B.O.T.A. Tarot Keys – Polish the Gem

lily in field & tower Rosicrucean Emblem 7


Tarot is a visual and contemplative language:  the 22 Tarot Keys/letters of the Hebrew alphabet are living, sacred numbers.  Among various other meanings, the number 13 in Tarot spells the Hebrew noun EChD, Unity (1,7,4);  and also AHBH, Love (1,5,2,5).  On the long journey through life, the old concept of “me first” is slowly reduced through alchemy to “the chaos of the Radiant Darkness.”

What is this radiant darkness?  Old alchemists called it the raven’s wing, in which they saw the constellations, as on a starling’s breast.  For instance, when I “allow, accept and embrace” my shadows, I begin to fall apart.  I perceive within them, the unfolding light.

I feel something of this transition and its effects as I am guided nowadays to ‘be more for others’ – which is physically tiring and time-consuming.  The Great Work enters the world with commitment, confusion and love.

Alchemically, the new conception is Key 19 the Children of the Sun, whose neighbour on the Cube of Space is Key 13, Death.  On the Cube of Space, Death holds the southwest corner edge between the Children of the Sun (south) and the Wheel of Fortune (west).  Death (ruled by the scorpio force) suggests movement, transition, regeneration.  Without the harvest, the death of the old, nothing new can grow.

Cube of Space map cube of space


For more on the Cube of Space, visit the Builders of the Adytum, http://www.bota.org

Each event is a point on the circumference of a sphere or wheel, continuous with all preceding and with all which follows. “All space is full of the presence of the One Thing” (Paul Foster Case).  The universe in all dimensions, is a seamless robe – the One Thing’s holographic extension through the detail of time and space.

The sum of numbers 0 +1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 is 55, which reduces to 1.  The sum of 0 – 13 is 91, and the sum of 0 – 19 is 136: the digits, 91 and 136 reduce by addition, to 1.  The series 1,4,7,10,13,16,19 are all numbers which reduce by theosophical addition, to 1.  For this reason, they are called “Monad numbers”.

When you or I discover for ourselves that the power of the One Thing fills all time and space, the nightmare of personal separateness is destroyed and the world is changed.  Change starts from the heart’s cave, and radiates onward with a subtle “domino” effect.  The turning wheel (Key 10), the lightning flash of awakening (Key 16) and the reaper (Key 13) symbolise the One Thing in process: it moves.


Tarot keys 1, 4,7,10,13,16,19, are the MONAD. Then study the Magus, Tarot Key One.  He isn’t “doing anything.”  He concentrates, and at the same time receives.  The intelligence of Transparency flows down through him into the garden:  the roses, the lilies and tools on the table of life.

bota key 1 Magician


I got some flavour while writing of the ONE THING, of a feeling which is gentle, it is neither conventional nor much noticed by social radar.

The other day, I listened to my friend tell his disabled beloved, that the love and power of God is a dimension flowing through him to her, and into the struggle she has to face. All of it is worthwhile, in their life. The acceptance sets him apart from the mainstream.  Each thing he does for her, takes care.

lily in earth Rosicrucean Emblem 7 -

The inner truth permeates all things, and at the same time it is set apart, like a lily planted in a garden pot in a field.

bota lovers 6


In the Lovers, Tarot Key Six, each fact of life is illumined and discerned.  The symbol is Hebrew letter ZAIN, the blade of a sword which “parts the waves”.

Unity is not soup. Unity is the unique nature of each phenomenon clear and distinct as the One. The One is all – the All-one.  The seed to be fertile, is parted:  it divides into two.

I am polishing life-given opportunities, which are gems. To polish each gem which life presents, is to serve the whole. Regard each phenomenon and feeling – including the blackness of the raven’s wing – in this way!



And … who is doing the polishing?

Ring on table Emblem Roscicrucean Emblem 9





2 thoughts on “B.O.T.A. Tarot Keys – Polish the Gem

  1. Avec mon “HELLO / LOVElouté fraternel” pour JANE …
    With enJOYed heart, I hope …

    (And SORRY because I don’t speak english very well … Also I prefer to write in french)
    Because = PAS EViDENT for me, actually = PARTAGE easy echANGE in english …

    + EXCUSES = Ne pouvoir consulter + souvent votre blog …
    Mon coeur faisant ce qu’il peut, même s’il peut peu (Ayant certaines circonstances atténuantes) Et bien que pas évident tout expliquer = Mon coeur ne vous oublie pas …

    Donc je prends enfin temps PARTAGER=
    1 GRAND MERCY / MERCi qui bénit joli PARTAGE ARTistique de votre créativité
    “TrèsOR / AuréOLEe” d’ AQUArelles qui semble divinement inspirée …

    Et si HUMBLEment GRACE / gracieux DON VERTUeux offert par =
    “GRANDiose CiEL ETERNEL / Liesse” esquisse Folie / HOLiNESS / SACRée … AMEN

    YES / ESPRiT SAiNT ! = Vraiment = My little artist heart = LOVE and very much enCHANTé
    par certaines de vos AQUArelles = Qui rendent GLOiRE à DiEU !
    Et TOUT ce qui le sert et le représente AMEN

    (AQUArelles qui, à mon humble avis, mériteraient également être partagées =
    sous forme de CARTE (papier et/ou virtuelle …)

    Donc, ENViE partager JOiE dans mon coeur qui jaillit = “TROP Mimi” / Mignon =
    Votre petit bateau tout blanc, sur fonDe cumulus !

    Selon votre citation = “Je fis ce bateau de balsa pour ma grand-mère dans environ 1963.
    Elle a appelé “l’ Annapurna au cumulus”

    OFFRANDE du Coeur, si tendre douceur (je suppose) = Pour votre précieuse GRAND-MERE !
    Qui a dû être comblée par votre joli cad’EAU / OFFRANDE de votre coeur enfantin
    T(e)inté de délicatesse esquisse seReine LACtée de SAiNTeté !

    Et où l’esprit de mon coeur se blottit dans la douceur BiENvenue / Nuée du cocon / NiD / Douillet
    si délicatesse de duvet, cotonneuse caresse de laine, tendresse de brebis lactée de sainteté … =

    Et dans mon coeur = Si tenDresse esquisse MER(e)Veilleuse EST =
    Your beautiful / Folie / HOLiNESS / esquisse conSacrée =
    Petit bateau “ange / enjolivé” de douceur coton / Nuée de laine de brebis LACtée de pureté SERENiTE …
    Qui semble voguer au c(h)oeur des AiR(e)s légères ELU(e)mière ECLAiRière
    “C(h)RiST allline” pureté si FELiCiTE en CiEL ETERNEL / Liesse
    espérance ANSE / Semencée SERENiTE LACtée de SAiNTeté
    empreint / PrinTEMPS / TenDresse ESPRiT SAiNT / TrèsOR / ORée /AuréOLEe

    Peut-être que COEUR de JANE ressemble un peu à ce joli bateau qui vogue sur la caDANCE
    des flots LACtés, légèrement BALancée SERENiTE t(e)intée de divine PURETE
    “c(h)RiSTalline” FELiCiTE si MERveilleuse PAiX blue de L ‘ EAU / Au-Delà …
    L’ AMOURoi / Royaume de JOY(Aux) cieux … Et YALLAH !

    GOD BLESS = Joli-C(h)oeur de “petit bateau LACté” de folie / HOLiNESS
    Esquisse SACRée-C(h)OEUR = in JANE ! Amen

    Que DiEU prenne SOiN de votre LiFE =
    Feeling “PHARE / Fardée” / DéVoué(e) h(ART)monie
    au service du dessein divin d’ AMOUR SAiNT,
    ceint de divine PAiX miséricordieuse in SACRE / “CreatORange” GRANDiose …

    Afin que le “TrèsOR ange” PAiX / Pétille in YOU ! Et Y A L L A H !
    “L’ ALLELUÏA / L’allée Loue … Où “Y abondance / BON DANCE” =
    Transcendance “ParaCLEt / CLEmence” en TRANSE en DANCE …” AMEN

    P.S. = Eventuellement, si possible, 1 de ces jours ? =
    Serais heureuse avoir GRACE = recevoir petit cadeau AQUArelle dédicacée par vos “mimines” !

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