Summer Oracle 3 – the Dying and the Guardians

Aslan and Annika


Here is Part Three of the “Summer Oracle” sequence, containing a second Tarot reading, about three weeks after the first one.  For my method, see Part One (23 June) in the series.  Again there was a local-interest prompt, but it turned out to mean much more than that, and to develop the earlier one further.  It was partly because I didn’t shuffle the deck thoroughly, but … there are no accidents.

In this post, my journal preambles along up until the Tarot spread itself (about half way through), to develop the sense and setting.


Journal, 14 July 2018

Right now?  A weight of sorrow and fatigue in my stomach;  frail legs and soreness in my being.  I go to see my mother this afternoon.  It is Le Quatorze, my parents’ wedding anniversary (1947).  Hot cloud inside.  And be gentle and go slow and be present.  Thank God I have no spouse to walkie-talkie all my bad habits at.  Sit still and listen.  The Infinite Resource is here.

Head by Brancusi, in Paris

That watery break-in yesterday – deluge of sudden rain tossed through wide open windows when I was out –  might have damaged a few gramophone records and cds which I hardly ever listen to anyway? … but jogged me again to start clearing excess from the corners of my mind, my house.

Memento Mori – remember death.  There is the stillness deep inside. The lighthouse keeper kindles lamp again.  Regarding my old friend and teacher whose health recently broke down – which Tarot Key is ‘on call’ for him right now?

Temperance – 14 – the Guardian angel.  Just this one, for now.

Key 14 is the “DIVINE REGULATOR” since my childhood.  Patience!   As Eliphas Levi said, the Tarot keyboard is an encyclopaedia of the cosmos.  A student of the Magical Life needs no other book.

So blow fair or foul, the wind is pure.

BOTA Tarot Tableau: three septenaries, seven columns: the keyboard.  This deck is published by the Builders of the Adytum in black and white: each student colours and thereby empowers  his or her own deck, following the Builders’ strict guidelines.  The colours of the Keys have audial resonance also.



Journal 17 July 2018              Brambles and Roses

At my mother’s house in Somerset, huge engagement with a beast of mature bramble, shaggy rose bush and overgrown buddleia – I barbered it all back, cleared the undergrowth and deadwood inside and knitted the rose streamers around the big rotten maple stump to keep it standing.  All day: and heavily scratched.  Top of ladder gingerly to barber the buddleia.  Then we chopped up the vast pile of thorny streamers into three large bags for the dump and enjoyed much fun together about my grandmother, especially her “Let’s hope it’s not twins”  the day my sister went into labour with Toby.  We also joked about “slavery to the body” – the tyranny of my mother’s old age self-maintenance.  I see at the same time, the rhapsodic teenager at Scatwell in Easter Ross – her Land Army experiences during the war … I have all her letters of that time, they were preserved –  and her hoity toity upbringing as an Ede – root and branches of her long life.  Her new neighbours are delightful.  Three  thrilled brown children, their strong, warm mother, elegant dad and two cats … all the way from Qatar desert and skyscrapers to green grass, hills, beasts and flowers!

Back in London, I went to visit my old friend, who is in respite care at the moment. The long death runway is a sobering leveller.  Those with great esoteric learning are no more protected from the ravages of dislocated ego than anyone else.  Watch the thorns, roses and mannerisms – which I know well – coming out.   Watch my own, as they are NOW, and what it must be like to be collapsed, weak and fearful. You can’t concentrate to read and you are totally dependent on others, and trapped in your personal unease nightmare. Yet Nature is breaking down the container to release the essence.


Journal 18 July 2018            Ice Cream

Oh my yattering wittering droning Yesod!  It is one thing to live with and suffer it all day and every now and then remember to send it a blast from Siva’s third eye.  It is another thing to consider how its type – my weed – may blossom into full glory when the rest of my Tree loses its leaves.  The personal type comes out as the inexorable process tidies up.

The inexorable process is like an Angel.  It isn’t sentimental. It has its job to do, the heart of which is cosmic compassion … transcending and yet still within daily human stress and feeling.  When the body of an old teacher breaks down, his feeling of helplessness must be enraging, desperate and dark.  Sometimes nothing and no one is reliable.  His adventure craves care and tenderness.  Sometimes it shines through him, and sometimes it fragments.  It is a landscape.  All his lifetimes are at work.

I think what’s needed is an accepting silence so he feels heard  – and hears the condition and life as it is.   And for myself?  A golden opportunity to sweep my reactive mind and identify the Complainer.   Don’t allow my Complainer to trot endlessly.  Send in a searchlight: illumine the reactive chitchat, slow it down. The pudding is in the eating.  We are in the Aquarian age; rather than sit at another’s feet, we teach ourselves to be responsible.    Recognise the personal drivel and drone and  … seeing it, enter its flowering branch of feeling; and pause. That pause is love, which changes its nature!

My life meets an adventurous beauty with the dying: the unknown portal of their birth and moment of illumination.  I began “preparing for my death” when I left my parents’ home all those years ago, and sat bound hand and foot to my Chief Feature in the Tree – (the Chief Feature is a Gurdjieff term for the Shadow) – sitting in a big beech at Brockwood after a Krishnamurti talk in 1974; I was in despair.  How to liberate?  My apparent lack of success over nearly half a century is relative!  I made two great discoveries.  One was when I identified poetically with the homing-pigeon above the world.  In that moment of freedom I outgrew blaming others for my sorrows.  I valued my sorrows and stresses in the breadth and varied contour of the landscape I had chosen to fly along.

The other discovery was to slow down my Mercurial thought-centre to align with my physical moving-centre (another Gurdjieff theme).  When I slowed it down to the rate of physical speech it lost interest in itself verbally and became a living being. That is what I mean by “entering its branch”.  Thinking is unconsciously generated, but when I enter the branch the narrative slows down, becomes aware and even stops.

To enter the branch is to face and value the living space; for most of my automatic thinking is dead.

Ramana Arunachala

Mind is a bundle of thoughts.”

Another discovery was with Ramana Maharishi – his teaching of the aham-vritti, the Raft on which all the vegetation grows.   When I notice these things I don’t take the stuff so seriously, and when I don’t take it seriously I start to wean the battle.  Moving into the flowering branch (for any thought amounts to that), a living sap replaces the monologue.

Recognise the voice which is being allowed to chair; and let it go transparent.  Let my sense of dislocation dissolve back into the unconditional unity of my being.  I often find nothing to say, and stay rather long, and complain afterwards. Do I listen to what others say about their doings?  Or do I “ice-cream” them with my own flavours?


The Emerald Table of Hermes

In the GREAT WORK OF ALCHEMY Paul Foster Case writes about Libra, Sublimation – the conversion of a solid into vapour bypassing the liquid form, and back to solid as in the Emerald Table.  In the Four Worlds the solid is Assiyah, the aerial vapour is Beriah.  Liquid in formation are the reflections in Yetzirah between these states.  Clouds drift through the alchemical glass vase.  Libra’s Tarot Key is 11 – Justice.

This key is called “the Faithful Intelligence”.  Justice midpoints the Tarot spectrum of 22 with an illustration of the perfect Law of balance. Discover the “I AM” at the core of human personality by going causally upstream of the world of effects.  In the human field, the transformative Life-breaths are incarnations: the rise and fall of samsara or thought.  Paul Foster Case mentions the One Law maker: the green apples which ripen on the tree; he  says “It takes just as much practice to think an unfamiliar thought as it does to perform an unfamiliar action.”  He means, to reverse or change a deep seated mental habit.  As my old teacher always said, “Keep practicing”.  Fidelity to the practice here and now in the everyday text of my soul, is the intelligence.

This comes near what I am writing about today, concerning my Chief Feature on the skids.  PFC says also that true thinking (i.e. not on the skids) is a bodily action.  Sublimation is physical labour, and it begins in our minds.  Facilitate it visually with the inner eye’s arrangement of complementary colours and balances in Key 11.  Regarding my physical activities with climbing and with garden clearance – the labour in these is to stay in balance: core stability.  Appraising an art work, from Tifareth towards Gevurah, the aesthetic or critical faculty commands with sword and scales.  It earths the heart and throat centres.  The cool work of Saturn in Venusian Libra is the Sun’s great work: equipoise.

Before going away at the weekend, I asked the Tarot for a Reflection – for a picture of my old friend and teacher’s condition. The first card was Temperance. I cut the deck 3 times 3 in my usual way (as described in Part One of this sequence), and first I turned over just the centre one.

Now turning over the cards to each side, and the three which underlie Temperance …  I find it flanked by Key 18 – the long hard path of the Moon – and Key 19, the Sun’s work with children in the field.  Under it there is the same sequence as in the 23 June reading:   20, 6, 16 (followed by 8). Add up 14,20,6,16 to find their apex or central “SHIN” … the sum is 56, reducing to 11 Justice.  As in the physical body, she regulates the Tower’s catabolic breakdown and Archangel Gabriel’s Ascension of the human family.   Her equipoise is encircled by the four Archangels: Mikael as Yod, Gabriel as Heh, Rafael Vav and Uriel as 2nd Heh.

Tarot Reflection 14.7.2018

What a beautiful portal!

The Archangelic guardians around cosmic centre; they hold my friend at a point between controlled and uncontrolled ascension.  Remember also, his Gene Key profile has big Ascension energy through it.  The vertical plane descends gently through the horizontal one – the Temperance angel’s regulation: the Healing angel’s blessing on the lovers in Gemini; the horizontal and vertical balance in the round.

“… but to apprehend
the point of intersection of the timeless
with time, is an occupation for the saint …”

T S Eliot, Four Quartets (the Dry Selvages)

Such a glimpse suggests such profound order, that it is the true position of our world.   My thought was moving into the capacity to apprehend this pattern which I laid out the other day.  I didn’t open it to look until this morning.

I am shown that the Tower now at 2nd Heh in fact performs and completes a role of perfection.  Particles of disorder are rearranged through Tarot’s depth into the beautiful resonance of our natural state breaking its seedcase and giving voice.  The seed splits to germinate. This is implicit through all phenomena.  All phenomena contain their origin.  That is what stops the mind.

Archangel Gabriel of the Waters 2002



Journal 19 July 2018              THE GREAT BREATH

My friend T-Wigg took me last night to a Prom of Messiaen’s Turangalila.  And how! – There within massive musical mandalas stood the four shouting Archangels with their jaws falling right open and down to the ground!  In Tarot they look very demure.

The Archangels – as in Ezekiel’s Chariot –  are four of everything: the compass points North, East, West, South: the News.

My depressions with this and that are an obscuring veil, behind which stands the Archangelic Fact with its wondrous music.  When I cannot integrate the keynote, it oppresses rather than uplifts.  Key 11 in the centre is the attunement.   The resonance is found when mind is at rest.

So of course I can.  Choose Reality. In Turangalila the Angels don’t only shout, they weave a profoundly tender pattern of ascendent birdsongs.

Many messages are in this new reading.  The Sun and Moon – the wolf-and-dog shadow the children.  The Archangels’ explicit nature is to regulate, to announce, to heal and to arouse –  and their protective field whether I know it or not, is omnipresent.  Why?  Not because I’m special or do good works, but because I ask and recognise.  It demonstrates that the veil by which the human surface and its political sores is generally interpreted, is an incomplete and erratic picture.  I am able to see this because I live in a stable environment, not in a refugee concentration camp or a bad marriage.  Again as I so often repeat, I must honour what is Real, and not bury my nose in newspaper.  So Mr T went to tea with the Queen … ?  What’s new?  I am the human condition.  When I start to die, I don’t want to be distracted.  Make Reality my aim!  and call on the beloved Master R.

In the Sun key the children play: in the Moon the wolf-and-dog strive and seek.  The Guardians appear to us in these different ways.  “Sun” “And” “Moon” in Hebrew (letters Resh Vav Cheth) spell RVCh, Ruach, the holy breath of cosmic harmony.  (NB, the Ch refers to Key 7 the Chariot whose sign is Cancer ruled by the Moon.  Tarot Key 18 is the Moon vibration itself, in the deck.  The letter Vav’s symbol is a nail, joining parts of speech together;  the conjunction ‘and’.)

The mood swings the scales in the steady hand of Justice.  She holds the lifted Sword, the Word, in her right.  To her right is the sound of one hand clapping.  To her left is the thunderclap.  At her feet is the human landscape cleansed with rain: “love and you shall know”.  Above her head the Weather making angel twixt Sun and Moon … awakens the lion and eagle from the mud.

I started to study Sublimation in the Great Work, whose Key is 11;  then my Tarot reflection added up to 11 its apex!   But of course …  The addition sum of the Four Archangels (whichever way round) is bound to be 11, cosmic equilibrium, the Tarot midpoint.  The Queen of Justice sits likewise at the heart of the Tarot Tableau (see above) with its interwoven sequence of Tetragrams.

In my concern for my old friend, I stumbled on this heavenly order … the Guardians of his soul, the Tree and the teaching.

Justice is a Karmic goad.  Her pressure is painful until alignment is slipped into.  In this Reflection she midpoints horizontally (20, 11, 16) the keys of Resurrection and Catastrophe.  Give to her my centre of gravity as a human mite, and calm the mental waters.  In the Vertical sequence (14, 11, 6), the garden is watered and fired, and grows up into conscious Life and Love.  Rather than label the Eternal Life, rediscover it.  Gradually the resting-place dawns.  The letter SAMEKh is the royal tent-peg.

Elementally the four Archangels are: Mikael Fire, Gabriel Water, Rafael Air and Uriel Earth.  They came out in the order of the Tetragram Cross which I learned with Mouni Sadhu. The  Hermetic Virtues in the order of fire, water, air, earth are: to Dare, to Keep Silent, to Know and to Try.   My present way of life strange as it may seem, with so much coming and going, is my Temple’s architectural footprint.  Draw water from the well.  Cultivate optimism – the higher wavelength – in the face of pessimist default.  Make your thinking different!

Regarding spiritual labels: it is the habit of most humans to label and wear their spiritual affinity.  For me this felt nice at the beginning, but it deteriorates and eventually dies into political badges.  Best not to wear it, but to find it.  To label and wear is the natural desire for security.  The Great Work only needs watering with the continual art of discovery.

Identifying with any teaching exclusively becomes a badge and makes dying difficult.  We must transmit the good NEWS but paradoxically keep it silent.  This seems to be my general task, as I can write it, but not so easily speak it.   “Love and you shall know.”  I love the Archangels of Justice and their cosmic joke for me with Messiaen’s Turangalila symphony. All things decay and are reborn.  Decay in our earthly terms is painful, but as the dross dissolves, there is joy.

Sublimation.  What an important stage in Alchemy this is!

Paul Foster Case writes that rather than “lean on some supposedly higher personality” it behoves us to take responsibility for our cosmic debts.  Although the Law has perfect precision in this respect, her highest expression transcends the “eye for eye”. Our debt may be forgiven upstream by invoking a higher cosmic currency of the same Law.  An alchemist’s inner work enables him or her to “strike the balance without pain”.

Saturn – alchemical lead – is exalted in Libra, whose ruler is Venus.  The Libran element is Air: a balanced deep breath – then pause – then exhale.  Paul Foster Case suggests ten-minute periods for this practice: sunrise, noon and sunset.  I think this kumbakha principle with the breath is common to all traditions, for it harnesses the mental root.  Ramana Maharshi counselled to be gently conscious with the breath, like a rider guiding a horse; the rise and fall in the heart.

We are a School of the Soul.  I have a potential  “being-present relationship” with my teacher, over the last thirty years. We are both Capricorn – gate keepers to the field of asphodel.   Get ice-cream on your face – pick up, brush down, look to the Archangelic Guardians for perspective and try again.  Yesterday I told him the hardest workers in life are those who are just born and those who are going to die: “now she tells me!” said he.

As for my personal Yesodic monster – it is fear and anxiety, a thin pollution-miasm through my being, about whether I can fit in and get to places during the day.  Sublimation is a process of selective elimination: use the Sword of Justice to cut away the brambles and embody the kind of “actions which nourish courage, confidence and decision“.  Discard wasteful arguments and controversial topics.  Eliphas Levi: “the way to see is not to be always looking.”  Choose refreshing amusements!  “I” (She of Justice in the book of Tokens) “am the goad of action.”  Creative clarity and purity of mind may precipitate mental images swiftly into the physical world: and the miraculous Way appears.

“I am the power of equilibrium
which holds Ruach in balance
between formation and destruction
as a driver with his goad
keeps his ox from straying off the highway.
Yet is this directive power inherent in RVCh itself
for I myself am that great Breath of Life.”

Key 11, The Book of Tokens
by Paul Foster Case

Is this not marvellous with the Tarot reflection?  And Ruach the Spirit or divine breath is the Rower of the seas. The GREAT BREATH may be simply visualised as the wavelets to and fro, and the exposed wet sand between.

I feel stronger now.  I felt weakly identified with situations and the weather and the glaring miasm which humankind believes itself to be in.  It doesn’t matter how much or how often I fail, so long as I pick myself up again and keep going. The daily Underground travel is noisy and exhausting.  In the morning here, the well fills up again with wonder.



20 July 2018              Stone Crucible

I love these Archangels (yesterday), and wonder if they demonstrate an incarnation and its rise and fall of embodied life?  The breath of life of course is that.  I find this (like any practice) not easy to perform formally, but do often remember to come into solar plexus present and breathe consciously a couple of times.

Last night I dreamed I embraced my cher ami in Trieste and rested my head on his right shoulder.  He was extraordinarily broad, earthy, firm, warm and trusted.  He wore soft dark-brown leather slippers, old ones with a bit of worn fur trim.  They were comfortable and much wider than his not large feet.  The beauty and strength of the Zodiacal bull embodies an archetypal tenderness – what privilege –   I love these nuances.  The ordinary human engine does not often notice them and seeks bigger signals perhaps.  In the crucible, the nuance is the ineffable nous of Alchemy: trust it.

Asphodel by Paul & Pam Markwell

I saw the other day a washbasin fixed to an outside wall for gardeners:  it was hollowed from a big grey Stone, the interior polished smooth.  I love the feel of it. Alchemy is the profound treasury of the heart of things:  cultivation of the nous.  The natural life-breath (as instructed by Paul Foster Case) is soft and joyous acceptance.

Today I went Castling – indoor rock climbing in North London.  It was hot and I was tired, but I managed to do that Green traverse a few times – not fluently, but with better balance.  I just potter around, doing the same little climbs and overhangs again and again – by now needing proper outdoor rocks and slabs to dance with.  The core stability feeling improves.  Core stability is in the bones, a balanced flow of movement taking and transferring fleshy weight and stretch.  Use not brute strength but the movement.

Alchemy is as alchemy does in “The Violet Crystal”; the jewels in life’s un-ideal management.  Alchemy in solitary laboratory does not glow with life, like alchemy which bristles with human oddity, relationship and paradox out of doors and every day.  An alchemist lives and lurches along potential stress and pain, occasionally balancing beautifully, the thread.  That sums up my way of life.  The thread is a musical string, sometimes at perfect pitch.  The Archangelic Tetragram  Keys 14, 20, 6 and 16 demonstrates the process of any thought or creative intention.


John York and Claudio Jaffe, Wigmore Hall 1986





Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Summer Oracle 1: for Gaia

This is the first of three posts, about a Tarot reading just after midsummer this year.  The oracle opened up (as usual) a contemplation including and far transcending the strange local event which triggered it. Those  private and universal threads continue to flow, and only now have I time to collect and edit them together..  You may not want to read it all, but dip here and there in the lake for possible echoes !  The Hanging Man and the Tower (reflecting one another) are traditionally the least popular cards in the deck; but what profound alchemical treasure they reveal …

Here is part One – Journal 23 June 2018

Keep cool.  The cracks flowed richly together, like the Golden Net all over Gaia.  Contemplate this fact.  Watch the space.  Love the space – that means embrace it, keeping still.  Let the sea of it flow through, and reflect the way of martial art to deftly step aside, forgive, give way to the force.

I am shown what the Higher Power electrifies in my soul and centre of gravity.   Peace.

The problem for me, is that yesterday’s serendipitous encounter with a violent stranger may generate enemies and their own trains.  The answer is that everywhere in life there is risk or apparent risk; and when the soul is focused, she navigates with place, time and precision.   Keep thinking Golden Net and the crisscrossing delta traces in sand.   Time and space with this event in my soul gives it digestion.


Digestion is alchemical – assimilation means conversion to energy – and I am reminded of Tarot Key 8 and the Heracles with Lion in a cave, which Midi Berry sent me.



Master R, what is your view?

Tarot Keys to reflect … my method is to shuffle the deck, wait a moment for the lake to quieten, then cut the deck with left hand and repeat three times (no need to reshuffle).  This reading is with just the 22 Major Arcana. From the three piles face down, turn over the centre top card, and then the ones to the right and left.  The first card is the reading’s YOD or intention.  The ones to each side enhance or qualify its character.

From the first card, turn over the three cards underneath it in the pile.  They represent H, V, H of Tetragrammaton YHVH.  Y (Yod) is the father, H (Heh) is the mother, V (Vav) is the child and H (second Heh) is the family of the first three in its concerted action, decay  or momentum.  It contains and generates within it a new Yod or cycle.

The 2nd HEH (fem) generates new YOD (masc)

Finally, add together the numbers of Y H V H in the reading for an overview.  Consider Y H V H as sides of a pyramid: the fifth card is the apex.  It is represented by the three-pronged 21st Hebrew letter SHIN. As YHVH is Jahweh, YHShVH is Yeshua, who liberates.  So the fifth and central card, representing the SHIN, may be seen as a liberating overview, with altitude or perspective: the Hermetic relationship of Above and Below.

Here, Key12 the Hanging Man (it was reversed) walks contra the way of the world; also suggesting a sacrifice. He is flanked by 20/Ascension and 14/Temperance.

The Hanged Man is Yod for the Lovers, the Tower and Tarot Key 8 the woman with the lion.  12+6+16+8 = 42 = 6; the Lovers at the apex, as in the Heh card ‘below’.  The Tower cracked open.  The woman contains the red lion.  The lovers – twice 6 are 12 – are equilibrium.  The Hanging Man on the inner plane equilibrates the pendulum at rest – the birth into earth: seed drops.

The Tower mirrors the Hanging Man. Come to meet or unify the male and female consciousness tumbling out.  The Tower is a well.  I wondered deeply at the mirroring.  The Tower in alchemy is a Grail vessel which periodically cracks shell. Nothing in nature remains static.  The Hanging Man is a lake.   The Tower is a lightning flash.

I just noticed the ‘contact pattern’ of numbers in this reflection: 6 12, 16 8.  For me, this kind of pattern indicates that a Master’s eye is near; for what small wit of mine could casually bestow the spontaneous harmonic?  The oracle is a relationship with the inner plane and its wisdom.


Regarding yesterday’s encounter, shown to me twice in different places where I just ‘happened to be’ – it was a Sky-hawk’s view: as the heavenly eye and the earthly detailed eye of Horus homed into the Bull & Bush (a pub near Golders Green).  I was given a view  behind the stage into private rooms.



Journal 26 June 2018             THE WHITE EAGLE IN ALCHEMY

Deeply tired.  Physically … It is very hot weather, I got back from Nether Stowey yesterday and went in the evening to the Castle to sample the “women’s bouldering” – no vitality at first, on my own!  bored and dull.  But when I met up with shapely Christine and large dreadlocked Jamaican Marie I discovered what a huge difference it makes to be encouraged and to take turns at a pitch and watch each other.  I discovered that I climb quite well, considering I’ve only done it for a month, and can attempt what the other two do, who’ve done it for two years.  I did a V1 Yellow route – very pleased.  When people get together it is called a Session, and the venue is cooperatively social.  Next time, take my harness and do a top-rope climb with the automatic belay.  Just as it was getting a bit routine, I am through the roof again.  With leg work, do “small steps”.  This positions and balances much better for long reaches.  My new friends try going up slabs with just their feet – palms on slab, no hold.  I tried it too. Getting a little more confident with those nasty moments which rely on vertical balance, perched on the wall. Also discovered I recover quickly from each effort and am ready to go again.   But this morning … EXHAUSTED!   Maybe the heat.  Sweating.

Tired – let go into it – lovely walk at the weekend up into Quantock woods with my mother, her slow fragile pace being my opportunity to contact with the ground and flow – weightless sole of feet and hips: sweet leafy tunnels, dark earth and great populations of young dancing oaks shot through with light.  What will I do, what will I feel when she is gone?  How vivid and intense is her descending imprint of life.   Here today but in a few years, gone!  Her imprint, her sticks, her soul pattern are a flower through the wooded hills.

Now, that Tarot on Saturday morning …

   14, Equilibrium         12             20 Ascension
              6            6              8
     Secret garden        secret        Strength/
                          garden        Digestion

I love this one.  Lay it out again.  The Hanging Man is the Waters and therefore the Well – and dangles head down into the erupting lightning-struck tower.  What appears violent in one plane is peaceful in another.  At apex the pendulum rests at midpoint pivoting.  In the pendulum’s returning arcs to each side are the Archangels Mikael and Gabriel!

The Lovers – twice – are Rafael.The Tower represents Archangel Uriel’s flash of lightning.  The Great Four Guardians are in the belly of the woman with her red lion!

Three great Scarlet Keys – 20, the mother-fire letter SHIN (Archangel Gabriel with trumpet), the red lion in 8, and red fiery Mars,16.

The beautiful Tempering element or balancing – Keys 14, 12 and 6.

The simple way with the oracle is to visualise and contemplate its image or reflection.  The oracle does the rest.  Visualise the pictures and their integrity and speech – the power. Do I begin life this way? The tower is a figure of speech – where God opens mouth.  In the same way, the woman guides the red lion’s mouth to sing, rather than roar.  The Lovers in their nude grace give space for each other beneath Rafael’s wings, with Mount Binah in the landscape between them.  The Binah landscape is the Understanding.  The Understanding is Ramesh Balsekar’s beautiful unadorned word for the teaching.

What a lot of wings!  Three pairs upraise that invincible perfumed power of the angels.  The angels bear vast power.  Nothing can oppose them, for they are the Law.  They carry out the Law and beneath the shelter and shadow of their Wings are my rod and staff.  Gabriel’s wings are raised up: Mikael’s and Rafael’s are at rest.

My first insight with this on Saturday 23 June was to meet all things with deep surrendering equanimity.  Eruptions and fireballs in the earth plane, local and at large, are within the Provenance of these Higher Beings.  Who can predict what They see at a glance?  I feel the hawk’s eye.  I love the way the Hanging Man peacefully drops down into the drama of the Tower erupting.  The Hanging Man is the dew of heaven.  Regarded the wrong way round, he gets a bad press.  The Hanging Man is the power of offering no resistance to the event great or small – the event is blessed by the angels.

On the Tree of Life diagram is shown Mars-sulphur glyph and Hanging Man as the Venusian descent of Mezla, dew of heaven.

On the horizontal beam of JHVH cross – the two HEHs, keys 6 and 8 – note the same green landscape with its distant violet mountain.  That mountain, a simple cone in the drawing, signifies all mountain ranges and their inspiration;  Binah is the alchemical salt or crystal of Saturn.  Saturn governs the maturity of any unfolding process.  The exploding Tower is the crack in earth I’ve been registering recently.  There are events elsewhere in which this crack is catastrophic.

I love to be here the gentle power of the woman with the Lion – her hands in the corners of his smile, the red rose garland binding woman and beast in a figure of eight, her long white robe, the flowers in her hair, the golden sky.

It is a version of the 34th Gene Key, the ancient Beauty of the Beast.  See, her spine straightens up as she tunes his vocal cords.  The serpent power of his tail is electro-magnetic.


The pair of lovers in Key 16 are hurled from the cracking tower into manifestation – seeds burst from splitting pod – but in Key 6 their marriage is made in heaven. The mental plane with the Archangel through which they see each other and speak, is veiled by cloud from the generative organs of Earth.  Nature’s instinctive work is attuned to the power of Consciousness.  The Buddhic and Causality regions through the mental, astral and physical planes are depicted here.  Packages of history are layered as in a jamjar containing salts, gravels and silts.  From the Golden Source shines Rafael’s countenance and hands.  There are the fruits and flames of Eden;  there emerge just above the cloudy veil the Lovers’ faces; their reciprocal intelligence allows their hands to join with the Holy One.  Trusting their body they stand by their Trees.

In Temperance the design is the same, but the Lovers are in the animal kingdom, lion and eagle; and Archangel Mikael cooks and cools them (see the BOTA version).  Fire flows; and water burns.  There’s the distant Mountain also! –  crowned with the Solar genius.


In Judgement 20, the Lovers co-created their Child who ascends with them to Gabriel’s intimate trumpet call.  Although this is a Fire Key, it is filled with icebergs and floating stone.  It is primordial before, through and transcending biological Life.   The Lovers in the centre of the reading are fertile.  The Mountain in the distance is the Child growing within them.  With the repeated mountain symbol, the dew of YOD and VAV falls into the volcanic well.

Life blossoms in the universality of death, the downward flowing brook.

Snake, water, stone …


And now bring in my other main area of study, the 64 Gene Keys transmission (Richard Rudd and friends):

Which I Ching hexagram does the Hanging Man over lightning-struck Tower suggest to me?  In the Hebrew alphabet the Hanging Man is MIM the Waters, and the Tower is PEH the spitting fire of Mars and speech.

Looking up the I Ching trigrams of water over fire, I find their union is the 3rd hexagram: Difficulty at the Beginning.  In the Gene Keys transmission which is based on the I Ching, the 3rd hexagram/Gene Key is called ‘Through the Eyes of a Child‘.  The Shadow, Gift and Siddhi archetypes of this Gene Key are Chaos, Innovation, Innocence.

The innovative Gift within the 3rd Shadow is called “The end of island mentality”!  In this gene key is coded the fact that the cell’s innovative and relational genius lies not in the nucleus but within the interactive cellular membrane between each cell.  On this principle may be based the coming social revolution of Solar fusion energy.  Why?  because the Solar photon which moves and is kindled in all directions, is coming and will come into its own.  Is not the Tower itself, seemingly destructive but seminally creative, a solar photon of this kind?

The eyes of the Hanging Man Child are wide open and filled with light, diving through and into the membrane which we used to believe kept us separate.  He wears blue tunic and red hose – the woman and man fall out of the dark tower headfirst – and golden shoes.  He unifies their torment of separateness.  As one even with the refugee catastrophe all over the world is this one’s peace.  Blessed are the fractured for they shall be made whole.


I just turned to some pages from Paul Foster Case’s “The Great Work” and found the chapter on “Digestion”.  It is the fifth stage and it is Hebrew letter TETh, Key 8 – Tarot key 9, of Strength, woman with lion.  I will abridge it, for the original material is copyrighted to the Builders of the Adytum.  In brief, PFC says,

“Chemically, the digestive process exposes a foodstuff to the action of a liquid with the aid of heat (the elements of fire and water), to extract its subtle constituents. 

“The cosmic mental energy is ‘watery’ because it flows in streams as current, forms vibrational waves, is tidal and reflects like a mirror..

“Alchemical fire is the electric vital force taking form as solar radiance and heat, the animating principle of all creatures. The fiery action breaks down and consumes the forms through which it came to conscious life.

“On the Tree of Life the Hebrew letter TETh joins Hesed (water of life), to Gevurah (fire of life).  The way in which these two occult elements combine is called ‘the intelligence of the secret of works’.

“Hesed is … centred in the solar plexus or Jupiter centre.  Gevurah the sphere of Mars … works through the Mars centre.  Digestion as understood in alchemy, blends the forces of the Jupiter and Mars chakras … …(with the action of the Sun and Virgo).

“As TETh means “serpent”, the Secret Intelligence concerns the raising of the serpent power.  An alchemist transforms it into the WHITE EAGLE.  As the eagle is of Zeus or Jupiter, alchemical work essentially transmutes Mars (the Tower, key 16) into Jupiter (the Wheel, Key 10).  

“What else is this, but the transformation of the destructive force which overthrows form into that perfect comprehension of Reality which fulfils our real desires?”

Abridged from the writing of Paul Foster Case


The Hawk, the far-seeing Horus Child is the White Eagle.

The Mars and Jupiter centres together constitute the solar plexus intelligence in the Gene Keys transmission and teachings.  Add to it, Saturn the root chakra.  And stand firm, and glide and climb and undulate and blossom!

The Hanging Man’s facial expression is let down into all unquiet scenes.

Parts Two and Three to follow





Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Discoveries with Tarot and a Garden (4) – A Valley and a Train


zodiac with ophiocus

“From Journal 24 May 2011:  A Valley with a Train – (with quotes from Paul Foster Case and the Pattern on the Trestle Board)

AVE:  Work on the personality is perennial.   Transformation in the knots and edges is slow.   Wholeness of truth is assured, and there is no hurry.

At the grade of lesser adept, we integrate Tifareth.   A greater adept is at Gevurah, Exempt adept is at Hesed, Master of the Temple at Binah, Magus at Hokhmah, and Ipsissimus at Kether.

tree of life for group work

tree of life for group work

In Paul Foster Case’s words, “‘Passing’ from Gevurah to Binah, one makes and keeps an adjustment of consciousness which permits him to receive the full impact of the influx from NShMH, as the influx pours outward and downward from Binah” – a wonderful depiction of the Chariot on this path.

… “One who listens to a radio overcomes the limitations of space and time and becomes virtually present in the room where the programme originates.”


Know the oak – seated where its branches flower – and look up into the Crown.

bota key 7 The Chariot

The sphinxes that draw the chariot represent the light and shadow of the Great Magical Agent.  “The field of his mastery is speech, the power attributed to the letter CHETh. This includes all verbal expressions of thought …   He uses words as building stones, the vibratory values of various combinations of sounds, and the ideas which correspond to those sounds. By directing the subtle forces of sound, combined with thought, he builds himself a body which resists every hostile force. Filled with understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation.  

“He makes no plans, is never anxious, and has little curiosity concerning the future. He sees the immediate and sometimes the distant future as a present reality.”



Yesterday I walked from Chesham to Kings Langley, along the great Herfordshire Way – one of the noble paths of England.   I pick up the Hertfordshire Way after some miles, just east of Flaunden.   It was windy and all the way I smiled to hear the deep song in the trees, with the birds;   the absence of any city sound or square – the wide spread of fields, woods and green wheat.   Another volcano erupted in Iceland – on the day (21st May) the world was predicted yet again to end, by some chap in New York.


The wind in the trees is the subtle force of sound – as stated above. There were many wild roses, and two poppies, and buttercups   It was my holiday away from London, but both Mrs Tiggy and D rang me.   Mrs Tiggy has had a chat with C, and one of her beloved cats got run over, and lost his tail.   D wrote Can I pop over to see him after my walk, please.  I began to worry as usual, if he’s upset with something – the Zombies etc.- and was a bit cross that my time out was no longer open ended.  I had planned to walk all the way to Brickets Wood station north of Watford; but when I reached Kings Langley after four hours, I was suddenly tired and aching, and the wind turned cold with specks of rain: I would not have enjoyed going further. There stood a station and a fast train to Euston; I was at Alum Way by 7.15 and home by 8.30, so it all worked perfectly.

Young wheat

Young wheat

The interdependence is quite hard to keep steady and in its proper field. I curve to D very readily, and imagine nervous scenarios.   Do I allow too much dependency?    My duty and my own dependency is quite transfigured with the fresh pleasure of seeing him: though his voice on the phone is often an irritation.  He now thanks God for the black wrought-iron spiked gate the Zombies installed, to barricade their front entrance from his and the Sisters’.   It sets off his plants and hanging baskets handsomely. The tall green garden gate I made, with its rounded points, retaliates hilariously.


Listening to the sound in the trees – the Hierophant – are the mice and men of small daily plans and how they actually work out. That in itself is beauty.   Gevurah in relation to Tifareth, is the string’s fine tuning: the composition of a Master painting – Rafaello’s geometry.   Gevurah is the appreciation of beauty. I recognise the manifestation of the undeviating Justice in every circumstance of my life. In all things great and small, I see the Beauty of the divine manifestation. Justice is ultimately “juste” – the tuning of a key, the vital equilibrium of its triple string.

What is beautiful?   the fact that at a given point during my long walk, I wore out, and was translated at a right-angle across my path, onto a train and into the next lease of energy – for I lay down to bed quite late, and slept well.   Never force my body through the breaking point – not any more.

A trainee receives insights from the “higher garden”, packing them systematically into the lower. The insights are Reality.   In this context, I am every grade and gradient of the path: for Ipsissimus is eternal, here and now, descending to “lower” grades – incarnations – to solve specific problems of algebra, bio-geometry or calculus. The ascent is an illusion of life and time.   Kether is with me always.

Paul Foster Case discusses the grades in his The True and Invisible Rosicrucean Order, and in other works.

“If he has something to do which demands physical exercise and dexterity, he centres his consciousness deliberately in GVPh (Malkuth). If his work is concerned with the forces of the astral plane, he moves his centre to the Vital Soul, Yesod. For an intellectual problem he shifts focus to the field of Hod, and for an activity of desire, to Netzach.”

This is another statement of how the Magus embodies, by identifying with the various densities, and how I detect those incremental forces. For me to sleep, the bodies must be aligned, and they seldom are.   Out on a walk, when fatigue drops away, it is because the Spirit is aligned with my hips and feet.   When the alignment is not, my feet hit the ground, I feel tired and clumsy – a long way for children to walk.   These conditions alternate.   It is extraordinary to incarnate, but mostly overlooked, because the physical states are overwhelming .   Hindsight shows the pattern:   a tired walker, a valley with a train.

Arcanum 18

Key 18 is the journey.   Look at the wind of the Adept in my wild rosebush.   A Master of the Temple – all those levels of embodiment – is the force of heaven, always.

rose in saucer

It is lovely to be on the receiving end, and to know I am known – even if briefly.   Each spark of knowledge is vast like a star. They brood within my wood.

Something – the archetypes of Key 18 arising? – makes me sleepy now.


nureyev & fonteyn





Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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Alchemical Ethics: Part Two

Grail Table round

Grail Table Round, 2002


D asked me to say to him out loud, “Yes I am a difficult person.” This was after I took Maya out into the field to play ball for two hours, hearing him say an hour and a half, but he said 45 mins, and I had left my phone behind and he was climbing the walls convinced I had lost Maya. In fact he had a frightful day with one bloody thing after another, I spilt codliver oil in the car, and he lost the car keys at home and panicked – I picked through the dustbin and he found them in the kitchen drawer. I am a difficult person and I find myself hard to live with. I didn’t like that very much, but it is true. It is a life-long battle inside my fractious personality, trying to limit damage when with others, i.e. not to do or say things chaotically, or increase my own tension by badgering, etc.

What a curious illusion this is!

I saw the truth  … each of us, every single worthy human being is difficult for themselves or others to live with. Those whom I love are often irritating, overbearing or even downright scary. It is our elemental side; our vulnerability. This is how we are, and how life is.  In daily life I search what I think is right, and get stressed when the words vanish, because in summation it isn’t.  I am bullied and chivvied by my ethical ideal. When my vision clears, it is plain that the superego ideal doesn’t work;  it has no power.

hermit, 1987

hermit, 1987

Though ethics are broad cosmic commands – the platonic streams of light in the river – they are not written in any obvious way in the sky. We have to rediscover the melody, and to improvise. The ethic rarely stabilizes as a plan. When interacting with others, it changes perspective with the light, and the desired action may turn out quite different.

Greetings of glad tidings, 1989

Greetings of glad tidings, 1989

This is because the ethical waveband plays a human instrument not in isolation, but as a developing social being – a keyboard or orchestra. The issue must interact and co-respond – the “finding” is not what I meant to find when my mind was closed. With new humility, receiving a more open perspective, I am chastened for the umpteenth time: I was a crusader wearing blinkers.   I know nothing.

Let me try to grasp the way ethics are social, interactive, relational and creative.

I didn't do it - I dropped an egg to see what would happen:  Cornwall 1955

I didn’t do it – I dropped an egg to see what would happen: Cornwall 1955


rose star egg

Yes there are Dharmic cosmic strands of consciousness. But the business of being human is scratchy. The ethics are not dished up on a plate. A hen roams and scratches in the ground for the grain which drops out of her nether end as an egg.  The henyard is an earthy mess with disturbed grass-shoots.   Images interlink just now, of golden yoked egg, the planetary orbits around the Solar atom – and which came first, chicken or egg? – the elliptical miracle produced from that feathered backside, is found among some nettles or a nest of hay, and boiled for breakfast. Hen and egg are a great work without beginning, to which the cockerel appears incidental. The cockerel makes the louder noise, standing at dawn to lift his pinions and announce the sunrise: cock crow, YOD – and poor St Peter’s discovery that it had crowed three times, and he had forgotten the courage of his ethics. He had cringed, denied and slept while his Teacher awoke in the garden all night long. His  courage was clouded by the self-preserving fears of his surface mind.

cockerel, 1987

cockerel, 1987

Yes, in myself, this happens daily – the waters are muddied, and I put myself on trial.

Who has the right to do that? Who is the judge?

Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma

An aspect of ethics is courage – the courage to remember and speak up for what the heart knows is true – the Sanatana Dharma or optimum way to grow at all levels. For those today in prison or under torture for freedom of thought and speech, any failure to protest their conscience is a far worse fate than physical suffering, electric shock or being murdered. For men and women whom regimes attempt to crush, the ethical imperative is simple. The lamp shines in them strong and clear.  They speak.

As humans we are a process so incomplete – racially about eight years old in terms of infancy – that an ethical realisation should bring a daily, hourly practice of compassion for the way we know not what we do. I know not what I do.   For give.

seagulls and plough, woodcut by C.F.Tunnicliffe

seagulls and plough, woodcut by C.F.Tunnicliffe

The intensive study of spiritual matters and platonic virtues leads straight into the field of life where I  churn up mud and feel lost. This is the task of embodiment. Kabbalists say our embodied life on earth is the hard School where our work in the soul is applied. There is no evolution in the soul, unless we plough the physical field. Life on earth – with what it flings at us at every level – is a difficult training.

The manifold crisis today which humanity faces, is a progressive force for transformation in the collective soul.

cockadoodledoing 1987

cockadoodledoing 1987

The ethical waveband appears an eternal verity: but it is not static. It is implanted in the human psyche in order to grow and generate life through each small human. My evolution is a difficult imperative: a combat with failure. The failure is relative, and mostly imagined. Who is responsible? Whom do I try to serve? When I am out in the playground of my primary-school, how am I with my companions? A very early memory arises from village school age six: we sat in pairs back to back on the see-saw: I faced the middle: without thinking, I shifted further and further back and pushed the boy sitting behind me and facing outward off the plank, and onto the ground. When he got to his feet, his nose and mouth were bleeding gristle. Maybe my guilty thoughtlessness was planted there, for the image arises of its own accord now: trust the subconscious. On Her akashic scroll, all is recorded, all is synchronistically delivered.

Astronomer with spinning top and cockerel

Astronomer with spinning top and cockerel 1988


Be holy, whole, well, sound. The philosophers’ Stone is the universal medicine.  When Yesod and Tifareth – moon and sun – are One, I am EBN (hebrew for Stone) – child with father/mother.

“Never forget human is a social being, and the highest resonance of this is love. The lilies and roses in the Tarot Magician’s garden are symbols of knowledge and love. The hebrew number 53, EBN, Stone is the same which describes the Sun and the Garden by gematria. The red roses in the Magician’s garden are the completion of the Work of the Sun. Without love there is no fulfillment. 

“Garden, Stone and Sun are the One Thing. The flowers are fed by the chemical elements of decomposed stone, and grow by the power of the sun. When we really know this, we cannot help loving our fellow humans:  this is revolutionary. The highest piece of philosophy in nature is love.  Skill in this comes from long practice.  

We fail more than we succeed, but our small successes and breakthroughs are of homeopathic quantum.

(Adapted from Paul Foster Case)

I found in the Chaldean Oracle some pure alchemy:  “For from the (YOD) Source, naught that’s imperfect spins or wheels …  The soul must have measure, rhythm and perfection, to spin, circulate or throb with this Divine Principle.  The Father/Mother does not sow fear, but pours forth persuasion …   controls from within and not from without;  controls by being, by living within, and not by constraining.

an early impression of the muscle of heaven with earth 1987

an early impression of the muscle of heaven with earth 1987

Saturn approaching my natal Cheiron and square to natal ascendent and Saturn this year made me feel confined, anxious and unable to complete my tasks.  Recognising this, relaxes it.  This tension will be shaping my path – between Saturn’s butter-pats – until November.  So go with the flow!

And now go within.  Be within the field.  What is here?

In a field of flowers, the long grass warms my bare feet, encircled with mountains and hills. Over the last twenty-odd years, love shed its turbulence into a deeper strata of acceptance.  Do the beautiful. Go with Grace, one thing at a time. The strata of acceptance under the earth mirrors the ethical aurora borealis of a clear blue sky – Beriah. As above, so below:  be joined!


with Maya, 1




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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What is Love?


A vulnerable angel - 1968

A vulnerable angel – 1968

What is love?

We are supplied with a super-abundance of beautiful wise words written or said by other people, and we tend to put them on the wall or make altars out of them. Master R told Anne Davies, “Love and you shall know”.   We need to discover our words from the heart, as they speak themselves.

He said further, “A loved creature, like the Frater’s dog, or like the little bird, has compared to yours, a short incarnation span.  You don’t really shorten that span by loving an animal, but you do plant in that creature something far beyond the usual enfoldment.  Death comes to all bodies, and the death of wild creatures is seldom as quick and merciful as that of these two.

“Yet death is but a door.  Nothing dies but bodies.  The essential being lives on, and whatever has received unselfish, loving care, has been given a tremendous impulse forward, so the power of that love makes possible a very rapid advance in the scale of unfoldment. Not because you loved them did they die, but because you did love them are they farther along the path than they would be, but for that love.

anne davies

“Never fear to love.  Never stint the outflow of that divine power.  What grief and pain seem to be associated with love come always from attachment.  Love seeks not its own, because love never feels itself to be separated from its own.” 

Anne asked, “What if love is not returned?”

Master R sketch 03

“No, Soror.  Love seeks no return, because love knows there is always a return.  Outer manifestation of response is not necessary for love.  Loving is giving, and love feeds itself in giving.  It is we with our short sight, who fail to know what love knows always, that nothing can separate anyone or anything from love.  The whole world came into being by love, is maintained by love, and continues by love.  

“But apart from philosophy, your little bird sings more happily than here, and your dog is closer to you this minute than ever he was while in the body. This we assure you most definitely, and if we are false in this, then is all the rest of our teaching worse than nonsense, for the whole mystery of the universe is the secret of love,
and the triumph of love over death is the supreme victory.”


I was deeply touched with this passage when I first read it, about ten years ago.  It affirmed that whatever I might think or doubt about channeled Masters, here is the Wisdom itself – pure gold.


Turning inward, discovers the inner Teacher, and this is the relationship without which there is no love.   It takes practice.

Love is here and now in expression:  the connection to gravity – but one needs to be  co-creative with it, even when just sitting still.   There needs to be some Mars mixed with the Venus, to see and be the violet ray.

botticelli venus mars


Always flowing with the unbroken connection with the One?   This is misleading.  Of course it happens when I write, because the words come up from that deposit in the subconscious, which is laid down since early childhood in this lifetime, and in invisible lifetimes preceding.  It is the threads in the tapestry.   Very rarely does a human being manifest it all the time.  They do exist but they are few.   The rest of the day – when it seemed so simple just to stay here – is consumed in the usual nags and frets of the dreamer.

Each time, that place is woken, with a fresh insight.   Yet it is an unbroken thread.  Come to it afresh, each time with the ongoing problem and pain in daily life – ask.   The dialogue, corresponding with my own subconscious, awakens love.   Love is a universal quantum, like gravity:  a sense of passionate well being and peace, like a well or a mountain spring.   It isn’t attached to a person, but is easily made to – at the drop of a hat.  Then we start projecting! – that is the convention, in great literature and at the movies.   All the great  romantic love affairs in history have unhappy endings, because they drove themselves into that end-game.  The human collective soul grows to expect this, and to draw nourishment and entertainment from it.

However, Love loves individual human beings in a myriad ways.

Organist - 1968

John the Organist – in Liverpool, 1968

Love cannot be confined.   It is a limitless reservoir from which we drink:  no cup can contain it – (that is the illusion we mostly live by).   But the cup is emptied and is dipped again.   This is according to our own bio-rhythms which sleep and wake in a linear sequence, like waves.

Fact is – there are samskaras and types of Karma embedded in the embodied soul. They all need active expression, to become conscious, transformed and therefore released, and none of it happens overnight. What we get is a kind of fabric – the stuff we have to weave in life, like earning a living;  the state of the human-world; or being a parent or partner.  The worries and tensions are interwoven with the bright thread which is love-eternal – the star-born.   The secret is in detecting the thread, and bathing in it, for a moment at a time;  finding what activity sustains or allows it NOW.   My way is writing or studying.  Your way might be Yoga or studying, or ritual, or parenting.


11 justice - Version 3bota key 11

Constant attention to the Divine is not a practical proposition in life – unless one is a monk It initially inspires, but puts pressure on the student, and further distances him/her from WHAT IS.   When we are inspired, it is at that focused moment ALL THERE IS;  and it lives for ever.  There is no clue in that moment (Key 11), of the small and huge frustrations and fatigues of daily life which cloud it over as the day goes on.  The adepts had just as much trouble as you and me, whenever they were not actually transmitting.


It is hard for me to notice the cosmic Love, when I am right in it, in the strange shapes it presents, here and now, which are not as expected.

It is hard to trust life just as it is;  but to trust it, is the key.

Sky angels over St Malo - 1986

Sky angels over St Malo – 1986


paul foster case - 2003

Paul Foster Case had quite a troubled personal life – I gather, from biographical snippets online – and must have drawn enormous solace from the huge task he was given to do – to write all the books and hundreds of Lessons, to build the School of the Adytum.   The Great Work must have kept him happy and on even keel.   He was the vessel;  and captaining the vessel was the Magid or Master R.   When it all began, Paul got so attenuated with the rush of kundalini-shakti, that he was ordered by the Master to ground himself by drinking wine and eating red meat for a year – so I have been told.

Paul was a master organist – in his heart and soul, as well as in his musical gift.   Music takes practice – feet and hands, keyboard and pedals.   So does Love.   Babies learn to walk first, to run to their parents and be welcomed with joy.  Every single one.

1978 her first steps, 13 months

1978 her first steps, 13 months


The writing, speech and prayer, touches the Hermit’s peak, Key 9, which is eternal:  but the bulk of our life is embodied in Key 18 which is the time it takes.


bota key 9 hermit

bota key 18 The Moon


I saw many people go to neo-advaita Satsang and try to grab what they found there, and take it home.  But they couldn’t.  Why?  Because they were trying to get it from someone else, sitting there and shining and making their heart buzz.  It fades, like an after-image of the sun.  Anyone who wants to, and is good at it, can sit and give Satsang and channel the accumulated focus of all those hopeful and receptive faces.  It is a splendid feeling.  Wisdom flows back.

A ROGUES GALLERY of Satsang teachers in London, 1 April 1999
I collaged these portraits together for April Fools Day –  pages of an old journal.

But to attend to your organic inner language of the same, takes time, passion and commitment.  It takes really valuing and savouring the earliest feelings in childhood, good and bad.   Here, you are a pioneer.   No one ever expressed them, but you.  But when you say and discover them, you may go out, and a book will fall into your hand from a shelf somewhere, and show you that these unique feelings and flavours were and are all over the Ancient World and its ageless wisdom, as archetypes.  ( That is how Kabbalah discovered me.)   The Ancient World is here and now, like looking down into clear water.

Attend honestly to what feels Real for you – beyond speech, and before literacy.  Touch it inside.

Then you will find, when you study the Tree of Life, or any spiritual path, that you have been there, heart and soul, and recognise it and the Lessons in principle, with your life and leaf, with the blood vessels and capillaries through your body.  This is love – the holy greeting.   The smallest response is That.   It is the still small voice.  It is NEVER the big billboard.

small angel, 1956

small angel, 1956

The distractions of 21st century human life – as in any century – are immense.   Nobody expects you to be awake all day.   No one is.  It is fluid like the sea, and like a sky of storms and sunlight.   If you are on the peak for long periods, it tends to stagnate and to form for itself a pedestal;  then come all the problems of Key 15, which close up the open sky of Key 6 and put it into the boxes in Key 20, whence arise again the Delivered ones;  your interior holy Family.   Resurrection is salvage.

Holy Guardian Angel beckons with the trumpet note which is known uniquely and privately to your inner self.  Find and hear it!   (Keys 20 and 5.)

Visualisation – and keep it simple – instructs the flow of the blood and cells, as in the Lessons on the Hermit and Virgo.  From that kindled vitality arise the pictures of the soul, with your breath:  prana..

The great problem in spiritual work is Dryness.  That is when we cannot quite form a living connection – relationship with what we are studying or praying.  It is like going to an exhibition and just looking at pictures by someone else.  Yet we know it is the soul’s own ground, and our true nature, else what are we doing with prayer?   Intuitively, instinctively, it is known … “only connect.”.   The sense of being separate, is the problem.   And it comes from making many ardent possessions of thought, and capturing them for security:  identifying with them at Hod.   The entire business is transacted between Tifareth and Hod, Key 15:  solve et coagula.  Solve et coagula – again and again.   Renewal.  Mirth at my extravagant delusions.

We tend to be misers with our gold.  One who keeps his gold in a box, cannot enjoy it.   We all do this more or less, because life and the economy is scary and we are insecure.   We were taught to, by our parents, and we teach it to our children.  So the insecurity manifests, globally.

Alchemy.   I have psychological scars from youth, in relationships.  This ground was given me to work with for the rest of my life, like a patch of garden.   It is often heavy, and I get depressed.  Transforming pain, and the reactivity from it, to something creative which forgives it – because the creative something is part and parcel of that trauma’s quintessence – is my job, the job which Upstairs gave me to fulfil.   I am certain I perceived and accepted the whole thing before I was born.  Then it had to do its time – the meeting, the falling in love, the psychological abuse, which triggered dormant dragons in deep past Karma which needed to be exorcised and delivered to the Light.   It was and is long, slow and thorough.   I find it really difficult to be straightforward and honest with someone, when the words don’t come.

So I value the terrible times, because of what underlay them, like gold in the dark mine, and erupted through them;  because of what they really are.   Gold!   Philosophers’ gold, ultimately.   There is no real discovery in the spiritual life, without the earth bound stress of realisation … digging out the gold by whatever way is given.   Jesus said Use your Talent.  You know what it is.

The flowers in spring push up gently through the resistant membrane of the ground.

stock-footage-crocus-in-spring-sweden  ..

The gold in the rocks and minerals of earth, is congealed Sunlight.   The same flows in our veins, as red and white corpuscles.   It breathes us in and out.  We breathe.  JHVH.

When a certain depth is touched, there is no one who can heal it but myself;  so I was unable to work with therapists. (Each time I tried, it was a fiasco!)    I turned to my creative gifts instead, which were put here, for this reason;  to investigate their source, language, and transmute the darkness into light.  It still goes on.   To begin with, it was extravagant and on a chattering high.   Over the decades, it sobered up and became more rounded.

I am  close to two persons who survived hell.   Living with their courage, and with their tiny organic changes which spread eventually far and wide, is Alchemy.  Today I grieve.  There is much pain in my life at the moment.  But I think it teaches me about myself, where I come from.

THE KEY TO IT ALL IS CONCENTRATION … on the living Thread, like doing a carving or writing a poem.   Focus.  Focus is love.

Many seekers are babies being weaned off formula.


I listened to Oscar Wilde talking through a medium – this was on Elene’s blog.  He began with petulant impatience on how dim most people are, and ended with a drift of spiritual platitudes which sent me to sleep – I was very tired.   But it is entertaining, humane and interesting.   He was reluctant at first, to divulge his name.  He said it had got him in a lot of trouble.  It is very difficult for a soul on the inner planes, to get through our linear fog screen.

The one on the right is a much better drawing.  I am always surprised by what happens when I turn the photo upside down and draw from that.  The volume and modelling are better.  It is something to do with seeing just what’s there, without short cuts, or habits;  attention.




Link to “What is Thought?” in my other blog

Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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A Mystery of Master R – the Yeast and the Grape


Master R in London - JA 08

Master R in London – JA 08

This is Master R, as he might have appeared to me, in London’s Temple district in the 1750s, on a damp night.

The altar – bird – torch emblem which is worked into this portrait, meant a great deal to me.  It is in his Trinosofia – a journey of transformation.

“Altar, bird and torch are the symbol of all things.  Nothing can be done without them … You could have seized instantly – you would have become altar, bird and torch at one and the same time.  Now, in order to arrive at the most secret place of the Palace of sublime sciences, it will be necessary for you to pass through all by-ways.  Come … I must first present you to my brothers.”


trinosofia altar bird torch, 2

trinosofia altar bird torch, 2

trinosofia altar bird torch 1

trinosofia altar bird torch 1

trinosofia section 12 - "His companion wore no garment, but a sun radiated from her breast.  Her right hand held three globes;  a coronet of red flowers confined her beautiful hair. She sprang into the air, and seemed to lift with her the warrior who accompanied her." - Trinosofia of Saint-Germain

His companion wore no garment, but a sun radiated from her breast. Her right hand held three globes; a coronet of red flowers confined her beautiful hair. She sprang into the air, and seemed to lift with her the warrior who accompanied her.” – Trinosofia of Saint-Germain, section 12


When I think of the “The Most Holy Trinosofia of the Comte de St-Germain”, I have a composite image of an underground volcanic cavern with a Cross of colours in it, a deep sea breaking on a sandy beach, a screen of symbols which melts into initiation, an ascent, a many-pillared round temple where are found the Companions of the Light, a long desert trek, a cornucopia of alchemical beauty and strange tongues.

trinosofia cross & pillars..

The work is illustrated with copies of the Master’s own paintings, in black and white facsimile, leaving the life to my imagination.  I would like to re-draw them, in colour …

The bird is the Ibis, the altar is the Cube of space, and the torch, the Caduceus.

Altar, bird, torch - detail

Altar, bird, torch – detail

The bird – with green branch – is called “to be given the Life.”  The altar is coded “The Crown, Kether, when shall be the gate of entrance:  Immortality shall be conferred at the gate of the House of Wisdom.”  The name of the torch is Light, and reads:  “The dernier shall be hidden away and forgotten”.   The dernier was a coin, as in the Tarot suit of Pentacles.   The statement as a whole suggests “The body of the wise man shall be concealed.”


Master R’s physical remains are concealed:  his paintings – whose colours had a peculiar lustre, he is said to have ground pearl into his pigments – all disappeared.   The music he wrote is stored in the British Library.  I have xerox copies of it.  He played the violin in London, with elegance, verve and grace.

Violin Sonata 2 - keyboard part

Violin Sonata 2 – keyboard continuo part:  the violin is the top line.


In about 1918, Paul Foster Case received a phone call in New York:   “Meet me for coffee at —–Hotel.”   The voice sounded familiar.   It had spoken in his inner ear, ever since he was a small child.   At the rendez-vous, he met an elegant stranger who proceeded during the next fortnight, to lay before him the entire esoteric curriculum for – what was to become a School of the Soul – the Builders of the Adytum.

This was his Hierophant and lineage, Master R – also known as Comte de Saint Germain.   The writings on alchemy, number and the Hebrew hieroglyphic language are of superhuman intellect, beauty and dexterity, particularly in some unpublished texts.   It seems that whenever Paul Foster Case sat down to write, something in his mind-body opened to admit the Cosmic body.   He was a musician, a skilled organist.  He reached every Key, each pipe and every string.   The body of this Great Work had an immense urgency, to leaven the escalating crisis in humanity during the 1930s and 40s.  The Master drily remarked to him, “We come not to the charm of your personality, but to the focus of your mind.”


FR violin 03 copy


He also said …

Transcript:  The Harp of Ten Thousand Strings

“In Kether is the One, the Indivisible, but in Malkuth that same One appears as Four, and comes into manifestation as the Ten which return into the One.  But mark this:  the Four are truly but Two, even as in the body the two genders are always conjoined.  Even when the whole body has almost no trace of its complementary gender, yet is there in its composition always some trace of both.  So it is with the four elements also.  Truly there are but two, Fire and Water.  For Air is the mixture of Fire and Water with Fire predominant, and Earth is a like mixture with Water the stronger. 

“Thus to enter the Kingdom there must always be “two”, for the Wheel turns not, but by the alternation of opposite forces.  Yet the Kingdom of Adonai is not the kingdom of this world’s illusion, and the bodies of the servants of Adonai must be freed from the illusion, before they may serve as transparent channels for the Light which descends from Above. 

“The Law of Adonai is other than the laws of men, for into the laws of men has entered confusion.  This must needs be, since mankind remains a work unfinished.  Yet be on guard, if you seek to be numbered among the sons and daughters of the true Israel, lest you mistake the half formed concepts of an earlier stage of growth, for final truths. 

“The Great Work directs itself always toward the building of the Temple of Adonai, and at its early stages there are needs which do not continue throughout the building process.  Yet men mistake the scaffolding for the building itself! and thus pay idolatrous reverence to old rules which have no longer any useful purpose.  Watch therefore, if you would “rule the world” lest you usurp the rights of Adonai ! 

Note: The World, Key 21 on the centre root path, Malkuth Yesod (Kingdom and Foundation) in the left-hand picture.  This is the “GVPh” or word of embodiment (see paragraph on GVPh further down).  The whole Tree is the Temple.  To view as gallery with notes, click on image. For further notes on the Tree and Kabbalah, search Tree of Life in my primary blog,


Transcript continues:

“His and His alone is the Temple (of the living body) …  Not thine, but Mine is the work … for truly Kether (the Ineffable) is in Malkuth (the earth and physicality), and in Kether I dwell as One without a second …  Mine is your body, you who seek to find me – mine alone.  Mine is the power in all that comes into manifestation through the thought, the word or action of any of My instruments.  Never shall they who remain deluded by the illusion of separateness, become clear channels for the irresistible out-pouring of My power, until all follies of ‘mine’ and ‘thine’ are cleared out …

“Do you comprehend?  You aspire to the highest.  Take heed lest you surrender to the world’s illusion through seeing the Light through the coloured lenses of your personal prejudices and personal emotional needs.

“Refusal to act is like keeping shut the gate which releases a stream of water into a pipe leading to a turbine.  To be sure, no water is wasted so long as the gate stays shut, but neither is power generated.  Of what use are fine ideals about serving mankind, if one refuses to become a channel for broadcasting the power? 

“The whole world suffers in inexpressible agony, yet some who might do much to heal these festering wounds, remain aloof, wrapped in the garments of their own self righteousness.  Yet but for One whom all the world condemned, you would not be sitting here.  “Except your righteousness be greater than the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees,” said the Master, “you shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom.”  Think well on these things.



Speaking of the letters G,V,Ph (a Hebrew word for ‘the body’ – read the letters from right to left) … “What is this GVPh which has its seat in Malkuth?  Consider its three tokens (letters).  First comes letter Gimel which links Kether to Tifareth. This is the sign of the Uniting Intelligence;  from this you learn that the body conjoins a man to the Highest. 

“Second comes letter Vav.  This is the token of the Eternal Intelligence uniting  AB with BEN – the Father with the Son.”

Father, Son, Hermes - an illustration from the Book of Lambspring.  "The Son ever remains in the Father and the Father in the Son.  Thus in divers things they produce untold, precious fruit.  They perish never more, and laugh at death ... Upon one throne by the grace of God they sit, and the face of the Ancient Master is straightway seen between them.  He wears a crimson robe."

Father, Son, Hermes – an illustration from the Book of Lambspring. “The Son ever remains in the Father and the Father in the Son. Thus in divers things they produce untold, precious fruit. They perish never more, and laugh at death … Upon one throne by the grace of God they sit, and the face of the Ancient Master is straightway seen between them. He wears a crimson robe.”

(By this, he refers to Vav – which joins together – as it is the sixth letter of alephbeis, and the first syllable of TVPhRTh/Tifareth.)

“From this token, know that your body is the link between the true Self in Tifareth, and the universal Life and Wisdom of Hokhmah.   Now the third token – Ph -is the letter which signifies the mouth of man, and is also the Active Intelligence which unites Netzach with Hod. 

Three Tarot Keys, signifying (from right to left, as with Hebrew script) , Reflectivity, Inner Hearing and Speech.


Transcript continues:

“So this, your body, is the instrument whereon may be played the Song of Life.  Nay, it is more than this;  for on this harp of ten thousand strings, the wind of the Spirit moves ever, and sounds night and day, the harmonies of that Eternal Song. 

“Yet few there be, with ears to hear.  For that hearing is too often dulled by the noisy clamour of the world’s illusion.  Yet he who has eyes to see, and mind to remember, may see in the very word GVPh, that the heart of its meaning is to do with Hearing. (The Hebrew hieroglyph V is related to the sense of hearing.)

What else is the letter V but the heart of this word?  …  How few there are, who listen for the still, small music of the Eternal Song! … “


This transcript is from a direct communication to Paul and Harriet Foster Case and Anne Davies in 1947.  It is summarised in the Meditation on Malkuth in The Book of Tokens, which you can buy in bookshops, or from the Builders of the Adytum (   A correspondence course of Lessons covering Kabbalah, Tarot, Alchemy, Colour & Sound, and every factor of this teaching, is available from the Builders of the Adytum.

Kabbalah 1989 79 tree of life - Version 3


The Master appears an individual, but he is an inner plane consciousness and has no separate sense of “me”.   He is intimately transpersonal.   He moves as easily through neighbouring densities of manifestation, as from field to field with the clouds, and back and forth through apparent death or disappearance.    Wherever the third-eye focus is confected, here he stands.  He – traditionally a Magyar aristocrat – was behind the veil of the “strong Child” in the American Declaration of Independence.   He was a Freemason, a Rosicrucean and Alchemist;  he led the secret Schools in France and Germany;  he seemed to have unlimited wealth, and all the courts in 18th century Europe welcomed him.  He attempted by diplomacy to “defuse” the coming French Revolution, but had to flee to London.  He spoke of the real Revolution, which is evolutionary in the soul.  Isabel Oakley’s  carefully researched biography of him is called The Comte de Saint Germain – the Secret of Kings.

liszt in door

Franz Liszt, a few decades into the 19th century, wrote of Le Comte to the Grand Duke Carl Alexander of Eisenach:

“An extreme ease of manner with the most highly placed personages gained him the privilege of saying anything with impunity.  Kings’ fools had this privilege in days of yore, and I take pleasure in thinking that it is not their fault if it didn’t make the kings wiser.  While affecting a profound contempt for riches, Saint-Germain enjoyed displaying a prodigious quantity of precious stones and diamonds, and boasted that he had learnt the art of cutting diamonds well, on one of his first voyages to the Indies. 

“… Apart from his chemical knowledge and alchemical illuminism, Saint-Germain played the violin admirably – so well, that people thought they could hear an entire orchestra under his bow – and possessed in addition the talent of writing equally well with right and left hand, which I envy him doubly, for my handwriting being horrible and almost illegible, it greatly displeases me. 

“By means of his elixir of long life, he claimed he had already lived for 350 years.  The same liquor also had the property of turning a woman of 70 into a perfect resemblance of a girl of 17 – and further, made anyone quite simply immortal.  This idea was carried on moreover, without elixir, in Condorcet’s remarkable book ‘Des Progres de l’Esprit Humaine’. 

“Frederick the Great asked Voltaire for a few details about the Comte de Saint-Germain.  “He is a man who doesn’t die, and knows everything,” replied Voltaire.  He did die, however, in 1784 – or 1785 – as a close friend of the Prince of Hesse-Cassel.  This intimacy would explain in rather a singular manner why the present Elector of Hesse governs in the manner of 350 years ago;  a method which has succeeded extremely well for him thus far, as it has with others who haven’t even the merit of his obstinacy. 

But the pitcher goes so often to the well that in the end … it fills itself – says Figaro. Be so kind Monsignueur, to excuse my want of greater erudition …”

Your very grateful servant … 

 FL signature


Le Comte Saint-Germain is synonymous with “Master Rakoczy” of Hungary.  My pragmatic contact with Le Comte and his thought, is through studying Alchemy.   That is what makes it real.  In 2002, I was given a copy of some of the Master’s lessons on the Great Work of Alchemy, which illumined and earthed all that I had previously read.   I worked through them for about a year. Some months into the journey,  I consulted a psychic, who emailed to me:  “Master ‘R’ just peeked in through the etheric Levels to say that he is the overviewing Presence in your Soul’s Life.  Adieu.”

For verification, I asked Le Comte, could he please arrange to have himself mentioned in that day’s Kabbalah meeting.   Half-way through the discussion – whose theme that day happened to be the inner-plane Maggidim or teachers – another student raised his hand and narrated – out of the blue – the story of Paul Foster Case’s encounter in New York with Master R.

In the Toledo Kabbalah-society tradition, Master R was lucky if he got a mention once in a year or two.  Later on, I discussed this with Halevi, on the understanding that our guides and preceptors ring the changes, as life brings fresh challenges.   Halevi said “he’ll be your Head of Department then.  The general ‘staff’ assigned to individuals and situations, they come and go, under him.”

The question arose, because Master R is not a shepherd of individuals, but of civilization.  Why would he connect to me?   The answer is transpersonal – it is the level of love – the level of awareness on Jacobs’ Ladder.   My concentration on alchemy and the transcripts, was a lens through which he looked and I could see.   I learned an essential thing.  Contact with a Master – a Maggid – is a two way process:  the chosen dialogue, kept in focus, and always fresh.

He is not my “teacher” in the personal sense.  But when I really put my mind to it, over a period of time, I can “tune up” to his wavelength, which covers many domains.  My ear is to the ground in a special way.  Language flows, and I learn about the way things work.  He doesn’t “advise” me, and when he guides, it is in a minimal, unobtrusive way which rhymes unmistakably with my inner world, yet comes from beyond.

During that period, I learned through drawing their portraits, the nature of the inner plane Maggidim, and of transmission;   I clarified for ever, a distinction between mediumship and mediating.   The former is a monologue, the latter is a conversation.


60 diagrams tower & tattvas copy

One of my deep treasures received, is AKASHA TEJAS.   The Akasha Tattva, linked to Saturn and the root chakra, is an indigo oval.   The Tejas Tattva, linked to Mars and the navel chakra, is a scarlet triangle.   Combined, they are an esoteric Key to the interior Gold – the heart centre chakra.   Astrology aspects during the spring of 2003, illumined this combination, as a teaching.

Years later, this feature became embodied in, and sustains, my close friendship with an Aries  –  jewel of Saturn and Mars rulership:  Capricorn with Aries.  It all takes time.

7 chariot - Version 2

bota key 7 The Chariot


In conventional astrology, Saturn and Mars are malefics – they resist each other.  The Mars tempo is quick:  Saturn moves in wider cycles.  It is like trying to do a gear-change.  But in Kabbalah, on the Tree, the struggle was co-operative.  Saturn and Mars form the left-pillar Binah-Gevurah path of Influence, whose Tarot Key is 7, The Chariot.   Scratch below the surface of any enduring pair of lovers or conscious siblings;  there is probably a jewel of this kind.

The Akasha Tejas Tattva is a jewel the Master took out of his pocket and polished for me.    In the abundance of life’s pearls, I mostly forget to visualise, or to polish this one so it shines.   “Polish the mundane.”

This suggests:  let it not be routine, but let it recreate the affection.

akasha tejas



Here are a few teachings in my inner ear, as they came it seems, from the Master:

27 May 2003

“Do the rose cross or whatever else, when love comes.  With love.  That is the breakthrough from mercury into venus on the path of mars.

“Yes, very slowly and with love, hearing the music note deep within, and smelling the rose with the sea breathing.  Simple, and one thing at a time.  The meaning and flowering of the Rose Cross Ritual, and of all ritual gesture, is when ‘you’ are not doing it.  Then as you find, that fascination or pondering, kindles the golden circles.  Magic is made not with what is known, but with what you can’t quite grasp, and you wonder at.  This draws your mercury up the rod into the place of meeting.  So the Rose Cross SHIN and the golden encirclings have power, like a left-hand drawing.  We said:   no one is skilled, who begins magic.”



1 November 2003

Early this morning in bed, I asked “what is the Third Eye?”  and this reply came:

“The third eye is the I of the Subtle body encircling Earth as it opens.”

A sort of violet blue clarity was in this picture as I wrote down the fading message.  Where is my third eye?  Answer as above.  The subtle-body, like the etheric sheath, is a standwave, rather than a timespace process.  It registers relative “eternals”.   It is the blueprint to which all the variety bears passing form.  Earth’s etheric field is the lunar orbit.  This itself – moon’s silver circling around turquoise earthpupil – looks like a eye.

How do I find and use my third eye?  Ah!  it is in Perseus myths.  The three grey sisters passed the one eye among them;  and yet they could not see, because they argued.  It is somehow clear that it exists, since Serapis kissed it there, in a way more reliable than before.  Practise using it.

My crowded, operatic mind, fond of its noughts and crosses and sores, puts up a great resistance to “re-membering” and “practising”.  But if I say “this third eye is Open” indeed it is;  and if it encircles planet Earth, its capacity has the collective “I”.

Where to focus it?  (Put your attention on the invisible, beloved!)  inward, within the brow, where the Stone of gold-producing Light is confected, where the pineal pine cone, opens woody petals spiral wise.  Only see these simple things, and my Third Eye is seeing.

You know you can’t see the eye, or I, you see through!  The same it is with the Third.  It is not a mark, or an organ.  It is a Way.  It encircles the earth transpersonally, like the bright veil she draws around her lands and seas.  The arising of the Love current is Her opening, likewise.  It flows up through the spine and opens the brow.  I am a pyramid with the eye in its apex,  the symbol of freemasonry.  The pyramid is a little lens, gathering to it all the matter of earth, and shining back:  Eye-dentity.

Your attention on the invisible is displaced from the visible obstruction or belief;  from “my-story”. Your attention on the Great Mystery is not upon “my-story”.

That is what is meant by “the IN-visible”;  and by silence.



27 June 2003

Oh yes:  here’s yesterday’s Big Thought, which I jotted in my notebook:   The violet mantled King in Basil Valentine’s story, meant:

“If I have ears to hear,
Hear Thee
like the Stars brought close to the eyes
oak Tree.”

In other words, the teachings of the Magid, although as far beyond the spacetime context of my person as the stars in the night sky, are brought inward as the stars to shine in my own eyes and being.



scales 2

And here is Master R’s published sonnet:

Curieux scrutateur de la Nature entiere,
j’ai connu du grand tout le principe et la fin.
J’ai vu l’or en puissance au fond de sa riviere,
j’ai saisi sa matiere et surpris son levain.

J’expliquai par quelle art l’ame aux flancs d’une mere
fait sa maison, l’emporte, et comment un pepin
mis contre un grain de ble, sous l’humide poussiere;
l’un plante et l’autre cep, sont le pain et le vin.

Rien n’etait, Dieu voulant, rien devint quelque chose,
j’en doutais, je cherchai sur quoi l’Univers pose.
Rien gardait l’equilibre et servait de soutien.

Enfin avec le poids de l’eloge et du blame,
je pesai l’eternel;  il appela mon ame:
je mourrai, j’adorai, je ne savais plus rien.


The jewel is here:   the gold in the flowing river:  the soul at the  mother’s flank;  the yeast, the grain and the grape;  the bread and wine.

I would appreciate an English translation of this poem, from a French-speaking reader – any offers?  Very broadly my understanding of it goes:

 ”Examining nature, I learned her fundamental principle.  I saw in her river’s flowing depth the gold, and seized its potency.  I understood how the soul in the mother’s womb rises like yeast, and carries the lodging onward (through the generations);  and how a tiny grape seed and a grain of wheat when placed together in moist earth – the one a plant, the other a pip – ferment to bread and wine.  

“Without God’s will and wisdom, nothing grows.  I searched in vain:  I found no ‘thing’ to equilibrate or uphold the Universe. 

Sacred India Tarot - VARUNA - Version 2


“Finally, in the balance of applause and censure, I weighed Eternity:  it called my Spirit.  I died to the world. I adore.  I knew nothing more.”


Fra music 5


With embryo in womb,
yeast and grain in the vine,
the Eternal alone calls the Soul;
the world knows nothing.

(The door is TAV, and in it flowers the Rose.  Saturn is the root and door by which we give birth, parturition of the seed itself, all in one.  As the Soul makes house “aux flancs d’une mere”, so in damp dark soil does pip to a grain grow bread in the vineyard.  Saturn is the root, and Venus in the throat chakra is its calyx or flowering point.)


Oakley book cover image of le Comte - from a contemporary engraving

Oakley book cover image of le Comte – from a contemporary engraving


In the ten years or so since these writings, a lot of water flowed under the bridge !  I had so much to learn, to practice and to clarify in life.  There were difficult tests yet to come, with deep issues to heal and let go.   It took me far away from the initial contact with the Master.

Life is “initiation” – a curve of the years.  The landscape was challenging, and I got distracted and made mistakes.  It is all valuable.   My objective in these two or three posts about Master R, is to take up some slack, and by doing so, re-invite his presence and teaching in my work:  a discovery.

Master R/Saint-Germain means different things to different societies and souls, according to projection.  In Part 2, I shall tell how my particular contact came about.







Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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This piece for the spring equinox, on Solomon, complements my previous post about the Priestess, and the ongoing “Parvati themes” in janeadamsart.


Photo by British Everest expedition 1922

Photo by British Everest expedition 1922 … 16,000 feet

Head Lama, Rongbuk Monastery, 1922

Head Lama, Rongbuk Monastery, 1922


“Harbour the culture through chaos.  Conserve the culture through chaotic conditions.   The capacity to do so, is oasis.”  

I see Tibet behind Mount Everest, and also the shy bend of the River Torridge in North Devon, its swift mainstream, its quiet circling backwaters which observe.   I put a photo of it at the end of Parvati Waters Trees.

Solomon’s wisdom is in the mountains and sages of each place of time, as in the lilies of the field.  Before I discovered this aspect pattern in my birth chart, I had intuitively adopted the Seal of Solomon as my guiding Star and logos.

ja birth chart

My mandala:  something inherited:  a dedicated way.  My birth was painfully delayed (for my mother) until the moment when the Ascendent “earthed” a hexagonal concordance with the Nodes, Uranus opposite Venus, and the Part of Fortune.   Subjectively I was aware from earliest childhood, of beauty, and the microcosmic fact of Macrocosm.  The harmonic for me, is inescapable, and converges many old apprenticeships and skills.  It is transpersonal.  I view it objectively, and try to serve it well.


So:  capacity to conserve a culture, creates oasis.

The medieval monks in Europe conserved the culture through chaotic conditions – war, pillage, waste.  They kept their prayer and their libraries going.  These too got pillaged, but always resurfaced and carried on, maybe a century later.   In Tibet, the Rongbuk monastery is back in business.  What the monasteries truly have, is eternal and indestructible.  The Eternal Life rebirths, in the covers of a book or a body-mind.

modern rongbuk monastery,

modern rongbuk monastery, …  that, above the cloud, is the summit!


Perhaps I am an old illuminator of the manuscripts, sitting in a chilly stone library, like I so often sit in my chilly kitchen, tinkering along in the inward warmth, and rise stiff and cold.   Perhaps I receive the same cherishing that I gave to the old manuscripts and their lettering and their wisdom.   Perhaps I am tonsured, and even the Librarian:  the keys are in my belt, with my rosary.  The damp smell of old stone and vellum.   Scraping scratch of feathered pens.   Cold feet, always:  often, cold hands.  The Glory. Where am I?   Norway? France? North Germany?

kolbe rosary detail

kolbe rosary detail

In my soul rests a romantic residue of the monastic life, the gothic arch, the songs of prayer, male harmonies, brothers.  Were those happy lifetimes?  Fulfilled?  I know by hearsay that in monastic communities every individual petty misery is magnified.  I came into this birth with the warning:  “don’t be so selfish”.

Well, I suppose my feet are in sandals, and my robe is brown, and I love the Mountains which are the books of wisdom, eternally.  The Mountains erode the pages and stand as they are.  I know historyI know that the Knowledge returns from the flames of petty pyres and reoccupies the libraries, as fresh as a daisy.


On DNA racial analysis – human groups:  lineage, Levite, the colours in the stitches of Africa …. Solomon sent ships down the Red Sea – sailors went on land – mixture of genes …  beautiful Ethiopians?   Many are of Jewish origin.  Solomon’s bride is dark and comely – as was Parvati, Siva’s bride.

My friend Sarah who looks so English and sensible, researched and discovered her ancient African gene ancestry:  her privilege to find and be this body, today’s result (in progress) of countless converging lines of history – a hinterland.


Young bedouin - bin Ghabaisha, from photo by Thesiger

Young bedouin – bin Ghabaisha, from photo by Thesiger.  War and …

DNA is a physical web or template.  It sustains itself unceasingly, and does not change.   There is an interplay of physical and Karmic webs with the strands of the Spirit.  Slowly the soul merges with the Infantile in the womb – she may come from far away;  the earth root is tribal.  The soul has the flexibility of good and evil and selection.

Sarah notices distinct facial types of kindred spirit, as among musicians and singers:  their carriage or enthusiasm, their shared eccentricity.

(In “Prayer to the Moon” – ( look for “Animist Blog Carnival: The Shape of Time & Other Things”) – I found a 1980s video of Carl Sagan demonstrating the extraordinary flexibility and precision of DNA models, “light years” inside the depths of the cell … )

I enjoyed trying to play some Bach yesterday, piano – Allemandes and Sarabandes from the French and English suites … spell them out slowly.  They are very beautiful.

Arcanum 9 hermit ... and peace

Arcanum 9 hermit … and peace


Solomon Re-Membered

GEMATRIA is the “spelling”, letter by letter, of the Hebrew Alephbeis.   Each letter is a living spirit, a gesture, a hieroglyph of Hashem the holy One, for someone like myself, who can’t read Hebrew !  They each have numbers, which add up, expand and correspond universally.  Gematria, the science of numbers, is a gymnasium, extraordinarily profound.  It may tempt the monkey mind, a torrent of clever associations – a tasty Law of Correspondences.

But gematria, to live and build with, needs to be held for a long time on the tongue, and relished.

Hebrew for The Stars

The word Ha-KVKaBIM the Stars, is 103, the number of EBeN Ha-ADaM, Stone of Adam,

and of BoNAIM, the builders, masons (Essene word),

and of GNaN, to hedge about, protect, shield,

and of HVA Ha ELoHIM “He is God” ,

and of MaGeDVN, rendezvous, place of Armageddon or meeting,

and of MaGeNI, my shield.

These all have the mutual linking number 103, and are holy breaths.   The stars are the dust of Adam Qadmon.  They are strung together as desert sands, to build Sanctuary, and to fence the holy ground of God.  At  “armaggedon“,  place of meeting, rendezvous, they are my shield.

(Note that a similar word, Magid, means “inner teacher, enlightened spiritual guide.)

The miracle-bearing seed of the Royal House of David, is brought to Bethlehem the House of Bread.   The yeast is pounded down to rise:  meditation pounds it down.

“We must come to the Meggeden, and place of rendezvous.”   We must come to a holy place of meeting, with the Companions of the Light.   What is meditation but a repeated thought?  How simple it is.   Any thought, repeated enough, will solidify and manifest.   Sustained reflection on “what is true?” produces what appear to be miracles, and helps difficult relationships to unravel and deliver, in any plane of being, or history.

“Rendez-vous” means “Render yourself.”   This same root is Surrender:  to the indwelling Shekhinah, the Daughter of the Seven –  indeed the Daughter of Jerusalem who is dark and comely.   He makes an appointment with Her.  He seeks Her out, and to her faithful lover, Shekhinah unveils.” (Paul Foster Case)

It is the Song of Songs!

So I get to work.

The Occult doctrine is:  The Stone of Adam is the union of the Father Hokhmah with Tifareth the Son – a great Star surrounded by seven smaller stars.

Arcanum 17, Star

Arcanum 17, Star


The Bonaim, builders, share the secret doctrine, as did the Essenes.  The Builders of the Adytum disagree with Essenic celibacy, but concur with the Rosicrucean Manifesto that “our building, although one hundred thousand people had very nearly seen it, shall forever remain untouched, undestroyed and hidden in the wicked world.”


Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case


The pure teaching and practice of the Ageless Wisdom is not designed to be popular or to attract large numbers.  It is targeted.  It is the Adytum or Sanctuary in the third eye.  Paul Foster Case wrote, “In an unenlightened man it is in the same condition as the Temple at the time of David.  The materials are gathered, but cannot be erected into a temple by David, the warrior and man of blood.  They must wait for Solomon, whose name (Shalom) signifies “peaceful”.”

Then the Psalmist – his entire emotional spectrum in the Songs –  was the Shield for Solomon’s Song and Seal within.  Magendovid means “Shield of David” – for the Star itself is Solomon’s Seal.  David is “the Beloved”.  In modern Israel, the Temple – except in some communities, and in vistas far transcending politics – is relatively dormant.  The magendovid became a secular flag.  But the Covenant is in the air we breathe.

“Solomon comes down to us largely as allegoryHis name is the rising Sun:  SOL OM ON – Latin, Sanskrit, Egytian.  Each syllable and the triad which combines them, symbolises Tifareth.”

 (Paul Foster Case)

Solomon's Cube, Emblem 6

Solomon’s Cube, Emblem 6

The Covenant, the Shekhinah, is placed in a Cubical room.  This is the flower at the heart of the Cube of Space, extending toutes directions:  JHVH and the weathercock.  Here and now, it awakens.   When the i-habit drops into the deep, the Covenant arises;  words or phrases trickle through the silence one by one.   This is the goal of spiritual exercise:  to grasp the Staff of peace.   The Staff is the Key to all history, and is common to each soul who finds it again.  The Staff is the collective cosmic Knowledge – Daat on the Tree of Life –  when Solomon’s Seal with the Cube it forms, AWAKES.   Where else can it awake, but here?

BOTA cube, star, weathercock

BOTA cube, star, weathercock

Before the Cube of Solomon awakes, tools to build the Temple lie on the ground waiting for instruction.  Their fascinating flat shapes in theory were and are seized and discussed by the learned of all cultures …  like the story of the Elephant and the Blind Orthodox Scholars … like  fragments of a mirror to put in a museum.

elephant story

But inside the invisible Elephant, a sage and student stroll towards sunrise … the interior light and conversation common to All:  the heart.

solis luna conjunctio

Isis gathered the scattered pieces of Osiris, to conceive from him their child Horus.  When the Seal of Solomon is re-membered, in a twinkling it catches fire and VOLUME, a burning bush in the heart:  eternal Life.  Then I know I am a little lens placed near the ground, for the Cosmic prayer of Natural State unceasing.   I am a raindrop.  I am given the moment shared, which hides the scholarly centuries.

Before it strikes, I don’t know what or where it is.  When it strikes, it is unsought, innocent and entire.  Sacred geometry enkindles it.   The magendovid protects and kindles my desire to let it pass on through my transparency.  When this movement sings in the temple of the soul, I am stepped beyond the petty reasonings, petitions or words of the world.  Here is source, like the language in the church roof in The Knight.   I, the smudgy creature on the floor, pick up the correlation and scribe it.  Scribing, as in monastic lifetimes, holds my attention here in sanctuary.

Nothing in all the world is as repetitive as the Ageless Wisdom in the blood:  the pulse.  The drum of the rain.

So many temple cloths and churches get torn down, to disclose again the Adored ADONAI, KABOD the Glory.

Whatever may happen for secular Israel, the beauty of its hidden communities flowering over rock, salt and sky, extends far and near, like sturdy ground-climbers, and will survive and prevail as the human core:  peace.  At the root of all Israel’s thought is SOLOMON, Shalom, the peace:  keep the peace, even through concrete walls.   In this broad picture, the secular combat is a house of cards – a delusion.  It rose and fell many times in the old and new testaments.

“The truth is:  war will not work.  The peace is not with the politicians, but in the heart of the people.  The peace is in the young of both sides, who are tired of the war.”   

I feel and smell the sweet wind, the milk and honey.   The delusion and mutual enemies are a curtain to go right through, to collapse:  it is but a second in the pause of God.   We Judaeans, Levites, Arabians, Kurds, Chaldeans and Yemenites are a people of Allah, a city of JHVH, and as the everyday mindset, mostly we forget this;  and when we forget, we suffer and are tense with an enemy around us, or busy/superstitious with our golden calves.

An ancient habitation of my soul has roots in the silver sand no wind removes – the tablets of the Mountain.  Back in 1971, travelling a tiny corner of the Sahara, I saw the Book of the Ages:  no human fancy, chemistry or invention is other than the strata of those rocks and dunes, and the faces and histories the wind draws.  I saw where ‘I’ begin, between grains of sand numberless as those of Ganges in the Buddha nature.

I would not have this understanding, had not my soul been Jewish, many, many times …  as well as being a scribe in Christendom, strange yet integral descendent of Judah:  the Word is love.   As a keeper of the Book, keep practicing.   Hold the flame, keep it burning.   It gathers its own.   ‘Gathertegen’ was my imaginary childhood city of God, where all the best toyshops were.   It is in the gentlest of the breath, the rising falling tide…  the immense horizon of the view.

When Moses came down the Mountain … when Yeshua went up the hill to pray …   In Moses the Holy One struck a match aflame and spoke:  “I AM THAT I AM – go and tell them that.”  In Yeshua the YOD is Father, his source:  for give.


Each morning when I write, I go up the hill to pray, not remembering why, until I am here.  The spark is Netzach, the friction of life.   In a motor, this generates the engine.   Netzach is Nature, the Tree of Life’s power base.   The friction of lightning and rain in Earth’s aeons, generated life.  The friction of male and female re-kindles the soul, a lamp in the womb for the soul.

Hebrew for shema israel


A very old man sings this, his movement of ancient joy and sorrow down the generations, eternally young.  It rocks his cradle and tefillin.  He told me that after his son was born, he ran naked into the salty sea to release his tribute to Shekhinah.

Egyptian AmunRa brought forth the cosmos from his penis, self pleasuring, God to behold God.   Which of the Schools dare to tell us, that God’s condition is joy?  Genesis is joy?  The tsim-tsum is joy?   Erotic, cosmic joy?   It is too intimate to be “believed in” !   (Messiaen’s music, sometimes:  Turangalila 4th mvt, and Turangalila 5th mvt, Joie du Sang des Etoiles.  Just try dancing out the cobwebs to this! /and see the Picasso drawing on the second one./ And if possible, get hold of Andre Previn’s 1978 recording of Turangalila.)

Every atom of the universe is joy.   This is our seed, our being.   Look at the vast numbers of ways this is misconstrued, abused, misinterpreted – such drab fantasies about virgins in paradise.

The propaganda develops when the fact of joy is forgotten:  when local intellect usurps and obscures the fact, it gradually fashions a sitting duck for its own invention – the self-destruct.

Yet everything both light and dark, is a version of God unto God.  What dogma closes and confines?  What opens, heals and liberates?

Arcana 6 Lovers - Version 2

Arcana 15 devil


If I lived the devil backwards, I see the point again.   This is what Arcanum 15 reveals and teaches:  dissolving the cramped effigy on his throne, into 6, the Lovers at Tifareth who give each other space and time.


Star Cross & Crescent

Star Cross & Crescent

Star, Cross and Crescent … let there be peace.

Peace and let there be peace to all beings, is a dry formula only, rattling on the sand, until stirred with the Water of Life – Yeshua turned away from the rabble and drew in the sand –  a reality of joy, a reality of Sangha.   This Sanskrit word for “Companions” is the same as the French for blood – Sang-Real:  the Grail, the bloodline, the carrier of the Sun:  SOL.

The Holy Grail is not a Cup or category.  The Holy Grail is a transmission, the bloodline, the Family of God, the JHVH.  It has no end;  and we see within, our Self.


Rudra Immerses

The myths of Siva-Rudra’s linga, thrust into the Water of Life, were sustained by yoga.  The moments of human ecstasy, eros and Light are brief in the daisy chain. The stems of the daisy chain are interwoven.  So we find out how to concentrate that continuity, the seed in the vessel.  Oak in the acorn.  The deep human learning curve is to forsake a “selfish” sexuality, to convert erotic feeling by metanoia, to the common good.   Tantra and alchemy have the practice, and it is the language all mystics use.   Some versions are celibate, but this is not mandatory.

ida craddock sketch

ida craddock sketch

The mandate is a  spiritualized, subtle, sustainable sexuality:  a Sivaic perpetuity before the peak as it were.   Through this medium, transmission flows.   It is similar to the radiation from rocks and flowers, human to human, star to star.   Ida Craddock taught it to Victorians, and was hounded to her death by outraged male chimney-pots and the church.  They were scared of having their black holes in petticoats taken away from them.  The Pulpit thundered.

Sexual honesty is a human Achilles heel:  the preference is fantasy, guilt, romance, fast in-and-out, and domination.   Sexual-spiritual Odyssey is likely to explore any one, or some of these completely, towards the light.


sunmoon seal of solomon


Then I remembered and found this bit of Solomons Song …
verses by Alan Jacobs and JA, June 1995

“For dark am I, and ardent,
singed and seared by scorching sun
to taste the vine.”

“Our house has beams of cedar,
our bed is green, your eyes are doves in flight.”

“As an apple among the wood,
do you stand out from youth,
I bask beneath your shade
and your fresh fruits are sweet as truth.”

“O that your left hand rest over my head,
your right hand in my heart!
Daughters of Jerusalem
awaken not Love, till He wills …
Hear His voice! how bounding over hills
my lover leaps
like stag or young gazelle,
gazing in through our lattice.”

“Scent of green fig,
oh dove, hidden in rocky clefts,
let me see and touch your face –
catch the little foxes that maraud the vine.”

“How fair you are, my darksome dear,
your eyes behind your veil are doves,
your raven locks are flocks of goats
descending Gilead in silken droves.”

“Your teeth are a herd of sheep just shorn,
come up from Jordan’s streams:
each with lambs is blessed, not one unborn,
your lips are scarlet thread that gleams.”

“Your cheeks are pairs of pomegranate
in a veil of wind swept fields,
your neck is King David’s tower of granite
hung with a thousand warriors’ shields.”

“Your two breasts as pair of soft young roes,
feed among lovely lilies white
till break of dawn with the rose
as shadows flee the light.
I will rise and reach the mountains of myrhh
and hills of golden frankincense.”

“Your lips sip sweet as honey comb,
the milk beneath my tongue,
your fragrant robe as fresh as foam,
a love-locked garden rose, my bride so young.”

“Sealed spring, a crystal fountain
cinnamon scent of orchard spice
streams down the sacred mountain,
aloes, henna, nard and saffron rice.”


“I sleep, but heart and soul awaken
to my lover at the door: his voice to my plight
calls:  open my sister, beloved, by me be taken,
my head is wet with dew, my locks with drops of night.”

“My lover thrust through the door’s latch his hand,
my bowels were moved for him, so dear.
I rose to my beloved, to see him stand,
my fingers dripped sweet scent of myrrh.”

“I opened;  but how? he had turned and gone! 
What did he say? the soul within me failed. 
All night I sought him, till the dawn 
calling his name, grief struck, impaled.”


“The watchmen found me, lost in the city
as they were going about;  they beat and bruised me.
Keepers of walls, they had no pity –
tore away my cloak, defiled and used me.”

“I charge you O daughters, if you find
him, tell
 him I am sick and faint with love.”

“As cedar of Lebanon, tall his frame,
 my bridegroom, beloved his name.”


“Where did he go?
to his rose garden fled. 

I am his;  the beloved is mine. 
He browses in the lily bed.”

“In my nut garden standing still,
the golden Sun sinks into a silver Sea.”

“My love, like a wild stag
or young gazelle,

abounds on mountains of spices:
all is well.”

A.J. 1995

Arcana 6 lovers - Version 1




Aquariel – an angel of the waters and of the air through the woods of life.

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