Balsa Wood and the Whale


desert script

desert script

3 March 2014

The past-life tendency is an inherited “cosmos connection” –  as ancient as the Sahara desert rock formations: the script of valuable objects and humanities.   Cosmos is an ordered and creative universe.

Jung wrote The Red Book during the Great War.   Philemon teaches him that saturation is the only cure:   “They will all become terribly enraptured by these tremendous experiences, and in their blindness will want to understand them as outer events … May the frightfulness become so great that it can turn mens’ eyes inward so that their will no longer seeks the self in others, but in themselves…

“The God develops through the union of the (separate) principles in me.  He is their union.  If you will one of these principles, so you are in one, but far from your being in the other.  If you will both principles, one and the other, then you excite the conflict between the principles, since you cannot want both at the same time.  From this arises the need, the God appears in it, he takes your conflicting will in his hand, in the hand of a child whose will is simple and beyond conflict.  You cannot learn this, it can only develop in you.  You cannot will this, it takes the will from your hand and wills itself.   Will yourself, that leads to the way …”

Isaiah – a little child shall lead them:  an early drawing that my father has – the child carries a snake I think, and leads all the beasts.

Isaiah 1958

Isaiah 1958

 “The spirit of the depths clutched the fate of man unto itself, as it clutched mine.  He leads mankind through the river of blood to the mystery.  In the mystery man himself becomes the two principles, the lion and the serpent.”

That reminds me of my early dream of a bloody garden, the bloody birth, when I was very small.  The similar feeling, and the committed, curious, concerned toil.

Ez Haim - the Tree of Life

Ez Haim – the Tree of Life

I have a mini-cosmos to turn to and copy and absorb into my arteries:  the wisdom, the path which opens, and which I have an ineradicable instinct to honour and record.   It was the same, studying the BOTA alchemy lessons, and before that, Kabbalah … always the lens, enlivened by relationships in the ground.

I feel myself in the sea now, like the drinking glass – not analytical, but noticing.   Swimming like Mercury in the salt:   that is Hod in Binah:  pause to take it in.

Hermes in the sea - from Roob's alchey & mysticism

Hermes in the sea – from Roob’s alchey & mysticism

And who is I?  Why this special I? – the centre of it all, who has the responsibility to keep the world going, even as you do, and as the man across the road does, and God does?   Here is the headlong Mystery. Look for my self!   the opening treasure.

And why am I “right”?   All my references?   They support my ego vessel with all its pretty patches in the waves.  My vessel looks rather like the Kon Tiki raft.  It is just the way things are – without neti neti affectations.   I am rarely wrong, but I am often excessive;  and that is self correcting.   There is balance and buoyancy in the end.  There can only be balance and buoyancy.

Kon Tiki

Kon Tiki

Mention of Kon Tiki pulls up the feel of balsa wood, historically, balsa rafts crossed the Pacific on the Humboldt;  and the new Norwegian voyagers poked their fingers into the soggy balsa, pulled off bits, and glumly watched them sink, and wondered how soon the raft would sink – but the porous went only half an inch or so into the logs. Out of balsa I made small boats and ships …  very soft light wood.   Soft wood and enormous fishes.

For some reason I am now livingly, balsa wood and fish.  The elemental combination and texture pleases me.  Balsa gets soaked but floats:  the great fish is lord of the deep and can go anywhere, but only floats if it is dead.   The little balsa raft felt often nervous of those playful great fish and their curious pokes and plunges.

The raft is the personal self:  the great fish are the ocean Self.   It is satisfying.   The wood and the water have to be the way they are.

Balsa boat 1962 - Annapurna in cumulus clouds

Balsa boat 1962 – Annapurna in cumulus clouds

Surrender is how Yeshua felt, in Nature’s miracle of the loaves and fishes.   Surrender is vast, amazed, and consenting. I retain a curious sense that my heart is healed, smooth and whole.   Rosicruceans drew emblems of the heart in all kinds of tests and trials.  I have one of those books downstairs.   Writing leads to bliss.

Maria:  By all, through all - Rosicrucean emblem 2

Maria: By all, through all – Rosicrucean emblem 2

And what Jung writes (concluding the Red Book’s Part One) about becoming the Christ for the redeeming blood to flow:  that love is sighted but pleasure is blind … is so profound and close to me there is no point in copying it.   He says “Both principles are one in the symbol of the flame.  The principles strip themselves of human form.”

The flame is the inner heart, the organ of life, the “Everlasting” – the everlasting is mentioned in the snake cup sword picture – see previous post – in its inscription.   It smells like a rose.

He concludes:  “The mystery showed me in images what I should afterward live.  I did not possess any of those boons that the mystery showed me, for I still had to earn all of them.” Those words flare into illumination and Life.   To repeat them is my way of “I love you, I know you”.   And temples happen.

ship anchor, Rosicrucean Emblem 1

ship anchor, Rosicrucean Emblem 1

Yes.  I wanted to say, earlier, that the Self-root, the moving I …  the pilgrim’s search for it in the sea … is not found in isolation, for it is relationship, and always flowing into dialogue:  the other as I.   Thus my projections when on land. When we are in the Self, long moments open where there is no concern with I or me:  it is the passage of the Creative in the I Ching Earth-receptive.   And all manner of things illustrate the fundamental love letter, fleetingly and sometimes enduring.   The bliss is when we arrive at the clear Principle.

“Too many still seek outward.  But still too few seek inward, to their own selves, and still fewer ask themselves whether the ends of human society might not best be served if each man tries to abolish the old order in himself, and to practice in his own person and in his own inward state those precepts, those victories which he preaches at every street-corner, instead of always expecting these things of his fellow men.”

Why does the love flow with Jung when I hear that?  Why do I want to shout to him as loud as possible I HEAR YOU, so I write it down for Heaven to see again?   Why do I love the Maestro of the collective subconscious?   And am I not lodging it with him?  Shouldn’t I investigate interiorly, deeper still?

Conversation and hearing each other is human wellbeing, intimacy and bliss. I’ve been following him with Elijah and Salome for weeks:  the bases of the pillars of Solomon – forethought and pleasure;  their taoist weave.   All I hold in my mind, is the picture of Elijah in blue and Salome in red – each others’ tones:  the pilgrim is dressed in white, and the snake is black.

The mind holds visual encounters, rather than words.   The mind has meetings, cliffs of fall.   The mind is the fish of the sea.   The mind is a mansion, meeting, kissing, reflecting, passing.   Who am I?    Never need the answer, for there isn’t one;  just ask.   The bindhu opens – the heart of the mystery opens and never ends.   Beauty.

 “The God holds love in his right, forethinking in his left.  Love is on our favourable side, forethinking on the unfavourable.  This should recommend love to you, insofar as you are part of this world, and especially if you are a thinker.  Their unity is God.  God develops through the uniting of both principles in you (me).  I do not become God through this, or become divine, but God becomes human.  He becomes apparent in you and through you as a child.”

From Arcanum 3 - Hermes, fish, Sun

From Arcanum 3 – Hermes, fish, Sun

Here, every great Sage agrees.  We all have this direct experience, for life is nothing other.   I cannot understand what humans argue about.   Yet the developing of the divine dialogue has a surface crust:  the arguments.

“If you will both the love and the forethinking, you become God.  If you do this, the God is born and seizes possession of the will of men and holds his will in his childs’ hand … he will take the divided will in his hands of a child, whose will is simple and beyond being split.”

Isaiah 1958 - detail

Isaiah 1958 – detail

The Isaiah drawing again – the child plays by the hole of the asp, holding the snake.   He says it is unbelievable how men falsify and lie to themselves.   “You can’t learn it through description, it can only become in you.  …  You should not learn my way but your own. My way leads me to me and not to you.

Jung had a vision of the war, that it was a human self sacrifice, for in it he completed in himself the mystery of the Christ.  He was a lion encircled by a serpent – “an image of fate, eternally renewing itself”.   The spirit of the depths had a need to let the blood, through the spirit of the times.  The long footnote reviews Elijah and Salome, and how love looks further than what it immediately seeks

“The wonder happened (through Elijah) that my previously blind pleasure became sighted.  My pleasure was blind, and it was love.   Since my strongest willing willed self-sacrifice, my pleasure changed, it went into a higher principle, which in God is one with forethinking … … Love wants what is furthest, the best and the fulfilling.

Tarot Key 8 - Lady with Lion - soul strength

Tarot Key 8 – Lady with Lion – soul strength

There is a great deal more on this.  It is topical, and it attunes also to my meeting with Enoch who taught me heaven’s Law of Sacrifice or Translation.   The giver receives in full.

Two pigeons court and kiss and nibble on a bough in the tree outside.   Here, my songs in your tree are lovebirds. Their pleasure, warm grey breast to breast on branch, has no end.  I fetched my camera and focused;  and at that instant, they parted, and they preen themselves.

13 pigeons in spring 1

Presently they came back together, and I took the photo.

14 pigeons in spring 2





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