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12 March 2012  – Here are some skimmings from my recent journal entries.  I am working towards doing a post on the Aquarian Economy and related themes, following up “On Gaia as our Self”.  I would like to collaborate with others in this work, but the persons so far interested are quite busy, and I have to wait.  Meanwhile here among the skimmings and stuff about my other blog, are a few aide-memoires.  Also some ideas and opinions – like bread set to rise.

Categories as such, are: Aquariel. Baby boomers.  Discernment. Pluto in Capricorn. Alethia.  Community.  Autopoiesis. Gaia. Kabbalah. Tree of Life.  Relationships.  Light and Shadow.

This page could become a correspondence, forum or exchange of ideas, through the Comments section !   I would love to hear from you.   Let’s see what will happen.


15 December 2012 – Music Lessons

It was easy to imagine Vera Moore sitting with me, and what she would say about this note or that note, wrapping my fingers round it like a baby in a shawl.   I remembered her LOVE.  That is the magic – her love.  It makes me want to go on playing the piano, and keeps me focused.  I remembered her instruction to play what I am learning, like a chorale, without any inhibitions.  I shall put a postscript onto the MusicLessons with VM.

This is the time of the slide through solstice tipping point, which means different circlings to different soul types.  I hear its simple silence through my antakharana valley.   I am sleeping badly.  I think this is due to an intensity in Yetzirah generally.   The stillness stretches time – re-mind it under the “ravening curiosity”.  It is always slipping through the valley.   It never ends.

Today I have to do a Buddha SITA post.  I shall parallel it in Aquariel with last night’s piece.

I got a little download this morning, but didn’t manage to write it all down.  The voice said “You know I would wish you to.  When you have piano lesson, take your jacket off literally, and listen.”

There was something important before and after this.

The flavour of the woods, the winter ground, the wet leaves and thawing frost is the Buddha nature flowing through, and in my black “snowdrop” diary is the bit about the passing lorry-cosmos – my actual enlightenment … drop some of that into the new SITA post.


19 December 2012

My solstice blog will be very short, to give my readers a rest:  the Masters Eye Key painting, and just a few words on walk tall.   I felt the gravity flowing through me, and very relaxed.  Walk tall, aligned with the flowing pole to the stars:  pole dancer.


20 December 2012 – on Death & Disease

Paul Foster Case: “Deliberately deliver subconsciousness from the bondage to our conscious thinking.”  Receptivity to the Higher Power does that – as we learned with the Lovers.  “The expectation is fulfilled.”   Life is peculiar in its specially engifted way.  I have no argument with what it provides.   The Mare mirrors the movements of the great Angels’ wings among the winds and clouds.

I just had a thought about death.  Anne Davies for instance, in this teaching, yet died of cancer.  She had done her stuff on the earthly plane, and was now time to use that muscle on the inner plane.  In modern medicine, if we get cancer, we are supposed to fight our death tooth and nail, with poisonous chemo.

The thought is:  if I was in that position, I would meditate and write deeply, to find out if it is time for my removal to a Greater Work.   This is utterly contrary to the medical profession.  It is possible that their way with chemical warfare damages and sickens the life force.  It gives some souls a further lease of earth-life. In others, it contributes to the kill.   What is the destiny of that bodymind organism?

The way of thinking which is contrary to the worldly way, is that death is a passing through, to the next big creative work.  I might have done enough here, and the other Dimension awaits me, with a job.  Then I would want to meet it, unsickened, but with modern and holistic pain-relief, whatever is possible.  I would want to tidy up things here, and prepare for the transition with all my strength and peace.  My primitive psyche might kick in, and be scared, and insist on living and being doctored, at any cost.

At the moment, my only reservations about death are: Marisa and others who would miss me, and – lest I do not manage to tidy up my cupboard, and leave a lot of sorting out and throwing away, for others to do.   I haven’t yet made a will.   There is nothing “useful” to leave, unless I become famous before I die, or someone wants to hoard my archive.

Tomorrow Capricorn begins.   Today I think they bury my childhood hero, that Capricorn in France; he was nearly 94.  My meditations and writings have remembered that he died consciously in 1950 through Annapurna, and it is a very strange tale.

I don’t want to read his obituary yet, or anything that people say about him.  There is enough in my private resonance.   I want to read his book again (“Renaitre”, published earlier as “L’Autre Annapurna”) when I have time.  I feel the going through the gate, the passing through a membrane as if by osmosis:  the portal – the magic and invisible door which is in His Dark Materials and so many fables.   Capricorn is the gate of death to the Higher World.  We have an immense thoroughness with each stage.   The wide astral fields are quite tidy.   The earth-plane is a messy drawer, we are always picking over it and trying to sort it out a bit.   But even with a vast archive, it is a small drawer in a big field.   Perspective.

… the movement of great angels wings among the fields and clouds.


17 January 2013 – The Aquarian Economy

The Aquarian Economy is the butterfly from the collapsing chrysalis of the present Sleepwalker Economy dream.  The Sleepwalker Economy is about Getting and Establishing my wealth against yours.  It starves and enslaves.   The Aquarian Economy is about trading and balance with the universal supply.   A few of us who are in the fortunate position to practice it, are pioneers, lean on the ground.   Skills, gifts and produce are exchanged, with a “sufficient-to-the-need” currency medium … perhaps as in earlier eras before the wealth got locked up in fantasy.   Wealth has to be of substance, and mobile.  The abuse of wealth has no gold standard, the only things of substance are its jails and possessions.   The tokens of wealth – the properties, cars, jewellery, life style – are PRISONS!!

Hmm, Aquariel.  The Aquarian Economy is a grassroots Revolution which will deeply threaten the world’s pirates and addicts.  We utilize the infrastructure, minimally, but actually use the Royal Bank of Providence.   Many of us who would, are not yet in a position to.   I am incredibly lucky, but must have stored up the visualising incentive.   The state pension still supports my Aquarian Economy, by the dictate of cosmic Providence, so that I produce what I do.

As the Sleepwalker Economy gets more threadbare and cut about, and more systems collapse, it is always possible that old peoples’ pensions and benefits may get docked, and I would have to be a casual labourer.   But the over-sixties baby boomers – the final generation of Senior Citizens of this age –  tend to be protected from the tide of snippings.   The British system is legally obliged to carry its seniors.  The bar for seniority is raised year by year, but we post-war 1940s baby boomers are relatively safe to live and work creatively … as the case may be.  It didn’t start to be raised until we had passed it.


11 February 2013 – Practice

A thought:  how weakened I become when I try to apply the power of symbols to configurations in life which echo their integrity but are still asleep and cannot realise.   Weakness is the application of a power in an inappropriate dimension – it cannot be done.  And so you develop the idea that you can’t carry through.   The truth is that you can – everything is possible – but you have to keep the components in the proper compartments.   They inform each other by resonance – like a glass of water takes the tone of a glass of red wine next to it –  not by foolish mixing.   Resonance is quiet and understated.   Resonance strikes the moment for instance – following a period of focus – with a quiet word in my inner ear.   It doesn’t need a peal of bells.   Trust the Resonance to put the pieces in place.   It is the peculiarity of a Capricorn to need to walk the map, physically.   Be prepared:  I have it in my bag.

It is superfluous for me to have thoughts about it.   The Thought is alive and well in the Master’s Hand, to which I handed it.   So relax and walk as you feel necessary.   Truth and resolution arrive to a meditative quiet mind;   to a clear Fountain


14 February 2013 – Renew a Vow

The merciful ones, recollecting the Archangel Michael’s action, possess ALETHIA which is “non-forgetfulness”. It strikes me, how I manufacture stuff and fantasy for myself!   and how not-true this is!  It is a human caprice to turn our face away from God and try to drive.

(Allan Bennett, a Buddhist Elder):  “The object is not to put an end to the mental flux, but to direct that stream progressively.” (compressed).   “Watch what is going on, continually, and keep continually the recollection of the High Aim to reduce the sum-total suffering of life.”

The flow of power produces the FEELING OF EGOITY.

The standwave which coalesces and maintains itself as person, has the river’s flow through it, continually changing cells.  To recollect this, is a marvel.  The Buddha’s teaching was in being accurate, not an attitude.  When I am accurate, my acts are juste, and my inner condition sheds light into the dark.   One must become objective, regarding thought trains and obsessions.

It is a marvel, like my idea in the Gaia Autopoiesis, to develop, that there is a template (etheric) with the ever-renewing Life Force flowing through it.   It ever renews cells, physically.  But in the higher Tree, the template (standwave) is a mental pattern.  Through it flows the universe.

The template is a container and shaper, so it is Yesod, and static in its way.   Tifareth then is the detachment which simultaneously stands aside and observes and is conscious.   So when detachment begins, is there pain?  Bereavement?   Probably.

I don’t own my standwave – to believe so, is error.   I am – aligned with God – response-able to it.  Paul Foster Case says this is the Determinant – to see every circumstance as a dealing of God with my soul – and therefore an atom of God beholding God.   I dimly perceive my I thought is a fantasy, not real at all.   It is weak.

A clear pattern for right recollectedness – this is the standwave I strive to build:  for we working with God have creative lee-way.   KEEP THE VOW.   Enter the Holy Orders of daily life!   Then there are no worries, for they all fall into position and fluence.  Watch the worries rather, as sheep:  watch the story.

With the diminishing of I-burden, is the increase of the Miraculous.   The Miraculous is the natural Order.  It is completely different from the box expectancy and the tiny powers therein.

The Cure is the Miraculous.  Jesus performed nothing more than the Natural Order.

What is at work in my daily lifting of the curtains, is the same Power which sustains and governs the Universe.   It can do ANYTHING , including regulating my personality!

Keep watch, like the Magician.  “Dull lack of attention is what bonds us to so much nonsense.  In one day if we watch, we can see enough to wake us forever from the delusion of separateness.”  The delusion of separateness is totally enslaving and disempowering.

Watch the Sun Self shine daily, hourly, to illumine the rooms.  The daily testing by Spirit is to see if I interpret correctly, my small experiences as cosmic events.  It is personal COMBINED with Spirit. Eventually there is point of no return.

“The forces flow into that field and out of it, but never originate in it.”

Isn’t that lovely?  The idea germinated again in the Gaia Autopoiesis post.   (By the way it was fun reading and implementing Peter C’s suggestions and corrections of my spelling mistakes.  Companionship.)

There is the feeling, often obscured, that I want to renew a spiritual vow – commitment -focus. All that counts is God’s will.   Nothing happens except by God’s will with the destiny of a bodymind organism. (Ramesh).  I see the sterility of meditative efforts and beliefs which strive to renounce the ego.  One must work concertedly.

I am right.   But it is not ME who am right:  the quivering little standwave in the river of life:  it is the accuracy of the rightness;  and accuracy is the cure;  and for things to be accurate I must let them be.

I think concerning Mr V, it is God’s business with him, rather than mine.   Trust in God.


24 February 2013 – Pollution, Pain & the Renewing Sign

My main woe button at the moment is human devastation of nature, biosphere, ecology, the foul slick everywhere of over-production and the panic of supplies.  The human-industry endgame is at a stalemate with its own survival-anxiety, inability to let go of its engine-dependence dummy and growth economy.

When I am philosophical, I see an organic change through this process (the symptom cannot last, it is not sustainable) which will clear and cleanse itself.  I see the likelihood of a tougher Earth with rough weathers and fewer creatures and many broken down landscapes, a sobered human consciousness which has gained some spiritual maturity.   Catastrophe (like the great wars 1 & 2 at the nadir) is what it takes.   Our pollution catastrophe is the fallout from the 20th C War period.  The wars 1 & 2 were the same War.

At the moment all it is is pain.  Warren’s book says the advances in nature and so called civilizations are by the Higher Power, but co-creatively, the little humanity has leeway with the result – to foul it up or prosper.   The Conscious-being is a very long time in growing to meet.

I see the Rose Garden, Tree Spirit and the Lineage Tree yanking me from above.   My slow process through the passage.  To turn up those three cards while feeling so miserable, is the Renewing Sign (Capricorn) that all is on course, and worth while.

There is no alternative to viewing things Kabbalistically, seek the bigger picture all the time.   Metanoia:  turn, un-twist, and look upward.   The great Hand of the Ashwins reaches down from the sky to earth-wave where I cling to my plank.   Lord thou art God.   I love.   I seek …  the equanimity, the clean, clear dispassion, which will enable me to re-read my journals for instance as an angel can, noting but not reacting to, the emotional kicks and starts.   The quiet, receptive, far seeing Mind as it settles just now.   I am born into this deepest crisis time to personify an aspect of its Consciousness creatively.

As light lifts the cloud, I see two pictures:  the Ashwins, and my Carboniferous drawing which I published twice recently, in Aquariel.

Sacred India Tarot - The Ashwins

Sacred India Tarot – The Ashwins




Come what may – keep going with my observations from this point of view.

Beloved – I feel You with me again as the scene shifts.   Make and re-make oasis.  Nature’s unstoppable pattern is Renewal – the deepest lesson of Tarot Key 15.   We are inroaded these days by images of for instance, the treacly debris-tsunami covering Japan’s coastal fields and towns last year:  and the backing up of sewage through waterlogged soils of the Yorkshire cliff-coast :  the true horrors of the English floods last year, which collapsed whole buildings and terraces from underneath.

The human infrastructure as materialised from its many centuries of psychological Karmas and cruelties, is a shocking stinking mess when Nature smashes into it – our alien partitions.   This is what we created and must go through.

It is not Nature which is violent.  It is our self-concerned dolls-house interpretation.  As we act violently and blindly against our nurture, and her eco system, so we receive as a race, within our dream, the violence we created against our Self.   This to ponder.

Yet make and re-make oasis, carrying the light.   Lighthouse keepers go on working whatever happens in the dark tossing seas.   The Light to guide the ships is a maypole with long strings, one of which I have.   Feel and test and be the dawning of the Light in the valley of the Shadow.   When humans muck it up, Providence brings them to where they are destined, but a longer way round.   What takes a long Time for us to clear up and begin to dismantle our dream and try again, is Space in heaven’s instant Photon.    The Companions of the Light say:  you can take the direct way or you can take the long way around with your teddy bear, it all comes to the same result in the end.  All there is, is Conscious.



Part of my willingness with this fact, is Giving Up my attachment-strings to my dark man.   This is sore and confusing just now.   It seems wrong not to “console his depressions and his pain.”

But look at me in the mirror!   That is not what he needs, and he knows this in himself, and is ready to begin a new and younger adventure.

The fuss then, is mine, not his.   Give him the BENEFIT:  his own intelligence with the situation, the things he intuits and relies on from his solitude.   He is not dependent on Jane.   That is my fantasy, my pain.   He is an intelligent and sensitive male with a noisy voice, who makes good use of his options.

The batterings to the human infrastructure which increase, as Nature begins to visibly re-balance, identify me to my physical infrastructure, and anxieties about this, when I feel depressed and weak – particularly since my essay on Autopoiesis woke all the issues.   Frightened of cancer and of heart failure.  My insight of the interconnected human magnetic shield/planet magnetic shield, makes my surface babies cry.   My insight is the Staff I walk with.  Its comprehensiveness – no surprise then, that I am exhausted while it is processing – the days like yesterday, wrapped in blanket watching detective Lewis dvds.

But even yesterday I worked – I finished and published SITA 2,3,4,5 Lotuses.  Rohit in India raised no objection to my producing the earlier version of 4 of Lotuses with Kama’s penis pointing at Lord Siva, as well as the official one with it pointing up into himself.   I discovered I drew the brilliant Siva Lotuses/Cups – as a high relief from the Suit of Swords – while in love with Sa’s homosexuality and his friends:  2004 – emotionally insomniac and unstable.

Now, re my beloved with his sensitive ❤ and noisy voice:   how very peculiar it is, to be granted a long relationship with this, or any other person:  first flirtation with the handsome stranger with his white dog on hampstead heath …  to become engaged in the inner landscape and pain and bible and humanity of that soul and his beautifully shaped manhood and all his problems until it becomes like the nose on my face.

Is it any wonder then, that the decision to disentangle is hard ?   It afflicts everything I do creatively, just now – I have no delight in my blog or my treasures for instance.   A habit with a person is an addiction.  BUT:   “I want to continue as your affectionate friend so we can hang out and talk, but no longer as an anxious loop around what I imagine your requirements are.   That is not real any more.   My soul tells me, move differently now.”

We have comfy backtrack habits together, and they only delay, procrastinate, cover for a time the progressive force which breaks out.   Dismantle fantasy, and trust Reality.

How do I know what is Real?  My soul, when quiet, gives very clear messages.

My own need?    Not to be in your box, copying you.   Not to have you in the middle of my face.   To reclaim my energy to fully put into my work and way of life.    No, I don’t want a boyfriend.


26 February – Aquarian Economy again

The river in my body flows, rich in loam, sorceries and silence, irrigating the roots of all the Trees.

I thought of my carbon footprint – being not a driver, nor a consumer of woods for lavish furniture, no washing machine, nor liking to be overheated (except when poorly), nor do I go away on holiday, nor the movies, nor contributing to restaurant waste.  My consumerist comfort is nice food from Waitrose, the telly and hi fi (old ones) and my books and diaries and drawings since childhood – how many trees which once stood, cut down, are now packed into my cupboards and drawers?

I put my rubbish to recycle, rather casually – I could do better there.   In other words, my lifestyle doesn’t excess against nature.  So I also saw that the economic philosophy of More and More Growth which all alpha nations subscribe to, is INSANE, and so obviously malfunctioning (the increasing jobless) that Pluto stares them in the face in Capricorn, and keeps on devaluing the currency and the credit rating.   There is no way out of stagnant toxic growth except to turn in track.   And which young school tie can possibly have the education & experience to realise this?   Emile Woolf is right – lower taxation is the only way to call folk back into work and pride.


2 March – Frankincense etc

Apothecary says a developing country is by definition plundered for mass Chinese, Korean, European and American markets, leaving its people stripped and starving.   The elixirs are hijacked by drug companies.   So for him to go into the sustainable source and exchange, pre-empts this at grass roots, and supports the growers.

This is Aquarian economy.  It has a sustainable local customer base, and does not trespass community boundaries, nor excess against nature.

I’ve been thinking along those lines for some days.   Animal and herb extracts are sustainable when they support  a community – balance of nature – like furs with eskimos.   They are EXPLOITED when they are globally commercialised as luxury items:  indiscriminate slaughter.   It is the same fate as factory farmed cattle, chickens and crops.  The big corporations and cartels don’t actually have a long shelf life: however entrenched they appear to be.  Pluto in Capricorn dismantles one system after another:   people lose their blind trust and gradually re-entrench more locally – I suppose the lines of supply become less workable.  It is like the Italians cynically voting in the clowns.

This is all food for thought:  regarding my lifestyle too – I do tend to eat UK produce, and less and less from overseas amalgams.   It is the way Saturn works – and Pluto in Capricorn:  the contracting.


3 March – Humans and Myrrh

Paul Foster Case:  “The ignorant believe the all undiscernible cause to be a God dwelling somewhere up in the skies or behind the scenes of the world, or outside the universe.

“The wise know God’s indwelling Presence, the coherence of all things.   Every system of theology falls to pieces like the Tower when a human being receives the light of direct knowledge.”

Yes, this is so;  and every study since then is an add-on, a reminder or a clarifying.   In fact every bit of study is an affirming of what I know.   I know only the secret of the Sages behind civilization, behind humanity.  I walk the path of the Tower unafraid, because it is the Master’s speech.  “There is no vague guess, no dim shadowy speculation.  It is full illumination, and the knowledge carries with it, power.”

What power?   Not “my power” – that is for sure!   If I lose trust and confidence, Paul Foster Case keeps putting it back in place.   But it means I am “of the inner circle of humanity.”

Ponder this!   It is true, because I “have no ambition for place and power”, only to channel the message, the gift, the cause of freedom.  The inner circle of humanity has no other place.

And being now unshackled to a maintenance, the stream may run more clear.   My understanding is that the inner circle of humanity breathes in me, and walks up Broadhurst Gardens.

Yesterday I published Angels & Kabbalah – the second big Angels post, well received.   I am drawing near to arranging a post on the Aquarian Economy in Aquariel.

Kevan Myers rang in transit, and I went to see him at his sister’s house a couple miles away.  He looks extraordinary.   Tanned from India, aging, jet lag weary, yet relaxed and wide open.   He took an elixir which dissolves all the body’s residues of past disease homeopathically, for a month, and said he felt it straight away, it makes him feel headless, like Douglas Harding.   It is restful to be with him face to face.   He and his sister saw my blog and LOVED IT.   His sister is inspired by the many styles of drawing.  Kevan fired up with the poem of the limestone cave in “Angels and Kabbalah.”    Kevan read to me a wonderful new poem of his own, about an old man’s tears and the rain on the field. He said it just flowed out of him – he has no idea from where.

The elixir seems to inhibit or undo the belief that there is something wrong.  And as this turns out to be so predominantly IMAGINARY, it is … worth a try.   How can I hear when something is really wrong, unless the clutter is cleared away?

A very slight growl in a lower tooth prompted me yesterday to try the Myrrh mouthwash.   The growl went away.   It is miraculous, and leaves a pleasant bitter flavour, which I can smell again in a sandalwood stick this morning.   Magical miraculous mysterious myrrh!  a taste of God.

When the Tower of Alchemy catches light through and through, it turns into a pure crystal amalgam.  D.G. taught this in his book,  and I practiced it, and see the truth.

Today we begin the works across the road in Broadfield orchard garden.

Poor Alan is in hospital, being intravenously antibioticked, so today there is the gardening, Marisa’s cat (she is in Eastbourne) and try to visit Alan, AND visit Tony.


4 March –  Groundwork

Did all that!   The garden was especially exciting – straight into lopping along the overgrown boundary fence, and clearing the ground ivy with my passionate energy.  Doing these with other people is great fun, conversational and much quicker of course!    Others assembled and filled big wooden boxes with earth, for raised beds.  Cake, veggie hot dogs, coffee and tea were provided by Bernie who is radiant with having saved this area from the developers.  Elsewhere, people started to sort out the mountain of lopped cuttings and greenstuff – this I can carry on doing, till the next meeting.   They came from all over Hampstead and Gospel Oak – perhaps a dozen of us – litter of tools, provisions, kids arriving, and Josie our ubiquitous bobbie, joking in her bullet vest.   An Aquarian signal.   There is an official movement of this, in many of London’s green spaces.   It is called Groundwork. All I have to do is pop across the road – and keep an eye on it from my window.

My beloved in due course – when I was visiting Alan – sent a text.   What a lovely day, hopes I am fab, please can I come and help him clear his garden on Tuesday.   Yes I will.   Am in the different place with him now, and no longer take on his problems;  I begin to look back into that little confining illusion, of being someone’s girlfriend … whew!

Alan is recovering – looks brighter and better and burbled merrily about the Teaching, although extremely thin.  They suspect it was a form of pneumonia, he is also anaemic, so they are dealing with these matters.   The other old men in his ward barked and wailed for help.  I brought him some Ramana books and Browning’s Paracelsus.  But Alan will hopefully be out in a couple days.  I informed his facebook:  they are praying.

Saw Tc also, who has begun a novel, and I showed him how to do categories and tags.   His struggling PC, clogged with viruses etc, is inadequate to serious WordPress blogging.   I urged him to get his brother to buy him a Mac.   I’m afraid I am becoming another lady who inhabits Tc’s knightly heart.   He read me his latest poem to the lovely Lori.  It is good.   He has exorcised the NHS.  His next huge hurdle is the smoking – 60 a day.


5 March – Self Interest and the Dirigibility:  Aquarian Economy             

I seem to be back in the bad sleep cycle – Nytol didn’t help last night, I was very tired after doing the big Parvati post, and didn’t manage to get into the ground afterwards.   Left chilly and fiddling around, no strength.   In the small hours, I read some of my old Body of Light notes.  They are very interesting and bloggable to arrange, about the Sheaths – astral, etheric, physical – a map.

A deep idea came on REAL AND VIRTUAL WORLDS  – here is the jotting:

Every seeming distressed appearance in the world, has its OPPOSITE, or invisible but equally live complementary.  They press on one another.

The extinction of flora, fauna and great fish waxes strong and alive on the Other Side – the way the martyrs reinforced the Christian egregore.   Vegetable, animal and human consciousness on the physical plane, has its counterpart on the subtle plane – perhaps even more vivid.   To be in the physical mode is friction, pain, danger, elements, tooth and claw, attachment, for us all.   To be able to move between both worlds is the adept’s way.   Is this what the psychic Channelers dimly intuit when they talk about Earth Ascension, about all of us (those who deserve it of course) shifting levels?   The physical planet & Bad People dropping away like a shell?   They concede that those for whom the transition is smooth, won’t notice much difference – life goes on, the traffic in the street, the bunnies in their burrows.  Only there will be less plastic.

But they are still Literal Minded. The probable actual definition is:  a subtle shift in the cellular/spiritual memory, which is evolutionary – due to pressure –  and enables an ease or accuracy of movement – insight of the sheaths and their frequency-level – a faculty to pass between and through the shifts at will, embodying them.   This means learning the map first.   Not all the buds open at once, but the almond tree is destined all of it, to flower;   Alan mentioned this again on Sunday.

For instance: my physical sheath gets TIRED, and trudges up the road.  But when my identification moves into the spiritual sheath by stimulus, the ENERGY flows, physically and mentally!  Why?  because I am then plugged into and drawing on the cosmic supply.   This takes daily management, because too much of the Spirit engulfs the physical and further fatigues her – a bi polar tendency.

It is essential to discriminate the Spirit – whose tempo is broad, consistent and oceanic – from the excitement whose tempo peaks sharply, and diverts the Spirit to the personal reservoir.   The personal reservoir quickly empties.  The personal reservoir is a puddle with the sun shining in it.  The ocean never empties, but the tide goes back and forth.   Lifetimes teach us this!

The creative Lifetimes project.  All the stories, rooms, stresses, keel, readyabout.

What we see and are told to believe and grieve is the presenting surface only, of the potential or un-visible Reality.   After all, look at what we set up against it?

Always the opposite is in process, coming through – as do the stars from black holes in their reverse side:  the stars the black hole becomes, eternally, as sewn/sown through a galactic tapestry.    String theory and wormholes.

Everything that is IMAGINED, exists.  Our sensory spectrum has varying degrees of specialization.


On Aquarian economy:   it is useless to get upset over what Mr A, Mr B or Mr Cameron is up to.  Am I there in the room with them?  Or just reading what someone else wrote in a newspaper, which they in turn picked up from someone else, to inflame and inflate my worldish woes?   If I am not there, what do I know?  I hear the gossip second hand, and give it power.  I am powerless to do other than protest at an event or policy which might not be wholly true, and which I can do nothing about.   So what’s new?

The onus is not on that screen – unless my destiny is to engage with it – but to look to what is in my power to change, develop or make more conscious.   Creating Reality is … contagious.   To protest about what others are doing, gives power away to the puddle – to fantasy.   Throughout history, that road show over there does dastardly things, or things I disagree with.   The net-curtain twitch syndrome never changed!   But our self esteem – loosened from the enslaving screen – can change and deepen significantly.   It alters my perception of what is going on, and leads me to question it perceptively.   The room opens, a view widens.   Willingness to act in whatever way is given, is contemplation, conscious waste disposal, attention to friendship, neighbours, building sustainable houses in a welsh wood, local ecosystem to support,  the transmission of ideas on a website.  It can be any form of creative work directed to the community, rather than to my own drama or profit.   As this way becomes rooted, it receives support and sufficient livelihood and works hard – a way of life.   Why?  because it accepts what comes.  The lilies of the field toil not, nor do they spin – yet Solomon in all his glory …

The drama and profit and protest at events on the Tell-Us-Screen is – if I look carefully – projected from my Self Interest Ltd.   The stronger my self-interest, the less true power it has;  though it may be destined to prosper for a while in the engine of the dream.

Let go of the truck, let go of the habit, for a while feels powerless, the loss of what I believe in. It is like the Taoist sages.   The Power that knows the way flows through them:  they offer no self interested resistance, and appear tentative, like grass and flowers stirred by the breeze.

If I have a mortage and a family to support, letting go of the truck must take its own time, but be contemplated in principle, at source – within the mind.   Sooner or later, an easing of the situation happens, maybe some help from an unexpected quarter, or an ability – agreement –  to downsize.

The Failing Economy is based on the engine, the machine technology, and the fallacy of unbridled capital growth as an ideal.

The Failing Economy is partly due to social pampering and disrespect:  to the general loss of our expectation to have to work hard physically, to make ends meet.  All down history, and still in the 1960s, this factor was the craftsman’s pride in his job, robust in the infrastructure..

Most persons and families accepted that life is a struggle, get over it and get on with it.   It is still the same struggle but the pride in acceptance of hardship has largely gone.  Smart-toy-buttons are the new slavery.

Nature will ALWAYS balance the issue.   On the plane of Assiyah, there is carnage.  There is carnage because of so many mutually afflicting Karmas, and their stress and materialization in the recent engine room of our culture.   Lost within that dream, I believe it is all there is, rammed into planet-human terminus.   Yet …  it is but a shifting skin.   A polluted, infested, ravaged skin, that is true:  but reflect on the relative size of planet Gaia (and her vast magnetic field), to the floating sores.     Get perspective.

Yet Earth’s atmosphere is compromised.  That means the whole biosphere.   Even this is self cleansing.

The point I try to make, as always, is that Consciousness sees through the local dream.  And it isn’t passive, but active, due to the sheer difficulty of sustaining it through the mass hypnotic engine.

Gaia is really the earth-human interface:  the management of that combined consciousness.  So wander back – does Gaia feel bad about Herself, as we do?   As consciousness is all there is, are single humans realising at fluid moments, all humanity?   And Earth?  Sun?  Stars?  the aeons of time and space?  Whenever I am conscious, I am linked through all the rooms.  There is no end.

Wealth and poverty, supply and demand of plentiful food & fuels, are grotesquely unbalanced.   Excessive fuel is pumped into the cancerous fantasy of economic Growth.   Otherwise, there would be more than enough:  Gaia is self sustaining.  Civil wars maintain imbalance.   By now, we know that ALL war is civil war.

Where do I feature on this scale?   Is there anything I claim an excessive amount of?   This is really difficult to implement, given peoples’ grand designs and the elder ivy of their family, tribal and business interests.   It is no use to think of their problems.   Come back to:  what are mine?  right here?

My own it seems, are few, because I am maintained in a small council flat with good storage space.  Food, paper and online current are my main outgoings.

But it can be just as taxing to manage this simple lifestyle, as to live inside a Grand Design or mansion.  It is all in the mind.


A Secret Dakini Oracle reading, 12 February 2013

Oracle, present moment

Oracle, present moment








18 thoughts on “Philosophy, Journal & Correspondence Page

  1. Hi Jane, II am glad to have found this page, I was lookin’ for something you wrote about Castaneda and lookin’ between the leaves, and found what I needed and not what I was lookin’ for, between the leaves of your blog. On death and disease, I really think you are famous, you are in J.A.M.’s world, and what I have found in your art and words has been very useful in my own journey, if I’d found it 40 yrs from it’d be the same . I think the scariest part of the thought of dying for me would be not being able to finish up the works in progress, the tidying up as you said.
    I think about Miss Davies, and how she had cancer, I think that sometimes what’s killin’ the body can be strengthening agent for the soul, maybe that was her way of super-charging her soul, before her next mission and journey. I really don’t like when people say things about some one like this lady that she was sick because she was not right with her self or the Great Spirit.
    Well, it was good to come by and say Hi’
    Peace and Love, J.A.M.

    • Hi Jeff A.M, I am sorry for the very long time it took for me to reply to your comment here. I was ever so glad when it came. We’ve been in touch since, but not for a while. How are you doing? I always love hearing from you, your thought meets mine precisely, and I hope you are well as the waves pass through. I feel your silence as a gift – very connecting.

      I rarely re-read my blogposts – am always on to the next one – but I stopped by this morning to read this one through, to see if I should change anything, and it refreshes me. The relationship – lovership – I was detaching from last spring, survives as a loving friendship, I’m glad to say.

      The kernel of the long, long Page, above, is that we live in a culture and economy of More More, which is toxic, and from which arise all kinds of cancers, social, environmental and physical. Cancer is imbalance. I am, we all are learning to live more self-sustainingly and “economically” in a huge number of different ways, which arouse much protest.

      I also got an impression in my read-through, that the human conscience aroused by our continuing slaughter and ravages of nature, is the seed of a future great strength: a humane ecology for real. There are strange translations of suffering and soilage into embodiments of Light. There is a subtle membrane between the subtle and the physical kingdoms. We and all of life pass back and forth through it freely – so long as we do not believe too rigidly in the dream-world we stomp our feet around in, unseeingly – you know, what people call “The Real World.” It is as real as egg on face. Here be metal and electronic dragons and mortgages. Jesus said marvellous things about not seeing the log of wood in my own eye when I criticise the mite in someone else’s.

      I’m writing posts about Master R at present – I completed the 6th. I think I will interpose a short (I hope) reflection/revision on the Aquarian Economy. He demonstrated it in principle. He passes easily through different densities of the manifestation … at will.

      Jeff, I wonder what you are carving into these days; and what is carving you. The creative force is immense, sometimes too big to do anything with; but every time we stop for a moment, It fills us entirely, the breath of the ocean. That is sufficient.

      Shalom, the peace of Solomon, and love. Jane

  2. When I have time, I love to spend it looking over your blogs…I typically take away much food for thought…Thank you…
    I initially encountered janeadamsart one day…(as I was without my pack of keys that day)… … & I was looking in “images” for key 14 … & so I picked out a hand-colored one…yours..& it brought me to the blogs…
    I am a student of Paul Foster Case & a member of B.O.T.A. & participate in group work in Texas…
    with Love & in L.V.X.-
    Frater Don

    • Hi Don, I am so happy to hear from you, and thank you for following. I’m afraid my blogs are a little long – due to the unceasing flow and connection of this Work.
      I love Key 14 – am working with it deeply in my life just now.
      We have a small B O T A group here in London.
      With my warmest wishes to you and your friends in Texas,
      and love in L V X
      soror Jane

      • Dear Jane
        Having had the priviledge of being in Pronaos for 3 years, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with your news!
        We will be holding you in the light as you” feel your way”!
        (My wife & I have been in Houston for our American holiday of Thanksgiving, spending the time w our son & his young family…)
        Love & blessings

  3. Dear Soror Jane-
    In my estimation, you are doing very important & most valuable Work; and I thank the Lord of the Universe that you have been blessed with the Time to Do what needs Doing.
    I had recently heard that a group had formed in London, or rather, was it perhaps the study group had just begun Pronaos(?)
    When I heard that, I had tried to ascertain by reading the blog whether you were in the city ( and thus could participate) or if you were living out in the countryside…Now I know! No doubt you bring wonderful, rich energy to the group… I have recently shared your links with some of my Texas sorors/fraters & they were most intrigued, I believe.
    Looking forward to more correspondence-
    Love & Light-

    • hello Don – Yes our study group began two or three years ago, and Pronaos began in August … we are feeling our way. And joining hands with yours. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      With love,

      • Hi, Don,
        Just wanted to let you know that our Pronaos today held a strong focus, and we thought of our fratres and sorores in Texas, and send you our love and greetings. A very radiant cube of space – the gold for the miners of the mountains!

        While one gets easily hammered by things in the world, this interior practice demonstrates that integrity starts here, and the greatly enlarged dimension of Reality builds strength, vision and companionship … and photons from this process find their way to receptive grounds unknown.

        In our study group we looked at the relationships within the Pythagorean triangle, and we placed the Tarot Keys around Key 21 for the 4 fixed signs or Elements – a rich haul indeed! Discussed the Rosicrucean Temple proportion – fibenacci series (3:5, 5:8 etc) – which keeps coming up in the gematria and the visual language. Also the levels of the sacred marriage, which comes through Hokhmah-Binah into the non sefira Daat (collective subconscious Union), and through Netzach-Hod into Yesod as the manifest Child: and the alpha-omega wreath of the World – which fits so nicely around the Fool’s head. And how prana and song were used to move the stones which built the Pyramids … the secret is in Key 21, ruled by Pluto. All beautiful stuff, and good friends and lovely energy. Rain and wet lights outside!

        One of our members, Jonathan, said he contacted the Dallas pronaos and was very kindly received.

        Would love to have more news of you. It can continue here in the Comments section, or I can paste our on going conversation onto the end of this page (before the comments!), with dates of entries – whichever you like. If you want to send any images, these will be most welcome.

        Wishing a very warm and happy Xmas to you and your wife, and to your son and grandson – love and light,

  4. Hello. I am Master R. I discovered your blog upon looking for comparative pictures for my face and that of the Master. I will send pictures and tell you my story of awakening if you are interested. I understand that We are Strongest Together, and though I carry a great deal of the Master’s energy and even look like him, being his Avatara, that does not make me almighty. I humbly request correspondence with you that we may learn and share together as we move forward towards the Golden Age of Humanity.

    The Amori

    • Ave and greetings, Frater. Yes indeed we may discuss this here, and I would like to hear your story with our Elder Brother.

      My understanding of the Master plane of human consciousness is, that it is Transpersonal, and each personal factor realising this and engaging with it, is unique.

      My link with Master R is through alchemical practice and Kabbalah, and it is to do with focus – ways of focusing which access something of his frequency-level in a pragmatic way … to see and experience things with. This gets integrated with my learning-process in life, over the years. He once said to Paul Foster Case, “we come not to the charm of your personality, but to the focus of your mind” meaning the third eye. Looking through the third eye – the point between the two – we gain the vision in common.

      Like yourself, I feel deep down, that against all appearances in the world, the human pendulum swings towards the gold.

      Vale and best wishes,

  5. Greetings Jane –
    Have been enjoying your lovely renderings. . .
    Am a composer & author — and, come to think of it, an old friend of Douglas Harding’s — who would like to communicate privately, if you would share an email at:

    Many thanks,

    Joseph Marcello
    Northfield, Massachusetts

  6. Hello, I just discovered ‘you’, many ‘you’s I think and i am amazingly delighted to see echo’s of my own Being, 1-11 with Dath…so many of your writings touch my heart & Mind…Pray tell. who are you?! AmidaMeher

  7. Paul Foster Case, Ann Davies,…Allen Bennett(did you know he was AC’s best bud for a while?

    And your Music, Art, Astrology, Hindu Myth …and more…i say again, who are you?!

  8. Are you known as Antje Roggemann? A Professor in Germany and also a ‘Medium’ who ‘Channels’, among others-”Master R.” who was connected to Paul Foster case?

    • I think it’s up to the reader to ponder that! I am an artist and a student of the Mysteries and as such I receive inspiration. The higher power is everywhere we are willing to look and to focus.

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