The fluent centre reaches out, like branches from the tree in the breeze, embracing the future. Reality is present. The present contains the paradox of past and future, in a circle where they are One – the timeless present.

The future cannot be “seen” unless our “NOW” is so wide that we perceive the encircling landscape – past, present, future – from above.   This happens when the consciousness is raised to a higher and deeper level, like the bird of fire, the Phoenix.

The Masters in the sufi and other esoteric traditions, sustain this strata of human consciousness, and we as seers may access it, when our focus is raised to that plane.   It is a shared plane – an orbital (hierarchic) level, like the electron’s relation by number, to the nucleus.

We deal with what we carry from the past – our memory and the issues laid down, to re-enact. How do we integrate and let go the past?   By embracing the future in an unlimited way.   The marrying of my sense of past with my feeling of “future” is an eternal child – the present, the Now.   From this – like a wave travelling concentrically – our past transforms.   Our idea of the past transforms.

Our past is nourished on what we feed it, from the future: and thus it transforms.

Our past is a feature of the present. It is like looking down into a pool, the depth of the water. Our memory is a well, whence the stories we believe in, are told.   It is here and now, and being re-told.

The Wandering Fool by a well, 1988

The Wandering Fool by a well, 1988


The Sufi dance movement is like the Tao in ancient Chinese philosophy.   The Great Circle holds a moving point – the balance of Yin and Yang.   The same point is within the Sri Chakra Yantra lattice, in the Indian tradition, and in all mandalas, yantras and yogas.

67 The Sri Chakra Yantra

The Sufi dance movement oscillates into a kind of T’ai Chi (which centres the dantien, in the belly.)   In life, as we reach the limit in one situation, another is opened: as one breath ends, the next one is received.   “I open where I close” (J.K.Rowling). And so it is, from side to side.   So God is praised, like the way a blade of grass is stirred by the wind.

Tao Cycle, seasons

Tao Cycle, seasons


The Sufi shares with other hidden paths, the stem of unity, an open secret.   All religious and spiritual revelations converge to the simple source.   In the apex of a pyramid, the peak of a mountain, nothing divides the sky.   But down the sides, down the ridges, rivers and valleys, the Word gets divided into culturally separate entities who – unable to see the peak – consider themselves apart, and quarrel.   The power of the source revelation, fuels – alas – war and ignorance.

A tapestry or eastern carpet is woven on a loom.   Horizontally are sewn the colours, the patterns and the stories – the lambswool threads are dipped in strong dyes.   This is life.   But the core of the thread itself is white lambswool with no dye, vertical through the loom’s warp and weft.   This is the pure Sufi consciousness, through the colour spectrum.

The Sufis in the old days, were called “wool wearers”. They are persecuted by fundamentalists, who say they betray the faith.

turning dervish

turning dervish

There are denominations and sects within Sufism, but they follow Imam Ali in principle. Some call him God. Worshippers idealise an individual who stands before God.  But worship is a signal – five times daily, to unroll a sacred mat and let nothing but Heaven stand between.



I think Imam Ali the War Leader identified his anger and recognised its divinity, because it can be worked with. It is a seed of life.   I think he recognised the primal conflict in human nature, and embraced it – not by opposing it, but by accepting the movement of polar opposites. The dark with the light:  the Satanic with Allah.   (In Kabbalah, we call Satan the Tester – he has an essential role.) The climatic forces.

Whenever there is true paradox, and a meeting of opposites, there is ecstasy, a natural state.   It is like clapping hands, or like wave-currents in the sea which run together and break into white spray.   It is a condition in the mind which throws all questions open and no answers enclose them. It is the union and dissolving of past and future concepts in the Now.   It is the absence of separation.   Sages break out laughing when “it happens again”.   It is the natural way of life, the Buddha laughs, the tension breaks, and it opens to beyond the stars.   Who knows what will happen next?

Sufism is born timelessly within conflict, stress, opposition, war. Sufism was reborn with Ali’s vision, Mohammed’s right hand man.  A religious empire became established, but so within it grew the immortal Thread which ultimately collapses empires.

From the setting of things apart, to combat each other, Sufism breaks out into God’s laughter.   It draws the combatants together, and journeys into the human interior.  Sufism (the way I see it) re-members the transcendent Self, the awakening of consciousness in a moment of tribal or religious enmity.

lord siva on his tao

lord siva on his tao

Sufi Dervishes wore long moustaches.   In the olden days, a man when making a major promise or commitment, would pull out a hair of his moustache.


On Conflict and Paradox

These various threads need to be pulled together, to view Sufism’s root perception of conflict and paradox.

There is Self-enquiry. We become aware of naked feelings of anxiety and trauma, hearing and giving them room, instead of spinning off into who’s to blame or who did what, or I can’t help it.

What does the Sufi way offer?   The Sufi way – divested of whoever it wears – becomes conscious (perhaps in a great interior storm) and is in movement with it.   The Sufi way is a path of love.   It is non-resistant.   So I love you BECAUSE of what you said or did which annoyed me, because it is perfect to your unique being.   I love you for that; otherwise it is not love, it is a fantasy.

The path of love however, expands transpersonal. It is more like the unlimited flow and love of life as is: the force of creation.   It is universal like the force of gravity.   Irrepressibly, it moves to dance and sing and flower.   The pairs of opposites are lovers.   The hardships in the past, are marvels.   The shadows are a glory. Suffering is also laughter, and lightness of heart.   The poet cannot help drumming the strings.

The way of love opens to each side, a moving fluid centre.

Embracing future, Reality is present.

The Present includes the paradox of past and future.

Why does religious belief divide believers from non-believers?

Do we care? Or do we exploit?

What is the political block in human development?



A Note on the Firebird

The Phoenix lives and moves on inner meanings. When a refugee called Tariq arrived in UK, he lost his environment, ecology, social setting, friendly contacts, power connections, and his dominant male and spiritual role in general.

The body of the Phoenix, deprived of the meaningful texture to Tariq’s life, couldn’t exist. The body itself was burned and died.  He suffered a depression and took to his bed.

When Tariq learned – with great difficulty – to accept his position, and to let his wife do a nurse’s training and go out to work, new meanings entered his life and his Understanding. The body of the Firebird filled with life again, and lifted its wings.

These symbols cannot exist in isolation. They are interactive with all aspects of changing life, and the world. That is what gives them life. The humanities start to flow together, when Tariq connects in a fresh way with his environment and his family.   He adapts: his family thread is interwoven with the social warp and weft: and through this, with humanity at large.  His daughters go to university and achieve responsible positions in society.  He respects his wife in a new way as his equal, because she held the family together through the worst years. He becomes a skilled carpenter. He regains his centre of gravity, while grieving the culture he left behind.   He lives with his losses: his family values, grafted onto the new reality, thrive.

The Phoenix is self-created.   Tariq’s conditioned concept of the human family was altered.   This is survival.  I am moved by his story, and admire his courage.

Yazidi 2



 A Philosophical Poem:

Unseen Weaver, by Alan Jacobs

Here stands a loom of Time in duration,
born of Infinity, in consummation
with Life, ever void of time.
The sun and moon a shuttle upward climb,
weaving to and fro as night and day,
a splendid pageant, a colour play.

Strung on warp and weft of cosmic unity
the back of the vast, embroidered tapestry
derives from the formless One.
The face in every colour, radiates the Sun.
The tones reflect from archetypal light
unabsorbed … an unequalled sight.

Only what’s allowed by unseen hand
appears as moving panorama, a horizontal band,
a magic painting of the world.
Through it, each vertical thread is whirled
as Light without duality
unique, unparalleled, the Self Reality.

Coated by golden fleece and white angelic wool,
and dyed in deepest vat of destiny’s darkened pool …
does the holy cloth that’s woven with love
quarrel with his Weaver who beholds from above?

Rather, wrapped in warming cloak at rainbow’s end,
eternal pilgrim adores his Mighty Friend.

Alan Jacobs, April 1993

V4_1270 YES


Acrostic Poem

Analogy and metaphor are interwoven,
Criss crossing poet’s weft and warp.
Rigid tight are guiding strings, form and symmetry;
Over, around it broods the standpoint – truth.

Supreme silence invokes devotion.
There is time for speech and rhetoric
In verse framing the subtle play of thought
Catching threads into One tapestried splendour.

Perhaps you find this Work over ambitious
Or at best, a well intentioned foolish error.
Endeavour to follow the hero’s way –
Men, timid as mice and fearing failure, achieve no thing.

So the weaver tries his skill to make some useful cloth.

Alan Jacobs, early 1990s

beginning a sufi dance




Arthur Koestler on Humour and Creative Paradox
(from “The Act of Creation” 1964)

 Koestler begins by examining the paradox of humour and its relation to the paradox of creativity.

“L” (fig.1) is idea.   “M” (fig 2) is frame of reference.

1 Koestler diagram on humour paradox

In figure 2 two frames of reference intersect: M1 and M2.

2 Koestler diagram on humour paradox

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… and so on.

“If (Koestler) “you strive hard enough to get to India, you are bound to get to some America or other. … For instance, the technician who set out to find a way to synchronise the rate of fire of a machine-gun with the revolutions of an air-screw, discovered an excellent way of imitating the lowing of a cow.”

(Einstein) “It seems to me that what you call full consciousness is a limit case which can never be fully accomplished. This seems to me connected with the fact called the narrowness of consciousness.”

(Lichtenberg) – “It (not ‘I’) thinks.”   Cancel Descartes “Cogito, ergo sum” !


On Language and Dance (1988, inspired by Koestler’s The Act of Creation)

The rhythm in the written language, its voice, determines its content and imagery. The melody should follow the feeling – not the other way round.

Language is an orchestra, not a solitary pipe on a Greek hillside.

When sensation comes to say – it should river the rhythm into its way of speaking. This often happens subconsciously. If language were all the same colour, however seductive, it would only be able to tell one story.

Polyphonic language – carrying many thematic levels – is not a matter of words, but of letting the rhythm break up into its various encounters and surprises of itself. Else I get bored with the same tune. I get bored with the same palette.

I like scientific language, which uses tools. And I like Koestler, who writes very well indeed. His phrasing falls into the mode of the imagery which comes up into it – sometimes staccato and rich like a jester. Then long, rich phrases, for mythology.   … …

Now, a metre can become so sugar sweet that it is a defense against the diversity of the orchestra. It becomes encysted. When my mind can prattle so easily and make all kinds of puns from my map, beware. Because that leads to self pity – a drone which the truth cannot get through.

Language can be like a rough, rough rock – and must, to throw rocks – so long as what comes out is seen. Language should not be too slick and Watteau’d. If it is grief, then break its heart. If it is sex, then pulse it. If it is a sea journey, then let the long (wine-dark) waves run into it.

So to write is like making music.

Before you play, you get a feel of the “dance”.   It moves inside you, it begins to oscillate. And so when the thoughts come, their initial pattern in word or sound is not that important. Get a feel of the dance or flavour of the fish which pushes it up, which ripples the deltas of awareness. Let that thing there, whatever it is, show you what its real speech is. Stand away from the surface propositions, the easy atomic concepts; throw them away. They have their uses, but not all of the time.

cornwall 2011 175


26 May 2014 – To Twine all this Together …

Language is society. Language is family. Language is relationship. Language is dance and song.   Language is receptivity.

Language is meaning.

Without language – interior, social or cultural – we are lost. Without language, we cannot connect.

Language is the worshipper’s pulse. It is the Sufi singer-dancer’s language with Allah/Ali, and the Taoist’s movement with the Chi.

Without language, without connection, I am refugee at the gate of an alien and apparently hostile language pattern.

I reach a crossroads.   I turn within the crossroads, to receive all directions.

Humour collides two frames of reference, the solemn and the droll, collapsing into mirth … and connecting through laughter – “the mind stops”.. (See Koestler’s fig.2)

Creativity is the collision of two frames of reference, the formal and the “out of bounds” which awakes the psyche in amazement, demolishing and healing a linear block.

Linear language constrains and dies.   Creative language releases and lets live.   As the creative energy ascends into the air, through release, the well is cleared for unimagined insights that lay in the deep.   Nature abhors a vacuum. Osmosis draws up moisture from the root, to the sun.   And the leaves come out.

This is language.

The rising Phoenix archetype is language – the language of interior connection and the capacity to recreate Life.   In Tariq’s resurrection, he allowed himself to die, and to be reborn. His wife Tazeen was able to give him that space, by taking responsibility for the family’s adaptation to its new home. She was a strong woman, and she took her opportunity. This allowed her husband to redevelop his role in the family.

Nobody achieves anything in isolation – not Tariq, and not Tazeen.   The strength of their relationship, and their love for their daughters, brought them through all the obstacles which their previous language could no longer surmount.

2 Tree tao




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.
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The Djinn and the Eternally Vulgar


Point, line, solid ... in sacred geometry

Point, line, solid … in sacred geometry

This sketch shows God’s hand (four-dimensional) dipped through our flat-earth pool.  The flat earth human observes, astonished, five apparently unrelated islands appear … move around … and disappear – and bases his/her scientific/statistical/political data on that.


I have been writing in my other blog, about Tetrahedrons and the way their sacred geometry IS our natural life form.

Firstly here is a cube:

heart of cube, sides, points, pyramids

heart of cube, sides, points, pyramids

Those same 6 pyramids inverted into the cube of life, converge to their shared apex, the cube’s centre point.

The cube’s 6 sides circumscribe the six points of the Tetrahedral Star of Solomon.   Never is there an end to contemplating the six-sided solar photon, the source of life and of our being.

bota cube - Version 4

cube and tetrahedrons (1990)

cube and tetrahedrons (1990)

Through the lattice of Solomon – the interwoven tetrahedrons – is expressed every nuance of the king and bride:  the Song of Solomon.

Chandra Moon in Jyotish

An Indian version – Chandra Moon in Jyotish


“Listen!  my lover!  here he comes,
leaping across the mountains, bounding over the hills. 
My lover is a gazelle or young stag:
Lo! He stands behind my wall, 
gazing through my window, 
peering through the lattice …

(song of Solomon)




Jung at about the time he met Idzubar.  His eyes are fierce with wonder

Jung at about the time he met Idzubar. His eyes are fierce with wonder

The Red Book
In his Red Book, Jung gave birth like a mother to the firebird, and lay shattered, a broken shell, as the firebird “cruelly, unthinkingly, spread its wings and flew up into infinite space … the emptiness of the depths opened beneath me.

red book - Jung's painting of Idzubar the God of the ancient world

red book – Jung’s painting of Idzubar the God of the ancient world.  Jung disabled him with a poisoned word – he told him about modern sciences … and was stricken with remorse.

red book - Jung's painting of the opening of the egg in which he confined Idzubar

red book – Jung’s painting of the opening of the egg in which he had confined and carried Idzubar

“He who wanted to go down with the sun found me through his downgoing. I became his nocturnal mother who incubated the egg of the beginning. And he rose up renewed, reborn to greater splendour. While he rises however, I go down …

“I lay there like a child bearer cruelly mauled and bleeding her life into the child, uniting life and death in a dying glance, the day’s mother, the night’s prey. My God had drunk my highest power into him …

“What remains of human nature when the God has become mature and has seized all power? Everything incompetent, powerless, eternally vulgar, adverse and unfavourable – reluctant, diminishing, exterminating, everything absurd … the God suffers when man does not accept his darkness. Consequently, man must have a suffering God so long as they suffer from evil … …

“If the God draws near, your essence starts to seethe, and the black mud of the depths stirs up.

Sacred India Tarot dark queen

“Man stands between emptiness and fullness.”

C.G.Jung, The Red Book

His Individuation included the condition of the Dark Womb.

Sacred India Tarot - Birth of the Buddha

Sacred India Tarot – Birth of the Buddha – after the Buddha child was born, she died.

I felt, reading this passage, that the God jumped out of the tiny scientific boxes, more than a century ago, leaving the greater human element that believes in the boxes, destitute for the eternally vulgar.

The polarity of our time, is the eternally vulgar with the Immanent Reality. The great Phoenix flew up into the cosmos and is everywhere, but the tiny boxed ones cannot see it. So they go on with their inventive technology and their measurements. My smaller mind goes on filing complaints.   But nowadays, having grasped that I do, I complain less.

For instance, it feels just fresh to have bathed and washed my hair – as good as preening firebird’s feathers. This morning, reading Jung,  the God, the divine fire bird is EVERYWHERE, awaiting the tiny quantum leap from the dark blind dream.

soul tetrahedrons: the Tetrahedron is a four-sided triangle - the most stable form in sacred geometry.  Connectivity, four points on four faces, through centre and polarities:  the point is both centre and corner.

Soul tetrahedrons: the four points of the interior, inverted one, touch the four faces of the external one.  The Tetrahedron is a four-sided triangle – the most stable form in sacred geometry. Connectivity, four points, four faces, through centre and polarities: the point is both centre and corner:  the 4 in the 3.

Perhaps the Quantum physics discovery in the 1920s & 30s (during Nazi nadir) was and is the actual Divine Order. It rose like a djinn from the bottle.   Most of the shut-I minds think it is a separate science, however enigmatic; they do not live the paradox or make the connection with their inner self in the Quantum … they are still in bud.

Einstein was working on Relativity at the same time as Jung’s Red Book: both of them Swiss. Around them seethed the European tide of carnage and slaughter.


The Djinn - Mercurius and the bottle imp - 1988

The Djinn – Mercurius and the bottle imp – 1988

For me in the 1980s, Frijof Capra’s Tao of Physics gave me the key!   At once I saw the subatomic interactions in life, and in my soul and connectivity, back and forth in time, the Divine Aquarian.   But Fred’s friend Professor Ernst (a physicist) blinked and scoffed: “it is amusing.”   He was a bitter man, afreud of jung … he couldn’t connect, he was an expert and he made me feel a fool.   I painted his daughter’s portrait in daffodil yellow.

The age of Aquarius, the Great Water Bearer, is still opening. The Divine Aquariel is in all our being, throughout our skies and instruments, and in the soles of my tired feet.  All it takes, is to stop blinking for a moment … let in the power of NOW.   But the human condition is attached to the drama of pain, pollution and platform soles out there – a parallel Reality.

What to do, here and now? Keep the home fire alight, relieve pain wherever it is present. Physician, to thy Self be true; and truth travels along the wave.   Some of us have a gift to relieve pain in others, and some of us are in training for it.   I need to learn to listen, rather than to advise or fix.  Where there is deep relaxation, the current flows naturally.   It is transpersonal.  We humans isolate sex from life.  When there is no conditioning, all is life, where I come from and am.  I am seed, orgasm, birth, embryo.

kekuli serpent

“My lifetimes are not open ended.
In my molecular chemistry and in my genes,
the compounds curve or close
into chains or rings.

“The law comes back
to planets around the sun –
time’s fullness passes through
their orbiting plane, as space.

“The Law comes back to Nature
where the dragon’s head eats tail
to guard the egg
our scientists of little brain would pick to pieces.”

The Masters’ Eye, 2004


Melusina, sea horse and Poseidon 1988

Melusina, sea horse and Poseidon 1988

Mercurius Hermes Trismegistos

Mercurius Hermes Trismegistos


Greetings of glad tidings - 1988

Greetings of glad tidings – 1988


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Red book - Jung's painting of the Sun boat of the soul - detail in "Opening of the Egg"

Red book – Jung’s painting of the Sun boat of the soul – detail in “Opening of the Egg”





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